XBMC 12 Frodo – Release Candidate 1

Posted By: Nathan Betzen on Dec 12, 2012 in Pre-Release

We would quickly like to take this time to announce the first release candidate for XBMC 12. Features for XBMC 12 include:

  • HD audio support, including DTS-MA and Dolby True-HD, via the new XBMC AudioEngine
  • Live TV and PVR support
  • h.264 10bit (aka Hi10P) video software decoding for anime
  • 64bit support in OSX to match the 64bit support in Linux
  • Improved image support, allowing the database to accomodate numerous additional image types
  • Support for the Raspberry PI
  • Initial support for the Android platform
  • Improved Airplay support across all platforms
  • Improved controller support in Windows and Linux
  • Advanced Filtering in the library
  • Advanced UPnP sharing
  • Translations now powered by Transifex

At this point, XBMC 12 is entirely feature complete. All changes from this point forward will exclusively include fixes for replicable bugs necessary to reach final release.

To get this release candidate, please visit our download page.

Let us know what you think of this release candidate in the comments below, or, if you like, via the donation button at the top of the page.

And if you have any problems, don’t hesitate to post about them in our forums and report verified bugs in Trac.

Discussion - 97 Comments

  • Chamalo Dec 12, 2012 

    Great news.

    Any plans to have h.264 10bit with hardware decoding? My CPU Intel Atom is too small for software decoding un 1080p. :(

  • mad-max Dec 12, 2012 

    Going really fast this time…looking forward to it…


  • doogdeb Dec 12, 2012 

    Has this release candidate fixed any bugs from Beta 3? A lot of people on the forums, including me, have been complaining of no audio when playing TV shows, which requires a reboot, and then when it plays the next video it has no video.

  • moh-san Dec 12, 2012 

    Damn you guys are fast! :)
    XBMC 12; Maybe a nice christmas present for 2012? :)

    Keep up the good work.

  • micjensen Dec 12, 2012 

    Awesome! Cant wait to try this one out! Had some issues with Aeon MQ4 and Frodo Beta 3!

    Great job guys – Beer commin’ ;)

  • john Dec 12, 2012 

    Great job. Will the Android remote app get a facelift now that frodo is almost done

  • chander Dec 12, 2012 

    What an incredible fast development since Eden!!!!

  • Hado Dec 12, 2012 

    Thanks a lot for your hard work! Hardware acceleration broken since beta 2 though, I can’t test the betas for now

  • Chainjr Dec 12, 2012 

    Any foreseable support for 21:9 aspect ratio?

  • finalbeta Dec 12, 2012 

    I’ve posted this on the forums/irc, but had no response. In the beta’s/rc I can no longer select mapped shares as network locations.
    I have several xbmc clients. all of them have several drive letters mapped to SMB shares. However, in frodo I can no longer use mapped drives as library locations.
    So “When adding a network location, these mapped drives are no longer a selectable option. “

  • Nils Dec 12, 2012 

    I’m so excited I almost explode! XBMC 12 is going to be amazing, I can feel it!!! Thank you for what you are doing!

  • 0wing Dec 12, 2012 

    No existing, or future, GPU’s can decode hi10p.

  • Dmitry Dec 12, 2012 

    This release of XBMC prevents Mac OS screensaver to be running. I’ve got screensaver on Mac OS setup up after 1 minute of idleness, but XBMC just dims the screen and screensaver never runs.

  • Muscateer Dec 12, 2012 

    Can’t find in the documentation whether RC1 with the new AudioEngine plays multichannel DTS-Wav files?

  • Tarantulas Dec 12, 2012 

    Since Frodo seems to have killed off the old way of sharing a thumbnails library, and everything I’ve read seems to indicate that “magic” is now used sync multiple machines to one library, what are people actually doing to keep all these workstations in sync?

  • PizzaCat Dec 12, 2012 

    Is the XBMCbuntu installation procedure still borked?

  • JiSiN Dec 12, 2012 

    thx again team xbmc… hope my donation will help in a way.
    i’m hesitating to install Frodo RC1 on my AsRock ION 330. just read that another guy got some stuttering since Frodo Beta 2.
    is that problem solved (question 2 all guy in this room) :)

    again thx for this beautiful piece of software

  • JD Dec 12, 2012 

    crashes on my google TV sony NSZ-GS7 firmware 3.2 :(

  • GBeav Dec 12, 2012 

    XBMC 12 on 12/12/12? It is a sign. The planets have aligned and I have downloaded.

  • nedscott Dec 12, 2012 

    Should already be supported, but probably just doesn’t have any skins made for that ratio yet. Skinners can make skins for just about any aspect ratio.

    No support for Google TV yet

    Please post your issue to the forums and include as many details as you can, like what OS you are using, and try to include an xbmc debug log (see http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Log_file ).

    See http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=HOW-TO:Sync_multiple_libraries/Upgrading_XBMC_to_v12

    Normal behavior for XBMC is to prevent OS sleep/screensaver if XBMC is full screen.

  • dave Dec 12, 2012 

    b2/b3/rc1 is still broken for correctly reading and working with a sql setup and sources xml. the sources show up in ‘videos’ but the content type is broken and so ‘tv’ and ‘movies’ cant be selected. it looks like it doesnt update the database or something.

    frustrating as this has been posted here and on the forum. what is the fix?

  • nedscott Dec 12, 2012 

    Do you mean MySQL? As far as I know, there are no outstanding issues with MySQL, and several users have it up and running with Frodo RC1 and working just fine.

  • Pr.Sinister Dec 12, 2012 

    Try Yatse… it is amazing!

  • dave Dec 12, 2012 

    yes mysql, i posted the log on the thread on the forum, it looks like there is failure of it to upgrade the database.

    waiting for a response. when i revert back to b1 it works, but neither b2/b3/rc1 will upgrade my database.

  • Anonymous Dec 13, 2012 

    The MySQL upgrade instructions specifies that Textures13 db should be copied from the ‘first upgraded’ HTPC to the other HTPC’s along the thumbnails folder.
    If the process was not carried out in the specified order, will the folders still sync? And in this case which textures13.db do I copy to the others?

    Case here, the first install was on a test machine where the thumbnails were not synced.

  • dave Dec 13, 2012 

    i’ve fixed the database issue and updated the post with the fix, working great now!

  • Anonymous Dec 13, 2012 

    Chamalo :
    Great news.
    Any plans to have h.264 10bit with hardware decoding? My CPU Intel Atom is too small for software decoding un 1080p. :(

    No Vendor supports H.264 10bit hardware decoding… A little bit reading before posting is always useful.

  • Anonymous Dec 13, 2012 

    How about this http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=147741
    Works great for both Frodo and Eden.. Just enable JSON-API in the host configuration
    I hope we can see the same amazing XBMC remote on adnroid as the one released today for iOS

  • igor Dec 13, 2012 

    micjensen :
    Awesome! Cant wait to try this one out! Had some issues with Aeon MQ4 and Frodo Beta 3!
    Great job guys – Beer commin’ ;)

    All versions of Aeon are soooo bloated, the only way it won’t have issues is if, every addon,script etc.. ever written for XBMC doesn’t have issues, since Aeon uses them all. LOL

  • SqUaDrA Dec 13, 2012 

    Just installed over my eden after a failure on all 3 frodo versions, must say this excellent, quality on my TV card is bad, but thinking its the card i have Compro e750 (bad choice), but everything else movie/music wise working flawless. Just wish AEON had the support for frodo coz Confluence is lacking many features. By the way does anybody know of a skin that supports a screen that shows a list of songs that are qued with detail e.g mini album cover etc.. thanks guys…:)

  • MrBozack Dec 13, 2012 

    I hope the YouTube plugin gets fixed next. It’s the only issue that makes me swear at XBMC. That has to be a good sign though, thanks! It’s in use for ~20 hours a day too. Most of the bugs lately haven’t affected me – I only update to see if YouTube logs-in yet….

    Great job, kiss kiss!

  • Tuxie Dec 13, 2012 

    Beautiful! I’m really looking forward to it.
    Will you also make any bugfix releases after 12.0 is released this time around?

  • Erik Lindahl Dec 13, 2012 

    I guess the HD audio support still doesn’t include OSX due to limitations by Apple? Wouldn’t it be possible to just to a software decode and output PCM-streams?

  • nedscott Dec 13, 2012 

    We plan to. Things got a little jumbled for a v11.1 bugfix release, so never got it out/organized, but for v12 things should go smoother.

    @Erik Lindahl
    For Frodo, OS X will indeed lack HD audio support. If it’s possible to work around the limitations in Apple’s audio API then I suspect the devs would be interested, but there’s a lot of factors there that would need to be looked at.

    In theory it shouldn’t hurt anything if it’s not done. As the footnote on that page says, that’s just an “extra safe” step in case the download urls for the artwork aren’t available anymore (if items were scanned into the library from a long time ago, etc). How it works is that XBMC saves the url for various art work/thumbs in the shared MySQL database, and then each XBMC client checks to see if it needs to download art or not. Each XBMC install has a copy of the image, but they’re all in sync (so if you manually change the art on one XBMC machine, it will be reflected on all of them, etc).

  • Dan Dec 13, 2012 

    Fantastic work XBMC team, the improved UPnP server is awesome it displays all the metadata associated with XBMC at least in files mode.

    It doesn’t seem to tie into displaying your typical movie or tv show library (as if you scanning network shares) but it is till a great step towards that goal and XBMC as a media server for multiple clients.

  • Deemes Dec 13, 2012 

    The updates come rly fast, i like that. Good job team!
    But i still have a problem with the 360 controller.
    On my Win 7 x86 XBMC 12 Frodo b1/2/3/rc1 when i try to use the controller i get error that No VPR clients have been started yet.
    Setting is enabled to use the controller but the movement is way too fast en the No VPR error doesnt allow you to browse/enter menus.

    Any of you folks have the same issue?

  • Sarhidyon Dec 13, 2012 

    Hello, I have my database and my thumbnails on my Synology and have it now in this version no longer have access. I read that the thumbnails are now sync automatically and will not needed more advancedsettings.xml. However, these files are still in the database credentials for my SQL database. Now I’m a little stumped as I get to run to the back.

  • Sarhidyon Dec 13, 2012 

    Ok I backed up the database and then deleted from the Synology. Have retained the xml and everything rebuilt. Running again;) IMDB goes well again and this time without extra tools wonderful in German. So far I’m very excited.

  • natethomas Dec 13, 2012 

    @Deemes No VPR clients? A quick google search tells me that’s a PVR issue rather than a controller issue. Are you using some kind of specialized controller software or keymap? XBMC is set up to work with the default driver from MS and that is all.

  • Shaz Dec 13, 2012 

    Saw something about AirPlay. Can anyone elaborate please. Thank youuu

  • Christopher Dec 13, 2012 

    when I stream to my Samsung Blu-Ray player via UPnP it see’s XBMC as a server but when I try to play a file it says ‘file not supported’ even though the same file (ac3 720p) works when played from a USB thumb drive.

  • doogdeb Dec 13, 2012 


    Has this release fixed the audio\video issues people have been having?

  • neccis Dec 13, 2012 

    Must do clean install. Passtrough and audio output device must be Wasabi:HDMI, using Directsound becauses heavily struttering at 1080 material – at least when running GPU accelerated.

    Win 7
    HDMI output

  • Anonymous Dec 13, 2012 

    In theory it shouldn’t hurt anything if it’s not done. As the footnote…..”

    Thanks for the explanation.

  • tungmeister Dec 13, 2012 

    glad to see we’re nearing release! can’t wait for proper nightlies to resume again without the annoying feature freeze.

  • GartimusPrime Dec 13, 2012 

    All of my skins all appear to be broken, which I understand is entirely possible due to beta’s and rc’s. but from what I have been reading people are able to install working skins, what am I missing?

  • tezza Dec 14, 2012 

    @Shaz – Always good to search the forums and wiki pages of an open source project like XBMC. 10 seconds of work and I found this: http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=AirPlay

  • Anonymous Dec 14, 2012 

    Same here, but on win 7

  • Anonymous Dec 14, 2012 

    run xbmc on linux or add ram to ur pc
    running amazing here on atom n450 512cache 2 gb ram winXP 32bit

  • Chris Dec 14, 2012 


    Transparency is the only skin I’ve seen official on the repo. Other skins (like Aeon Nox) can be downloaded from Git while the developer works on it before officially releasing. I imagine that’s what people are doing with other skins as well. Of course if you do that you’ll inherently run into bugs and there’s the potential you’ll have to reset all your skin settings as more changes are made.

  • SiriusB Dec 14, 2012 

    Awesome program. I’m ashamed to admit that as an I.T tech of many years, I’ve never came across XBMC. That is until Tony Northup referenced XBMC in his book “Windows 8 Inside Out”.

    As far as I’m concerned, it’s bye bye Windows Media Player. Will also install XMBC on all customer builds.

  • Cowselder Dec 14, 2012 

    Having only recently found XBMC I cannot believe how good this is and I tip my hat to all the people who have made XBMC, you all deserve a knighthood.


  • Jonzey Dec 14, 2012 

    how bout fixing this SUBTITLES issue: THEYRE ALWAYS ON — CANT TURN IT OFF, or they show up even when not listed in the subtitle menu “none”

  • GartimusPrime Dec 14, 2012 


    Thanks for the reply! I am unable to install Git skins where it says something about dependencies not being met. I think I can wait for releases. Again, thanks for the response!

  • Chris Dec 14, 2012 


    If you still want to give it a go, do a search for dependencies in the Aeon Nox forum: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=141458&page=105
    I don’t recall off the top of my head what had to be done, but I believe it was a pretty simple.

  • Shaz Dec 15, 2012 

    Yes tezza, I’ve seen that already. I’ve got an apple tv3 and can only AirPlay mirror, but the screen is half the size for some reason , so was wondering if they’ve enabled, proper airplay meaning when you double click home button scroll left click on the apple tv button it will play it in full screen format. That is what I ment when I asked for more details.

  • doogdeb Dec 15, 2012 

    Are there any bug fixes in this release candidate?

  • MikeB Dec 15, 2012 

    I’m having no sound and fast playback issues on some over the air broadcasts. I’m in Australia, using Windows 7 and TV Scheduler Pro and the sound is passed through to a receiver via HDMI. The issue shows up on files containing Dolby Digital AND saved in DVR-MS. Saving as .TS fixes the problem. Also, the files from channels broadcast with MPEG2 Audio are fine, even when saved as DVR-MS. So somehow, the Dolby Digital is not being detected properly when in DVR-MS format.

    Suggestions: Read multiple XMLTV files (i.e. one per channel), control TV Scheduler Pro (http://sourceforge.net/projects/tvschedulerpro/) for PVR.

  • Jonzey Dec 15, 2012 


    yes, can you see: There is no way of turning subtitles off.
    and as i said, in M2TS, not sure if MKV containers – Subtitles get loaded even when XBMC says there’s no sub… so how can you turn that off?

  • exzez Dec 15, 2012 

    still audio volume increase bug after switching video files

  • JdeB Dec 16, 2012 

    After installing it can’t start XBMC at all…

  • Kristijan Dec 16, 2012 

    wasapi multichannel audio out video slowmotion bug not fixed yet. 200ms video delay with 24Hz video refresh rate is also here. However there are workarounds for such a problems. Except that XBMC Frodo rocks. Thanks for the best media center software ever.

  • nedscott Dec 16, 2012 

    Jonzey :


    yes, can you see: There is no way of turning subtitles off.
    and as i said, in M2TS, not sure if MKV containers – Subtitles get loaded even when XBMC says there’s no sub… so how can you turn that off?

    I guess you didn’t read the link I posted. If there are subtitles and XBMC is saying there are no subtitles then either one of two things are happening. One is that you are in the wrong menu and are looking at the subtitle add-on menu instead of the audio settings menu. The other is that the subtitles are apart of the video itself and not a separate track. I watch a ton of subtitled content and can assure you of this fact.

  • Patrick Dec 16, 2012 

    Minendid only run once but after install i changee the volume level with
    The audiomixer, after reboot only ubuntu logon screen. After a few tries, i didnot change
    The volume level with audio mixer. Then every runs fine, also
    After a reboot. Asrock ion @exzez

  • Madzter Dec 16, 2012 

    Awesome work folks! Your the best!

  • Guus Dec 16, 2012 

    What is the beste way to update my eden final release to Frodo 12 RC1 on a windows system?
    I want to hold my settings?

    Wich controllers you improved support for?

  • Toublack Dec 16, 2012 

    It will make a lot easier to get help if you may elaborate on the hardware that you have XBMC installed on.

  • Jonzey Dec 17, 2012 


    1. why is there a subtitles menu if its not showing embedded subs ???

    2. why would i look in the audio menu for subs??? that makes NO SENSE.

    as my comment was not showed:
    3. when adding music source, it should automatically scan to library ! just like videos. it makes no sense having to right click.
    4. why is there separate “clean library” choice? when library is updated is should do cleaning also.

  • Majin Dec 17, 2012 

    nedscott :

    Jonzey :
    yes, can you see: There is no way of turning subtitles off.
    and as i said, in M2TS, not sure if MKV containers – Subtitles get loaded even when XBMC says there’s no sub… so how can you turn that off?

    I guess you didn’t read the link I posted. If there are subtitles and XBMC is saying there are no subtitles then either one of two things are happening. One is that you are in the wrong menu and are looking at the subtitle add-on menu instead of the audio settings menu. The other is that the subtitles are apart of the video itself and not a separate track. I watch a ton of subtitled content and can assure you of this fact.

    The actual m2ts subtitle issue is identified here http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=128935 and here http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=148019 and relates to subtitles with the forced flag not being shown when ‘Enable Subtitles’ is turned off. Fixes appear to be included in latest ffmpeg code which needs to be incorporated.

  • hakarune Dec 17, 2012 

    Hate to say it, but your Betas were better than your RC, way to many bg and fully broke the remote. I’m going back to Beta till the next release

  • razerf Dec 17, 2012 

    xbmcbuntu rc1 Don’t work with my radeon hd 3850 agp and my radeon hd 2400 agp

  • nedscott Dec 17, 2012 

    That’s a different issue.

    1, 2. Everyone agrees. A subtitle GUI options revamp is planned for after v12 is released. Until then, there are instructions on how to do it, which is why I gave you that link.

    3. something to look at after v12. Music might seem similar to videos, but under the hood it is a totally different monster

    4. that’s a very bad idea. When someone cleans the library and there’s a network connection problem, XBMC will remove all entries that are on network shares because it can’t connect to them. Keeping the two options separate by default (they can be done at the same time via advancedsettings.xml) is a safety feature.

    If you believe these things are so easy and they must be done right away, then by all means have a go at coding the changes.

  • Dave Dec 17, 2012 

    Upgraded from Eden, Frodo RC1 is working well for me under Windows 8 X64 (no Explorer.exe running).

    IR Remote, Sound etc all upgraded. Had to set my speaker configuration back to 5.0 though, the upgrade seemed to set it to 2.0.

    Great work guys, you’ve done a fabulous job. Hope you enjoy the festive season!

  • nedscott Dec 17, 2012 

    The vast majority of users are having less issues with these later builds. That’s not saying you are not having any issues, but if you don’t tell us about them then we can’t fix them.

  • razerf Dec 17, 2012 


    xbmcbuntu rc1 don’t work but openelec 3 beta 5 no problem…radeon hd 2000-3000-4000 don’t support catalyst >12.6…

  • FransX Dec 17, 2012 

    Installed the APK on my tablet. Works great! One remark though. The subtitles addon don’t work with 1Channel . After trying subtitles with 1Channel the subtitles addon with the regular video’s on my NAS don’t also work anymore.

  • sosaudio1 Dec 17, 2012 

    @Jonzey….had the same problem you had on some of my movies. It is because there was, in the folder where the movie was, sub file in the folder…I believe it was an M2TS file….like a txt file. I removed those txt files and the closed captioning went away. Some CC is just there like in the case of some Veetle streams. Check your folders and see if you have those files.


  • t Dec 17, 2012 

    will not hang up needs hard reset to watch 2nd tv show

  • Jonzey Dec 17, 2012 

    ok got it now, thanks,

    no i dont think its easy, but it would prevent normal people when things are not in logical places.

  • Bruno Dec 17, 2012 

    Congratulations, I am very impressed with Frodo. I am using XBMCbuntu and raspberry pi version.

  • Mike Dec 17, 2012 

    Does your program send any information about content on my home server to anyone ?

  • shaGa Dec 18, 2012 

    one word! FANTASTIC!

    greets from germany :)

  • Marianodt Dec 18, 2012 

    Thank you for your hard work.!!! :-)

  • Rainer Dec 18, 2012 

    Is there any info on the supported android hardware?

    After failing to get any of the earlier nightlies for android to run stable, I was getting my hopes up for RC1.
    :-( Unfortunatly I get black or flickering screens…

    Acer Iconia A511 Tablet, Android 4.0.3

  • Paul Dec 19, 2012 

    Just installed the Frodo RC1. Having an issue right off. XBMCBuntu 12.0 RC1, AMD Installed twice.

    When it initially boots it takes me to a log in screen. I type my password and choose XBMC. The screen flashes between the XBMC loader and XBMCBuntu loader and then dumps me back to the Log in screen again.

    I installed once with log in automatically checked. When this issue came up I reinstalled fresh with it unchecked. Same thing.

    If anyone has come across a solution to this, please let me know.

  • PanMan Dec 19, 2012 

    I was wondering when Frodo (the full release) will come out???


  • nedscott Dec 19, 2012 

    Mike :

    Does your program send any information about content on my home server to anyone ?

    XBMC automatically tells your Grandma if you have any porn. Other than that, no.

  • Sn23 Dec 19, 2012 

    You can disable subtitles by clicking the sound icon while the video is playing and unCheck the box that says enable subtitles and then hit the set as default for all movies.

  • Anonymous Dec 19, 2012 

    Try the audio menu…

  • Brian Dec 19, 2012 

    Any one else also having the following problems:

    - DVD menu’s do not work
    - Audio/Video synchronization on my ZBOX nano AD10 is off by about 200ms. No issues on my ASRock 100HT

  • Duuster Dec 20, 2012 

    I just tried my first xbmcubuntu install a few months ago. It was still Eden, and I’ve upgraded it to Frodo. AWESOME program. Thank you for everything that you guys do. Next thing I’ll try is to install it on my Acer A200 tablet.

  • AndrewC Dec 20, 2012 

    XBMCbuntu doesn’t work with amd integrated hd4200. Flickers, then XBMC shuts down. Error log produced but no reason for the crash on it. Deleted all user settings, tried install twice as well as live, still doesn’t work. Seems many are having this problem. Hanging for PVR functionality :-)

  • LIPI Dec 20, 2012 

    PanMan :
    I was wondering when Frodo (the full release) will come out???

    Im also curious when is it planned :)

    can´t wait to have the final version

  • Zukkster Dec 22, 2012 

    Do you have .srt files in the folder? These are the files where the subtitles are coming from, delete them and you’ll no longer see subtitles.

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