XBMC 13.0 Gotham – Beta1 rises!

Posted By: Martijn Kaijser on Mar 04, 2014 in Pre-Release

We hope you are as excited about this as we are. After a year of hard work, improvements and testing since the release of version 12.0, we are delighted to announce the Beta release of the upcoming XBMC 13.0, codenamed “Gotham”. The past year we have kept you informed with our monthly blog posts of all the exciting new features added to this upcoming release. Now, let’s review a few of those features we’re particularly excited about.

The features

Android Hardware Decoding DL_Icons_Android-new

Since 2012 July 12, the single most requested feature has been hardware decoding in Android, and with XBMC 13 we are finally able to make that feature a reality. XBMC should run on Android 4.0 and higher and is offered now in two separate build, namely ARM and x86 which are the hardware architectures of the device. You would need to consult your device specifications before you download XBMC for Android, though the vast majority of Android devices run on ARM hardware.

Raspberry Pi  and Android speed improvements DL_Icons_RaspberryPi-new

Since the release of Frodo a lot of effort has been put into getting XBMC to run smoother on lower powered platform like the famous Raspberry Pi and of course Android. All this effort has paid off and the experience of using these devices has been much more polished and satisfying than ever before. For example opening your libraries, browsing through them, loading of images and the starting of videos have all seen dramatic speed increases.

Stereoscopic 3D Rendering

Some of the newly available 3D Options

For you lovers of 3D out there, we are also pleased to say that we now support 3D movies encoded in the following formats: SBS, TAB, anaglyph, and interlaced (on supported platforms for passive TVs). Unfortunately, XBMC cannot yet support 3D blurays and cannot provide hardware acceleration for FullSBS/TAB movies (therefore limiting those videos to relatively high powered CPUs).

Improved Touchscreen Support

XBMC on touchscreens now supports gesture controls during video playback, as well as supporting swiping controls in navigation.

Improved UPnP capabilities

gotham-upnp_play_usingInstances of XBMC throughout the house can now “speak” with each other and with other UPnP devices. Support now includes more advanced library browsing as well as “Play using…” functions, allowing XBMC to tell another device on the network to play a certain media file.

So you can browse the UPnP library on your tablet and send a video from that library straight to you main XBMC HTPC, similar to Apple’s Airplay and Google’s casting features.

Additionally when watching videos from the XBMC UPnP server, watch status will be updated so you don’t have to remember what shows you’ve already watched.

Dramatic Audio Engine Improvements

The Audio Engine introduced with XBMC 12.0 “Frodo” has been reworked to be simpler, faster, with better quality and less likelihood of breaking in XBMC 13 across all platforms. You may also notice that some users will need to reconfigure their audio settings. This is caused by the audio improvements and restructuring of the settings systems. However this should be more intuitive and user friendly than it was in XBMC 12 thanks to improvements in Settings.

On Linux there is additional good news for Desktop users who don’t use XBMC as a standalone HTPC through OpenELEC or XBMCbuntu. XBMC will now cooperate nicely with the pulseaudio server and will provide real pulseaudio support. This is a behaviour change, make sure to read the PulseAudio XBMC wiki page to learn more.

Settings Improvements

From the user perspective, three major changes will be introduced that should dramatically improve usability in XBMC settings.

First, settings have been broken down into levels starting at beginner and going all the way up the scale to expert level. The typical XBMC user should never need to go very far past the Standard settings. If installing XBMC for friends or family, it is highly encouraged that you move the settings down to Beginner level. And if a setting has disappeared that you typically expect to see, definitely browse through the settings levels, as it likely has been hidden on a more advanced level.

Second, every setting now includes a description, which may be found at the bottom of the settings page on the default Confluence skin. If a setting title is odd or is otherwise confusing, this description is intended to clear up the purpose of the setting and the result of changing it.

Third, every setting page now includes a Reset to Default option so that if you find yourself completely unable to return to a useable state in XBMC, you can always start fresh without having to perform a complete reinstall. Importantly, resetting one group of settings to default does not affect any others. So if you have video settings just right, but audio is screwed up, you can reset audio without affecting video.

Making Subtitle Search Better

Gotham 13.0 Improved subtitle search

This change should give addon developers in this area a great deal more latitude for implementing changes and fixes without needing to wait for other addon devs to submit similar fixes, all to the benefit of the user experience. From the user perspective, the only significant change will be in the way a subtitle search service is downloaded. Right now, it is already available and merely needs enabling, as there is only a single addon. In the future, the user will need to select and download their preferred addon before starting a movie and searching for subtitles.

An Extended Python and JSON-RPC API for developers

While this feature may not be as immediately noticeable upon install, it could ultimately be one of the most important changes of XBMC 13. With the extension of the API, users should soon be able to control virtually every aspect of XBMC without once touching the XBMC UI. Developers will now have unprecedented opportunity to make even more powerful remote control apps, web GUIs, and XBMC add-ons. We look forward to the community taking advantage of this extended API and creating some extraordinary features in the future.

Yet More Features

  • - Update to FFMPEG v1.2 which we use for audio/video playback
  • - Stereo audio can now be upmixed to 5.1 and sent through optical/SPDIF devices
  • - Various visual changes throughout the skin which should improve usability and logic.
  • - Improve the handling of subtitle downloading and selection
  • - Extend and improve the User-interface Engine which developers use to create a variety of skins to be used.
  • - Drop of support for Windows XP. Due to upgrades in the way we build XBMC, it is no longer possible to install XBMC onto Windows XP. For current XP users we can suggest installing OpenELEC or XBMCbuntu as a free way to use XBMC 13 as a pure media centre.

For a brief change log visit our wiki page: Gotham Changelog

The fixes

To be honest the list of improvements and fixes is too vast to even being listing here. Some improvements and fixes came in with the features mentioned above and some came in as separate improvements. For all this we want to thank our passionate group of Team XBMC developers and of course also the third-party developers who contributed to XBMC with patches and improvements. For the curious people who do want to know every change, you can find the full list on our github development repo, although it’s quite technical in general.

After upgrade

After you have updated from Frodo or any earlier alpha or beta it might pay of to force refresh the XBMC.org repository. This is to make sure the most recent repository list is loaded and needed updates become available. This could be the case when wanting to use the new subtitle downloading feature and you cannot find the new services to install. Doing it regardless doesn’t hurt. Here’s a quick how-to found on our wiki: Force refresh

List of Gotham blogs

If you’d like to read up on the developments and various improvements done since Frodo up to the point that Gotham recieved Beta status here is a quick reference list in reverse order: Gotham related news

Important notice

Stability Although the Gotham version of XBMC has been tested and used by thousands of users over the past several months, it still remains Beta software. This means problems can and will happen, varying in severity. We do not believe any particularly severe bugs remain, but caution is, as always, advised when using beta software.

Backup your data Before upgrading we would recommend you create a backup of your current userdata folder which contains all your current settings and database files. In the unlikely case that something went wrong during your upgrade, a backup will ensure that you are still able to go back to the previous state. Where the userdata folder is located on your system can be found on our userdata wiki page. Do note that when first upgrading from Frodo 12.x it may take some time until you see the familiar homescreen as several internal upgrades need to be performed.

Add-ons As mentioned in previous blog posts, due to changes related to our add-on system and skin improvement, certain plugins, scripts and skins may become incompatible when upgrading from Frodo to Gotham. Sadly this is part of the continuing process of development and improvement. We hope the impact of these changes will be limited but we feel a warning would be beneficial. If there are any addons you particularly depend on, we advise that you visit the forum thread of that addon to see if the author has ensured support in XBMC 13.

Installing on OSX As XBMC is an unsigned application on OSX, you may need to go through a slightly different process to start it the first time. After you have copied XBMC to the Applications folder, you will need to “right click” or “two finger click” XBMC from within the Applications folder and select “Open” and then accept the warning. You should only need to do this the first time you run XBMC.

Code base Since we have branched the XBMC core code for Gotham off from our main development master branch on Github it is important that you also build from the correct Github branch: http://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/tree/Gotham


The Shirt

For the next two weeks, and only the next two weeks, in honor of Beta 1 of XBMC 13 finally being released, and to celebrate the fact that we’ve been around over 10 years now, we’re selling a simple XBMC t-shirt (also available in women’s sizes and as a hoodie).

Generally speaking, we like to be a bit more creative than “plain XBMC,” so there’s a very real chance that this will be the first and only time we sell a shirt like this. As such, we recommend buying now and not being sorry later.




Should want to download and install XBMC, please visit our download page.

* Official XBMC downloads


How to Contribute

If you use these builds, we encourage you to submit bugs in Trac (following this guide: How to submit a bug report), provide support in our Forums where you can, or donate to the Foundation if you like. A portion of every shirt sale also goes to the Foundation, so if you’d rather contribute by buying some XBMC gear, that’s cool too. For a current FAQ on XBMC 13, visit our Gotham FAQ.

Discussion - 190 Comments

  • Darrell Johansen Mar 04, 2014 

    Awesome work devs!

    • Michael Mar 14, 2014 

      Awesome. Thank-you – love it on my devices!

      I saw the UPnp elements – have you ever thought of a synchronization engine? Where you can link a number of devices if they all enter a common code and then synchronize content nightly – like a library refresh?
      The process of using MySQL and everything else is just too techie. If you were to sync what is watched – it would send a cheer across the masses.

  • Bernard Mar 04, 2014 

    Congratulations for those very very very big job. I use to try nightlys for about six mounth and see all the improvements, bugs corrections, stability ….
    Thank you very mutch to make us happy to use the best Mediacenter software in the word.
    Beber using OpenELEC.

  • David Mar 04, 2014 

    Super excited about this release.

    Love XBMC since I got it the first time on the old Xbox :-)

    Looking forward to test it with my Pi and see what it can do for my future projets where it will be runing on 25 Pis :-)

    Keep up the great work devs

  • Robert Mar 04, 2014 

    Thank you for your hard work. I’ve been using Gotham for a wile now. Very satisfied!

  • stephen mosley Mar 04, 2014 

    Hi tryed your gotham xbmc13 beta but still not supported on allwinner a34 quad core and MX devices yet as still has issues playing video or desplaying the video. I hope you can get this fixst in the next beta bluid thanks.

    • Nathan Betzen Mar 04, 2014 

      Hey Stephen, the allwinner chipset requires specialized code that’s honestly fairly rare in the Android world. It’s somewhat unlikely at this point that it’ll make it into XBMC for 13, though whoever your hardware provider is will likely make a specialized build, assuming they are advertising XBMC support.

      • Basti Mar 05, 2014 

        Nathan, that may be the case for many western countries, but go have a look what the close to 2 billion Chinese people use. Significant part of their tablets run on either Allwinner SOC’s or Rockchip SOCs.
        Working with the vendors might be impossible and support might be difficult if not impossible to get done, but your argument is simply just not valid.

        • Basti Mar 05, 2014 

          Obliviously not 2 billion, but 1. Regardless, the point stands.

          • Ned Scott Mar 06, 2014 

            Nate is dead on. Even Allwinner is using the standard APIs instead of their craptastic CedarX on their newest hardware. Team XBMC specifically tried, multiple times, to work with the Allwinner company to get their older CedarX working in XBMC, and they strung us along and eventually blew us off. We’re not the ones you need to be talking to if you want to see better Allwinner support in XBMC.

        • Nathan Betzen Mar 05, 2014 

          The fact that a lot of Chinese companies and customers user these chipsets doesn’t mean the chipsets don’t require specialized code. If the code is not part of standard vanilla Android, it is, by definition, specialized. We’d love to support it all, but we have only so many people who can work for free on a fairly regular basis.

      • Rocker Mar 05, 2014 

        I believe that only Allwinner A10 and A20 SoC series require specialize code for their CedarX VPU, though those are the majority used out that.

        I think that Allwinner’s A30 and A80 SoC series are based on other VPU technology that uses Android’s standard APIs and libraries.

        Still, it should really be up to Allwinner and media player manufactures using Allwinner A10 and A20 SoC series to submit their code for those to XBMC

      • stephen mosley Mar 06, 2014 

        Hi thanks for getting back to me. What it is I have a mele m9 android box that supports xbmc using their vidon me xbmc I tryed that but still the same issue could it be my frameware v3.1.2 . The frameware on their website is different could it be I have to downgrade to the frameware on their website and can I downgrade could you let me know thanks . also this is their website


      • Vipul Mar 06, 2014 

        I had XBMC 11 installed on my system. I replaced it with XMNC 13 beta, and now it is not able to detect the files path. My HTPC is connected to a NAS through LAN.
        I am unable to resolve it, as I do not know too much about XBMC. It would be really nice if you help me out with this issue.

      • Stephen mosley Mar 07, 2014 

        Hi i downgraded the frameware mele m9 and vidon me is now working with full hd decoding bluid in to the frameware as was frameware problem just keep up the good work on android devices as android getting better than windows systems keep up good work xbmc Gotham 13 rocks.

  • Rocker Mar 04, 2014 

    Great stuff, thanks! However don’t forget about major PVR interface improvements, those GUI enhancements and more also have huge benefits to XBMC’s PVR end-user experience in that area IMHO!

  • Fabian Mar 04, 2014 

    Very nice work. 3D support and better audio quality. That’s something I dig when the final is out I shall donate for your hard work.

    BUG: when I go to system / settings / system / Audio Output or Input Devices. XBMC crashes. This is under Windows Server 2012 (standard)

    • Lloyd May 23, 2014 

      I’m getting the same problem on Linux (openelec) with version 13.1 beta 2.

  • Fabian Mar 04, 2014 

    This only happens when I have my USB DAC disconnected (which I use as only audio source). So it’s not a serious bug.

  • Hasu0bs Mar 04, 2014 

    This is just great news!

  • Cassiel Mar 04, 2014 

    Awesome – congratulations to the dev team! :)

  • RRS Mar 04, 2014 

    Errors installing under Apple TV 2 – error processing *xbmc*.deb (–install) : -sh: syntax error near expected token

    • Memphiz Mar 04, 2014 

      Looks like a corrupt download. Please do “rm *xbmc*.deb” and restart the download/install instructions.

  • JiSiN Mar 04, 2014 


    *Thumbs up* for:

    - Android Hardware Decoding
    - Improved Touchscreen Support
    - Raspberry Pi and Android speed improvements
    - Stereoscopic 3D Rendering
    - Making Subtitle Search Better

    • ianno Mar 05, 2014 

      I totaly agree with that! Just a amazing job! :D

  • Paul Mar 04, 2014 


    I hope this does make XBMC fully work on Android & not Buffer & stutter all the time. Role on tonight to install & try.

  • zag Mar 04, 2014 

    Please put any bug reports in the official testing thread with a log file:


  • Eduard Mar 04, 2014 

    Thank you! XBMC – the best! Just one issue I want to see in my favorite media center it is the possibility to play external audotracks for videos. Now I can choose external subtitels but can’t play external soundtrack. It’s very actual for non-english speaking countries.

  • Martin Mar 04, 2014 

    Awesome! Been using Gotham for quite a while now and it’s been working good, some bugs here and there, but that’s to be expected, thank you to all devs, you rock!

  • jt cann Mar 04, 2014 

    I did some messing around with Ubuntu trying to get a wireless 360 controller working and I think I broke some stuff. Is there a way to start fresh with xbmcubuntu? Should I install 12.0 ISO then upgrade thru the ppa?

  • Alexander Johansson Mar 04, 2014 


    I know its a beta, but i cant search for subtitle, no addon under subtitle or does it work for someone else?

  • Yonux Mar 04, 2014 

    Congratulations to the dev team !

    Is it possible, in the future, to also add the “git link” to the released branch ?
    I always prefer to build it myself (–prefix= is one of the most important configure option for me). I know, this is just two more git commands (list and select), but I’m so lazy :)

    • Ned Scott Mar 05, 2014 

      You’d think XBMC would have just done something like wait to branch until release (for bugfix backports) like was done in years past, which would be less confusing, rather than have both master and a gotham branch be active at the same time.

  • Marcel Mar 04, 2014 

    The version causes bluescreens on my Computer. (Windows 8.1 64bit)
    Luckily I had a backup from Windows

    • Nathan Betzen Mar 05, 2014 

      Hey, Marcel. I’m also using 8.1 and I’m not seeing the bluescreens. If you could submit a bug report in the forum, it’d be much easier to find and fix the problem.

    • Magnum Mar 13, 2014 

      Pics or it did not happen…

  • Miguel Mar 04, 2014 

    This post is epic

  • Bas Mar 04, 2014 

    I’m using xbmc on android but i dont have 5.1 or dts on it, and my sub wont be activate.
    But futher it works good.

    • csgersbeck Mar 09, 2014 

      Don’t know about Android, but on my Mac Mini using the Confluence skin, I had to go to Settings>System then under “Settings Level” select “Advanced.” Scroll back up to “Audio Output” and select “Enable Passthrough” – you should get 5.1 sound now.

      • malcom May 10, 2014 

        YES! Finally! After hours of trying to get 5.1 passthrough back working again (on a PC). Your solution did work. THANKS!

  • StefaanD Mar 04, 2014 

    Don’t you guys mean FFMPEG 2.1 instead of FFMPEG 1.2 as mentioned in the article ?

    • Martijn Mar 04, 2014 

      No we definitely mean 1.2
      Next bump will be in next version.

  • thekingm249 Mar 04, 2014 

    great job. keep up the good work..but its wont install on windows 7 home premium 64 bit

    • JiSiN Mar 05, 2014 

      so far i could install it on Win7 Pro 64bit, Nexus (Android Tablet) 4.x, OSX.

      i’m really happy with it ^^

  • adem Mar 04, 2014 

    i think you guys are doing a great job and i think xbmc will soon run more on android then any other device so far i tested it on rk3066 devices and rk3188 devicess galaxy note 2 N7105T and my chinese tablet that runs on the exynos 5250 and xbmc run very well on these devices. i did not have much luck on aml 8726-mx (dongle) and cs868 running allwinner a31. soon i will get 2 more new devices telechip and a new rokchip dual core cortex-a9 i think its rk3028 or something. also i had a aml8726-m1 box and i installed pivos xbmc on it and that also runs very well

  • soliter26 Mar 04, 2014 

    Hi guys, the world would be definitely more boring without XBMC. Thanks for you amazing job. I just installed the first beta of Gotham. So far everything OK except….
    Just one quetion. I have a DVB vievewer as a PVR function. The TV channel switch is very slow without time shift and even slower with the time shift (cca 13seconds). Can I consider it as a bug or normal behaviour for Gotham ? Because the DVB viewer gave me so far the best results with TV channel switch and this advantage is gone now.

    • Rocker Mar 04, 2014 

      Live TV channel switching is almost always due to issues on the PVR backend server, in your case DVBViewer.

      To compare just boot your machine to OpenELEC to try out XBMC with Tvheadend PVR backend server

      MediaPortal PVR backend server is otherwise quite fast too with XBMC if you insist on using Windows.

      • soliter26 Mar 04, 2014 

        I do not think it is that issue. Just before installing Gotham I had Frodo 12.3 and everything was going well. Still using the same version of DVB viewer. I just uninstalled Frodo 12.3 and installed new Gotham beta 1. So the only change is the XBMC. And yes, I run windows. The live TV channel on mediaportal is very slow for me and this was the reason I chose DVB viewer.

    • Andrew Mar 05, 2014 

      DVBLink Connect! Server has been updated to a new build version that has dramatically improved channel switching times for me. Down from 13-ish seconds to 4-5 seconds. Refer here for the details:

  • jd Mar 04, 2014 

    great work – But I’m still awaiting some imprivments with Live-TV (timeshift) for my dreambox XBMC setup

  • Frankie Mar 04, 2014 

    THANKS GUYS! installing now. Looking forward to great things!

  • Khaaaaaaaaaan Mar 04, 2014 

    Will we ever see a native iOS app that DOESN’T require rooting? ala Plex? Just curious.


    • Nathan Betzen Mar 05, 2014 

      Probably not. Beyond the fact that much of our code would violate the Apple App Store guidelines, many of the devs believe our license and the Apple store license conflict with each other. Both together make any entry extremely unlikely.

      • Khaaaaaaaaaan Mar 06, 2014 

        Ok…fair enough. Thanks for the info, Nathan. Good work to everyone involved with XBMC. It’s my absolute favorite! :)


  • Jacint Mar 04, 2014 

    Where is my built-in emulation? :(

    • zag Mar 05, 2014 

      If your talking about RetroPlayer, it isn’t ready yet so wasn’t included in this release.

  • Gryzor Mar 04, 2014 

    Any guide on how to install the beta on Pi, say, with OpenELEC?

    • Nathan Betzen Mar 04, 2014 

      The OpenELEC beta is coming out next week.

      • Gryzor Mar 04, 2014 

        Ohhh sweet! Will keep an eye out! Thanks for letting me know :)

      • Gryzor Mar 05, 2014 

        Nathan, is there a repository for the beta releases? Can only find the stable ones on the site… thanks again!

  • Rushingjs Mar 04, 2014 

    It’s incredibly encouraging the progress you continually make. Everything is getting better, all the time. Yes, maybe not nearly as fast as some would like, but it is incredibly impressive. Excellent work!

  • Hugo Ferreira Mar 04, 2014 

    does it support cubieboard?

  • Werner Mar 04, 2014 

    live TV (vdr/vsni Protocol 4) don’t work with beta
    I installed the monthly build from January and it works

    Windows 7 Professional / 64 bit

    Ubuntu 12.04
    VDRAdmin-AM Version: 3.6.9
    VDR Version: 2.0.4

    • fritsch Mar 04, 2014 

      Gotham needs vnsi5

      • Werner Mar 05, 2014 


        But i could not use 5 at this time

  • Boycie Mar 04, 2014 

    Thanx to all that have worked so hard to get this on the shelf ;) looking forward to playing with all the new settings & on the android side of things it should make a massive upturn in the use of XBMC which imo will make the world entertainment a lot better place ..

  • Nino Mar 04, 2014 

    Hi guys. I install this version to make samples and noted that subtitles are not working I enabled the addon opensubtitles.org. He says it downloaded but then the screen shows nothing and the file. SRT film I see in addon_data / service.subtitles.opensubtitles / temp.
    Thanks a lot.

    • Nathan Betzen Mar 04, 2014 

      Any chance you are using a skin other than Confluence? A skin that hasn’t updated to Gotham yet can have subtitle problems.

    • Reijer Dekker Mar 04, 2014 

      Nice work people..

      The subtitle addin didn’t work for me in the nightly builds because i didn’t use the default skin. Try the default skin an it will work (I hope :P )

    • joroloso Mar 11, 2014 

      same issue here and I’m using Confluence.

    • joroloso Mar 11, 2014 

      Subtitles were working fine on alphas. It appears that the .srt is not saved on the same directory as the video file in spite of the correct setting in System.

  • H1berto Mar 04, 2014 


  • Poppeye Mar 04, 2014 

    From previous posters I see that the new subtitle engine is still the deal breaker: There’s only one subtitle service available and that doesn’t seem to work.Will have to wait for more progress.

    • Nathan Betzen Mar 04, 2014 

      At best guess, it appears the subtitle issue has to do with users using non-updated skins. Users on Confluence should not be having any issues. It’s basically something that’ll get fixed by tomorrow, as XBMC updates skins.

    • Kib Mar 07, 2014 

      There are several subtitle services available. I believe I have six installed at home.

  • Mikkel Mar 04, 2014 

    Why aren’t you publishing the Android version on Google play?

    • Martijn Mar 04, 2014 

      Because it’s still in beta and frodo wasn’t good enough. Additional play store has a limit of 50mb and we are 55mb

      • Sunil Mar 04, 2014 

        A small installer for android that pulls in the install files when run on devices, would solve the 50 MB limit. Above all, it will give xbmc great visibility among the masses and make it a very easy auto-updating application.

        Food for thought! Keep up the good work!!

        • Krieg Mar 05, 2014 

          Are you going to donate the hosting were those files will be downloading from?

          • Ned Scott Mar 06, 2014 

            The additional files can be hosted on Google’s servers, but even if they were not, XBMC.org has a huge mirror network that wouldn’t have any issue hosting those files. If anything, we just need someone to help us figure out packaging options on Android for Google Play.

  • Phil Mar 04, 2014 

    Hi when will boxee box version be out

    • Nathan Betzen Mar 04, 2014 

      Um? Team XBMC doesn’t support the Boxee Box version. You’d have to ask those devs.

    • Rocker Mar 05, 2014 

      Ask the developers of XBMC for Boxee Box to submit their code upstream for inclusion into XBMC mainline, or pack it up and submit patch upstream yourself if you have the coding skills

  • Tiz Mar 04, 2014 

    Thank you super awesome XBMC guys!!

  • random Mar 04, 2014 

    Brightness set to 50 on video settings makes a “layer” over the whole screen atleast for me 49 and 51 is okej, the value looks like a higher value like 75+ or so.

    • Nathan Betzen Mar 04, 2014 

      Um. If you ever seen this again, random person, feel free to provide a report in our testing thread. Please provide your platform and a debug log.


    • John Mar 05, 2014 

      Same here. Easy fix to just change the brightness by 1

    • amby Mar 05, 2014 

      Same problem here.

  • Max Mar 05, 2014 

    Great !!! Quick question, where can I get the splash-screen displayed in the post? (which file is and where is it located on the XBMC install?) I’d like to use is as boot-splash on my Linux system

  • NetApex Mar 05, 2014 

    Will you guys consider working up a Google TV version?

    • zag Mar 05, 2014 

      It already works (I think)

  • Atli Jarl Martin Mar 05, 2014 

    Hey all! Most excellent work on Gotham. Been fiddling around with the new features and the FTP streaming is supersmooth.

    I have one question, the subtitles feature, I just added Opensubtitles instead of the XBMC Subtitles addon, and it works just fine, but I really miss the auto-download feature.

    Cheers from Iceland!

  • Vu Nguyen Mar 05, 2014 

    Upgraded to this beta today and still can’t figure out how to get the surround sound to work. It worked under version 12 …but with this one, no matter what I select, Direct Sound:SPDIF (via Optical) or WASAPI: SPDIF (Optical), my sound came out only 2 channels… how do I configure it to work with 5.1 or DTS audio?
    Please help!!!

    • Vu Nguyen Mar 05, 2014 

      I got it!

      Just enable “Expert” mode then enable “pass-through”…

      My life is complete again!

      Thanks XBMC team!!!!

  • joy Mar 05, 2014 

    Great work…
    Found a bug.. It seeks to replace my stable v12.2
    –thats a big No No
    -why did you not make a standalone version / so,it can be installed next to my 12.2?

  • kizzer Mar 05, 2014 

    Hi guys love this new build but how do i get navi-x to work on it as saying not compatible….

    Thanks for any info or help

    • Vu Nguyen Mar 07, 2014 

      You might have to wait until they update NaviX to be compatible with the new Gotham.

  • Peter Mar 05, 2014 


    What is the best way to install this new Gotham 13.0 beta1 version?

    Uninstall Frodo 12.3 and then install Gotham 13.0 beta
    Or just upgrade by installing the Gotham 13.0 beta1 version over the Frodo 12.3 version?

    XBMC runs on my system under OS Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit.


    • Nathan Betzen Mar 05, 2014 

      Upgrading by installing over should work perfectly fine. No need to uninstall.

  • Mitchell 4you Mar 05, 2014 

    Please make the android version a stand-alone release
    So, users can install this beta with-out losing there pre-installed version
    In my case ‘frodo’ build for ‘amlogic/mygicia’
    Cheers and keep-up the good work

  • h.udo Mar 05, 2014 

    Great job, guys!
    Been using Gotham Alpha’s for the last 6 months and quite happy with them.
    Keep up the great work!

    P:S.: Can we have the post image in hi-res? It’s a killer desktop background.

  • jose Mar 05, 2014 

    i am a happy user of frodo on raspi. there’s one thing though that i’d very much welcome – adjusting screen brightness in xbmc’s gui. is that/will that be possible one day? thank you, jose

  • Donken Mar 05, 2014 

    Something is wack with the subtitles. Was working before on a gotham nightly with Confluence. Did a fresh install and the subtitle wont show up in the movie and/or the custom subtitle folder.

    I’m on osx mav…

    • Donken Mar 05, 2014 


      So i tried the newest nightly released 05-Mar-2014 07:13… Didn’t work either.
      So then i tried an old nightly date 01-Mar-2014 16:27 and the subtitles was working again.

  • Skank Mar 05, 2014 

    Is full xbmc on android device available in the store or does the tablet need to be rooted?

    For ios tablet it needs a root right? Im always considering that cause i dont like to root :(

    The option play using… Is this something like multiroomaudio like sonos systems?
    Doesnt airplay do the same?

  • Pop006 Mar 05, 2014 

    When I try to install on my Nexus4 all i get is this: http://imgur.com/7VqiQ7T (App Not Installed Screen)
    I had an older version installed and deleted it, and then tried the ARM version above… am i doing something wrong? not sure what to try next…

  • xxfreebird13xx Mar 05, 2014 

    Great Job!I just love XBMC!!!!

  • Jo Flag Mar 05, 2014 

    I guys
    when i instal it and try to run it, i get this message “ERROR: unable to create GUI.Exiting.”
    what can i do? My os is windows7

  • Werner Mar 05, 2014 

    What happend to audio passthrough on AMD APU (A8-3820) processors. Works fine on 12.3 but not 13

    • Nathan Betzen Mar 05, 2014 

      You may need to enable expert mode on your audio settings page.

  • marcus Mar 05, 2014 

    hey great work thanks:)))
    one thing is missing ios7 airplay support
    i cant get it work with frodo12.3 anymore .
    pictures works on gotham13 but video is buggy.
    can i do something to get it work

  • ash13 Mar 06, 2014 

    Has anyone successfully installed the program on a Google TV?

  • Dejitaru Mar 06, 2014 

    Upgraded from frodo to beta 1 and it’s not seeing any of my music. I have shared small database movie and tv shows are working but no music. Anything I have to do on the MySQL side?

  • Rogue Trooper Mar 06, 2014 

    Hi. ‘Enable LCD/VFD’ has been removed from the ‘Video Settings’ under ‘System’. It was in this location in Frodo. Has this been relocated? Thanks.

    • Ned Scott Mar 06, 2014 

      I believe that is all handled by the LCD add-on now. The internal support was broken, but full functionality (and various bugfixes) are now included in the add-on. It worked great the last time I used it. http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Add-on:XBMC_LCDproc

  • Rick Mar 06, 2014 

    I love XBMC, thanks for all the good work! I also have majore subtitle problems since beta 1. As mentioned earlier, the subtitles appear in the search list, they download, but then they are not visible. I use the standard skin, confluence. I also tried the latest nightly build. I also tested the different subtitle services. no difference. Still no subtitles. I use the ARM version. Two friends of mine have exactly the same problem. Will there be a solution availbable soon? thanks for all you guys do.

  • Joe Mar 06, 2014 

    Well apparently this will not work for XP. Though I think I read some where that 17% or so windows users are still running XP. And may still be running it after Windows ends support. Looks like I’m stuck at 12.3 :(

    • zag Mar 10, 2014 

      XP Support was removed a while ago.

  • Skank Mar 06, 2014 


    The option play using… Does this work with all upnp renderers?
    Like a upnp samsung bluray player?

    Does it clear the way for ex multiroom audio like. Sonos system?

    Can i install the upnp server part on my unraid server instead of using mysql?

    Thx for your answers

  • Vipul Mar 06, 2014 

    I had XBMC 11 installed on my system. I replaced it with XMNC 13 beta, and now it is not able to detect the files path. My HTPC is connected to a NAS through LAN.
    I am unable to resolve it, as I do not know too much about XBMC. It would be really nice if someone can help me out with this issue.

  • Vipul Mar 06, 2014 

    sorry… I meant I replaced XBMC 11 with XBMC 13 beta… Thanks

  • Nedthegreat Mar 06, 2014 

    amazing. well done guys. Now tried it with mx box with my firmware and works a treat so far. few addons not working but massive steps. and the addons that dont work aint important. Well pleased

    • Ned Scott Mar 06, 2014 

      I like this guy’s name.

  • Leo Mar 06, 2014 

    [Quote] An Extended Python and JSON-RPC API for developers

    While this feature may not be as immediately noticeable upon install, it could ultimately be one of the most important changes of XBMC 13 … We look forward to the community taking advantage of this extended API and creating some extraordinary features in the future. [/Quote]

    Hopefully this means XBMC 14 will finally have a screen for us to modify or add custom keyboard shortcuts. I know we can mod it in the text file editor and all, but it’s not the most enjoyable of experiences, is it? Would be lovely to finally have a GUI right in XBMC to do that.

  • Mad Ireland Mar 06, 2014 

    3 Raspberry pi’s running open elec. 1 Motorla lapdock running RaspBmc. once again boys awesome software, thank you to all who have any input.

  • Mad Ireland Mar 06, 2014 

    Not forgetting Android: Galaxy Note 1.
    & A Big Thank you to the guys who created “YATSE” remote.
    Probably the best I have ever used.
    Thank You all

  • Richie Mar 06, 2014 

    Great work guys! Huge improvement on my nexus 7. A couple of quick questions, are there plans to integrate upnp into the standard TV/movies menus on the home screen?I know there is a skin mod that does this as a work around but it would be great to use the standard menus on the tablet and apple TV with upnp straight out of the box.

    Also, games. I thought I’d seen some discussion a few months ago about liberto integration possibly being a part of this release. Is this likely to be a mid version addition or another 12 months away?

  • Mario Mar 06, 2014 

    Damit fussball flüssig läuft müsste noch was gemacht werden ich habe meine Dreambox über VU+PVR Clienten laufen alles läuft gut nur Fussball hakt und läuft nicht flüssig ich habe schon sämmtliche einstellungen ausprobiert wäre super wenn ihr da noch was machen könntet ansonnsten ist XBMC die Zukunft -:) super job den ihr da macht


  • daniel Mar 06, 2014 

    how i can download the gothic beta on the raspberry pi. please help a nooby!

  • jamEs Mar 06, 2014 

    Is the karaoke functionality fixed for Ouya yet?

  • Smobbo Mar 06, 2014 

    Congratulations guys!

    I’ve been a fan since Camelot and it is still by far the best media center!

    Just bought the hoodie, nice for the evenings spend bingewatching ;)

  • Tom Mar 06, 2014 

    I can’t get the adjust display refresh rate to match video setting to work. It worked on Frodo. I have set it to always or on start and stop. Also, what happen to being able to select multiple images as the background for the skin. I can now only select one image. I can’t select a folder. Thanks

    • fritsch Mar 06, 2014 

      Head over to the forum thread that was mentioned above and post appropriate debug logs.

    • Trevor Mar 07, 2014 

      You need to enable Expert mode. Go to settings/video/ at the bottom “settings level” change to “Expert” and now you will see refresh rate from playback settings.

  • fasd Mar 06, 2014 

    Thank you! Best media center out there!

  • John Mar 06, 2014 

    My audio seems to slightly lag behind. You can tell when navigating around the menus, especially when you hold a scroll button down, it takes a second for it to stop after you let go (and the sounds sound kinda scrambled while holding a scroll button down). Videos audio also seem slightly behind. Any ideas? I dont have any problems with Frodo. Running on windows. I also game so its a pretty powerful machine, so I dont think its an issue of power

    • fritsch Mar 06, 2014 

      Head over to the forum thread that was mentioned above and post appropriate debug logs.

  • stanley Mar 06, 2014 

    Subtitles is not working. Beside that you can not choose different languages for example dutch.

  • Glen Mar 07, 2014 

    Just wanted to say a huge thankyou. I have been struggling with xbmc’s audio for months. I have xbmc on windows connected via hdmi through a receiver to the TV. Depending on whether the amp was on/off the sound may or may not work (randomly). Now every combo works perfectly with all the right decoding and transcoding working without overrides :)

    Thanks for the massive improvement !!

  • sonic Mar 07, 2014 

    Thank you guys! Time to order some XBMC clothing to add to the media experience ;)

  • Barry Fulton Mar 07, 2014 

    I’ve just upgrade to xbmc Gotham 13.0 and I’m still getting the Frodo homepage and it’s says some of my programs are incompatible??? Can some one help me new to all this?? How to I set the Gotham13.0 is it just through hubwizard???

  • Eric Mar 07, 2014 

    It seems that the keyboard command for going from full screen view to windowed mode no longer works. I used to be able to press the \ key to go between the two view modes (I also read that alt+enter did the same thing, but I never used that), but that doesn’t do anything after the update. Has the key changed, or has the feature been removed as a keyboard shortcut?

    • ngoal69 Mar 07, 2014 

      Had to downgrade back to my old RC frodo with libstagefright buildNon android. Despite being a year old this is the most reliable build for android. Gotham does not work very well with the majority of streaming apps. You tube and apple trailers work fine but many have issues seeking and will crash xbmc. It might be up to the app developers to fix this as it is not very usable the way it is. Thank you for all the hard work

    • Nathan Betzen Mar 07, 2014 

      I can almost guarantee every single dev uses that key on a near daily basis. It seems to be working fine for me. Perhaps you could submit a bug report?

    • Kib Mar 08, 2014 

      Neither changed not removed. It should be working. Please submit a bug report with debug log in the thread mentioned above!

  • Mc Mar 08, 2014 

    Subtitles dont appear in the movies after downloaded i’m using mash up. Anyone?

  • DudeMan Mar 09, 2014 

    The only thing XBMC is always missing is a way for the interface to detect changes in metadata on the server and refresh just that item when it is highlighted (rather than manually reloading a movie or refreshing the entire collection). That way metadata and artwork can always be updated if its changed on the local server. Could be done by checking the last modified date on the files.

    Anyways, I can’t wait to see how the new API changes improve … well everything skin related, and new audio? yes please! Great work!

  • Peter Mar 09, 2014 

    Set Management is not working for Music Videos!

    How can I make sets for my Music Videos?

  • bryan Mar 09, 2014 

    i tried the repo for ios mirrors.xbmc.org/apt/pre-release/ios/deb is a fail

  • Ben Toy Mar 09, 2014 

    thank ypu xbmc. great update for playing my music collection dts/ac3 5.1 surround format. enjoying now without muting at the end of every tacks. PASSTHROUGH is perfect! wish come true.

  • soliter26 Mar 09, 2014 

    Going back to Frodo 12.3. More less all functions in Frodo work, except live TV channel time shift(DVB Viewer). But honestly, the functions are depending on addons, not on XBMC – that is why I bag all the addons programmers – please keep the addons up to date:-)
    For the first introduction Gotham is OK, but for the stable ussage it is insufficient. For me it is strange why the live TV channel switching is si slow? The only difference between PVR addon for DVB viewer is the time shift.
    But I have to say again – XBMC is really nice software and I appreciate it very much.
    Thank you guys.

  • Duvel Mar 09, 2014 

    Beta Bug Confirmed => quote “Donken”
    .. So then i tried an old nightly date 01-Mar-2014 16:27 and the subtitles was working again.”
    All version newer than this & Beta don’t work with subtitles…
    ThX. for developing this Superb Program…
    XBMC .. For Ever

  • queeup Mar 09, 2014 

    Why there is no Raring (13.04) Beta 1 package?

  • kostas Mar 09, 2014 

    I have problem with the subtitles. Can’t find anything.

  • Stephen mosley Mar 09, 2014 

    Hi i tryed help you get the codex for all winner chipsets the one that’s got it is vidon me as they still have problem getting xbmc Gotham 13 to run on android on all winner chipsets if team up together and help each other as they are having problems selling they bluray box’s that they are not telling you about if team together you will get xbmc Gotham 13 running on all winner chipsets as they can run you media software with no problems if me to help you as i know lot about how android works just email me on [email protected] or getting touch with vidon me to fix’s the problems they are having to get your software running on all winner chipsets hope you get it issues fix’s soon as vidon me will give you the codexs to fix’s problems on all winner chipsets that can run your software.

  • forcedalias Mar 09, 2014 

    Oh boy oh boy. Real excited about 3D support. Thanks devs.

    Also, I hope someone corrected the TV context menu options for EN-US, it’s program not “programme”.

  • Lucy Mar 09, 2014 

    Thanx 4 all ur hard word but when I first downloaded it it worked gr8 but after a day it broke down n stopped working which is a Shame as when it works it’s awesome when will beta 2 be released

  • Lucy Mar 09, 2014 

    Sorry but I forgot to say I use an android device a gbox midnight

  • ski Mar 10, 2014 

    Okay, so where does one actually get a built version for the Raspberry Pi using the basic Raspain distro? There is no download link for it.

  • Francisco Mar 10, 2014 

    Subtitles don,t work

  • Nomis Mar 10, 2014 

    Just fiddling around now. Had to completely remove older edition (still gave old 12.x splash)

    As for the program, still working out what has changed. Like the addition of a close dialogue!

    Still needs a way better way to view/database audio and video. I’d like to give XBMC just 2 folders to go with and then let it index, hide unrelated files and folders, and, well, shows things a bit more like itunes or winamp in a more simple view etc…

  • haliwa Mar 11, 2014 

    IR remote doesn’t work now with upgrade on Rasp PI. Any idea when that will be fixed?

  • Matt Mar 11, 2014 

    Not sure if this is a bug.
    I scan in TV shows using the “local info” only scraper.
    Then, I change the scraper to the TVDB.
    But, when I update library, it still says “scanning using local info”.
    If I check the source, the scraper is still correctly set to the TVDB.
    But, it still keeps updating using local only and doesn’t pick up new episodes that don’t have nfo files.
    Movies work fine though.

  • Hedda Mar 11, 2014 

    Would love to get some snarkish XBMC t-shirts that reads something like

    “My media center is so much cooler than yours”

    “My media center is better than yours, ask me why”

    “I laugh at your old school set-to box and media players”

    or similar cocky yet geeky that will make people ask you about XBMC

    Will order a plain hoddy now in any case for now though

  • nacktduscher Mar 12, 2014 

    Awesome work girls + guys ! For now it’s simply another world of performance even on a straight precise or saucy install !!!
    Congratulations on this for the first, will try the other improvements step by step.

  • Robin Mar 12, 2014 

    When I start XBMC 13.0 Gotham in Windows 7 I get an error message saying “Unable to create gui. Exiting.”

    What could be the problem?

  • Tony Abela Mar 12, 2014 

    Great job great sound when i connect thru bluetooth wirpth my JBL Extreme. One disappointment but. Subtitles not working. Hope for a solution. Keep up the good work guys, using xbmc on android tv box

  • John Mar 12, 2014 

    As soon as I imported my movies and episodes, in that little preview area at the top of Confluence where it shows thumbnails, it jumbled all the text together so that the movie titles were readable.

  • Sal Mar 12, 2014 

    After uninstalling XBMC 12.3 and installing Beta 1 Gotham I no longer get 5.1 sound this also happened in later versions of nightlies. I do have enable passthrough on. Also tried other settings but Direct Sound options worked fine in 12.3. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Or should I just uninstall the beta and go back to 12.3?

  • Cameron Mar 12, 2014 

    This release is working well for the most part. The only bug I have run into is when I hit “backslash” to go into windowed mode after starting xbmc, it doesn’t work unless I go into settings and change it to fullscreen first. It repeats this almost every time I start xbmc. I have my advancedsettings set to start up in full screen everytime, so I am not sure if it has something to do with it or not. I use the WIndows version btw.

  • suriel amaya Mar 12, 2014 

    Thanks devs!!! Great work!!

  • HSM Mar 13, 2014 

    Please Add Full DLNA Support
    My Snoy Bravia can not find XBMC server but other servers like Plex works great !!
    i want to use XBMC because it is better than any other servers.

    please Add it to next version.

    Thank You

  • Mauro Mar 13, 2014 

    Grandi su apple tv2 ho notato grossi miglioramenti!

    • MIR Mar 14, 2014 

      Jeg kender godt den følelse, men hvis du får den i røven af din far går det over

  • Black Flag Mar 13, 2014 

    If install 13 beta and upgrade the previous version, my setting will be lost? Windows 7. Thank you.

  • kenneth Mar 13, 2014 

    Please fix the music database the way it sorts musicfiles. this just doesnt work right. compilations and xbmc have, sorry to say, always sucked big time. and yes my files are tagged the right way..

  • BlueBuddha Mar 14, 2014 

    Last time I tried to upgrade from Eden to Frodo a huge amount of my artwork and Thumbnail covers for movies and TV were missing.
    Needless to say I am still using Eden with Aeon Nox after managing to rollback and recover artworks and covers.
    Will This Release be upgradable to from Eden? and will a fresh install or either install method correctly import my artwork and covers, which are all stored individually with my media files?

  • billboy Mar 14, 2014 

    hi subtitles addons no work why this must fix it

  • Joseito Mar 14, 2014 

    13-0-gotham is working in OUYA.

  • Mardak Mar 14, 2014 

    Any updates regarding the subtitles issue?

  • tabela Mar 15, 2014 

    Hi all, any developments on the subtitles issue?. Can’t see them. Tks

  • Tony Abela Mar 15, 2014 

    Updated with nightly of the 15th. Subtitles are back. Tks

  • clutch Mar 15, 2014 

    Is it only me that really think it’s about time you upgraded your music visualizations? They still look like something from 2002.

    • Charles Mar 16, 2014 

      You are very welcome to look into this issue and submit your improved viz

  • Roy Mar 15, 2014 

    Hi guys,

    Many thanks to xbmc team and anyone who contribute to this amazing project :)

    a quick question :p I’ve installed a Nightly Build from one week ago, now I’d like to install the last one, how to get my fav and addons on the last nightly build? is it through the back up addon? or through copying userdata file to the last nightly build?

    I love how Airplay works in Gotham and the playback is smoooth, i still have one problem with the live stream channels, a lot of image freezing without losing audio, any idea how to get that fixed?

    Advice for android tv dongles users: try out Amber skin, a powerful light skin, you can customize the home menu, make a lot of shortcuts, besides you can display your favorites as icons not list :)

    Keep calm and enjoy Gotham :)

  • israel silva Mar 16, 2014 

    i noticed that the LPCM MULTICHANNEL option was removed from the audio menu. and not just this one i guess. the passthrough works on lpcm multichannel or it turn it into two channels ? or another thing else ?
    in the last frodo has this option, but in this gotham has not

    sorry my bad english

  • Fmart Mar 16, 2014 

    I installed XBMC Gotham on Android device (Odroid-xu), but when start to play some of the files (typically: mpeg-4 xvid) simply exit out of XBMC. On the same device XBMC Frodo plays the same file without any problem. What could be the problem?

  • Alex Mar 16, 2014 

    It would be great if there were an ISO for XBMCbuntu (like http://mirrors.xbmc.org/releases/XBMCbuntu/) so I can test out the new version without having to upgrade my production XBMC install.

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