Posted By: Team XBMC on Feb 27, 2012 in Pre-Release

XBMC 11 Eden: RC1, ready for take off.

Today we are excited to announce Eden Release Candidate 1. It has been a productive few weeks since Beta 3, as we’ve ironed out numerous minor (and one or two major) bugs.

In particular, we’ve:

  • Given preference to external subtitles over internal subtitles
  • Updated a number of XBMC translations for final release
  • Resolved a number of outstanding Airplay issues
  • Allowed specified movie sets to be sorted by title, rather than year, without changing the default sort order on other sets.

We’ve also added the useful feature of IP weather look up. Now, on a clean install of XBMC, users will no longer need to manually enter their weather location. Instead, XBMC will simply check the IP location of your box and auto-set the weather.

For a complete rundown on changes made since February 9th, feel free to visit here.

Now you all know what to do. Head on over to our download page, pick your favorite version of XBMC, and let us know how the experience goes in the comments.

One additional note: The new release of XBMCbuntu is currently delayed due to packaging issues. We will update this post with new info when it is ready.


Unfortunately, it appears a major bug has snuck into RC1 resulting in video lag across all platforms under certain situations. To resolve this, users are encouraged to add an advancedsettings.xml to their userdata folder with code from this thread. The provided links should give you all the necessary instructions to add the xml. In the meantime, we are rebuilding a quick RC2 to resolve the issue, so you are alternatively welcome to wait a brief while until RC2 has been built.

Feel free to disregard this message if you are not experiencing this issue.

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  • Joel Feb 27, 2012 

    Great work guys! Looking forward to installing Eden on my Revo when it’s all done :)

  • HcNguyen111 Feb 27, 2012 

    The link to the download page is not linked correctly btw.

  • NineT9 Feb 27, 2012 

    Yay :D lol @ pic

  • Ego Feb 28, 2012 

    I don’t suppose “Given preference to external subtitles over internal subtitles” means there’s an option turn off internal subtitles altogether, but automatically load external ones? *fingers crossed*

  • Blackstar Feb 28, 2012 

    Woot! Thanks everybody. :)

  • Tom Quinn Feb 28, 2012 

    Thanks for the updates, Nice to see a RC release. Good work to all involved. cheers guys.

  • Nick Feb 28, 2012 

    I just tested the AirPlay functionality and it’s still broken. It does not work like it did in Beta 1.

    For the devs. Try Airplaying a video that’s playing in the Air Video app on the iPad or iPhone. There is a free version of Air Video available.

    This is the only app I care to AirPlay from and it doesn’t work.

    I worked perfectly in Eden Beta 1 and hasn’t worked since.

  • silviu Feb 28, 2012 

    Hey, great news. Today this, tomorrow the PI thanks guys!

  • Anonymous Feb 28, 2012 

    Great work, guys. Thank you for spending so much time for us. It´s running very smooth on a 3610 without any problems :-)

  • Parslej Feb 28, 2012 

    I see only Windows’ version is available to download ?

  • Sonic Feb 28, 2012 

    Nice work guys and thank you very much! Looking forward to take it for a test run :)

  • Memphiz Feb 28, 2012 

    Cool rc heli … :D

  • Sebastiaan Feb 28, 2012 

    Would love this 2! I never watch anything twice, so i’d love an option where XBMC auto downloads subs whenever i play something.

  • Zyn Feb 28, 2012 

    Nice job! We are waiting for Android port! :)

  • k0sm Feb 28, 2012 


  • jj Feb 28, 2012 

    help xbmc live rc1

  • Sandro Feb 28, 2012 

    Only a windows version? I want live :)

  • nedscott Feb 28, 2012 

    TO ALL: If you are having issues or found a bug, do not post about it here. Post these issues on http://forum.xbmc.org where we can help you or get more info.

  • Jeff Feb 28, 2012 

    Will an apt-get update and && upgrade bring me from B3 to RC1?

  • j0rdan Feb 28, 2012 

    Sandro :
    Only a windows version? I want live :)

    Just install the beta 3 version then run ‘sudo apt-get upgrade’

  • j0rdan Feb 28, 2012 


    Yes, appears to

  • Hal Jam Feb 28, 2012 

    Love the prospect of an IP weather look up, but how about the choice to display temperatures in Celsius over Fahrenheit?

  • Jeff Feb 28, 2012 

    Also, it looks like the splash screen shows when XBMC is booting down, but the dots march in the same direction as when they’re booting up, this is confusing and makes it look like XBMC reboots quickly, crashes, then boots again. Maybe if on shutdown the splash screen dots marched backwards?

  • Jeff Feb 28, 2012 

    And to my earlier question, yeah the apt-get upgrade works.

  • richard Feb 28, 2012 

    Anyone else experiencing FLAC, TrueHD, DTS HDMA icon or graphic is not present when using confluence and browsing, i.e. Media Info? Or am I bug’d? DTS, Dolby, MP3 and others do display. All display during playback. Windows 7 Professional 64 bit. Otherwise, everything else appears to be working.

  • Grahame Feb 28, 2012 


    Same here, Airplay hasn’t worked for me (other than Youtube) since Beta 1. I think it makes more sense to break Youtube support and make other apps work, since XBMC has a decent Youtube add-on already.

  • SZOPENRAPU Feb 28, 2012 

    Po wyjściu z programu w procesach pozostaje XBMC.exe i nie można go nawet ubić, po każdym uruchomieniu programu pozostaje proces.

  • schumi2004 Feb 28, 2012 

    I noticed when browsing menu and playing and stopping movies that somethings happens with volume control. For a split second you’ll see volume control popup.

  • A-Swiss Feb 28, 2012 

    Great Job to all of you Folks – Thanks in advance.
    A little Information about Status of HDMI-Bistreaming for TrueHD and DTS-HD/MA/HR would be for sure apreciated and prevent from asking in the support forums…. because this feature will make XBCM to 100% perfect. :-)

  • Mick Feb 28, 2012 

    Yes apt-get update & upgrade will bring you up to RC1. :)

  • Andillo Feb 28, 2012 

    Great work, looking forward to try it out. Just discovered XBMC about 2 months ago.
    I hope that HD-Audio will be supported soon (it was promised for Dharma but not included in the last beta). Also, a possibility to disable subtitles by default would be nice. Otherwise the tool is very very nice already.

  • will Feb 28, 2012 

    I am on Asrock Ion HT…. In Eden Audio in SPDFI when I play MP3, One Song Plays OK…. then the next one No Sound And a Failed to initialize audio shows on Screen… Any Suggestions?

    Thanks for the great work Excellent Eden

  • Songoku Feb 28, 2012 


    HD-Audio is still most important thing for me.. Hope will be available in final version.

  • dfmos Feb 28, 2012 

    XBMC Team, my Respect to you guys for all your hard work!
    Luv xbmc so much.

  • Chris Feb 28, 2012 

    You can disable subs by default, check out the settings. You should also be able to do it in movie, bring up the menu and look at the audio/video options disable it there and set as default. Shazam!

  • Daniel Jurka Feb 28, 2012 

    What about tue DTS HD bitstream Support?

  • natethomas Feb 28, 2012 

    @Daniel Jurka
    HD audio is not a planned feature for Eden. With luck though, it’ll be in the next release, which will have a much narrower gap than the one between Dharma and Eden.

  • Daan De Weerdt Feb 28, 2012 

    Great to hear, keep up the excellent work you guy’s/girls are doing!!

  • TheSpecialist Feb 28, 2012 

    Still got that very nasty framedrop DXVA bug, on my E350 (exists since beta2; beta 1 was fine). See also: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?p=1031333#post1031333

  • TheSpecialist Feb 28, 2012 

    Still got that very nasty DXVA framedrop bug (which was introduced since beta 2). See also: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?p=1031333#post1031333

  • João Feb 28, 2012 

    Great work as allways. Thanks!

  • Rich Feb 28, 2012 

    will :
    I am on Asrock Ion HT…. In Eden Audio in SPDFI when I play MP3, One Song Plays OK…. then the next one No Sound And a Failed to initialize audio shows on Screen… Any Suggestions?
    Thanks for the great work Excellent Eden

    Think that may be due to crossfade being turned on. You need to setup an .asoundrc file I think….check the forums maybe

  • Anonymous Feb 28, 2012 

    Thanks for the updates. Great work.
    Waiting a stable release for my htpc ion330
    but I’ll try the windows version.

    Tanks again XBMC Team.

  • dtviewer Feb 28, 2012 

    For all the posters asking about bitstreaming HD Audio, there is a patch that has been released by a poster that is working great with Windows version of XBMC.
    All HD audio formats work very well…DDDamian has even posted a build of RC1 with the HD audio patch included.

    There is a long thread about it with links in the forums.

  • Beave Feb 28, 2012 

    Will the jerky playback bug after standby resume be fixed?

  • TrulyVexed Feb 29, 2012 

    Beave :
    Will the jerky playback bug after standby resume be fixed?

    I’m assuming you mean on Windows? In which case I doubt it, judging by the forums that issue has existed in the Windows builds since Dharma-ish (if not before) and I think the devs have said it’s more a Windows issue than anything else.

    I think someone recommended switching the audio output from DirectSound to WASAPI fixed it for them. Most people seem to just run a script to kill XBMC on sleep and re-open it on wake instead.

  • Fredizy Feb 29, 2012 

    My video and audio is totally out of sync after this update!! Am I the omly one with this problem?

  • will Feb 29, 2012 

    Yes was the Cross Fade…. Thanks….

  • TFH Feb 29, 2012 

    @Dai: I think you are right! You should ask your money back!
    Oh wait… XBMC is for free. And these people working on it don’t make a dime out of it…. Hmmmm. So I guess you have 2 options:
    * Make it yourself
    * Stop whining

    XBMC is just a great FREE product. Just be glad with all the work these people have done for you for free. If you don’t like it, feel free to use some other softwate and live without the awesomeness of XBMC.

  • skeeter alamo Feb 29, 2012 

    @tfh- my thoughts exactly. awesome product- ignore the whiners

  • dan Feb 29, 2012 

    @Dai They give you free software and work for free, so they can make whatever they want, you should just be thankful. Also, I see people asking about HD audio all the time. It’s not gonna be in Eden, stop asking.

  • John Feb 29, 2012 

    Thank you so much guys for the hard work. I appreciate it!

    However, I don’t understand Fahrenheit, can there be a Celsius option in weather add-on?

  • Alexis Feb 29, 2012 

    Uninstall XBMC and start your own project for free. Hurry, we are eager to see your skills! You will, for sure, renew all the HTPC world!

    Thanks to the XBMC team for keeping the good work and even going beyond what we could imagine (from a very long time user on Xbox 1 :)

  • Craig Feb 29, 2012 

    hey i heard that vlc supports dts-hd. Why dont all you whiners uninstall xbmc and go try vlc. I would love to see your list of complaints then. The beauty of xbmc is it supports virtually every format and displays your content in an easy to navigate and control way. You should be happy for what you get. If you do indeed need dts-hd and bitstreaming join the developers and give an actual helping hand instead of complaining about something you get for free without putting any of your own effort in.

    Thanks XBMC team!! Appreciate all the hard work!!

  • Rico Feb 29, 2012 

    I had a lot of crashes in beta 3 on ubuntu live. With the rc i did not have one crash! Thank you! Only thing im missing is 5.1 audio over hdmi, its only noise if the video has more channels than stereo. Only solution is to sample all audio down to stereo (set to 2.0 speaker in settings)

  • Anonymous Mar 01, 2012 

    @Jeff Yeah thats actually how I found out RC1 was out in the first place. :)

  • Marcoevich Mar 01, 2012 


    Is there a shortcut for switching to internal subtitles? Because sometimes I download movies from other sources than couchpotato e.d. and in that case the subtitle plugin can’t find my subtitles due to a weird file name…

  • k0sm Mar 01, 2012 

    Oeh RC2 .. thanks!

  • SOPA Cabana Mar 01, 2012 

    TFH :
    @Dai: I think you are right! You should ask your money back!
    Oh wait… XBMC is for free. And these people working on it don’t make a dime out of it…. Hmmmm. So I guess you have 2 options:
    * Make it yourself
    * Stop whining
    XBMC is just a great FREE product. Just be glad with all the work these people have done for you for free. If you don’t like it, feel free to use some other softwate and live without the awesomeness of XBMC.

    I agree with both.. primarily with TFH, it’s a free (and GREAT!) product, thanks for that!! However, when fixing things, HD audio should override Weather plugin in importance. Though I understand if it’s just being left out-of-scope or delayed due to the scale of the effort required.

  • Anonymous Mar 01, 2012 

    When will XBMCbuntu rc1 or rc2 be available for download?

  • Anonymous Mar 01, 2012 

    When will XBMCbuntu rc1 or rc2 be available?

  • Banned Dude Test Mar 01, 2012 

    @skeeter alamo
    ignorance is the beauty of open-source in a nutshell

  • Derek Mar 01, 2012 

    Thanks for another solid build! I guess I did notice some weird buffering on one of the HD tv shows I was watching a few nights ago. It wasn’t bad but it also was strange since that never seemed to happen before. Now I know.

    Anyway thanks again for using the *most important (free) time to develop such an amazing app!

  • dazed Mar 01, 2012 

    Pardon my ignorance with this site, and the formats…
    where would i find a list of changes/improvements from dharma?

  • Chris Vanelli Mar 01, 2012 

    Why was this not posted to the Google+ page? Don’t believe what you read. The 3k+ users following you on G+ are likely some of your most loyal fans. I am one. I have never had a twitter or facebook account. They server no purpose. Please post all future announcements on Google+.


  • kung fudude Mar 01, 2012 

    When will RC2 be released? I’m having buffering and Audio/Video sync problems since I have updated from Beta 3 to the RC1 version. Thanks for the great product!

  • mick Mar 02, 2012 

    top work guys, thanks for the release

  • Pieter de Bruyn Mar 02, 2012 

    Love XBMC! Been a Supporter for years now, cant wait till Frodo, Live Tv Themes :) ~~ Dont stop the excellent work !@

  • Cybernet Mar 02, 2012 

    Great work indeed by all the people who contribute. I personally enjoy XBMC on all my media centers throughout the house. Its my personal choice over all others. Was sick of windows media center, and all the sluggish issues. Far behind me now so keep up the good work guys. the release of 11 will be amazing :-D

  • Cirip Mar 02, 2012 

    Till I use the Eden version pf XBMC Windows I don’t find the options to adding videos under the “Video” menu.
    There is a different way to set the content of the video and add videos?

    I try to follow the wiki guide but with no success:

  • Sergiqu Mar 02, 2012 

    I just tried the RC2, and at least on the Mac CPU consumption has increased graphics acceleration, so far I think I’m going back to RC1

  • knoddix Mar 02, 2012 

    go to system from the xbmc main menu select settings then select weather settings then select general then select settings then add your location and then select ok keep going back until you see the xbmc main screen then select weather as long as the location you entered uses celsius as its unit of measurement when it comes to temperature then it will display it as celsius this works for me as i am in tasmanian australia and celsius is our unit of measurement when it comes to temperature i hope this helps if not i am sure the xbmc guys are up to taking suggestions

  • dajomu Mar 02, 2012 

    I’ve connected my Samsung galaxy s2 to XBMC via Allshare and it works like a charm. There is one issue though that should have been a tad better. Everytime I switch photos on my phone, while using AllShare and showing my photos to XBMC, there is no smooth change between those photos. In between each photo, XBMC-menu is shown. I wish there would be a smoot transition between them as we can experience on AppleTV.

  • Anonymous Mar 02, 2012 

    Hello John,
    Somewhere in the system options you will see a section that says something like ” TIME 12 HR AUSTRALIA” Or “TIME 24HR USA” I had to switch mine to 12hour USA for it to change into Fahrenheit. By default mine was on Australia 24 hour time and in Celsius. It was NOT in the settings for the weather.

  • Csimbi Mar 02, 2012 

    I am playing an MTS recorded by my Canon Vixia. The recording is 1080i 25FPS.
    When I play it back (via Ubuntu+XBMC+Sony Bravia -> 1080p 24FPS), the video skips and jumps as if there was a network error or something.

  • dave Mar 02, 2012 

    @John You can change this under some timezone settings in the system menu somewhere. Mine was defaulted on 24 hour Australia time or something so it showed my weather in Celsius. I had to change it to USA and then it showed my weather in Fahrenheit. It was not in the settings for weather anywhere.

  • matt Mar 03, 2012 

    Just tried on OSX and I see the splash screen then the main screen appears where I can normally go to the different sections of the app (video, movie, etc). but the screen is frozen. I have to force quit the app. Not sure what the troubleshooting process is or what info is needed to go forward. happy to help though.

  • Bauhaus Mar 03, 2012 

    Thanks guys for the job you’ve done :)

  • Espen Mar 03, 2012 

    Thanks for all the great work guys!

  • Dave Gnadt Mar 03, 2012 

    Noticed that music files sound distorted. (Flac and wma) Problem cleared up when I rolled back to 10.1. wma loss-less still doesn’t work.

  • jon Mar 05, 2012 

    working great except it is not scraping any new library additions (for videos at least, haven’t tested audio). files can be added manually if i go to the video tab and manually scan for new content but when i start xbmc the initial scan just exits out.

    otherwise it runs really well! great work you guys, this project is amazing.

  • John Mar 06, 2012 

    I fixed this last night got to Settings-Appearance-International and make sure you choose US if you want Fahrenheit instead of metric units.

  • Anonymous Mar 08, 2012 

    Try disabling gapless audio or crossover audio (not sure how this is called in the settings).

  • Anonymous Mar 09, 2012 

    2/3 th of the world uses the metric scale, please give us Celcius in the final 11 release

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