XBMC 12 Frodo – Release Candidate 3

Posted By: Nathan Betzen on Jan 03, 2013 in Pre-Release

We would like to take this time to announce the third release candidate for XBMC 12. Features for XBMC 12 include:

  • HD audio support, including DTS-MA and Dolby True-HD, via the new XBMC AudioEngine
  • Live TV and PVR support
  • h.264 10bit (aka Hi10P) video software decoding for anime
  • 64bit support in OSX to match the 64bit support in Linux
  • Improved image support, allowing the database to accomodate numerous additional image types
  • Support for the Raspberry PI
  • Initial support for the Android platform
  • Improved Airplay support across all platforms, including Airplay audio in XBMC for Windows to match the other platforms
  • Improved controller support in Windows and Linux
  • Advanced Filtering in the library
  • Advanced UPnP sharing
  • Translations now powered by Transifex

At this point, XBMC 12 is entirely feature complete. All changes from this point forward will exclusively include fixes for replicable bugs necessary to reach final release.

Fixes between RC2 and RC3 are entirely stability fixes. For the full list, visit our Github milestones for RC3. As always, please do not report bugs or other issues in Github. If you need to report a verified bug, feel free to use Trac.

A quick note for Linux users, PVR addons have now been made a separate install from XBMC and can be found in the same PPA as XBMC. Each addon will be labeled “xbmc-pvr-[plugin-name].”

To get this release candidate, please visit our download page.

Let us know what you think of this release candidate in the comments below, or, if you like, via the donation button at the top of the page.

If you have any problems read the Frodo FAQ and don’t hesitate to post about them in our forums and report verified bugs in Trac.

Discussion - 157 Comments

  • foldor Jan 03, 2013 

    Congrats on the release. I’ll check it out now and see how it looks so far :)

  • Skilogram Jan 03, 2013 


  • Xeus32 Jan 03, 2013 

    Very good news.
    I’m using RC2 and it work quite good.
    The unique problem is when I try to play a mp3 file that crash the player.
    I think i have some trouble with my audio configuration.

  • dieselboy28 Jan 03, 2013 

    Great work! Can’t wait for the Final Frodo build :)

  • uomiarz Jan 03, 2013 

    All right XBMC team !!!
    Thx for your work

  • Lukas Jan 03, 2013 

    Good Job! I can´t wait for the stable :)

  • Gerardjm Jan 03, 2013 

    No dual audio yet?

  • narc78 Jan 03, 2013 

    Crashes when ever I click on music tab!!!!

  • Nico Jan 03, 2013 

    I still cannot use PVR Clients on android. according to [url=https://github.com/opdenkamp/xbmc-pvr-addons/issues/133]Lars[/url] the pvr addons should be included in the android build, but I don’t have the .so files on my tablet

  • Adam Jan 03, 2013 

    Still got horrible delays in changing channels using NextPVR.

    Hardware is:
    Intel E8500
    4GB RAM
    1GB 9800GT
    Hauppauge HVR-2200

    Running Windows 7 Professional

    Thinking a lot of it comes from the liveTV buffer as there is an awful amount of disk thrashing when first selecting a channel

  • nedscott Jan 03, 2013 

    No dual audio feature is planned by Team XBMC.

  • bluenote Jan 04, 2013 

    UPNP seems to break Windows idle-to-sleep, on a fresh install , on – no idle, off – sleeps

  • Ozybard Jan 04, 2013 

    Well Done and thankyou to all working on this. I last looked at xbmc-pvr about 9 months ago but found it somewhat fragile in the live tv area. However, Frodo RC3 looks to be much more stable and feature rich. I plan to set this all up in a working environment with mythtv as the backend and let the family loose on it. Should be interesting.

    Would like to see some improvement in the channel change time when using myth as the backend but as it stands it’s quite usable.

    Keep up the great work.

  • Humpatz Jan 04, 2013 

    Is crossfading music working now?

  • Dan Jan 04, 2013 


    Had similar issues with a HVR-2200 in PVR builds for some time, as did quite a few other folks – turned out to be the linux drivers for that card, so I’m not sure that XBMC team can do anything about it. Fair bit of talk about it over at openelec forums.. in the end, I just bought a HD Homerun instead and works a treat :)

  • Dyos Jan 04, 2013 

    Good news!
    Thx XBMC team!!

    What do it list?

  • Skank Jan 04, 2013 

    Great job, though still having issues with lots of files, which play fine on eden +hd audio or any external player or dsplayer…
    Still waiting for a release with latest ffmpeg

  • KorT3X Jan 04, 2013 


    So, next release will be the official build or a RC4 is planned ?

  • VascoDaGama Jan 04, 2013 

    Is crossfading working again in this release?

  • chris Jan 04, 2013 

    thanks for the excellent work! using xbmc for android as client for my liveTV (unfortunately the usb tuner is not yet compatible to linux and i had to do it the windows way :( ) and its running great lately. i am thinking of buying an explicitly compatible dvb-c tuner next, so i can get rid of the redmond flaw.

    keep up the good work!!

  • Logaan Jan 04, 2013 

    Dear developers,
    Why can not sort the list of the directory content, under UPnP steaming function (Sort by: “Name, File, date…”)??? This possibility is gray now thence the new “Frodo” release!!! In the “Eden” worked this function perfectly. Operating system: Windows 7 64bit

    Please fix this!


  • Logaan Jan 04, 2013 

    One more thing to the previous problem: “Sort: Descending, Ascending” also gray in release “Frodo”. It can not change, also inactive.
    Thank you for your work!

  • Sevennl Jan 04, 2013 

    there are no downloads for XBMCbuntu 12 RC3

  • Rumik Jan 04, 2013 

    Amazing work to everyone involved! Thanks so much for doing this year on year!

  • Jose Jan 04, 2013 

    Is it not release the XDMCbuntu RC3 yet? I could’t find it.

  • Daniel Jan 04, 2013 

    Great work as usual. However the autoplay funktion seems to be mailfunktioning in both rc2 and rc3. When you play videostreems on a ipad it autoplays next item even though its off in the settings. This is really anoying sence you dont have the time to navigate the page before it plays the next item

  • Anonymous Jan 04, 2013 

    http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=149044 The announcement thread still needs to be updated!

  • S Chr Jan 04, 2013 

    Installed on 4 different devices running 3 different platforms (OpenELEC, Windows, pi) with a MySQL shared-library database. Works great – thanks for all the great work this past year. Time for another donation…

  • tperricone Jan 04, 2013 

    Any good news for Vizio Co-Star (Android)? Received Force Closes on previous builds. Thanks to the XBMC for changing HTPC as we know it!

  • Jørn Jan 04, 2013 

    PVR stopped working for me after upgrading…

    This is on Ubuntu 11.10 (XBMCbuntu), using team-xbmc ppa from launchpad.
    I used 2:12.0~git20121220.0939-rc2-0oneiric with PVR (HTS TVHeadEnd), and upgraded to 2:12.0~git20130103.0959-rc3-0oneiric. Now Im unable to install/activate HTS TVHeadEnd PVR plugin.

    Kind regards from Norway.

  • Jørn Jan 04, 2013 


    Ouch… Forget that I ever wrote that. These things happens when I dont read all the text ;-) Was just happy to be able to upgrade.

    apt-get install xbmc-pvr-tvheadend-hts did the trick! :-)

    While I can understand why this would be a better way to handle PVR-plugins, it seems odd to change this between RC2 and RC3…

  • Luimar Suarez Jan 04, 2013 

    good morning … XBMC 12 Frodo, supports 3D content?

    Greetings from Venezuela

  • Rodrigo Jan 04, 2013 

    Any Update to show the subtitles fixed in the center of the screen when XBMC is playing 3D movies?

  • Stephan Raue Jan 04, 2013 

    afaik it was never planned to be included (in this release)

  • Migs Jan 04, 2013 

    Thanks for the hard work, guys!
    Can’t wait for the Final Frodo Fatality! :)

  • Migs Jan 04, 2013 

    @Gerardjm , what do you mean by Dual Channel?

  • Ben Jan 04, 2013 

    Love the product..

    RC3 XBMCbuntu has invalid or corrupt kernel image.

    RC2 had issues starting up at times right before loading banner (it shows blue lights)… Sometimes it froze on splash screen showing RC..
    Sometimes there are issues acquiring IP address that only restarts fix.

  • Adam Jan 04, 2013 

    Does anyone have an RC3 rpm for Fedora 17? I am having troubles with my iPhone 5 airplaying music and want to see if RC3 fixes the problem before I start debugging the problem and potentially submit a bug.

    Oddly enough, airplaying Youtube from my iPhone 5 works fine with audio.

  • MaitreTI Jan 04, 2013 

    RC2 is fine with nextpvr …
    subtitle bug fixed in RC3 :o )
    I hope that channel switch will be ok in the final version ?

    beautiful work and thanks to the team for this project !

    i have forget MCE forever …

  • Justin Jan 04, 2013 

    When I finish watching an episode, it is not marked as watched. I have to manual set it in the context menu. Is this a bug?

  • ANNIHILATOR001 Jan 04, 2013 

    The HD Audio Engine is causing horrible playback lag. I am currently using the latest drivers for a Nvidia card. When I switch back to the standard audio formats the lag is cleared up.

  • StrangeCrunchy1 Jan 04, 2013 

    Is the Exit bug for Windows fixed yet? I’ll have to check it out.

  • Pop006 Jan 05, 2013 

    Quick question. I know you guys rely on feedback from the community when releasing these types of betas, but I was just curious as to what type of stress testing the xbmc team does on each release as well. Curious to see into the inner workings of how things go! Keep up the good work, please know it does not go unapperciated.

  • Cjrowson Jan 05, 2013 

    Having a wierd problem with a apple tv2…
    on some files the video will lock but audio will keep playing …
    Rc2 was fine ?

  • nintres Jan 05, 2013 

    @ANNIHILATOR001 I know my GTX 465 Nvidia card cannot do Dolby True HD or DTS HD MA. It could be your video card.

  • Martijn Jan 05, 2013 
  • penone Jan 05, 2013 

    On my Google nexus 7 I am having an issue where the plugin common cache is failing when I try to use certain video add ons that rely on it. This is on jellybean 4.2.

  • steyr Jan 05, 2013 

    If i install this, how do i upgrade to the final version when that comes out?

  • Blackstar Jan 05, 2013 


    It’s a ‘feature’.

  • David Jan 05, 2013 

    We use XBMC for playing mp3/cdg files for karaoke and in the previous version this was working. Running Frodo we found that the screen is not updating the lyrics. I’m not sure how many others use XBMC for karaoke. We like using it as we can cue songs using an Ipod and keep the singing, as good or bad as it can be, going with minimal interruption. It is not critical – worst case we can look for another software solution. Otherwise the newest version has been working quite well. We really appreciate the improvements with remote Airplay support and also the DTS support. Being able to play DTS encoded WAV files or DTS music from ISO or CUE/BIN files would be a nice addition. I don’t know if that was planned or what it takes to support that. Thanks to all of you for the good work on this great software!

  • Jakeu1701 Jan 05, 2013 

    Just installed v12 RC3 over an alpha release, install went fine. Video playback sputters, no sound.

    It is like the pause button is being tapped continuously. Tried this with several movies, same deal.

    Could not find anything in the forums.

    Win7 64bit
    Movies in ISO

  • joshjn Jan 05, 2013 

    Clean installed on win7 x86 and x64 and osx x86 with mysql shared library. All good except android xbmc remote gives an error “Invalid utf-I middle byte”. I

  • Cjrowson Jan 05, 2013 

    I`m having the same issue on a windows 7 box ?
    different video files 2…

  • Saul Jan 05, 2013 

    Sadly, this one trashed my almost 2 year stable HTPC :( I know it happens but after testing so many night builds I did not expect this to happen. Basically it wouldn´t start (Program error, RC3 Windows version), and could not repair it by reinstalling and manually editing some config files. Now it´s been uninstalled (including profile) and I’ll have to start from zero, to link the several folder files from my 5 computers and wait hours for my libraries to be built once again. Anyhow, excited to see Frodo launched!, RC2 was a beauty in my system :)

  • joshjn Jan 06, 2013 

    Last post got cut off. It only does that on the OSX client, the windows clients work perfectly

  • Dan Jan 06, 2013 

    The Vizio Co-Star is a GoogleTV device, not stock Android. Google have to update the GTV OS to allow it to run native apps before XBMC could ever run it so the ball is in their court. Hopefully at CES Google do something with GTV to make it more compelling.

  • Schnyde Jan 06, 2013 

    RC3 is terrible. Mythtv client is not working, or better put, works the first time, then constantly says that it cannot connect to the server. Mythfrontend works fine. This is better then RC2, which all PVR clients were activated and telling me they could not connect. Please throw away the code for both RC3 and RC2 and bring back RC1, it just worked better. Oh Yeah, the crashing, oh the crashing of XBMC constantly, especially on RC3, in various modules, pretty much after 30 minutes. Yeah, I know this is Beta, but you can do better, I hope. I will download the source and see if I can make this work for me.

    Also, why do you put out XBMCbuntu disks with errors? None of the REV 1 versions of these work, again, showing signs of chaos and disfunction within the XBMC team. Maybe you guys should team up with MythTV and re-design their Frontend. Please?

    OK, so I am going back to RC1 for the time being, then probably mythfrontend when that fails.


  • FOS4 Jan 06, 2013 

    Have been using Eden now with TMT5 to play blu-ray folders and iso’s, but this no longer appears to be working in Frodo. When I press play I now get the option to play the main movie, select from all titles or show the blu-ray menu’s. Playing the movie in the default player works fine, but I want to play it in TMT5 so I can have full menu-support and when I select ‘show blu-ray menu’s’ it just opens TMT5 but it doesn’t play anything. Until this problem is fixed I’ve gone back to Eden, which still works the way I need it to.
    Anyone else have this problem?

  • nedscott Jan 06, 2013 

    For most people RC3 is an improvement and does not cause these issues. I do not doubt that you are having real issues, but unless you report them on the forums and give us the information we need to identify problems, there’s nothing we can do about it. I am not experiencing any of the issues you’ve described.

    I have no idea what you’re talking about with XBMCbuntu. The ISOs work fine for me. Even if there are errors, concluding that technical errors are signs of chaos and disfunction within the team is… stupid. But hey, maybe that’s just… you.

  • nedscott Jan 06, 2013 

    There’s a sticky post in the general help forum (as well as a link in this very blog post) pointing to http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=XBMC_v12_(Frodo)_FAQ

    You need to fix your audio settings. Frodo isn’t as forgiving as Eden was about those settings, so it’s very important to make sure they’re set correctly. Check the audio part of the FAQ. If you have Windows then you probably just need to switch to Direct Sound, unless you need audio passthrough.

  • idef1x Jan 06, 2013 

    you’ve heard of making backups before updating something? ;-)

  • milchkuh Jan 06, 2013 

    Files with Flac 6.1 audio won´t play with this version

  • Harald Jan 06, 2013 

    RC3 works fine on my old WinXP System. I use PVRPlugin and DVBViewer Plugin via Recordingservice on the same machine without any errors.

    Thank you for this great pice of Software

  • XBMC user Jan 06, 2013 

    Is this an improvement to EDEN. Only videos I can playback with this is divx. 1080p chokes immediately. Don´t bother to use this it is in Alpha stages when I tried it.

  • CathyCrunchy Jan 06, 2013 

    Well done – this is looking great! I did have a couple of problems (apologies if I have missed anything in the forums re this). I have tried this on a windows 7 and another windows 8 pc and party mode didn’t seem to work. I set up a music video party playlist with an IS criteria on a specific genre. When I went into the party playlist the correct videos were in there and when you right click on the Party mode Playlist in the Playlist menu and press play this works. When you right click and press play in party mode the following pops up ‘Party Mode Aborted. No matching songs in the Library’. There was a PartyMode-Video.xsp in the userdata directory and looked OK. I also tried to install in Mint 13 in VirtualBox and the XBMC-Live package seems to be broken.

  • XBMC user Jan 06, 2013 

    Using recent hardware. Processor i7 dual 560 gtx 8gb memory and so on. I used it about on hour when I get back to Eden which crashes occasionally but playback works. Like Bios update don´t update if it works.

  • ANNIHILATOR001 Jan 06, 2013 

    I found out that any Nvidia cards will not pass the standard HD audio signals.. I ended up buying a $40 BestBuy special ATI card (HD 5400) and it worked no problem.

  • Kalliban Jan 07, 2013 

    This works flawlessly for me. Asrock ION 330HT-BD. Those of you that have issues with playback, have you checked that your configuration for playback is set correctly? Do you use hardware acceleration? And most importantly: Are your sound settings correct? I suffered from no sound and choppy sound on a previous version when the sound was incorrectly set up for my system, but as soon as it was fixed, everything runs (and still do) just as it should.

  • babyinateacup Jan 07, 2013 

    My thumbnails show up and disappear (I have to individually refresh each movie info), even when I tried a clean install. Running Windows 8 64 Bit. Previous version worked like a charm.

  • Yao Fei Jan 07, 2013 

    No Chinese character display in file list and main menu

  • xburchartz Jan 07, 2013 

    Installation of RC3 in Windows seems not to be complete regarding languages: I only have the english language available.

  • Erik Jan 07, 2013 

    Will there be a XBMC version for the Logitech Revue, Android on Intel??

  • mojtaba Jan 07, 2013 

    hi guys
    frodo rc3 doesnt have movie information as separate menu
    when right click on a movie .

  • Schnyde Jan 07, 2013 

    Yawza, no need fo a flame war here. I do like all of the media improvements in RC3, and having PVR is a benefit. I really disliked the way MythFrontend (and for the most part Ubuntu (since 11.04)) turned out, and perhaps many of the problems with RC3 could stem from Ubuntu changing to Python3, Bluetooth not working in 12.10, etc.

    All I am saying is it would be cool to live in a world with a unified frontends to my investment (of time) to my backend. XBMC does provide that world. I look forward to the official release. XBMCBuntu still does not burn for me either on my MAC, Win or Linux; it boots, goes for a while, then says it has errors on the disc. Very reminiscent to my experience with XBMCBuntu RC1.

  • Anonymous Jan 07, 2013 

    I found out that any Nvidia cards will not pass the standard HD audio signals.. I ended up buying a $40 BestBuy special ATI card (HD 5400) and it worked no problem.

    It worked fine with my GT430.

  • Saul Jan 07, 2013 

    I know!, after so many installs without any problem (including nightly builds) I guess I got lazy :/ But everything is fine now, it even starts and works a little faster than my always overwritten install, so I guess a complete reinstall was in order anyway ;)

  • mad526 Jan 07, 2013 

    Just tried the new RC3 release. Has the Dolby TrueHD downmixing been broken? On Eden, I would playback a file with TrueHD soundtrack and it would automatically get downmixed to a 5.1 AC3 640kbit/s signal and play flawlessly on my Yamaha receiver connected via optical SPDIF. With Frodo , the signal I get on the receiver is still 5.1 AC3, however, only the front speakers play sound. Voices etc. are there, so it seems like it just gets downmixed to stereo, packaged in 5.1 AC3.

  • Powderking Jan 07, 2013 

    Thanks for all the hard work! Frodo looks really great!!!

    I have only two questions:

    Do others have problems importing music directories?
    My XBMC crashes when I try to import a samba music directory into my DB.
    I’ve described it here:

    The other issue is the MythTV PVR Addons. Will there be a package for Debian too?
    I’ve created a thread about it here:

  • need4speed Jan 07, 2013 

    Anybody that can tell me where the files link for the Pictures tab as gone? Difficult to add sources without it.

  • dandirk Jan 07, 2013 

    Very NICE! Had HD audio bitstreaming issues with RC2, RC3 took care of it. Though if you get the no audio device message (using SSD), there is a good workaround in the wiki.

  • Andy Jan 07, 2013 

    Have the same issue. This is sad. I asked at the forum but no answer to these issyes yet.

  • Majin Jan 07, 2013 

    @XBMC user
    Any chance you’re passing through audio to a receiver? I got choppy playback at first, changed the audio driver in system settings to WASAPI and all was fine

  • ghostface237 Jan 08, 2013 

    I am having a bit of problem with the remote for android… But the system runs fine… Thanks to you guys from XBMC crew…

  • Aaron Jan 08, 2013 

    Great RC! Fixed the bug for me that XBMC 12 RC2 was always crashing when shutting down (on Windows 8).

  • ghostface237 Jan 08, 2013 

    Here is the error: I/O Exception (java.io.FileNotFoundExeception) :8080/xbmcCmds/xbmcHttp?xbmccmds/xbmchttp command=GetSystem(120)

  • ghostface237 Jan 08, 2013 
  • Kullematz Jan 08, 2013 

    Wow, great release! I still use version 10.1 because I’m able to look even the videos (xxxx.trp), which are streamed on the HD of my TV, but are impossible to look with all newer versions of XBMC. Any hint to make it even happend under the newer versions of XBMC?

    Tanks – Jens

  • Chris Jan 08, 2013 


    Not to knock the XBMC Remote, but give Yatse a try, it’s pretty great

  • ghostface237 Jan 08, 2013 

    @Chris Thanks and I really do like this new app…

  • damion Jan 08, 2013 

    great job. no complaints other than what i would expect from an RC release. thank you to the whole team.
    i have donated what i could afford and i would hope everyone who uses this awesome software daily will do the same.
    i look forward to seeing what the next year will bring.

  • jokono Jan 08, 2013 

    Does Frodo still play .strm files to stream directly from HDHomerun devices (without a PVR backend)? I’m currently able to do this with Eden, and I know new PVR functionality has been added to Frodo — I’m just wondering if hdhomerun:// URLs still work.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  • Wikxen Jan 08, 2013 

    I just installed installed RC3 on my new Rikomagic RK802III, an Android HTPC (works like a tablet). First run goes fine and everything seems to unpack, but it crashes just after the unpacking. And it crashes on launch every time after that, this makes it impossible to even be run on my device. I would be happy for any help, or if you would fix this issue in the final release.

    Anyone else having similar problems with Android devices?
    It works fine on my Galaxy Nexus however.

  • nedscott Jan 09, 2013 

    Yes, I can confirm that myself.

    I have the same experience on another Allwinner A10 device which is almost the same as the MK802. While the A10 doesn’t look like it will support video playback very well, it should at least run XBMC itself (music and pictures work great on it). Come to the forums and post about this (there might even be a thread about it, I’m not sure), and it will likely help us collect clues as to why this happens.

    Should be in the same place it was in Eden. At least it is for me.

    Which OS? I think Mac OS X and iOS might have an audio transcoding issue or two, but the others should be okay.

    Do you have your sources set up with something like this? “\\file server\directory\file.ext” rather than “smb://file server/directory/file.ext”? It should be fixed now for the final release.

    In the future, maybe. For Frodo, probably not.

  • Nas Jan 09, 2013 

    Gentlemen and ladies,

    Thank you for your hard work on this. I am a deployed Airmen in the us Air Force and enjoy xbmc a great deal. Conversely, I have to agree with some on this forum; this new Frodo release requires a significant amount of work. Some files studded, some apps crash’ some features just don’t work at all. Unfortunately, I will be going back to EDEN as FRODO is just not ready for primetime.

  • Burnrubber Jan 09, 2013 

    Hi Folks,
    I am sorry, but I can’t find the correct place in the forum for bugs in the RC’s, perhaps someone could post it here.

    XBMCbuntu RC2 was running more or less fine on my Shuttle XS35GS V3, live and also installed on an SDD (the hardware accelation from the embedded ATI Readeon HD 6430M wasn’t used, so the FullHD Vids were stumbling). Now in the new XBMCbuntu RC3, XBMC didn’t start anymore. I think it doesn’t find the correct ATI Driver. Perhaps someone has an suggestion.
    Cheers, Burn.

  • Chris Jan 09, 2013 


    Just curious about your response to mojtaba, is the double slash method preferred over using SMB to point to a network share?

  • Chrisats Jan 09, 2013 

    Video stutters on ATV2 no matter what res or format in RC3. Like it needs to work a lot harder to decode or something in the background messing with it.

  • need4speed Jan 09, 2013 


    On my clean install it only shows add-ons under the Picture menu (well under video since it does not center the Pictures on the screen)

  • Brian Jan 09, 2013 

    RC3 runs better on my ion system than eden did.

  • adamb0mb Jan 10, 2013 

    Holy cow… there is a lot of complaining on this thread. I just wanted to say thank you, and that the new features set is awesome.

  • Daniel Jan 10, 2013 

    Their seems to be an issue with the on playbackstopped calll. It causes xbmc to autoplay current listed streems randomly.

  • Manna Jan 10, 2013 

    Chrisats :
    Video stutters on ATV2 no matter what res or format in RC3. Like it needs to work a lot harder to decode or something in the background messing with it.

    Same for me. I have to update the XBMC for it to work. After the reboot of ATV2 and first start och XBMC, it works just fine. All movies. But after that it will always stutter. Is it something that is written in the first startup that is used during the other startups?

  • Eckie Jan 10, 2013 

    I’m running RC3 with Mediaportal backend on a few different platforms. Still some issues, would be grateful for help.
    1. When I shut down XBMC on my Mac running OS 10.8.2 it always crashes. Have to switch off and on again.
    2. Live TV on a Raspberry PI running Openelec has no sound.
    3. Tried RC3 on a Atom/Ion machine. Streaming HD video was impossible, very choppy and no sound – SD was fine. Then switched to Openelec on same machine and works perfect.
    Despite these, very impressed with Frodo and looking forward to stable.

  • Eckie Jan 10, 2013 

    Eckie :
    I’m running RC3 with Mediaportal backend on a few different platforms. Still some issues, would be grateful for help.
    1. When I shut down XBMC on my Mac running OS 10.8.2 it always crashes. Have to switch off and on again.
    2. Live TV on a Raspberry PI running Openelec has no sound.
    3. Tried RC3 on a Atom/Ion machine. Streaming HD video was impossible, very choppy and no sound – SD was fine. Then switched to Openelec on same machine and works perfect.
    Despite these, very impressed with Frodo and looking forward to stable.

    Duh! I meant to say the PI has no picture, but does have sound!

  • Jeff Jan 10, 2013 

    @Manna I have the same issue as Manna and Chisats. All video playback is choppy and unplayable, no audio either. Only happens on HDMI out (either WSAPI or Directsound). Works fine in VLC. I have an i5 and an AMD Radeon 5770.

    Otherwise, great job and thanks!

  • MD Jan 10, 2013 

    Hi, I tried to install on my Motorola Xoom. But it didn’t work. But when I installed on my HP touchpad with jellybean, it is working. Can you solve the problem with xoom?

    Waiting for long time and still waiting for work on Xoom.

  • nedscott Jan 10, 2013 


    It’s better to use smb:// than \\

  • Adrian Jan 10, 2013 

    Out of curiosity, is there any reason why WASAPI isn’t the preferred HDMI connection over DirectSound if it can’t pass DTS-HD MA? I think the issue with Realtek HD audio drivers should also be more explicity stated. These two issues seem to be among the biggest problems people are experiencing when trying to get Frodo RCx to playback files smoothly. I spent a bit of time trying to get that up and running, however, I will say that Frodo RC3 is _LEAPS AND BOUNDS_ improved above the old XBMC 11. Everything seems to run faster and video playback (once I got over the hurdles) seems to be A LOT better, too.

    Thanks to everyone who’s made this project possible. It’s an amazing piece of work.

  • Berten Jan 11, 2013 

    On ATV2 the resume play function does not work. The TV show or movie starts playing from the beginning all over again like it did not remember where you stop watching.

    However everything else seams to be working. Its looking good.

  • need4speed Jan 11, 2013 


    You are right! I also want to add that this is the best XBMC yet. Thank you so much – I really appriciate the work the xbmc team have done.

  • Darkfall Jan 11, 2013 

    Great work, guys!

    I was having crashing problems with the Ubuntu Eden, so I thought I’d give Frodo RC3 a try on one of my 7 little Zotac Atom ION boxes. It’s working flawlessly, and quite a bit quicker than Eden was! Playback is perfect, audio is fine – no bugs so far, other than once not booting right into XBMC (it left me at a Ubuntu login prompt for some reason). Very happy! Time for a new donation once the stable is out, for sure!

  • Anonymous Jan 11, 2013 


    That’s weird, ION works fine for me. Have you updated the drivers? That did the trick for me in previous versions.

  • Mics Jan 11, 2013 

    Hi first of all great rc and superb work xbmc team :-) One question to all in this forum. Has anybody had success playing dolby digital plus? I cannot get this sound track working. When choosing Wasapi as audio output and passthrough the video stutters and here is no sound. When selecteing direct sound in audio output the correct sound output is shown in the receivers display, but there is no sound and video still stutters. Anyone having same issues?

  • Steveedge Jan 11, 2013 


    Have you tried updating your ION-drivers?

  • Majin Jan 11, 2013 

    Have you entered the details for the MPEG2 and VC1 licences? Will get audio and a blank screen if you haven’t

  • Zyn Jan 11, 2013 

    Add equalizer function please!

  • Futhark Jan 11, 2013 

    Just wanted to say I just built an HTPC and LOVE having XBMC on it. It is amazing and look forward to using it for everything. The phone remote app amost made me cream my pants (Thanks Tim!)

    I am having slight issues with this build though. As others have said all video playback is choppy with no audio. Only happens on HDMI out, worked fine on monitor. A6 3500 integrated graphics.

    Lesser issues with waking up in the morning after leaving LiveTV on all night to a black screen (kids complain the TV is out; they can’t fix it). Have to exit out of XBMC to get it to sync up again. Using WMC instead as my “cable box” in the meantime so the kids can watch their cartoons without waking me up.

    Thanks! Again, I love everything as a whole and can’t wait to start integrating other things into “‘Programs” soon.

  • Chris Jan 11, 2013 


    If by getting XBMC to sync up you mean pulling in new media, you can achieve this through the contextual menu on your sources. Alternatively a phone app like Yatse can do this (XBMC Remote may also, but it’s been a while since I’ve used it so I don’t remember)

  • nedscott Jan 11, 2013 

    I think the only reason is because DirectSound is a simple setting that will work for most people with little explanation. WASAPI is preferred for the best possible sound, especially with an audio receiver. I’ll see if I can make this clearer in the Frodo FAQ.

  • xkv Jan 12, 2013 

    XBMC RC3 for android tested in a Minix neo G5 (Andorid 4.1.1) and works fine.

  • romorio Jan 12, 2013 

    pls can somebody tell me how to play bin files in XBMC 12 Frodo – Release Candidate 3

  • soliter26 Jan 13, 2013 

    PVR addon for DVBVIEWER does not have time shift, othervice frodo rc3 works fine

  • Слободан Jan 13, 2013 

    Sound volume cannot be adjusted using mouse wheel.

  • VWV Jan 13, 2013 

    Still bug with playing wavpack files. First second(s) is skipped (this bug is also in all previous versions, including 11).
    See here:

  • Cliff Jan 13, 2013 

    Awesome work, loving it.

    It was crashing for me when I had the random artwork screensaver add-on so I disabled it and it works great.

  • Adrian Jan 13, 2013 


    nedscott :
    I think the only reason is because DirectSound is a simple setting that will work for most people with little explanation. WASAPI is preferred for the best possible sound, especially with an audio receiver. I’ll see if I can make this clearer in the Frodo FAQ.

    Thanks! I think this will help many people. I’m just glad that it seems to be working better and faster than 11. It’s working so well on a fresh install that I haven’t even bothered with MPC-HC. :)

  • Roger Jan 13, 2013 


    Past due by about 16 hours

  • Alex Jan 13, 2013 

    DTS audio drops after 3-5 seconds of playback. DD/AC3/AA are all fine. Happens on both RC3 and the latest frodo nightly. Tried both WASPI and DirectSound. Testing on a fresh install of Windows 7 x64 using an i7 3.4Ghz 4 core, 8 thread chip, Asus P8 Z77-V-LK board, displaying via onboard HDMI with realtek audio (Tried both with Realtek drivers installed and not installed). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • ades Jan 14, 2013 

    I test last version in Raspberry pi and two HD movies that works in windows version, in raspberry they have sound but they haven’t picture.

  • Bernard Jan 14, 2013 

    xubuntu RC3 works perfectly on my old eeePC, such an improvement over RC2 and previous release when playing videos … Thanks to the team for this great product & works!

  • Zebraitis Jan 14, 2013 

    After having loaded the Xios Linux RC3 nightly, there appears to be problems with profile mapping. advancedsettings.xml is told to always run from the main profile. I will document my findings in the forum, under “Pivos Xios Profile Problem”.

  • Pascal Jan 14, 2013 

    Question, once Frodo 12.0 final release is out for Apple TV2.
    Will the advanced settings.xml still be working?
    I have a mysql build for my NAS wich have all my movie/serie information and share it through my Network to all my XBMC devices.
    Once i have installed the new release will my Apple TV2 XBMC still sees all the information from mySQL server?

  • johan Jan 14, 2013 

    I love xbmc, still running it on several xboxes, but would like to step over to pi…. Running rc3 on raspberry pi as a test – most things are wonderful but, sadly most of my movies are dvds on my nas, and dvd menues are not working. Would it be any chance of you guys making an option to start dvd with main movie directy, in that case all of my movies would be possible to run… Thanks.

  • Zebraitis Jan 14, 2013 

    Please note: The Profile Problem that I mention above is now documented at http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=152062

  • cycy Jan 14, 2013 

    The Frodo release is awesome. You can really notice the difference in the sound quality even with DTS. True there are a bit more upgrade pain than with the previous releases but with a bigger system it’s always harder so I would say “let’s give a break to those that work on this based on donation only and actually thank them”. But… :) what’s happening with the GA ? it’s been on RC3 forever or am I too impatient ?

  • TC Jan 15, 2013 

    Not sure if we ready for final of Frodo just yet, but great progress!

  • soliter26 Jan 15, 2013 

    NPVR addon works very bag. Switching of channels almost imposible or very long time (10+ sec). Instead selected TV channel I get radio channel on screen. No time shift function during live TV. The recording I did not test an go back to media portal. Anyway I would like to use dvb viewer which gives the time for TCV Channels switching (cca3 sec), but the time shift function is missing.

  • Chris Jan 15, 2013 


    NPVR has worked great for me the few times I’ve used it. I initially had issues with channels buffering forever and eventually found this forum: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=143669. There’s a patched file posted in there somewhere that fixed things for me. I believe it also fixes time-shifting, which needs to be manually enabled in the add-on settings.

  • BigSeven Jan 15, 2013 

    I’ve looked around to see if anyone else is experiencing plug in issues with Frodo and haven’t been able to find anything that matches my experience. With R3 on ATV2 and on Win7, the HD streams from CNet, HDTrailers and others seem to have a buffering problem. When playing image is “stuck” or choppy and the stop, pause, and skip buttons don’t appear to do anything. Often after a certain time (30-60 seconds) the buffer seems to fill up and I can sometimes replay the video with all in sync. I’ve ruled out environmental issues by reverting to Eden on both and the videos play without issue. Has anyone else reported this issue? Are there any posts avail I can read to find out more about this?

    XBMC is one of the most exciting projects/apps I’ve ever used. Since I started using it about 1.5 yrs ago, it’s gotten me to explore python programming, Linux and iOS operating systems. Thank you all for such a GREAT app!

  • Anonymous Jan 15, 2013 

    Id just like to say thank you for this program, keeps me updated with the shows i love and it most certainly keeps me entertained. So thank you again and keep it up

  • peej Jan 15, 2013 

    thanks, it works great! one minor issue, though…audio doesn’t seem to play on airplay’d videos.

  • Anonymous Jan 16, 2013 

    Be sure to use the latest HDMI Audio drivers from your GPU vendor (AMD, NVIDIA, Intel), not the Realtek ones. So, uninstall them and be sure to install the full packgage for your GPU (discrete or not), use WASAPI too.@Alex

  • TheDr Jan 16, 2013 

    @Alex Be sure to use the latest HDMI Audio drivers from your GPU vendor (AMD, NVIDIA, Intel), not the Realtek ones. So, uninstall them and be sure to install the full packgage for your GPU (discrete or not), use WASAPI too.

  • Edz Jan 16, 2013 

    Thanks for this. Installing on my secondary xbmc box now. Why have the linux PVR Addons been split out though. Its made the installation a little more confusing and, given that PVR is this versions headline act, users of xbmcbuntu now have to install – drop to a prompt – apt-get etc hardly inkeeping with the idea of an appliance. Maybe this is just an RC thing in which case no worries but otherwise seems a step backward.

  • LSU Jonno Jan 16, 2013 

    Feature or Bug?

    Running Frodo RC3 on a Win7 machine. I’m using WMC as my pseudo “backend” for XBMC. I use Advanced Launcher to start WMC to watch live TV, and then have a script mapped to button on my universal remote to kill WMC and bring XBMC back to fullscreen. However, when I do this, XBMC no longer outputs sound. I can fix the problem by closing XBMC and then rerunning it, but I’m also unable to quit XBMC. It freezes. I’m using Direct Sound in XBMC. No clue what is being used in WMC.

  • Roger Jennings Jan 16, 2013 

    Thanks for the Android support.

    Just installed RC3 on my CozySwan UG007 Android 4.1 MiniPC device after increasing WiFi signal level with a repeater. Will be testing futher with 1080P video from Flash drives and MiniSD cards tomorrow.

    Details are in my “First Look at the CozySwan UG007 Android 4.1 MiniPC Device” post at http://oakleafblog.blogspot.com/2013/01/first-look-at-cozyswan-ug007-android-41.html#XBMC.



  • Lucky Jan 17, 2013 

    Vi aspetto come sempre su http://www.xbmc-italia.it/ per un test e una guida installazione/utilizzo della versione finale XBMC 12 – Frodo … Non mancate.
    Ciao da Lucky

    I’ll wait, As always, on http://www.xbmc-italia.it/ for a test and guide to install/use the final version XBMC 12 – Frodo … Do not miss.

    By Hello Lucky

  • Oliver Jan 17, 2013 

    Awesome piece of Software! Thanks for spending so much time on this project!

  • Chewie Jan 17, 2013 

    Like other people here I also have an ATV2 but experience no stuttering playback at all. I use a shared MySQL DB with Frodo RC3. Great coding guys and thank you for keeping the best media center software out there up to date…

  • spiff Jan 17, 2013 

    @Edz; you want to update xbmc every time a pvr *add-on* is updated? you don’t do that for utub, why should you do it for pvr *add-ons*?

    eventually they will be installable from inside xbmc like anything else. splitting them off is the first step.

  • nobbes Jan 17, 2013 

    Hi guys,

    is it possible to add support of installed codecs of a windows machine instead of using the internal XBMC codecs?
    I would use CoreAVC in XBMC, cause it has a much better image quality than the h264 codec from XBMC.

    Maybe in the next version?
    This would be great :-)

  • Anonymous Jan 17, 2013 

    It’s even better to use NFS:


  • Слободан Jan 17, 2013 

    Backlight dims while playing videos.

  • Edz Jan 17, 2013 

    @spiff – Ah that makes more sense, sorry may have just been me getting confused as to the nature of the split and how it would impact the add-ons system. Loading them via an apt-get was fine for me just thinking about the confusion for a user who is just trying to plug and play with xbmcbuntu but, then again, they wont be running a release candidate!!

    Thanks again for the clarification

  • Dave Jan 17, 2013 

    Switched over to XMBC, first time user. Fricking great software! Coming from Plex 9.5 on Mac OS Lion, Mac Mini 2009, dvd->hdmi, optical audio out, Harmony 650. Everything just works, and works smooth as butter.

    Really like Back Row skin with the simplified/small menu, backgrounds customized to a folder of great movie stills I have.

  • sirmeili Jan 17, 2013 

    For some reason, my music library keeps fluctuating. I add all the music and then some disappear. I have almost 400 albums (which were all there previously) and now I only have 46. I’m in the process of adding them back and it seems to be adding them, but it is a little odd.

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