XBMC 12.0 Frodo – Beta 1

Posted By: Nathan Betzen on Nov 15, 2012 in Pre-Release

Update: There was a packaging issue with the Beta1 Windows build that caused some scrapers to not install correctly. This has since been resolved, any Windows Beta1 users should grab the repack available at the download page.

It’s been a mere eight months since Team XBMC released XBMC 11.  If you’ve been following along with us in that time, you already know about most of the new features, changes, and updates that our entire team has been working tirelessly to put into place. But you also know that all those features have only been available in monthly alpha builds.

Now we are excited to say that we are finally ready to roll out the very first beta of XBMC 12 Frodo.

The Name

In the past, we’ve traditionally named our releases after fantastical places like Camelot, Babylon, and Eden. This time around, on the release set to be titled with the letter ‘F’, we decided to take a slight break from that naming process to honor our roots. Ten years ago, an individual with the username Frodo joined the Xbox Media Player team, bringing along his open source software project called YAMP. With the addition of Frodo’s project the three founders, Frodo, d7o3g4q, and RUNTiME, released the first non-beta version of the Xbox Media Player – XBMP 2.0 – as open source software. Frodo then spearheaded the move from XBMP to the more feature rich XBMC, including acting as the primary author for the initial UI engine.

Today, thanks to the three founders’ decision to release open source, hundreds, if not thousands of people have contributed to XBMC in the form of core code, addons, skins, scripts, hosting, evangelizing, and more. Due in part to its open nature, XBMC has been ported to every major viable operating system and architecture. Skilled skinners have succeeded in making skins that resemble almost every major 10′ UI released in the past ten years, along with dozens of completely unique looks seen nowhere else. XBMC can be had on devices as inexpensive as $25 and can be the primary UI for PCs a dozen times more powerful than the original Xbox was. And for all that, it feels like we’ve only scraped the surface of XBMC’s potential, all because three people decided the project would be better off if it were released as free software.

For that reason – and for so many others – we choose to honor our founders and the past ten years by naming XBMC 12 after one of them. Thanks, Frodo. And thanks d7o3g4q and RUNTiME as well. It’s been a great ten years.

The Features

Thanks to an incredibly successful GSoC experience and numerous dedicated developers who have been working on many projects for years, XBMC 12 figures to be one of the most anticipated feature updates in a long time. Features include…

  • HD audio support, including DTS-MA and Dolby True-HD, via the new XBMC AudioEngine
  • Live TV and PVR support
  • h.264 10bit (aka Hi10P) video software decoding for anime
  • 64bit support in OSX to match the 64bit support in Linux
  • Improved image support, allowing the database to accomodate numerous additional image types
  • Support for the Raspberry PI
  • Initial support for the Android platform
  • Improved Airplay support across all platforms
  • Advanced Filtering in the library
  • Advanced UPnP sharing
  • Translations now powered by Transifex

Of course, that is merely a small selection of the many changes from the past seven months. For a more in depth look, feel free to review the write-ups of the alphas for each month.

A Few Issues

Needless to say, this is beta software. You should absolutely expect problems to occasionally crop up. At present, we are anticipating a number of issues as we switch XBMC over from the Eden addon repository to a new Frodo repository, including partly broken skins and various scripting/scrapers errors. Please bear with us if these problems do crop up. Additionally, PVR users will not be able to switch channels via the channel up/down buttons using their remotes or CEC due to a slight change in the way PVR keymaps are being handled. We are aware of this issue and should have it fixed by Beta2.

Needless to say, there are several other issues still being worked on, and more will likely crop up during Beta testing. If you would like to report an issue, please search for the issue in our forums first and report any verified bugs in Trac.

As always, if your goal is stability, we recommend that you avoid updating until we have gone gold. If you do decide to install this beta, it is highly recommended that you back up your userdata folder.

Issue Update

Some of you Windows users may have noticed that the scrapers on XBMC 12 for Windows Beta1 were returning an error. This appears to have been an error introduced during the packaging phase that we managed to miss during testing. It appears only to affect users who are doing a clean install and not upgrading.

We are right now building a fix that should resolve this error within the next few hours. Check back on this page, as we will update here when the issue has been resolved.

The fix is now live. Happy downloading!


But enough of all that. Now is the time to get to downloading. Linux users, you in particular will be happy to discover that we’ve finally got our beta PPA up and running, thanks to a number of devs, including our newest team member, wsnipex, and we’ve got an XBMCbuntu iso thanks to the efforts of team member erhnam.

Let us know what you think of the changes in the comments below, or, if you like, via the donation button at the top of the page.

And if you have any problems, don’t hesitate to post about them in our forums and report verified bugs in Trac.

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  • Steini Nov 15, 2012 


  • Yaniv Nov 15, 2012 


    How do i find pvr backend?

    cause when i switch the live TV to enabled it ask for PVR backend…


  • Nico Nov 15, 2012 

    Awesome work, guys! Can’t wait to try it.

  • Daryl Nov 15, 2012 

    How long do you expect these beta phases to last? Is there an official proposed timeline release?
    I’m not going to enter the beta testing, but I eagerly await it’s full release.

    Good luck guys!

  • ads Nov 15, 2012 

    Nice to see the raspberry pi getting some love

  • Martin Nov 15, 2012 


    Been waiting for this, thanks a lot!

  • Anonymous Nov 15, 2012 

    Source tar.gz package for Frodo? Anyone?

  • ZepperDude Nov 15, 2012 

    If “Support for the Raspberry PI” has been added – where is the Raspberry Pi build?

  • Nick Nov 15, 2012 

    Congrats team!

  • UnSkilleD Nov 15, 2012 

    great news but what exactly do you mean with “Support for the Raspberry PI” ?

  • Nathan Nov 15, 2012 

    Where can i get the raspberry pi version?

    thanks and keep up the great work!

  • synapseattack Nov 15, 2012 


    PVR Backends are a completely seperate install for the most part. You need to install something else and XBMC will interface with it if it is supported. Check out the forums for more detail and ask questions there.


  • monkeysweat Nov 15, 2012 

    Just a quick question about the Raspberry,, will a release be offered directly from this website or do you only support releases through any or all of the other projects (Openelec/Raspbmc/etc.)

    Just started to try out the Raspbmc this week and liking it so far,, just not working well with the webserver controls at the moment which is a bit of a bummer as I prefer to control it with my iphone instead of a IR remote or keyboard.. (TV it’s hooked up to doesn’t have CEC support)

  • nedscott Nov 15, 2012 

    For Raspberry Pi see: http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Raspberry_Pi/FAQ#Installing_XBMC_on_the_Raspberry_Pi

    Those distros will be pushing out Beta 1 shortly.

  • nedscott Nov 15, 2012 

    Any XBMC/OS distro that builds XBMC using our build instructions should be considered an official build (unless they made some crazy modifications).

  • Brian Fahrlander Nov 15, 2012 

    Well the continuation of a great project is great! I just wish we could stop seeing distant mountains to climb, and solve a few painful problems that aren’t as much fun as adopting new codecs and hardware.

    Specifically, improving the query language. JUST TRY picking two TV shows that haven’t been played for 10 days.

    You’ll wind up having to negate *all* television shows in the repo to do it. And every time a video is added for a new TV Show, it’ll pop up on every playlist you’ve created. It’s maddening.

    All we need there is a means of parenthetical processing.

  • mason Nov 15, 2012 

    I guess you need to read up on the backend stuff http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=PVR

  • sphere Nov 15, 2012 

    Well done.

  • Nathan Nov 15, 2012 

    Brian Fahrlander :Well the continuation of a great project is great! I just wish we could stop seeing distant mountains to climb, and solve a few painful problems that aren’t as much fun as adopting new codecs and hardware.
    Specifically, improving the query language. JUST TRY picking two TV shows that haven’t been played for 10 days.
    You’ll wind up having to negate *all* television shows in the repo to do it. And every time a video is added for a new TV Show, it’ll pop up on every playlist you’ve created. It’s maddening.
    All we need there is a means of parenthetical processing.

    then get coding and submit the change then.

  • Phacog Nov 15, 2012 

    How about other Linux distribution ?
    Where can we get source for this beta ?

  • nedscott Nov 15, 2012 

    The download page has a big ‘ol “Source Code” section with a link to https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc

    For Beta 1 specifically, https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/archive/Frodo_beta1.zip

  • nedscott Nov 15, 2012 

    @Brian Fahrlander
    1, if the solution was easy then it would most likely have been done by now. 2, XBMC developers work on things when they have time and only on what they want to work on. There might be 40+ developers, but of them only a few work on smart playlist related code. Others work on other areas, which is why new features will come in while something else hasn’t been improved/fixed. We can’t (nor do we want to) force developers to work on specific things. If we did then no one would want to work on XBMC.

    I’m not exactly sure I understand your example, but if you want, post to the forum and we can likely figure out if what you need is being worked on or not, and if not, what can be done as a work around.

  • rafi Nov 15, 2012 

    What about iTunes library support ? good job guys!

  • Dave Nov 15, 2012 

    Thanks, we appreciate all the work everyone puts into this! The best media player around and it’s open source

  • JMelin Nov 15, 2012 

    I currently have XBMCbuntu 11 “Eden” installed. Is it possible for me to upgrade to this and future beta releases and leave my stable Eden version, for example with apt-get upgrade or similar?

  • Raj Nov 15, 2012 

    Is this compatible with AppleTV 1?

  • sdsnyr94 Nov 15, 2012 

    wsnipex – I’ve used your repo with great success for all the alpha builds…. congrats on becoming a team member!

    Great Job by everyone getting this release in Beta…. with both AudioEngine and PVR introduced in a single release!

    Question about Openelec and the Pi… I know that XBMC members are actively working on the Openelec release… does this mean it will follow XBMC’s release cycle? Or will the Pi version(s) be released during the Openelec cycles?

  • nedscott Nov 15, 2012 

    If you install a linux-based OS, yes. I think OpenELEC has ATV1 builds with Frodo.

  • Andreas Nov 15, 2012 

    Full XBMC v12 (Frodo) changelog and releases condensed changelogs are available in the XBMC Wiki now

  • Veit Nov 15, 2012 

    Working Great on ATV2. Sadly the known and “library caused” crash when using AFP shares isn’t solved. :( Any News there?

    Fantastic Work :) I love it!

  • Ilana Nov 15, 2012 

    Well guess I was wrong guessing v13 would be Gollum :(

    anyone for Gallifrey then?

  • dandirk Nov 15, 2012 

    Great news with official audio engine soon. Though I must say I am mostly excited that Linux builds are starting to become officially supported with PPAs and updated iso installers.

  • JiSiN Nov 15, 2012 

    Yes! thx a lot guys ^^

  • Saint Nov 15, 2012 

    Thanx alot.
    locking forward for the 10bit support

  • vizzy Nov 15, 2012 

    This is tremendous news! Love the XBMC team so much for everything they do for us lowly end users! Thank you guys so much! After many happy, albeit buggy, months on the alphas, I’m really looking forward to a more stable experience in the months to come! :D

  • Bjorn eriksson Nov 15, 2012 

    This is great news! Buy some beers with the money I sent you!
    Thanks again and again for this amazing software.

  • Anonymous Nov 15, 2012 

    seems like the movie scrapers not working and no imdb option

  • Montellese Nov 15, 2012 

    Brian Fahrlander :
    Well the continuation of a great project is great! I just wish we could stop seeing distant mountains to climb, and solve a few painful problems that aren’t as much fun as adopting new codecs and hardware.
    Specifically, improving the query language. JUST TRY picking two TV shows that haven’t been played for 10 days.
    You’ll wind up having to negate *all* television shows in the repo to do it. And every time a video is added for a new TV Show, it’ll pop up on every playlist you’ve created. It’s maddening.
    All we need there is a means of parenthetical processing.

    The logic for complex smartplaylist rules (nested “and” and “or” conditions) is actually there, I added it as part of my advanced library filtering GSoC project and it’s accessible through JSON-RPC (e.g. in VideoLibrary.GetMovies) but it’s not available to the XML format which xbmc uses to store smartplaylists created in the GUI (*.xsp). There’s one reason for this: There’s absolutely no way (I can think of) that you can present such complex combinations of rules in a 10-foot user interface.

  • UWDUUS Nov 15, 2012 

    THX for an awsom system…
    Love the new sound support

  • Lloyd Smart Nov 16, 2012 

    Nice to finally see HD Audio in a stable release! Roll on uPnP…

  • nerd Nov 16, 2012 

    yay. thanks. firing up frodo…

  • SteamUser Nov 16, 2012 

    When do we get a seemless integration with steam games?

  • Benjamin Simonsen Nov 16, 2012 

    Great to se a new build :) , how do i make a static Ip adresse on this version?

    Regards Benjamin Simonsen

  • Crazyal Nov 16, 2012 

    Have noticed IP control of XBMC doesnt seem to work in the windows frodo beta 1 at least, anyone eslse seen he issue before I submit as an issue have not seen anyone else reporting the issue, worked fine on the october nightlies.

  • McGalactor Nov 16, 2012 

    Made my day. Can’t wait to test it on my Rasp.

  • HTS Nov 16, 2012 

    You just ruined my wife’s weekend!

    I won’t be able to do anything besides testing XBMC.

  • Jamie Nov 16, 2012 

    Is anyone else experiencing the issue with the “initrd.lz file not found” error?

    Myself and a few other users are having this as per this forum post:


  • mrjlturner Nov 16, 2012 

    I just downloaded & burned xbmcbuntu-12.00-beta1.iso. Fired up the CD on an old box and got the following error message right out of the gate: ‘Boot Loader | /casper/initrd.lz: file not found’

    Any ideas?

  • Kam Nov 16, 2012 

    Any fixes for the Intel HD3000 issue?

  • Jake Nov 16, 2012 

    @Montellese: Nice to hear the back-end is there! About the front-end: have a look at the “rule editor” control provided by Apple Mail to specify “Smart Mailboxes”. They are not as versatile to allow all kinds of combinations of AND, OR and NOT. But if you reduce the basic options to “all items must match (AND)”, “any item must match (OR)” and “none of the items may match (NOT AND)” and allow for additional negation in each item, then you already have a pretty powerful tool.


  • Jake Nov 16, 2012 

    Err wait, thinking about it, I think I saw something this already?! In that case, modifying it a way that Brian’s problems go away (i.e., the proper negation) seems feasible.


  • Ciantm Nov 16, 2012 


    Having the same problem, TVDB scraper not working and IMDB not available, no other options. Any update on this? Thanks

  • android Nov 16, 2012 

    wheres the android version at??

  • Zeke Nov 16, 2012 

    First impression – scrapers that I noticed were broken in the alphas about a month ago are still broken when using the v11 Eden version of PM3.HD, my personal favourite skin especially now I’ve modified several of the XML files. For example even though the new “hide progress of library updates” option is deselected and I’m using a new “Frodo only” user profile to prevent conflicts with old userdata, both TV show and movie scrapers miss a load of files (for example there are 82 HD movies in my path for HD movies yet it only scrapes 67 of them). Moving to the bundled version of Confluence allows normal library scraping though, so I guess I can scan the 3TB+ content I have in with that then drop back to PM3.HD when it’s done. A fair workaround, assuming everything scraped still shows up in the older skin.

  • O Nov 16, 2012 


  • Justin V Nov 16, 2012 

    Tried both 12 beta 1 and the repack. I run windows 7. MY biggest problem was the fact that banners didn’t work for me (instead it looked like it was displaying part of the all seasons cover)

  • Teepee Nov 16, 2012 


    Fixes for Movie scrapers here! http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=145292 Love these guys!

  • dbz1985 Nov 16, 2012 

    works great except for 1 thing…video’s with audio 2.0 wil only play without sound :S (video_ts files and avi files)….but for the rest 5.1 and hd audio works great :-)

  • YEEE Nov 16, 2012 

    When i downloaded it for mac os x 10.5, xbmc doesnt start, it just shuts down and just keeps on giving me the option to relaunch :(

  • nissl Nov 16, 2012 

    Hey glad to hear about a new version.

    can anyone give me a hint on this way.

    i want to increase the buffer size on my xbmc. while i watch a movie from the network share i want the xbmc to cache a bigger amout of the movie. the lag is sometimes really bad.

    maybe someone have an idea for me.


  • Pop006 Nov 16, 2012 

    This is my first time ‘tracking’ a new release for the XX.0′s. I mean no harm in asking, but am curious as to how it works; how many bugfixes do you do before Beta2 comes along, or how do you know for certain there are no more bugs and then make the first Release Candidate?

  • Scope Nov 16, 2012 

    I get a number of FATAL errors when I try to install the xbmcbuntu version on my Revo, as a result I am unable to install.

  • timwuk Nov 16, 2012 

    I tried to 1080p MKV files encoded with both DTS-MA and Dolby True-HD, and the stuttered and did not play any audio. So bit of a problem there :-)

  • andre Nov 16, 2012 

    First thing I noticed: XBMC now exhibits thumbnails of some of my movies instead of the covers. After changing all of them back, the same is happening to the Collections, which I can’t change. Back to Eden, for now.

  • jmarshall Nov 17, 2012 

    Pop006: Beta2 is planned for a couple weeks from now. Basically we just keep fixing stuff until our release date, then push out what we have. Only major bugs (e.g. crashes, or things that affect a ton of people) will cause us to delay a release.

    Already loads of fixes have gone in since Beta1, and quite a few more are still being worked on. I’m sure there’s heaps we don’t know about yet as well that’ll come in over the next week or two.

  • nedscott Nov 17, 2012 

    XBMC v12 for Mac now requires Mac OS X 10.6 or higher.

  • tich Nov 17, 2012 

    Hi all, I am totally new to linux full stop and have just installed XBMCubuntu 11.0 on a media centre. All looks great but…. how do I put things on to the hard drive.
    Ive plugged a usb pen into the machine with films on and the media centre will see and play them but i still dont know how to move files on to the actual media centre’s hard drive.
    The installation is fresh with no add-ons…

    Any help given will be appreciated.

  • Mics Nov 17, 2012 

    First of all – GREAT Work – I really love XBMC and there is no software out there that can compete with XBMC. I have one question. Why is the Dolby Digital Plus format not supported? I still have some hd dvd movies that have this format, and these cannot be played because the new audio engine does not support this format. I am just wondering why this is not supported? Anyone know the answer?

  • vdeapps Nov 17, 2012 

    Plugins from XBMC 11 are compatible with XBMC 12 ?

  • Jack Parsons Nov 17, 2012 

    12b1 appears to work fine on Linux Mint 12 so far, the Transparency appears to function as normal.

    No surprise though that the Youtube plugin is still a dud. It’s getting to the stage where I’m wondering if I’m going to have to code a Youtube plugin for myself to get one that works properly!

  • Jack Parsons Nov 17, 2012 

    …I meant to say “Transparency Skin.” Note, if you’re having audio problems, check the audio settings! The new audio engine means you may have to amend your audio settings accordingly.

  • tuxburner Nov 17, 2012 

    Awesome !!!

    Running the beta under ubuntu, windows and atv2 and having pvr support compiled in, is so superb.

    Thx to the XBMC Team !

  • TheAki Nov 17, 2012 

    Same problem here! :(

  • JayV Nov 17, 2012 

    Any XVBA support in Frodo?

  • Chris Nov 17, 2012 

    I had the same issue too. Follow post #3 here to fix it (that worked for me at least): http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=145277&pid=1238964

  • Rob Nov 17, 2012 

    Much snappier than before! and Airplay is cool

    Although disappointed forced subs are still not supported. There was a patch build for Eden and was hoping it would have been integrated :(


  • Jack Sparrow Nov 17, 2012 

    Wow guys. Thank you so much for keeping up the great work.
    What you are doing is awsome!
    Unfortunately tags seem not to work for me. They are in the database, but tags are not displayed in “Movies -> Tags”.
    If I try to add one, that’s already there, I get an “Tag already present” error…


  • TraySteel Nov 17, 2012 

    Mac mini 10.8.2 – works well with a few small bugs. I get a green line at the bottom of videos which is a little annoying. Also the ‘Default select action’ option from Settings/Video/File Lists has gone. I like to set this to ‘Show Information’.

    Really like the new changes and will check back for second beta version. Going back to v11 for now.

  • TraySteel Nov 17, 2012 

    Just fixed both of these with playing around with the settings. Sorry :-(

  • Euan Nov 17, 2012 

    What is the issue with the Intel HD3000 chip?

  • nedscott Nov 17, 2012 


    Forced subs are supported, and all the bug reports I could find on the XBMC Bugtracker about forced subtitles not showing up have have been closed as fixed. So if it is still not working for you then please post about this on the XBMC forums and/or Bugtracker so that we can bring it to a developer’s attention.

  • kr16 Nov 17, 2012 

    Congratulations !
    I have been with you guys since very beginning and just lately during hard drive cleanup i found those:
    XBMP running on moded xbox in a hotel room
    Working on installing linux on xbox

    I thought i would share. AudioEngine is greatest thing ever !!!
    Next 10 years please :)

  • Brenden C Nov 18, 2012 

    XBMC 13.0 Gauntlet

  • Dush Nov 18, 2012 

    I can’t run XBMC on my Microserver as it requires a hardware accelerated GPU. So I cannot use the uPnP functions :(

    The server has a remote access card which doesn’t have any hardware acceleration

  • Kalliban Nov 18, 2012 

    My sound stops working if I try to play a movie with “sync playback to display” on. The log says failed to initialize divice and then all sound stops working until I reboot. If I set “sync playback to display” to off it will work, but without the sync. I have an Asrock ION 330HT and did not have this problem with an earlier nightly.

  • CRoCWare Nov 18, 2012 

    Great, but…

    saturday morning, at 11h58 UTC, there’s no windows package for Frodo beta 1 in the download page…

  • lonet Nov 18, 2012 

    hi all , when i scan my music to the library, i get a lot of missing covers, or in s0me cases when in fullscreen visualization the cover wont show but in folder yes, all my music has a folder.jpg image, it used to be perfect in my last version xbmc installed alpha 3, when a music folder was scanned to the library it would take the folder.jpg right away, not anymore in the beta or latest nightly, please help!!!!! im going insane trying to figure this issue, any insight is greatly appreciated, and once again thanks for all the hard work , xbmc is the best media experience!

  • necrosis Nov 18, 2012 

    Seems like and a few others are still ignored if you put them in advancedsettings.xml.


  • necrosis Nov 18, 2012 

    skinsettings and viewstates to be specific.

  • Erik Nov 18, 2012 

    Great version, seems to work very well..

    Except for the fact that there are still bugs running on a windows 8 touchscreen. the left pane shows up on every “tap” and there seems to be no way hit OSD buttons while watching a movie. I have to use the stylus to simulate a mouse click to get out of that mode.

    2013 would be a great year if XBMC could work with windows touch hardware !

  • webrat Nov 18, 2012 

    Is there a Version for Ubuntu Lucid too?
    I would appreciate if somebody could compile it for Lucid.

  • Al Nov 18, 2012 

    I was exited to try out the updated Airplay support, but it seems to have the same issues as Eden. Videos taken in portrait mode appear rotated 90 degrees in XBMC, and there was no audio. Are those issues still being worked on?

  • vintendoe Nov 18, 2012 

    thanks for all the great work. I am still having some trouble with covers on atv. Anyone know how to downgrade to Eden on atv?

  • DukeoftheWicked Nov 19, 2012 


    Im not 100% sure, but I think I saw the “XBMC for Android” version on the roadmap for the next release starting with letter “G”. As well as a “XBMC for BSD” version due at that time too. Android version is still not mature enough for the mainstream.

  • nedscott Nov 19, 2012 

    Yes there is, I’m looking right at it. If you want a direct link: http://mirrors.xbmc.org/releases/win32/xbmc-12.0-Frodo_beta1-repack.exe

  • wsnipex Nov 19, 2012 

    Not in official Frodo, but the Xvba branch will continue till its merged

  • ubuntu-user Nov 19, 2012 

    Where is XBMCbuntu 12: Beta 1?

  • Bkam Nov 19, 2012 

    I tried to 1080p MKV files encoded with both DTS-MA and Dolby True-HD, and the stuttered and did not play any audio. So bit of a problem there :-)


  • Jamie Nov 19, 2012 

    Sorry if this has been mentioned but what is the status of AMD Fusion XVBA support in Frodo B1?

  • Kalliban Nov 19, 2012 

    Kalliban :
    My sound stops working if I try to play a movie with “sync playback to display” on. The log says failed to initialize divice and then all sound stops working until I reboot. If I set “sync playback to display” to off it will work, but without the sync. I have an Asrock ION 330HT and did not have this problem with an earlier nightly.

    I updated to the latest nightly and it works now :) So if anyone else is having the same issue, you can try this and see if it helps. I am running todays nightly (compiled the 19th) from the nightlies ppa.

  • Shin Nov 19, 2012 

    Android .apk anywhere? Is stylus support for Samsung galaxy note 1/2 in?
    Thanks a lot!

  • nedscott Nov 20, 2012 

    Where are you people looking? It’s right on the download page.

  • Houdbab Nov 20, 2012 

    Great th are work on Ios or win 6

  • Rene Wennekes Nov 20, 2012 

    Tested 12.0 beta 3 days ago.
    2 issues;

    1) I have a problem with playing x264 sd video on a amd fusion m350. Video playback gives annoying blocks in the screen. I hoped this bug will be fixed soon. I found on the internet that i was not the only one.

    2) eject button still missing. Why? One of my htc has no hardware-eject button. I don’t understand that in upgrade a important feature dissapeared. “That’s not very logical, captain”. Please returne the eject button (specially in pm3.hd) withoud very difficult hacking and make a lot of people happy.

    I hope the pm3.hd skin will continue.

    With kind regards,

    Rene Wennekes

  • vikjon0 Nov 20, 2012 

    Been looking at that for days….. Just took a closer look and it turns out that my default mirror sunet.se is not uptodate.

  • nedscott Nov 20, 2012 

    vikjon0 :

    Been looking at that for days….. Just took a closer look and it turns out that my default mirror sunet.se is not uptodate.

    Whoops. Sorry about that. I’ll let the team know that one of the mirrors is bonked.

  • Jamie Nov 20, 2012 

    Jamie :
    Sorry if this has been mentioned but what is the status of AMD Fusion XVBA support in Frodo B1?

    Figured it out for anyone wanting XVBA support on Fusion systems.

    ssh into your XBMCbuntu system using the username/password created during setup.

    #add wsnipex XVBA repository
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:wsnipex/xbmc-xvba

    #run update command
    sudo apt-get update

    #install XBMC from repository
    sudo apt-get install xbmc

  • podgey3874 Nov 20, 2012 

    Can I run XBMC from my PC/jailbroke iphone to my TV using DLNA/UPnP in frodo?

  • Chris Nov 20, 2012 

    I posted this quite a few comments ago, but check out post #3 at this link:

    I had the same issues and that solved it for me.

  • jeff Nov 21, 2012 

    i can’t install other skins with the beta. i assume you know that..:)

  • Rene Wennekes Nov 21, 2012 

    I have no problem with sound on mu AMD Fusion M350 (think idd 6310 built in videocard).

    It’s just when playing x642 codec based video with a small resolution (480 lines or less) in the pictures appears many large blocks when changing the image. But the sounds is ok.

    Disable the dxva in the system will solve the problem, but then it’s impossible to play all other videos. It’s not convenient to change everytime the dxva setting everytime when i want to see those few video where the problem occurs.

    It would be better to set the dxva seperately for each movie like the screen-settings but this seem to be impossible. Although the option is available in the screen-setting each movie, you cannot chang it.

  • Jeff Okeson Nov 21, 2012 

    When I goto “get more” for skins there are no avaliable skins to download and install? is this a known problem?

    • natethomas Nov 21, 2012 

      Yup. Until skinners switch their skins over to Frodo, the repo will be pretty empty. They should start getting added in fairly soon.

  • Rene Wennekes Nov 21, 2012 

    I hope the eject button returns ……

  • Joshua Jackson Nov 21, 2012 

    Where did the Confluence Settings screen go?
    Did it get removed when the Live TV screen showed up?
    I normally just install over a previous install, but, this time, I deleted my profile and uninstalled, first.
    I noticed it when I tried to add the weather to the top-left corner of my home screen and couldn’t.

    • natethomas Nov 25, 2012 

      It’s actually in settings-> Appearance now, underneath the word Confluence. Since that’s a pretty big change, I may need to mention that in the next update.

  • Joshua Jackson Nov 21, 2012 

    This is the first version of XBMC that has re-encoded AAC to AC3 without stuttering on my Intel E5200 CPU!!!
    Thank you for your work on the new audio engine.

  • Felix C Nov 21, 2012 

    Can this Frodo version support BDISO and BDMV viewing yet? Does it support BD Menu feature yet?

  • Wasi Nov 22, 2012 

    Installed Frodo 12 – Got no sound – Picture was delayed from Wireless – Tried LAN still same
    Please has a look

  • LennY Nov 22, 2012 

    No sound with dolby, dts or aac files tho old .avi files did. using xbmc windows version

  • forcedalias Nov 23, 2012 


    Even though language is set to U.S. English, under Live TV it says “Programme info”….


  • Anonymous Nov 23, 2012 

    do you guys have a tv server control yet for the pvr add ons? such as mediaportal 1.2.3 and 1.3.0 if so where are they thnx

  • Servis racunara Nov 23, 2012 

    I installed XBMC Eden, OpenELEC on BioStar H67MH with BioRemote from Biostar. Everything work perfectly, except hdmi sound. Someone have info about Intel HD hdmi and sound in xbmc v12?

  • jannk Nov 25, 2012 

    will there be XBMC iso for Xvba branch with Frodo?

  • Roma Nov 25, 2012 

    Live TV XBMC virtual backend doesn’t work

  • Wes Nov 26, 2012 

    This version feels so unbalanced.. I cant put my finger n it but something just doesnt feel right

  • muTTen Nov 26, 2012 

    On frodo AdvancedLauncher does nor work. Cannot go into any launcher. When force items detection in a launcher and trying to run one, it shows “addon.py error”

    Reverting to eden all works ok again without modify any configuration

    it’s running on Ubuntu 12.04

  • nobbes Nov 26, 2012 

    when playing a hd movie (x264 + DTS or AC3) the Volume is very low, no change possible with Volume Amplification, it does not work.

  • dweezil5932 Nov 26, 2012 

    I installed XBMC Frodo Beta 1 via unstable PPAs over XBMC Eden based XBMCBuntu. Everything went better than expected. Nice job :-)

  • Brigaid Nov 27, 2012 

    Is XBMCbuntu 12 based on Ubuntu 12.10? I’d like to install Steam within it to run from the lubuntu desktop without having to do a full ubuntu install. I attempted installing Steam on XBMCbuntu Eden but the prerequisites couldn’t be met; it needed at least 12.04.

  • Anonymous Nov 27, 2012 

    For anyone having problems with HD Audio on AMD Fushion I had the same problems of stuttering and no sound but managed to get it sorted. I’m using an AMD E350 with Windows 7. I uninstalled the Relatek drivers and rebooted. on reboot it installed MS drivers. I then updated the driver and searched manually for the AMD folder. It then installed AMD drivers. Then go into XBMC and change the audio options to use WASAPI. After that perfect bluray playback with HD audio passthru

  • matt harper Nov 27, 2012 

    will not run properly on my dell vista pc.
    mp3 files just ‘stick’ at 0:00

  • XBMC forever Nov 27, 2012 

    Hi guys, is it possible in the feature versions to include a PIP function. (i.e. I watch a video on youtube or listen to a radio station while in the PIP window I’ll set up a live TV channel and I’ll not miss my tv program). Thanks Joe

  • mindwarpstudios Nov 28, 2012 

    @Servis racunara
    Can you provide more details, please?
    Since I am unsure what you’ve already tried, I’ll start with the obvious… :) We can continue from there, if nothing resolves.

    What is specfied at: Settings > System > Audio > Audio Output Device
    Can you set it to something resembling your HDMI output?

    Can you drop to a prompt and run: aplay -l or aplay -L
    (they give the same information, but in different formats that can be helpful in some cases)

    Frodo is not quite as flexible as I would like in this respect, because there’s no EASY way (via UI) to input a custom Audio Output Device (as in Dharma, for instance)… but maybe this process will help.

  • LennY Nov 28, 2012 


    Hi Chris all fine, but i don’t use an AMD Fusion xxx APU,

    System specs (if matter)

    ati radeon hd 5670 only using hdmi for video content, no audio (latest drivers used)
    onboard audio realtek hd audio (optical output) latest drivers used

    xbmc 11 works fine with all settings 12 however won’t, even the nightly versions, won’t no matter witch setting i try/use

  • Chris Nov 28, 2012 

    I’m not too sure then. I had an issue with no audio and extremely choppy video playback, which I resolved by tweaking those settings. Stupid question (only because I’ve done it before), but is it possible your optical audio isn’t the default sound device in Windows?

  • andrea Nov 29, 2012 

    no sound (audio device not recognized) and jerky video..

  • Anonymous Nov 29, 2012 

    @XBMC forever
    If you’r asking “In future version?” I can certainly say, yes it’s possible!

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