XBMC 12 Frodo – Release Candidate 2

Posted By: Nathan Betzen on Dec 20, 2012 in Pre-Release

We would quickly like to take this time to announce the second release candidate for XBMC 12. Features for XBMC 12 include:

  • HD audio support, including DTS-MA and Dolby True-HD, via the new XBMC AudioEngine
  • Live TV and PVR support
  • h.264 10bit (aka Hi10P) video software decoding for anime
  • 64bit support in OSX to match the 64bit support in Linux
  • Improved image support, allowing the database to accomodate numerous additional image types
  • Support for the Raspberry PI
  • Initial support for the Android platform
  • Improved Airplay support across all platforms, including Airplay audio in XBMC for Windows to match the other platforms
  • Improved controller support in Windows and Linux
  • Advanced Filtering in the library
  • Advanced UPnP sharing
  • Translations now powered by Transifex

At this point, XBMC 12 is entirely feature complete. All changes from this point forward will exclusively include fixes for replicable bugs necessary to reach final release.

Fixes between RC1 and RC2 include resolution of incorrectly disabling audio devices due to faulty detection, which should resolve all or most “audio suddenly stops altogether” complaints, along with numerous other stability enhancements and minor fixes. For the full list, visit our Github milestones for RC2. As always, please do not report bugs or other issues in Github. If you need to report a verified bug, feel free to use Trac.

To get this release candidate, please visit our download page.

Let us know what you think of this release candidate in the comments below, or, if you like, via the donation button at the top of the page.

If you have any problems read the Frodo FAQ and don’t hesitate to post about them in our forums and report verified bugs in Trac.

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  • mad-max Dec 20, 2012 

    First :)
    Good job guys!

  • bc420 Dec 20, 2012 

    awesome work you guys!! good to hear !

  • Alikuenkano Dec 20, 2012 

    Thank you guys for making XBMC so AMAZING !!!


  • Allister Dec 20, 2012 

    my family and i would like to extend our gratitude to the guys involved in making xbmc awesome

  • Anonymous Dec 20, 2012 

    Just upgraded and my 1080p mkvs over a network share are running like treacle. Was perfectlt smooth before :o (

  • MRj Dec 20, 2012 


    First of all i would like too thank you all for an amazing program, been using it for almost a year now, have 3 ATV2 that is running XBMC and booth me and my children loves it. I dont know if this is the right forum for this but anyway, when I was going to upgrade to the latest RC2 I ran into som problem, I followed the instructions for ATV2 but after installation it is back at RC1 as you can see at the bottom of the output from cli. Also in XBMC GUI it says it is RC1 built on the 19th of december. Any ideas?

    root# apt-get install org.xbmc.xbmc-atv2
    Reading package lists… Done
    Building dependency tree
    Reading state information… Done
    The following packages will be upgraded:
    1 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 15 not upgraded.
    Need to get 0B/44.8MB of archives.
    After this operation, 0B of additional disk space will be used.
    WARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated!
    Install these packages without verification [y/N]? y
    (Reading database … 4656 files and directories currently installed.)
    Preparing to replace org.xbmc.xbmc-atv2 12.0-0~rc1 (using …/org.xbmc.xbmc-atv2 _12.0-0~rc2_iphoneos-arm.deb) …
    Unpacking replacement org.xbmc.xbmc-atv2 …
    Setting up org.xbmc.xbmc-atv2 (12.0-0~rc1) …

  • Steven Dec 20, 2012 

    Again, it just gets better :D

  • kraft Dec 20, 2012 


  • JJ Dec 20, 2012 

    Sound doesn’t work..running windows 7 ultimate sp1 x64

  • Zeke Dec 20, 2012 

    Somewhere between the alphas and the RCs the team fixed a program crashing bug caused by logging in, logging out, logging in etc I think. This was a big one so good job getting it fixed!

  • JJ Dec 20, 2012 

    nevermind the sound works sorry

  • Jim Dec 20, 2012 

    Woohoo. All XBMC releases (beta/RC/whatev) are a highlight of my day.

  • William Dec 20, 2012 

    Works great on my new Android mini PC – Rikomagic MK802 III

  • Bobby Blixberg Dec 20, 2012 

    Fifth *rolleyes*

    Thanks again to all who contributed.

  • Brian Dec 20, 2012 

    Am I the only one that checks everyday for these releases? Stoked for this, thanks.

  • Orvar Dec 20, 2012 

    XBMC is the best christmas present this year. Congratulations on amazing work.

  • nedscott Dec 20, 2012 

    You’re missing “apt-get update” before the install command

  • poodles Dec 20, 2012 

    Hi Folks,

    first of all – THANKS for this awesome christmas gift – keep up the good work…

    I have a little problem installing the RC2 on my apple TV with iOS5.0.2
    i followed the update instructions per this website:


    after the installation, when i check in XBMC under system settings which version of XBMC is installed, it shows as FRODO RC1 instead of RC2…

    What am i missing or doing wrong?

    Thank you all for your help!

    Merry Christmas!

  • Scott Dec 20, 2012 


    William, what xbmc build are you running (link?)? Are you playing 1080 with no playback issues? Internal xbmc player with HW acceleration working? I bought a all winter android box but can only play hd using mx player or the like. No hw acceleration with xbmc, yet…

  • es95pl Dec 20, 2012 

    I get the same problem as MRj. I’ve tried to do an apt-get update before the installation of rc2. No success.

  • SolutionsTeam Dec 21, 2012 

    Merry Christmas from Spain….
    XBMC simply the best media software ever. Thanks

  • Bloodssack Dec 21, 2012 

    It’s almost there. I’m still on Eden so I’ll wait for stable version of frodo before upgrading. your almost there guys! good job:)

  • grj Dec 21, 2012 


    The exact same thing is happening to me. Have you found a fix?

  • Piti8576 Dec 21, 2012 
  • richard smith Dec 21, 2012 

    I installed last night as a mediabrowser/media centre convertee. I was tired of codec constantly been updated and failing. 1 codec breaks another. Ran out of patience. I just wanted to turn the TV on and everything was there. XBMC does that and looks fab too.
    Ive already changed my settings in media centre master to move my trailers so they match up with XBMC style.
    No going back now! Im well chuffed and im hard to please!

  • doogdeb Dec 21, 2012 

    I was having issues with RC1 where if I chose to play a TV show it would play the first one in the list every time. RC2 has fixed this. Nice work guys.

  • Sundalic Dec 21, 2012 

    thanks for all the great work guys. quick question, do I need to do anything with my shared DB? or just update all my Eden clients to Frodo?

  • doogdeb Dec 21, 2012 

    Since Beta 2 I was also having issues where when first playing a video it would have no audio, and when I then played the next video in the list it had no video. This now seems to have been fixed with RC2.

  • MRj Dec 21, 2012 

    Hi all, Now it´s working on the appletv 2. I followed the instructions again today, and now it is correctly installed with RC2.

    Once again, thanx for all the effort and good work that you are doing.

  • JiSiN Dec 21, 2012 

    Well done guys! Soon we gonna get Final version ^^

  • asprion Dec 21, 2012 

    oi tannerbaum.where the fock is the support for windows xp and creative x-fi …its not workd sinse beta 1

  • Honeybadger Dec 21, 2012 

    Is the MythTV PVR addon supposed to be available for the Android version? I was hoping it would be. I’m really interested in having a nice working frontend for myth on my phone.

  • Lars Op den Kamp Dec 21, 2012 

    No there won’t be any final version since we’ve scheduled that after the apocalypse

  • Gerard Dec 21, 2012 

    It will have dual audio?

  • Tom Dec 21, 2012 

    Just ungraded to Frodo RC2. Looks and works great!! I’m having an issue where the album art for most releases is being compressed. It’s strange because if I go to manually change the thumbnail to the same image I have saved in the tags it refreshes to the uncompressed one. For some reason upon initial/manual scan through my library it compresses larger album thumbs and makes them look all crappy. I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing this as I would really not enjoy going through and changing the album art manually. Thanks!

  • Ronnie Dec 21, 2012 


    As always great work and I love XBMC.

    However there seems to be one MAJOR FEATURE that has disappeared, i don’t know if it’s just me or if it’s this new version, but i am unable to modify / Refresh a movie’s information. It still works fine on TV series. But on movies say you want to change the fan art or thumbnail or if XBMC got the wrong movie name and you want to modify it it’s completely disappeared the option to do so.

    Anyone else has this problem?


  • Iamjustme Dec 21, 2012 

    Why does the option for audio and video show up on my iPhone AirPlay when xbmc launches from sleep. I never had this problem with Eden..is anyone else aware of this issue?.

  • Shane Dec 21, 2012 

    So I run XBMC on my RaspberrPi, Dell XPS laptop and my HTC EVO LTE cellphone. What specifically does it mean when you listed support for the RaspberryPi? Also LOVE XBMC been running it since I first put it on one of my several XBOX consoles.

  • nedscott Dec 22, 2012 

    ATV2 had a version number issue that should be fixed now.

  • nedscott Dec 22, 2012 

    It just means that Frodo is the first official/stable release of XBMC for the Raspberry Pi. Everything up to now has been test/development builds.

    That still works for me. If you could post about this on the support forums we might be able to fix the issue for you.

    See http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=HOW-TO:Sync_multiple_libraries/Upgrading_XBMC_to_v12

  • Nerd Dec 22, 2012 

    Awesome piece of software, thanks a lot for this.

  • zxx Dec 22, 2012 

    Just wanted to say thank you for making this great product!

  • Ferenc Dec 22, 2012 

    One of the best app, amazing!!! Thank you!

  • cmedins7777 Dec 22, 2012 

    I keep have an issue no matter which version of xbmcbuntu Frodo I install. (beta1, beta2, rc1, and rc2) The go all the way through and seems to go fine. at the end it asks to restart so I do. After restart I just get a frozen black screen with a curser in the middle. cant do anything. I install eden and works like a champ. Can anyone give me some advice as to what might be happening.

  • Bullet Dec 22, 2012 

    awesome!!! Now i just need to know how to get this off. during video playback if i pause a cover is displayed at the rigth lower corner that before was only there if the file was on the library. Some files show cover preview. some dont.

  • Craig Dec 22, 2012 

    The only thing I would change is the skin. The Frodo revised skin just doesnt seem polished like it was for Eden. The blue used for selected words from white doesnt work, the same static background seems like a step back from the different background images per category and not being able to go directly to folders via video is a deal breaker. I have always loved the work Jezz has done on skins but this is the first one I dislike. I have deleted the revised skin and copy/pasted the eden version into my addons folder. It works but some features present in Frodo like PVR ar not there due to the old skin.
    Am I the only one that feels this way?

  • MikeB Dec 23, 2012 

    Unfortunately, I’m still having audio and playback issues as on RC1 with DVR-MS and certain MKV files.

  • PHChen Dec 23, 2012 

    Looks and sounds Great!!! But the YouTube add-on doesn’t work for me; can’t get into my subscribed channels. Don’t know if the problem is w/ xbmc or w/ the script.

  • John Dec 23, 2012 

    Not sure where the problem lies bug I have a synology using phpmyadmin for my SQL server, and once in a while when I turn on my Asrock my movies and TV shows folder aren’t there. A restart of xbmc always fixes this issue. This happens with every version of xbmcbuntu that i’ve tested so i know its not the client. Assuming its phpmyadmin or the synology, is there something I could put in advancedsettings or something to delay startup to ensure a connection with the mysql server? I tried searching for a solution but havent had any luck. Otherwise RC2 is perfect! Thanks all.

  • John Dec 23, 2012 

    I should add that I disabled HDD hibernation on the synology thinking that could be the problem but that hasn’t helped the issue. Thanks all.

  • pillage9119 Dec 23, 2012 

    Everything is working great except tv series scanning which worked in eden

    It would seem that the scanner is not scanning subfolders it reads all of the tv folder nakes but doesn’t add any episodes or series to the library

  • Alex W. Dec 23, 2012 

    Hey guys,
    just wanted to let you know that sound is limited to only one channel in this release. Going back to older releases the last one with working stereo audio is beta1.

    This is on an old Core 2 Duo Macbook running the latest version of Lion (the last one supporting this machine). Anything else I can report to help?

  • paulpoco Dec 23, 2012 

    Ronnie :
    As always great work and I love XBMC.
    However there seems to be one MAJOR FEATURE that has disappeared, i don’t know if it’s just me or if it’s this new version, but i am unable to modify / Refresh a movie’s information. It still works fine on TV series. But on movies say you want to change the fan art or thumbnail or if XBMC got the wrong movie name and you want to modify it it’s completely disappeared the option to do so.
    Anyone else has this problem?

    I having similar issues with Movie and TV meta info and artwork on RC2, was fin on RC1 I believe.

    When I delete Movie and TV sources it says it deleted them but the next start of XBMC windows and a library update and it starts saying I have new TVshows but I have no sources. This is a fresh install. It would also no be able to find the TVshow if I wanted to manually update a show.

    I am going back to version RC1

  • vranik Dec 24, 2012 

    Great job guys, now i have to spent all christmas getting this fork properly :-) . I’s kind of my christmas tradition :) . But i’m little disaponted, because nothing bad (what iritated me), wasn’t fixed. For example 100ms steps change on 500ms in delaying subtitles, bad build settings which leads to incompatibility with one of my machines (known issue with white screen on startup following by fall), option to change cache value for playing from internet sources (ftp, or samba) … i have to everytime change source to make this thing work.

    Next, i saw in some nightly build ability to transmit audio into 2 interfaces simultaneously…this is really great idea, why it is not implemented in this release?

    Next i have some question how to figure my problem out: i have remote internet movie storage, it’s impossible to play it by fly, because of my connection speed. Is in xbmc (or sum plugin) some feature, which i can use to check this movie and xbmc start downloading it somewhere localy? So this local resource i could play some hours later, or start playing when it’s icomplete, but i’m sure that it will be downloaded early than i finish watching movie? – just a tip, i would love to see this feature in next release…

    great job guys, and happy holidays

  • JCLB Dec 24, 2012 

    Work great so far, except for DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD.

    Have an Intel i5-3570K (Ivy Bridge) based HTPC.
    If I use DirectSound and play a DTS-HD or DolbyTrueHD MKV, video will freeze like lagging and amp will receive DTS-Core in 1st case and PCM Stereo in second.

    If I use WASAPI then DolbyTrueHD works but still core only for DTS-HD.

    I hope that AEON will be released soon after Frodo’s release.

  • nedscott Dec 24, 2012 

    @Alex W.
    Go into Settings -> System -> Audio output, and change speakers from 2.1 to 2.0

    TVDB was having issues today/yesterday, but it is fixed now. That’s most likely what caused your issue as well.

  • Phil Dec 24, 2012 

    I had to revert back to Eden on my AppleTV2. I noticed that when I play video on my AppleTV2 with Frodo RC2, the frame rate is a little jittery and not as smooth as Eden. It’s a slight thing that I’m sure many wouldn’t even notice but I did. Just thought I’d pass the info along I’m hoping that the playback will smooth out on the final version.

  • Tom Dec 24, 2012 

    Anyone else having issues with it compressing the displayed album artwork saved in the songs tags?

  • Jim Dec 24, 2012 

    –> Cinema Experience plug-in not supported <–

    BIG issue for me :/ will wait till its supported.

  • Jervin Dec 25, 2012 

    It still has problems with new AMD catalyst drivers?
    Where text gui doesnt display?

  • nedscott Dec 25, 2012 

    I believe AMD has fixed this issue in a newer version of the drivers (I think they’re a beta version of the drivers)

  • shanzigang Dec 25, 2012 

    amd APU E-350 platform XBMCbuntu AMD 1.2 RC2 installation error message:”[22.422531]microcode:failed to load file amd-ucode/microcode_amd.bin[22.560771]……”
    But can the installation is complete, another situation, XBMCbuntu 1.1 playback 1080P is very smooth(but E-350 platform no audio output), version 1.2 playing Is not smooth. because there is no hardware decoding(AWhether and when installed above error?)?

  • saitoh183 Dec 25, 2012 

    paulpoco :

    Ronnie :
    As always great work and I love XBMC.
    However there seems to be one MAJOR FEATURE that has disappeared, i don’t know if it’s just me or if it’s this new version, but i am unable to modify / Refresh a movie’s information. It still works fine on TV series. But on movies say you want to change the fan art or thumbnail or if XBMC got the wrong movie name and you want to modify it it’s completely disappeared the option to do so.
    Anyone else has this problem?

    I having similar issues with Movie and TV meta info and artwork on RC2, was fin on RC1 I believe.
    When I delete Movie and TV sources it says it deleted them but the next start of XBMC windows and a library update and it starts saying I have new TVshows but I have no sources. This is a fresh install. It would also no be able to find the TVshow if I wanted to manually update a show.
    I am going back to version RC1

    Before you go running back, read the forums. There was a issue with TheTVDB scraper so no shows could show up in XBMC cuz of it…nothing to do with Frodo RC2

  • Rexy Dec 25, 2012 

    I’d still like to see XBMC play any .vob structure directly and completely whether it has meta or not. Primarily for TV show DVD’s, why is this so hard? You should have the option for it to play all .VOB’s in sequence and normally without using meta if you don’t want to. This is no different than Media Center, just go in later and add a thumbnail, but at least it plays all folders in the source. I guess splitting Movies and TV shows in to two catagories is nice, but I don’t see it as mandatory. I would just like to be able an rip my TV shows DVD’s and get full menu structure so I can pick episodes whether I have meta or not.


    P.S. Can someone explain to me how DVDFab can charge for their media player which is clearly a based on XBMC?

  • Scott Dec 25, 2012 

    This release really looks great. However, I’ve got no sound. Straight HDMI from win8 pc to LG TV. No receiver. Using 2.0 TV speakers. Tried various settings, but still getting nothing. No GUI sounds or audio from vids. Verified that sounds work through TV from OS, VLC and games using HDMI.

  • Scott Dec 25, 2012 

    OK. Now it works. Wish I knew why. So far so good.

  • StrangeCrunchy1 Dec 26, 2012 

    Only problem I can see so far, other than not supporting stereo sound is that Frodo RC2 hangs on exit. Does it every time. I may go back to Eden until the stable release is put up.

  • mjhera Dec 26, 2012 

    Working 100% for me. I am using an old dell gx260 with nvidia geforce 4000. Windows installation. All libraries updating perfectly from network drive including covers & fanart. Great work guys.

  • RXP Dec 27, 2012 

    Cleaning library is still showing up even though hide library updates is disabled.

    Forum thread on it:


  • Christian Boisvert Dec 27, 2012 

    @Christian Boisvert
    Same question in english. If you take the serie Downton Abbey, there is an episode between season 2 and season 3 that is not part of any of those season. How can i place it in XBMC ?

  • Erik Dec 27, 2012 

    XBMC 12 RC2 crashes when i’m starting it. I never see anything more then the start logo. After that Windows detect a problem and closing XBMC after a while.

  • Krischan Dec 27, 2012 

    DTS WAV support is still missing…

  • Ben Dec 27, 2012 

    Same problem here.@Ronnie

  • AdamBomb Dec 27, 2012 

    @Christian Boisvert
    Look up naming conventions for specials.

  • nedscott Dec 27, 2012 

    XBMC has done this for years. I have no idea why you are unable to do it. Works either as an ISO or as a VIDEO_TS folder. XBMC has no issues playing those vob files back.

    Regarding DVDFab, XBMC is released under the GPL, which specifically allows people to sell the code. They only have to make their source code available to people, so any changes can be used by others.

  • featherking Dec 27, 2012 

    @Christian Boisvert
    try naming it as season 0, usually those episodes are called specials and are sometimes scraped as season 0 episode 1, episode 2, etc
    burn notice has a similar special episode, this is how it scrapes properly:

  • Zebraitis Dec 27, 2012 

    @Christian Boisvert

    Many TV shows have “extra” episodes. Whether it’s a webinar, a holiday show, or some other special episode, you need to account for it in a way that allows for the show to be processed.

    Make sure to check thetvdb.com to see what they expect the naming structure for those episodes to be. (most often these start with S00E…)

    Hope that helped… Although it has noting to do with Frodo RC. :)

  • Chris Dec 27, 2012 

    @Christian Boisvert

    You can also use and tags in the nfo file if you want that special to show up at a specific place in your season folders. This is useful if the special episode falls in the middle of a season and you want it to show up as such. For instance, the Doctor Who special that just aired was tagged with:
    This will allow that episode to show up in Season 7 and fall between the 5th and 6th episodes.

  • Chris Dec 27, 2012 

    Hah, my fault on the above post, I should have known HTML would have an issue with those tags. The 7 and 6 you see should look like (hopefully this formatting works):

  • Chris Dec 27, 2012 

    Of course I forget the slash in the closing tag. This is the last edit, I swear.

  • fidomuh Dec 28, 2012 


    As a quick GPL comment, DVDFab selling XBMC (GPL) code would also require DVDFab to allow distribution freely and to allow source distribution freely.
    In essence, one man can buy a license and redistribute it to everyone on the planet free of charge.

    What they’re doing instead, is giving it away freely, but requiring payment for Blu-Ray and DVD playback with menus.
    So in essence they’ve created a paid plugin :)

  • doogdeb Dec 28, 2012 

    The lack of video when playing next video in the folder has now been fixed; however video having no audio when first booting up has not.

  • JJ Dec 28, 2012 


    when activating a master lock code, it seems that the code needs to be entered at startup of xbmc every time – even if that option is not activated in the master lock settings.


  • martin Dec 28, 2012 

    It works totally awesome on my Nexus 7, wonderful job, thanks!

  • Dave Dec 28, 2012 

    Does any of you have video that keeps buffering from time to time over wired network?
    I come from XBMC 10 and never had that problem, only on XBMC 12 Frodo.

  • Carnap Dec 28, 2012 

    Will xbmc 12 support gapless playback of flac files just as xbmc 11 does?

  • chjones Dec 28, 2012 


    I have the exact same problem where RC2 crashes with a runtime error on exit on Windows 7. I have gone back to RC1 which doesnt do it.

  • Matthew Hetman Dec 28, 2012 

    I have installed RC-2 Frodo and find that is can no longer play ISO files. When I try to play them, they run extremely slow and I have to kill the application in order to play mkvs or other files once I have attempted to play an iso. So far though it is running great for other type files.

  • Santiago Draco Dec 29, 2012 

    @JCLB I’m having the same issues with Blu-Ray playback with DTS-HD or Dolby TrueHD. Movies run at about 5fps and have no audio. Any other player on my system works fine, just not XBMC, it’s clearly broken.

    Previous versions of XBMC worked fine….

  • sam Dec 29, 2012 

    Thanks for the new version guys.
    Having a couple of issues.
    Tried to playback a short 1080p video with dts-ma audio.
    Video was very choppy in xbmc but smooth in windows media center, which is very surprising.
    Also HD Audio light came on, on my av receiver and dts-ma was displayed indicating it was receiving the bitstream, but no audio was output.
    I am using an acer revo 3610 with 4gb ram.

  • timur_dav Dec 29, 2012 

    Can someone check airplay to work on XBMCbuntu (Ubuntu 12.04 -> XBMCbuntu)? Mine just hangs (only XBMC) with no crashlog.

  • RC Dec 29, 2012 

    Will not exit on any pc in the house…just hangs…have to ctrl>alt>del and close

    Tv scraper seems to assign 2 broke girls (1st show in my collection) fan art to other shows. Some show a description on 1st episode and rest show a double image across each other…

    Using PC Remote…every time I go FFWD it jumps a random amount of time between 1:30-4:30 minutes…this happened in Eden as well.
    In dharma it jumped :30 sec each press, got used to that, perfect amount of time to skip a TV intro. Still not fixed?

    MKV’s with subs, still continue to display subs, even after disabling them and setting default for all. Not sure why there is still not an option to not display subs at all unless you want them?

  • Thomas Gerber Dec 29, 2012 

    Did a fresh install of Frodo RC2.
    Using a ASRock CoreHT232B, Win8 x64, 16GB ram.
    -Volume up/Down don’t work. Slider goes up and Down but volume is not regulated.
    -On my remote i have an (i) button that would show Movie information. Not working anymore either.

    Can’t play sound on tv through hdmi simultaneously with sound through s/pdif.

    Thinking of reverting to Eden :(

  • nedscott Dec 29, 2012 

    @Santiago Draco

    Make sure your audio settings are correct. This is typically a sign that audio is messed up, and the video is slowing down in an attempt to match it. Fixing the audio settings will fix the video playback. Even if it worked for Eden, you might still need to check those settings because we have a whole new audio layer in XBMC.

  • nedscott Dec 29, 2012 

    Hanging on exit should be fixed now in nightly builds and for final. IIRC, it was something about how some add-ons didn’t play nice when told to quit.

    For the other issues, please make a post about it in the XBMC forums. I’ve seen the issue with the fanart from one show showing up for others, but it’s hard to troubleshoot over the wordpress comments. We can most likely figure out the other two issues, too.

  • nedscott Dec 29, 2012 

    If you could post about this on the forums or make a bug report on trac, that would be great. I think I recall someone else having this same issue, so getting more info on it might help.

  • paulpoco Dec 29, 2012 

    saitoh183 :

    paulpoco :

    Ronnie :
    As always great work and I love XBMC.
    However there seems to be one MAJOR FEATURE that has disappeared, i don’t know if it’s just me or if it’s this new version, but i am unable to modify / Refresh a movie’s information. It still works fine on TV series. But on movies say you want to change the fan art or thumbnail or if XBMC got the wrong movie name and you want to modify it it’s completely disappeared the option to do so.
    Anyone else has this problem?

    I having similar issues with Movie and TV meta info and artwork on RC2, was fin on RC1 I believe.
    When I delete Movie and TV sources it says it deleted them but the next start of XBMC windows and a library update and it starts saying I have new TVshows but I have no sources. This is a fresh install. It would also no be able to find the TVshow if I wanted to manually update a show.
    I am going back to version RC1

    Before you go running back, read the forums. There was a issue with TheTVDB scraper so no shows could show up in XBMC cuz of it…nothing to do with Frodo RC2

    I ended up reloading Windows 7 and then installing XBMC and XBMCremote all in one. Everything ok now.

  • Orvar Dec 29, 2012 

    How far are we from a final build?

  • xbmclover Dec 29, 2012 

    Hi Guys first THX 4 xbmc

    but it is not possible to view movies with dts hd it is laggy
    normal dts and dolby works fine

  • tuffs Dec 29, 2012 

    @ Dave,

    I also get buffering over a wired network occasinally. Its not even limited to very high bitrate items, can be small MKVs such as TV episodes.

    When playing a video, if you bring up the seekbar, you can see the buffering in the seekbar, its a ghosted fill level that seems to bounce around 95-100%, but I guess it gets tripped up now and again.

    I’ve never seen this on Eden, only since Frodo Betas / RC.

  • maharaja Dec 30, 2012 

    i can confirm the problem with hd movies (h264 720p, dolby 5.1). i run xbmc on my laptop.

    it used to work fine with eden and when updating to a frodo beta, i had to review my audio settings.

    after reading some suggestions, i found my speaker configuration set to 2.1. after setting it to 2.0, things are working again.

  • Zebraitis Dec 30, 2012 

    Sorry, may I ask a quick question? I have read (Frodo FAQ 1.16), and searched the forums, but it is not clear…

    If I am using Frodo RC2 on all my devices, and I “export video library” separate, and save my poster and fanart to my NAS (and that is now being saved as .jpg)…

    Do I no longer have a need for the .tbn files that were exported to my NAS? Can I delete the .tbn files to save space?

  • TiasE Dec 30, 2012 


    Changing the audio settings from Directsound to Wasapi fixed this issue for me at least so could be worth a try.

  • Depro Dec 30, 2012 

    Hugely disapointed. Very slow navigating the menus, very slow opening files on any source, in-movie subtitle search doesn’t work, …

  • Tony Dec 30, 2012 

    The AAC to AC3 encoding doesn’t seem to work in RC2. It was working fine in the beta version. I’ve tried flipping AAC Capable Receiver ON/Off but no luck. Otherwise the software is incredible.

  • natethomas Dec 31, 2012 

    Using Android or Raspberry Pi, any chance?

  • TiasE Dec 31, 2012 

    Depro :
    Hugely disapointed. Very slow navigating the menus, very slow opening files on any source, in-movie subtitle search doesn’t work, …

    What OS are you using?
    I’m using for Windows and menu navigation is as quick as ever, opening a 10GB .mkv still in rars takes about 1-2 seconds and in-movie subtitle search works flawlessly.
    Might just be that you need to make a fresh install and not upgrade your old one?

  • Rexy Dec 31, 2012 


    Thanks for the reply Ned, but I guess I’m missing something. If I go in to Files then the Video_TS folder I can see the VOB’s and select then play them individually. So how do I set XBMC to play them in sequence complete with normal menus, what am I doing wrong?

    What I’m reffering to is that it would be nice to be able to add the folder to the library with just a thumbnail instead of requiring full meta to do that. Of course the Video_ts and Audio_TS are sub folders to the movie folder. This should be no different than just inserting the DVD in to my DVD drive except I’ve ripped them to my HD…..

    Thanks for your help!

  • Anonymous Dec 31, 2012 

    This version works fantastic for me. I skipped v11 because the interface always lagged when using HD3000. I installed this onto a USB like I had previously for v10 but for some reason none of my settings are saved across a restart. Is there something additional I have to do?

  • nedscott Jan 01, 2013 

    Use a play button instead of a select button. If you have a keyboard press “P” on the folder.

  • jezwelshmon Jan 01, 2013 

    Im running beta 2 on Huawei G300 amazed how well it works, just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work on the android versions, cheers

  • Tony Jan 01, 2013 

    Windows 7 X64, SPDIF Passthrough to receiver

  • Ryan Jan 01, 2013 

    When I install the XbmcUbuntu RC2 on my intel core 2 duo with ATI HDMI video card. It installs fine but upon first starting up, it just sits in a loop where it tries to load the main dashboard but fails and then tries to go back to the login screen, but also fails. Its just a loop of flashing screens.

  • Lagrik Jan 02, 2013 

    I’m adding movie and tvshow directories. I see the data is being scraped but it is not being displayed when I click the directory under files or under library. I know I’m adding the data properly as I’ve done it a million times not to mention the same tv shows and movies were scraped properly in eden. And like I said, shouldn’t be a scraping problem as I can’t even see it under files.

  • Martin P. Jan 02, 2013 

    Is there a newsletter registration to get to know about updates and releases?

    • natethomas Jan 02, 2013 

      Like, delivered email? No. But you could always subscribe to the RSS feed.

  • David Poole Jan 02, 2013 

    Hardware acceleration still not available on Android (Samsung Galaxy S III) and thus playback is choppy at best and heavily pixelated (artifacts). Video has no issue when using other third-party video players downloaded from Google Play.

    Not interested in comments about hardware acceleration not supported due to number of devices out there. If third-party video players freely available from Google Play can support hardware acceleration, there is no reason XBMC can’t as well.

    Either turn it on or remove the .APK from download – this is junk until hardware acceleration is supported. Do NOT submit this to Google Play without hardware acceleration enabled.

  • Rexy Jan 02, 2013 


    That works, thanks!

  • Tom Jan 03, 2013 

    So just to triple check, no one else is getting compressed/blurry album artwork… I am alone on this one?

  • Ichijoe Jan 03, 2013 

    I understand Feature Requests are closed now.
    But, I for One would appreciate greatly if you could find a way to discriminate between Subtitling between Live TV (i.e. PVR / DVR et.al), and those in TV Shows & Movies (Where most of that Stuff is Anime or Japanese Movies in Japanese of course).
    Currently it’s kind of a PITA to have to jam though 11+ remote presses to just toggle this on or off is not cool.

  • Steven Crilly Jan 03, 2013 

    @David Poole

    Did anyone force you to download it? No you chose to, so maybe you should stop being so ungrateful. The devs give their time to give you a product. Also its clearly mentioned that the android version is experimental, maybe they should just shut down the project entirely because its not at 100% finished.

    Maybe you should ask for your money back you idiot.

  • nedscott Jan 03, 2013 

    @David Poole

    This is already answered in the Android FAQ, but the reason why other players can do it but we can’t is because those other players are either using closed source code or have signed NDAs to gain access to technical specs that we don’t have. Because XBMC is open source we cannot use those methods.

    Hardware video decoding is already working on several AMLogic based Android devices, right now.

    XBMC for Android’s main aim is to get on inexpensive set-top boxes, not your stupid phone. That will come as a side effect, but is not the main point. XBMC is all about the 10 foot interface, and most people don’t use their phones from 10 feet away.

    Now, let me get this straight, you are demanding that we remove test-builds because it’s not complete? Do you understand the point of test-builds? Betas? Do you understand that XBMC is a project that lives off of community contributions? The entire point of telling people about these test-builds, Android or not, is to get help in developing XBMC.

    I’m considering just deleting your comment, because assuming good faith, you can’t be this stupid. You must be drinking or be suffering from some kind of brain damage, and this really isn’t fair to you to keep your comments public.

  • nedscott Jan 03, 2013 

    Something to look at, indeed. However, you can toggle subtitles on/off by using a single keyboard/remote button press. See http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Keyboard and http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Keymap

  • RXP Jan 03, 2013 

    nedscott, why even bother replying to such idiotic posts like that.

    Plex is a better app for people who want things on their phones, or since phone storage is limited there’s no point having scraped info so just use a standard video player.

    Looking forward to the day when I can purchase an android set top box that does frame rate sync and load XBMC on it.

  • Niki Jan 03, 2013 

    RC3 was just released

  • StimpyMagoo Jan 03, 2013 

    Unless I’ve missing something in the Wiki, or misunderstood the pages I’ve found, it seems like there’s an issue with WTV or DVR-MS content in 1080p. The video playback is jerky (presumably frames getting dropped) and the audio is a hair out-of-sync. I think I’ve got everything configured correctly per the AudioEngine guidelines, but can’t seem to overcome this.

    I’ve tried RC2 on two different Windows 7 x64 machines, one hooked-up to an AV Reciever via HDMI doing passthru to 5.1 surround; the other hooked-up to a USB-based Logitech sound-bar. Results on both machines for WTV/DVR-MS content recorded at 1080p is the same – jerky playback due, presumably, to missed frames. With or without hardware acceleration enabled, CPU utilization remains below 30%.

    Any advice on what else to try, or where to look?

  • BIMAL Jan 03, 2013 

    hi,i have a problem using both versions(11 and 12). both of them doesn’t connects to internet on my laptop. i use wifi at home.i tried making changes but none of them worked for me.is there any setting to be done in laptop?
    pls help.

  • Tony Jan 03, 2013 

    Switching to WASPAI from Direct Sound seemed to fix the ACC encoding issue in RC3.

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