XBMC 13.0 Gotham – Beta 3 Returns

Posted By: Nathan Betzen on Apr 01, 2014 in Pre-Release

Once again with Beta 3 we are looking at almost entirely fixes rather than features. Still, many of those fixes are worth mentioning in an abbreviated change log, and at least one is worth bringing up by name.

Ever since the release of iOS 7, Airplay support in XBMC has suffered. Fortunately, thanks to generous contributions from our users, the Foundation has been able to purchase hardware specifically for testing and development of this and related issues, and dev Memphiz appears to have finally resolved the majority of Airplay issues in this Beta release (except for Android for now). If you continue experiencing Airplay issues after installing beta 3, be certain to post about it in the forum and include a debug log.

For a full rundown of the major features of XBMC 13, as well as a review of the hazards of switching to XBMC 13, see our Beta 1 post.


  • * Android hardware video decoding support added to Exynos devices (such as Odroid or Exynos
  • * Various video and audio playback fixes
  • * Skip to DVD menu has now been brought on par with the automatic skip performed by VLC
  • * Wii controller support on Linux
  • * Language and description updates
  • * Other fixes

After upgrade

After you have updated from Frodo or any earlier alpha or beta it might pay of to force refresh the XBMC.org repository. This is to make sure the most recent repository list is loaded and needed updates become available. This could be the case when wanting to use the new subtitle downloading feature and you cannot find the new services to install. Doing it regardless doesn’t hurt. Here’s a quick how-to found on our wiki: Force refresh

The Shirt

From the entire dev team to so many of you, we would like to say thank you for banding together on this t-shirt sale. If you revisit the sale page, you’ll see that we sold just a touch over 1200 shirts, which translates to roughly 1/3rd the entire price of the 2014 upcoming Developer’s Conference. To put it more simply, our users just single-handledly assured us that the team would be able to get together this year and dramatically further development, just as was done last year.

We’d also like to apologize to those who weren’t able to purchase the shirt. As a general rule, when these things are done, they’re done forever. However, this time it really was just a simple, plain XBMC shirt. It may one day make a comeback. You’ll have to keep your eyes open though.


Should want to download and install XBMC, please visit our download page.

* Official XBMC downloads


How to Contribute

If you use these builds, we encourage you to submit bugs in Trac (following this guide: How to submit a bug report), provide support in our Forums where you can, or donate to the Foundation if you like. For a current FAQ on XBMC 13, visit our Gotham FAQ.

Discussion - 64 Comments

  • EJG Mar 31, 2014 

    Thanks, great work!

  • hybridmag Mar 31, 2014 

    When the allwinner a10 hardware decoding turn will be? :(

  • purewitz Mar 31, 2014 

    How stable is Beta 3? Are we close to a Release Candidate yet?

    • jmarshall Mar 31, 2014 

      Yes. I expect this will either be the last or second last beta. The rate of fixes and rate of bug reports is dropping quite quickly.

    • Kib Apr 01, 2014 

      It’s really stable.

  • JBJB Mar 31, 2014 

    Airplay works again! GREAT! :D
    However, in beta 1 my audio is perfect. and in beta 2 and 3 it only recognizes stereo sound. (I have passtrough on) just thought to mention it :)

    • Cristiano Apr 04, 2014 

      The same occurs here… I use Realtek ALC662 over a Intel 1037u… no 5.1 audio…

      • Karl Apr 11, 2014 

        Hi Guys… I use a intel 1037u too, and I´ve no 5.1 audio on analog output from this motherboard… please can you take a look on this? with Frodo, it appears to be fine… thanks!

  • Francois Mar 31, 2014 

    Hey xbmc team,

    First I’d like to thank all your hard work! I can’t believe how much xbmc has improved and how useful it is.

    My question is whether or not chromecast is going to be a viable output eventually for xbmc or if this isn’t in the works? I’m still trying to und

  • Mo Mar 31, 2014 

    Do they fix the sound problem on Mac? When I use the old XBMC 13 the sound don’t go through the cable to the tv, only works on the Mac speakers!!!!

    • Yannick R. Apr 03, 2014 

      Works fine on my MacMini server 2013!!

  • kr16 Apr 01, 2014 

    All right Team XBMC !
    I guess shirts sizes were more of European style :) Medium does not feet my fat ass :) But my wife was really happy to get it :)

  • Damien Apr 01, 2014 

    Have been a long time user of xbmc, PC (office), mac (bedroom), Linux on matricom mx2 (living room), iPad2 (wife’s)… All connected to a mySQL server. I used to have a Tegra 2 android tablet, gave up on xbmc, as tegra2 was too weak anyways to decode 720p/DTS mkv files…

    Just bought a Samsung tab pro 10.1, all is working absolutely perfectly… Except… Please find a way to turn those “recent app” and “back” keys!!! Samsung still places those underneath the screen, and they are lit constantly! (very annoying in the dark)

    For now bs player is a great alternative, but I just want to be able to use xbmc on that tab.

    Thanks again to the whole team behind this great piece of software.

  • Francois Apr 01, 2014 

    I was just wondering what’s in the works in terms of chromecast support?

    From my understanding for instance when you stream online video in XBMC it does not transcode it? So if it were cast to a chromecast it would need to have native support for the stream?

    So in that case if casting output was available it would have to be transcoded and sent to the chromecast?

  • duffy Apr 01, 2014 

    Great work guys…Keep up..Is hardware video decoding support added for Android devices based on Rockchip RK3188 also?

  • bayern Apr 01, 2014 

    Subtitle addon from podnapisi.net and opensubtitles.org do not working as well….they found subtitles but not downloaded….any sugestions?

    • Tommy Apr 06, 2014 

      Set a dl Location for the subs in settings.

  • DNA75 Apr 01, 2014 

    Great News! Can’t wait to install this Beta and test the Airplay. Even tough I don’t use it everyday it comes in handy once in a while streaming from my iPhone or Macbook.
    Keep it up!!

  • BenGod Apr 01, 2014 

    Is the audio sync playback with MPEG-2 is fixed for Ouya box ?

  • Alfredo Apr 02, 2014 

    ince I first installed Gotham Beta 1, I noticed HD audio capable receiver options under system settings(True-HD and Master-HD) are nowehere to be found. Only AC3 and DTS are visible under settings level expert.

    • Jalle19 Apr 05, 2014 

      You’re probably using Pulseaudio, which means you don’t get HD audio passthrough. Remove it and the options will appear.

  • hero Apr 02, 2014 

    is it my nexus 4 or is it gotham?? everything works perfect up until it buffers in streaming a movie or live channel and then afyer done with buffering i hear audio but video does not start…

    • AC Apr 02, 2014 

      I had a similar issue with streaming movie trailers. The video will show up after a while, but the sound starts a minute before the video. I had to reduce the quality of the streaming video to 480p and now it takes a few seconds, but it all starts at the same time.

    • sexo Apr 02, 2014 

      I am experiencing this on my Tablet Z as well. if i decide to jump ahead, the picture always freezes but the audio starts to play.

  • dna75 Apr 02, 2014 

    Airplay is working fine (ATV2) with my iPhone and iPad but my Macbook Air 2013 doesn’t show the airplay symbol.

  • MrIcka Apr 02, 2014 

    Great work, Airplay works perfect again!

  • Irfan Apr 02, 2014 

    Hi I have an android mx6 box working on arm a9. Ive had it running pretty good on 12.3 for a few months now and decided to try the beta3 Gotham. Every thing in the menu etc seems to be working better no but i have one BIG problem.. I dont get any Video, its not working or displaying anything when selecting something to play, the audio comes through fine but no picture..


    • MGV Apr 03, 2014 

      I’m with you on this one. I have a tablet with an Amlogic M802(AML8726-M8) A9 chip. Tried with software and hardware decoding. No luck getting video to work but sound plays.

      It did work the very first time I installed Gotham Beta 2 over Frodo 12.3 and stopped after a reboot.

      Hopefully the devs are reading these! lol

    • Kenny'd Jul 22, 2014 

      Just looking for some help cause iv update and now iv good sound but no picture . Hopefully you can solve the problem cause you had experienced the same problem a few months ago and hopefully you have the answer cause going out of my mind trying everything

      • Martijn Jul 22, 2014 

        This announcement post is NOT a helpdesk. IF you read it there are detailed step what you should do.

  • Djinn Apr 02, 2014 

    Beta 3 destroyed klick forward on stream videos.

  • Tucco Apr 03, 2014 

    Great! XBMC no longer crashes on exit.

  • c3p Apr 03, 2014 

    First World Beta Problems: Got no Bugs to report.

  • Kenneth Apr 03, 2014 

    how do i make a bug report? I have problems when i play videos, in the top of the screen when the camera is panning, it looks like there is no vertical sync.

  • John Jackson Apr 04, 2014 

    Great job guys, audio passthru still a no-go on MK908II

  • real.finder Apr 05, 2014 

    hi, Great Program, it will be nice if there a random button in slide Show

  • lifeisfun Apr 05, 2014 

    Tested Gotham Beta3 on ATV580 (rk3188) 1080p mkv still choppy :(
    On the same device Beyond XBMC same file nice and smooth .
    Thanks for all the work you put in to this!

  • Barny Apr 05, 2014 

    XBMC ist echt super aber könnt ihr bitte was machen damit Fussball flüssig läuft in der jetzigen version Beta 3 ist fussball nur am ruckeln

    MFG :-)

  • jawad Apr 06, 2014 

    when I play an video with “.ass” subtitle
    the player isn’t load fonts, and the letter is not connected
    the problem:
    it should look like this:

    • real.finder Apr 06, 2014 

      Maybe this is similar to this case https://code.google.com/p/xy-vsfilter/issues/detail?id=168

      for me It works well when mux ass in .mkv, didn’t try to call the .ass with Fonts attached with raw video without mux

    • real.finder Apr 06, 2014 

      The first experiment was in Android, but in windows the same problem that appeared in the picture happed

      • real.finder Apr 06, 2014 

        in all cases, even in mkv with muxed .ass sub

        • jawad Apr 07, 2014 

          it’s happend also in the ios :( !

          • jawad Apr 10, 2014 

            the beta is work ok in ios, but windows is not!

  • Manolis Apr 06, 2014 

    Great job guys.It’s the best program i’ve ever used.it’s amazing and with so many option to do.Keep going you are fantastic.

  • joao lobato Apr 06, 2014 

    i just updated to the new gotham, for android. For some reason the option to have fullscreen is not editable..and i cannot change it:\ i have windowed mode and 1280*720

    Any idea how can i change this??

    thanks gyus

  • real.finder Apr 06, 2014 

    hi, I note that segment link in mkv didn’t Supported, it’s something important

    thanks :)

  • MrT Apr 07, 2014 

    Any news about playback of x265/HEVC encoded movies? Since more and more movies will be encoded with this codec in the near future..

    • Martijn Apr 07, 2014 

      Not for Gotham.

  • J876 Apr 07, 2014 

    Will there be a 32-bit and 64-bit release of XBMCbuntu with Gotham?

    Will there be an nVidia and an AMD based package for either flavour of graphics cards?

  • Pedro Novais Apr 07, 2014 

    My subtitules dont work and i don t fing de xbmc subtitules…

  • Sam Apr 08, 2014 

    I love xbmc , just loaded Beta 3 from Frodo, and now when i try to play any media, xbmc crashes.. Please help. I am running on macbook pro, with the most recent update of maverick

  • trfrank Apr 08, 2014 

    im pretty new to xbmc but has really enjoyed it. my problem is this i have a lg47 google tv when i install frondo the video is great but the sound is choppy. when i upgraded to gotham i have great audio but no video. where can i go to fix this. thaks for your awsome work.

  • KS Kim Apr 09, 2014 

    Thank you for your hard work.
    I am using the XBMC for OSX, sometimes characters are not displayed at the end of the subtitle.When using XBMC v12, the problem does not occur.

  • Sal Apr 10, 2014 

    Any word on weather sound was fixed? Even if it’s set to Direct or Wasapi Surround receiver only plays 2.0. Even when I set speakers to 7.1 or 5.1.

    That’s the only reason i’m still using 12.3. Because it still has working sound.

  • Roy Apr 10, 2014 

    Since this update I have a audio problem with all movies…audio through hdmi is making the person that talks sound comes out the left (back) speaker instead of the centre speaker (on mac Osx mavericks latest update and xbmc beta 3) hope you can fix this thx and keep up the good work

    • Steven May 16, 2014 

      Hi there.
      I’ve read your issue and i have the sale with the final xbmc gotham édition with my Mac mini.
      Really annoying !! Have you fins a solution for this ??

      Thx à lot for your help

  • sam Apr 11, 2014 

    upnp share when share and play any video dont show subtitle help

  • Mandak Apr 11, 2014 

    I can’t add FilmOn TV add-ons on this version.

  • Smiff Apr 12, 2014 

    beta3 still hangs when i select Storage under System info. Android Box, Sumvision Cyclone Nano+ running ICS 4.0.4 20121208 build. sorry didn’t report before thought it was an obvious one.

  • xbmcandroid Apr 14, 2014 

    i tried to create a new libary… movies and tv shows are not shown on homescreen.
    i added tv shows folder to “videos” and the Tv Shows libary showed up on homescreen.

    i tried to do the same with movies, but it didnt work :(

  • Edmilson R. S Apr 14, 2014 

    I have used xbmc since 2014 I think, and the last three years as media center in my living room, and it has surprised me more and more, is without any doubt the most important work on the integration of digital media in our day-to-day .

  • joda May 27, 2014 

    Iha e xtouch android tv box wt the best virsion of xbmc to install on it

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Kodi is a free and open source media player application developed by the XBMC Foundation, a non-profit technology consortium. Kodi is available for multiple operating-systems and hardware platforms, featuring a 10-foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls. It allows users to play and view most videos, music, podcasts, and other digital media files from local and network storage media and the internet.