XBMC 12.2pre testing

Posted By: Nathan Betzen on Apr 09, 2013 in Pre-Release

In between coding up exciting new features, we have been hard at work pushing as many fixes as possible into the next bug fix release of XBMC 12.  With 12.2, we’d like to ask your help in performing some bug testing, prior to the release.

Broadly speaking, we are only looking for “crash and burn” reports. If XBMC resets on you or randomly crashes or something similarly major, we’d like to know about it with a note in the forum. If you elect to be a tester for 12.2pre, we would very much appreciate a debug log along with your crash report. Any reports without a log will be ignored. To make your report, we suggest visiting this thread.

Should want to download and install XBMC, please visit our download page.

* Official XBMC downloads

For more info and to make reports, see the testing thread on our forums.

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  • EMKO Apr 09, 2013 

    any change logs?

  • uomiarz Apr 09, 2013 

    And the linux/ubuntu version is available… sorry but I can’t find it :)
    Unstable for quantal shows 13.0alpha2
    Source is pointing at12.1


  • Humpatz Apr 10, 2013 

    Any updates without a change log will be ignored.

  • bgx Apr 10, 2013 

    Great testbuild. It’s buttersmooth and till now no breaks. But I mainly use xbmc for my large musikcompetition.

  • adamas Apr 10, 2013 

    What’s the difference between nightly and test builds? I mean, I’d like to use the very latest, the most beta-est/alpha-est version available at the moment. What would be the choice for that: latest nightly or latest test build?

  • natethomas Apr 10, 2013 

    adamas :

    What’s the difference between nightly and test builds? I mean, I’d like to use the very latest, the most beta-est/alpha-est version available at the moment. What would be the choice for that: latest nightly or latest test build?

    The test builds are purely bug fix builds based on Frodo. They don’t include any of the new features being worked on in nightlies or in the monthly alphas. So if you are looking for Most Likely to Break, you’re looking for nightlies.

  • natethomas Apr 10, 2013 

    Humpatz :

    Any updates without a change log will be ignored.

    Fortunately for you, this isn’t an update. This is an internal testing build that we wanted to get a few more eyeballs on. So you are welcome to ignore away.

  • MasterPhW Apr 10, 2013 

    Wow, on the way to the second updated main build. Downloaded and testing.
    Thanks for all the hard work you still put into Frodo, while already hard working on Gotham.

    Any idea, when the retroplayer fork will find its way into the main branch? I don’t think, that will be any 12.X build at all, but probably there’s already some kind of internal roadmap, that includes the retroplayer stuff…

  • Leo K Apr 10, 2013 

    Hi there!

    I´ve seen your post and done a buglog with the lastest testbuild. I have an issue with Frodo 12.1 regarding DBTVHD that is driving me crazy hope you can help me (i´m a newbie so excuse me if this is not the place to post it). I´ve used Mediaportal and ArgusTV as a backends and both are working ok with their respective clients but when trying to watch via XBMC PVR addons DBTVHD with Dolby Digital+ (AC3 and EAC3) crashes my xbmc… I´ve been searching through the internet and didn´t find any solution about this issue.. here is the log:


    Best regards and congratulations for your work

  • Stephan Raue Apr 10, 2013 


    if you ask for changelogs you should know how to get them via github?

  • Stephan Raue Apr 10, 2013 

    OpenELEC testbuilds to test with this XBMC testrelease at (also for RaspberryPi):

  • memo Apr 10, 2013 

    plllllllllz fix flies EDL

  • Snoopy Apr 10, 2013 

    uomiarz :
    And the linux/ubuntu version is available… sorry but I can’t find it :)
    Unstable for quantal shows 13.0alpha2
    Source is pointing at12.1

    Can’t find any 12.2 deb’s in any ubuntu repo either…

  • TheDisneyMagic Apr 10, 2013 

    I read on Facebook that this will keep the same MySQL structure so I will install one of these builds on one of my TVs and report any issues I have.

  • l0cus Apr 10, 2013 

    I really want to contribute, but am I overthinking this… I’m using xbmc on an atv2… if xbmc crashes, i have to restart it in order to use the XBMC Log Uploader. But if I restart it, it flushes the xbmc.log file doesn’t it? Or does the Log Uploader upload the .old file as well?

  • Ian Darbey Apr 10, 2013 

    Will this incorporate the updated ffmpeg for faster channel switching in Live TV?

  • RvD Apr 10, 2013 

    The only issue I have been experiencing in 12.0 and 12.1 is random ‘hangs’ when playing a video. It hangs for about 30 seconds, then goes back to the library. Resume is then available and works perfectly. This started happening on 12.0 and also continued on 12.1 (Windows 8), so I’ll give this 12.2 a try! Thanks for all the hard work so far!

  • Ned Scott Apr 10, 2013 

    @Ian Darbey

    In the add-on settings for the debug log uploader add-on, you can tell it to include the old log file

  • adamas Apr 10, 2013 

    Thanks so much for your kind reply!
    But does mean that the latest nightly is newer than Gotham Alpha 2? (just double-checking)

  • Ned Scott Apr 11, 2013 

    Yes, the latest nightly builds are newer than Gotham Alpha2. Each “Alpha” represents a one month cycle. At the end of that cycle we release a monthly snapshot, which is the final version of that “Alpha”. When you download a nightly build right now it will say something like “Gotham Alpha 3″, meaning that we’re still in that Alpha 3 cycle, so each night a new “Alpha 3″ is made until the end of the month when it becomes the Alpha 3 snapshot (a sort of “final build” of Alpha).

  • senna99 Apr 11, 2013 

    I tested XBMC 12.2pre testing and works perfectly.You still do not have support for Advanced Launcher,it is a great disadvantage for me personally.

    Best Regards

  • Martin K Apr 11, 2013 

    +1 for updated ffmpeg, if it means faster and non-crashing channel switching in Live TV with TVHeadEnd + HDHomeRun

  • needtotest Apr 11, 2013 

    hmm broke something. I got no sound and the screen just goes into screensaver (running through the receiver and it is the receivers screensaver that pops up) also this is openelec ion x64 build.

  • adamas Apr 12, 2013 

    @Ned Scott
    Crystal-clear now, thank you so very much!!! :) ))

  • EricV Apr 12, 2013 

    I still cannot exit correctly on windows 7. There is a deadlock somewhere. Have to pres CTRL ALT DEL and go to process manager to kill it.

  • Poppeye Apr 12, 2013 

    Deadlock on exit may happen if you have another application open that keeps the same audio device open, ie foobar.

  • kaa Apr 13, 2013 

    12.2pre can play most BD-ISO & BDMV folder. Main interface can not support Chinese. subtitles switch also got some problem.

  • lost your roots Apr 14, 2013 

    so now we only seem to have builds for the in os`s linux gets left behind both in terms of live and as a package

  • Petter Nilsen Apr 14, 2013 

    I installed a fresh XMBbuntu of XBMC 12.0. It won’t start any add-ons, it just shows the spinner. If the add-on starts, it can take minutes. 12.1 updated on the same install using apt-get etc. shows the same problem. Mail me if it’s worthwhile for me to submit debug logs.

  • EricV Apr 15, 2013 


    OK but I did not remember having that problem with 12.0 excpet during a period in the dev cycle.

  • Dush Apr 15, 2013 

    Multi channel FLAC doesn’t output as DD/DTS on Windows when it does on Openelec.

  • Hadees Apr 15, 2013 

    Did tags in Smart Playlists for TV Shows make it into this? I hope so. That is a feature I really need for my PseudoTV setup.

  • Ned Scott Apr 16, 2013 

    Sadly, no. It’s been deemed a feature addition rather than a fix. Perhaps someone will do an unofficial build of 12.2 final + TV show/music video tags for smart playlists.

  • kibje Apr 16, 2013 

    Ubuntu binaries were built by wsnipex, see this post on the thread for the PPA location: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=162100&pid=1398162#pid1398162

  • David Apr 16, 2013 

    no changelog – no worries. Hope this is as nice a build as previous ones have been.

    The only thing I’ve noticed is XBMC freezing and minimizing after some time especially after I’ve switched away from it to another HDMI video source. Only cure seems to force quit XBMC. Running on 32 bit Windows 7 on Asus AT5ION board. Not sure if there is some other configuration needed. I don’t recall this issue with previous XBMC versions.

  • JustinB Apr 17, 2013 

    In Nightly Builds I have noticed audio not being in sync

  • Zeke Apr 17, 2013 

    Will be interesting to see how the Android version handles on an S3 – last time I tried it almost nothing would play and it insisted on using the skin keyboard which on a 4.8 inch screen is impossibly tiny! The mainline versions are good under Windows though.

  • Anonymous Apr 19, 2013 

    i had the same issue…TWO plugins were the colperite for me…started in 12 continued in 12.1

  • memo Apr 20, 2013 

    about EDL file

    Some scenes +18

    There are some mistakes

    I hope to fix it like xbmc 11 eden

  • lost your roots Apr 21, 2013 

    and still we only seem to have builds for the in os`s, linux gets left behind even more i terms of live and as a package. Oh be so in with the fashion crew

  • Henro Apr 21, 2013 

    Is there also a solution for dvd menu playback with .iso files? If not, any chance this will be fixed in a near future release?

  • Anonymous Apr 23, 2013 

    Thanks for the info. Any chance you remember wich plugin it was?

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