XBMC 13.0 Gotham – Beta 4

Posted By: Martijn Kaijser on Apr 19, 2014 in Pre-Release

With Beta 4 we are only looking at bug fixing rather than features. Further down we will list several of the more important fixes that have been added since last beta. Hopefully Beta 4 will be the last one, before we will enter Release Candidate stage. This means final release is nearing.

For a full run down of the major features of XBMC 13, as well as a review of the hazards of switching to XBMC 13, see our Beta 1 post. The list of all Gotham related news can be found here listing all past blog posts.


  • * Fix unwanted volume restore on Airplay volume
  • * Fix occasional crashing on GUI language changing
  • * Don’t drain Wii battery by disabling motion sensing
  • * Fix various problems when using NFS as media source
  • * Restore the music background playback ability for iOS
  • * Improved support for Amazon Fire-TV
  • * Fix various playback issues on Android
  • * Fix double application of 16-235 correction on DXVA-HD.
  • * Other fixes


After upgrade

After you have updated from Frodo or any earlier alpha or beta it might pay of, to force refresh the XBMC.org repository. This is to make sure the most recent repository list is loaded and needed updates become available. This could be the case when wanting to use the new subtitle downloading feature and you cannot find the new services to install. Doing it regardless doesn’t hurt. Here’s a quick how-to found on our wiki: Force refresh



Creating a skin for XBMC takes many months of designing, coding, testing, tweaking and a lot of patience to get it just right. However with every major XBMC release there is the problem of skins becoming incompatible due to various code changes. So for every release people who put a lot of effort creating these skins, need to adapt it for the next XBMC version. This could mean that your favourite skin doesn’t work in the next XBMC version. We are very glad to say, that thanks to a group of skin developers, there are already 9 Gotham compatible skins available in XBMC.org repository. From memory this has never happened before, that within beta stage there are that many already available for you to enjoy using. On our forum there are several more skins being worked on, to get these into shape for people to use. So hopefully by the time of final release, there will be several more available. So let’s all thank the developers for their hard work they do for the XBMC community.

Available in our Gotham repository are:

Ace, Aeon MQ 5, Amber, Black Glass Nova, Confluence, Hybrid, Metropolis, Quartz, Re-Touched, Transparency!


Should want to download and install XBMC, please visit our download page.

* Official XBMC downloads


How to Contribute

If you use these builds, we encourage you to submit bugs in Trac (following this guide: How to submit a bug report), provide support in our Forums where you can, or donate to the Foundation if you like. For a current FAQ on XBMC 13, visit our Gotham FAQ.


http://xbmc.org is the only official place anything XBMC related. This includes news, announcements, information or XBMC downloads. There are of course manufacturers who also provide support with customized XBMC versions, tailored for their devices. Should you have purchased from them it would be wise to first check, if it’s a known issue with that specific version. Any other third-party websites, offering you XBMC installations, or people offering you pre-installed devices, are not officially supported by Team XBMC and may contain unwanted and unsupported additions, changes and add-ons. Installing these versions is at your own risk. XBMC does not provide any media content on it’s own and comes with no add-ons installed regarding this. Should you have problems please contact the correct add-on developer or website should you experience any issues.

Discussion - 54 Comments

  • ngoal Apr 19, 2014 

    I’m getting dead links. Anyone else?

    • Jessica Pina May 01, 2014 

      I don’t know why but I can’t re-install… I have some problems because I think I messed up the Librtmp file so I wanted to fix it… But I cant so I wanted to re-install BUT I CAN’T….

  • ngoal Apr 19, 2014 

    Yes!!!! Seeking issues when using addons is finally fixed. Good bye frodo, hello Gotham

    • The Streaming Advisor Apr 21, 2014 

      I would hold off, there could still ev critical problems.

  • Richard Carnes Apr 19, 2014 

    of course I finally get time to upgrade too beta 3 yesterday and beta 4 comes out today

  • Joe D Apr 19, 2014 

    Can anyone verify music mp3 playback is normal speed(no longer slightly fast) in W7 64

    • BigJRM Apr 22, 2014 

      YES! My MP3 music (playlist set to start with XBMC 13 Gotham and TRANSPARENCY! skin) plays properly on my Intel Atom 525 MB with 4GB ram and Win7 64. An added bonus, my XBMC also starts with WEATHER! XBMC hasn’t done that since XBMC 9. Our fantastic XBMC programmers have done a marvellous job on this version of XBMC! TRY IT, I think you’ll be pleased.

  • Paul Apr 19, 2014 

    Does anyone know if subtitle add-ons are working correctly in this beta version?

    • Nubian122 Apr 20, 2014 

      Yes subtitles work fine. It is built in now to the system and does not require any add on to function. Settings are in the standard Xbmc settings screen.

    • kib Apr 20, 2014 

      They work for me, I use them every day. We switched over to a new structure for subtitle add-ons a few months ago and many providers are available now.

      • Paul Apr 20, 2014 


      • nooryani84 Apr 21, 2014 

        Is it me or is the new subtitle system EXTREMELY fast? It’s awesome either way :)

  • fatjon Apr 19, 2014 

    looking to the roadmap site of xbmc http://trac.xbmc.org/roadmap today had to be the day of the official release of XBMC 13 Gotham or am i wrong ? if its not today ,when will the XBMC 13 Gotham be released ?

    • Martijn Apr 19, 2014 

      we don’t update that page any more.
      release will be whenever we feel like it is ready for release.

  • Winchy Apr 19, 2014 

    Any trick on bringing Beta 4 down? Ubuntu apt-get using unstable ppa:team-xbmc/unstable says my Beta 3 is the latest.

    • kib Apr 20, 2014 

      Which version of ubuntu do you run?

      • Winchy Apr 21, 2014 

        Kubuntu 13.10. But never mind. It came down earlier this morning. Something may have not been ready for download yet. Got it down and enjoying everything with exception of cmyth PVR client. Seems to still be broken. :(

  • Anon Apr 19, 2014 

    The DXVA Support for many cards is still broken and no one look at it :(

    • kib Apr 20, 2014 

      Isn’t this a driver issue?

  • Ritesh Raj Sarraf Apr 20, 2014 

    Thank you for creating XBMC. It is wonderful

  • Cloverfield Apr 20, 2014 

    I don’t see a fix for .m4a playback. There are some unprotected .m4a that won’t play :(

    • kib Apr 20, 2014 

      When and where was this reported on the forum?

  • Johan Olsson Apr 20, 2014 

    Since XBMC 13 beta 3 installed in Ubuntu 12.04 with kernel 3.8 and latest “Pulse Audio”, (nightly build); Surround 5.1 works very good but since yesterday when I upgrade to beta 4 my surround configuration make the whole XBMC hanging.

    I start a movie but the screen is lagging. Then, when I stop the movie and try to exit/shut down XBMC, The whole XBMC including OS is hanging and I have to click reset button on my HTPC

    In my linux configuration, I have chosen digital output 5.1 only via S/PDIF as well as in XBMC with 5.1.

    Because of this problem I like to go back to beta 3 until their is an stable release of XBMC but I do not know how to go back. Or maybe I have to do a fresh XBMC uninstall before installing beta 3, but how do I chose beta 3 since beta 4 is released.

    Kind Regards:
    Johan Olsson

    • Martijn Apr 20, 2014 

      If you read the blog post it states that you need to ask on the forum for help. Not on a blog post.
      If you don’t report it will not get fixed in final release.

  • Konstantinos Apr 20, 2014 


    Any news regarding native retina support on OS X?

    Thanks in advance.


  • jared Apr 20, 2014 

    I’m on the ouya testing out Gotham beta 4, when I go to system info and try to go down, XBMC crashes.. everything else seems to work fine, even MKV playback with audio! UNLIKE the supposed ‘xbmc on ouya’ app, doesn’t play audio at all

    • Martijn Apr 20, 2014 

      A blog is not a place to report or ask about problems. Use the forum.

  • Bas Apr 21, 2014 

    I’m going to use this one becaus my nfs stream crash by watching a movie, hope fully this wont happen whit this update any more.

  • myrdam Apr 21, 2014 

    heb pas geinstalleerd. Kies video of serie en krijg op full scherm geen beeld wel geluid. Boven rechts klik ik op “x” en film is te zien op achtergrond met de streamlijst er voor. Wat doe ik verkeerd?

    • Kib Apr 21, 2014 

      Several things:
      1) You post in the wrong language
      2) You post an issue on the blog instead of using the forum.

      • Just some guy... Apr 21, 2014 


        3) according to both your pictures, you seem to be non-human.

        … jeez.

  • Siutsch Apr 21, 2014 

    Since Beta1 (I’ve first testet) skipping in channels in MKV files no longer works.
    The MKV starts from the beginning instead of skipping to next chapter.

    Is that still not noticed?

    With 12.3 this works.

    • Martijn Apr 21, 2014 

      iirc this is known and unlikely to be fixed this version

      • Siutsch Apr 21, 2014 

        With “this version” you mean Gotham (Full)?

        • Martijn Apr 21, 2014 


          • costi Apr 25, 2014 

            So much for updating to Gotham… fortunately I don’t need 3D.

    • jmarshall Apr 25, 2014 

      What button are you using to skip? Post a topic in the forum about this please, as it might be as simple as remapping in the keymap, as there were some changes here.

  • Jason Apr 21, 2014 

    After urpgrade to beta 4, xbmc doesn´t connect to mysql database (the samea problem with a windows7 pc and with a Raspberry Openelec).

  • Jason Apr 21, 2014 

    No problem: just drop MyVideos78 and MyMusic 46 db,and everything´s ok

  • Italiano1984bp Apr 21, 2014 

    :( On Mac Os X 10.8.5 work way too fast like rewind why ?

  • Bob Apr 22, 2014 

    Will XBMC run on Windows XP

    • Martijn Apr 22, 2014 

      Maybe you should read the blog posts before asking this.

    • J876 Apr 28, 2014 

      Windows XP support has been discontinued as Microsoft have discontinued support. Time to upgrade to a new OS.

  • xbmcer Apr 22, 2014 

    One thing that is not fixed for a looong loong time and it is all over the forums is playing music from remote sources by SFTP. Mysql setup also.
    Its broken since who knows when, talking about REMOTE sources. It simply does not work, if u dont have sources in xbmc client and mysql is the main db, you will hardly play any music. Just FYI

  • knight Apr 23, 2014 

    Hi. Loving the quick updates with all the releases. Recently went from beta to beta 4 monthly build but i cant use my keyboard. only the trackpad portion works. is there a setting that I am missing?

  • longhead Apr 23, 2014 

    Google chrome is blocking download of beta4 for windows. it says that contains malware

  • asko Apr 24, 2014 

    i still have no clue and have been searching all over for information regarding amd/ati support in gotham

  • Yajdam Apr 24, 2014 

    Just a small doubt about the new subtitle service:

    If the movie (or tv show) already has external subtitles, (movieX.mkv movieX.srt in the same folder) will xbmc still search/download subtitles, if the subtitles service is configured to automatically search/download subtitles? And if so, what happens to the original (in this case) movieX.srt?


  • ovi Apr 24, 2014 

    The main problem with the linux builds still persist . Randomly throwing searching windows in the main screen of xbmc . especially when youtube addon is enabled.

  • Doson Apr 25, 2014 

    Does this version work for the Mavericks or will there be a separate download for Mac users?

  • PlayTime Apr 26, 2014 

    XBMC doesn’t remember sometimes my “Wasapi” setting in audio parameters. It set back alone to “Directsound”.
    It’s really annoying.

  • Marcel Apr 26, 2014 

    This latest beta running on windows 8. It does not recognize 7.1 dts hd audio but luckily puts it out anyhow. In xbmc it is shown as 5.1 dts hd while it is in fact 7.1
    This bug was also in the third beta (dont know about the rest). Hope you guys can fix this.

    Still, your work is much appreciated and i would dance on the table when you guys can enable 3D in te future. That would be great. Greetings.

  • Fritz Boyle Apr 28, 2014 

    I have posted in several places: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=193438

    that I had found the release candidate for Gotham but am now wondering if it was a mistake (I installed it already and am wondering if I did the right thing. Can anyone confirm or advise?

  • jeff May 09, 2014 

    I Can’t Get Any Version To Run On Galaxy 4s….Says Its incompatible.

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