XBMC 13.0 Gotham – The Beta 2 We Deserve

Posted By: Nathan Betzen on Mar 17, 2014 in Pre-Release

It’s been a mere 13 days since beta 1 came out, and already we’re ready for beta 2. This is almost entirely a “fix” beta release, meaning no new features, only a more rock solid foundation. Still, many of those fixes are worth mentioning in an abbreviated change log. For a more full rundown of the features of XBMC 13, see our Beta 1 post.


  • * Subtitles for videos over http should now support the same subtitle functions supported by local media (Note: Certain subtitle issues will only be fixed when non-default skins provide updates. Other fixes are in the works.)
  • * Rockchip devices on Android will no longer cause XBMC to crash occasionally during playback
  • * PVR Programming Guide cleanups
  • * AudioEngine improvements to handling AC3 and DTS, as well as smarter handling in Android and intelligent EAC3 recognition
  • * Crash on exit should be fixed on various platforms
  • * JSON-RPC file listing fixes
  • * DXVA fixes in Windows for older Intel GPUs
  • * Wording and grammar fixes throughout the UI
  • * Local music NFO files are now recognized correctly
  • * Other fixes


Additional Features Not Mentioned in Beta 1 Announcement

As some users have rightly noted, while almost every major feature has been highlighted in some form or other in the various monthly blog posts, not all of them were discussed in the Beta 1 blog. The following is a list of a few of those that probably deserve a second round of attention. (Additionally. there are a few XBMC 13 features that are not quite working now, due to changes such as the iOS 7 update. We will hold off discussing those until the bugs have all been worked out.) For now, however:

  • * When initiating a library cleaning, XBMC will send a wake-on-lan request to any sleeping servers first, before cleaning the library, to ensure that content isn’t unnecessarily cleaned
  • * Numerous PVR fixes and updates with additional new features updated on a per-platform basis. For more info, check out our PVR wiki page
  • * Copy/paste support on Windows, OSX, and iOS to match copy/paste support elsewhere
  • * Movie sets are now user editable
  • * Episodic bookmarks – If episodes are not broken into individual parts (e.g. Adventure episode 1 and 2 are in the same video file), a bookmark can be set that will cause launching episode 2 from the UI to go directly to the bookmark in the video file


After upgrade

After you have updated from Frodo or any earlier alpha or beta it might pay of to force refresh the XBMC.org repository. This is to make sure the most recent repository list is loaded and needed updates become available. This could be the case when wanting to use the new subtitle downloading feature and you cannot find the new services to install. Doing it regardless doesn’t hurt. Here’s a quick how-to found on our wiki: Force refresh

The Shirt

For those of you on the fence about the  XBMC t-shirt (also available in women’s sizes and as a hoodie, as well as multiple colors), you should know that as of this writing there are only 1 day and 12 hours left to buy. Time’s just about up!

Fun related fact: As of this writing, you, the users, have nearly generated as much as a diamond sponsorship for the Foundation purely through t-shirt sales. Serious thought is currently being given to the idea of making The Buyers of the Beta Shirt a Diamond Sponsor, listed on our sponsor page.

Such a decision has to be approved by the Foundation board of directors (and we still aren’t there yet in sales), but if sales keep going like they’ve been going (tell your friends!) and the board approves the decision, every person who bought a shirt could go to our sponsor page, point to the Buyers of the Beta Shirt listing, and say, “I too am a Diamond Sponsor of XBMC.”


Should want to download and install XBMC, please visit our download page.

* Official XBMC downloads


How to Contribute

If you use these builds, we encourage you to submit bugs in Trac (following this guide: How to submit a bug report), provide support in our Forums where you can, or donate to the Foundation if you like. A portion of every shirt sale also goes to the Foundation, so if you’d rather contribute by buying some XBMC gear, that’s cool too. For a current FAQ on XBMC 13, visit our Gotham FAQ.

Discussion - 77 Comments

  • Martin Mar 17, 2014 

    Yaaay! Good work!

  • Polarrys Mar 17, 2014 

    Great New !!!
    Hope realse soon…

  • john Mar 17, 2014 

    Awesome! Keep it up!

  • Pop006 Mar 17, 2014 

    Again, same issue I had with Beta1 on my nexus4 with the arm android apk

    • Nathan Betzen Mar 17, 2014 

      That’s going to be a tough one to figure out, as nobody else appears to have replicated it. Have you been sure to enable sideloading?

    • Dan Mar 19, 2014 

      You think it may be because you are probably running the newest version of android? Are you rooted/rom’d? I am running it on both a nexus 4 and 5 but both are running CM11. Also, with your current setup, have you used an app like ES File explorer to go to your download folder and click on the XBMC apk? Sometime it wont launch and install properly from the download link in the status bar. If that makes sense.

    • Mehdi Mar 22, 2014 

      you need to Uninstall the previous version of XBMC prior to installing the new one.

  • Sven Mar 17, 2014 

    That WOL-Feature is great Oo

    Is that also available for normal playback? So as soon as I playback a particular movie, XBMC wakes up the remote server?

    • Kib Mar 17, 2014 


  • Willie Alberto Mar 17, 2014 


    Anyone having a problem when you hit the i letter on a movie or tv show to get the info? It crashes every time I do that.

  • Dan Mar 17, 2014 

    Is there anyone else havign problems with SickBeard sending notifications to XBMC on a Pi due to it not being able to establish a version number via the JSON-RPC Api?

  • Joe D Mar 17, 2014 

    Just updated from 12.3 and all is fine.Running W7 64. Upon first start I received a few popups notifying me that some addons(third party) did not meet dependency requirements, and asked to disable.I did not disable them and so far they are working as good as ever. Frodo had me a bit worried about future quality/stability of XBMC. Gotham beta2 seems to be solid as far as htpc is concerned.
    Thanks for the GREAT work!

  • Fire Mar 17, 2014 

    New version with a lot of new bugs!
    For instance, dateadded at advancedsettings does nothing anymore.
    Windows bug: after a full reset, it isn’t caching posters or fanarts from media directory (poster.jpg or *-poster.jpg etc.). This is working in linux.

  • Jess Mar 17, 2014 

    Gentoo / Funtoo ebuilds:

    You need a local overlay setup(see http://http://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Overlay/Local_overlay) and most likely want these files in
    also copy /usr/portage/media-tv/xbmc/files to /usr/local/portage/media-tv/xbmc/files


    • James Broadhead Mar 29, 2014 

      Hey Jess – thanks for the ebuild! Was about to work on one myself.

      Why not include it in an overlay, so you can update if you find bugs?
      I’ve replaced my _alpha11 ebuild in my overlay with yours*.

      So for a slightly easier install:
      $ layman -a jamesbroadhead
      $ emerge media-tv/xbmc::jamesbroadhead

      Looks like you’ve another ebuild, media-plugins/xbmc-pvr-tvhaddon which you didn’t upload to your site? I had to comment it out.

      * or will shortly, once my test build completes.

  • John Jackson Mar 17, 2014 

    No dice on Trosmart MK908II with finless 1.5 rom but beta 1 working. Same issue as Pop006

    • John Jackson Mar 24, 2014 

      I got it working just had to remove beta 1, you guys rock

  • Simon Mar 17, 2014 

    After updating to Beta 2, my thumbnails using path substitution (stored on NFS) are either all not loading or only loading for some movies/tv shows. Was working well with beta1

    • Cassiel Mar 18, 2014 

      Since Frodo, path substitution for thumbs is not recommended at all!

  • karo Mar 17, 2014 

    Hi I want to say that I have problem with lenovo s920- no vodeo, only audio. But with 12.3 everything was ok.
    Beta 1 and beta 2 are the same. How can I fix it?????

  • freddy Mar 17, 2014 

    No change for me.same issues with some 1080p movies .
    Mk808b rk3066

  • queeup Mar 17, 2014 

    Why there is no Raring (13.04) Beta 2 package?

  • silan csr Mar 18, 2014 


  • Reynald Mar 18, 2014 

    Great for this Beta 2, you give a great job and this for a great software

    This new Beta 2 version with too many bugs, weird! The most disturbing is the calibration problem (we can not manually adjust the size of the screen)

  • qwerty Mar 18, 2014 

    What will be the release date for the final version?

    • Kib Mar 18, 2014 

      “When it is finished”

  • Donken Mar 18, 2014 

    Nice to see that the subtitle issue is fixed!

  • Tommy Mar 18, 2014 


    ac3downmixgain does still not work on android arm (htc one x)

  • Leukozyt Mar 19, 2014 

    A huge “Thank you!” for including hardware decoding on Android. I recently bought a Tizzbird N1 to enable my girlfriends SmartTV to play some Flash streams of some TV stations. To make it short, it was pretty useless since animations and ads on the websites used most of the CPU ressources. I was thinking of binning the Tizzbird, when I remembered XBMC from my Raspberry… And what can I say… After installing this beta everything runs smoothly even on the N1′s 800MHz single core. That’s one very happy girlfriend for your stats ;)

  • G0d Mar 19, 2014 

    Excellent work, you guys and gals are amazing!

    Spotted a small bug on android (or maybe a feature) entering a smb path, if I use the arrows to move back through the path and delete the computer name then use the IP address option to type the address it appends it to the end of the path. Cursor stays where I would have expected it to appear.
    Tested and it does the same in windows.

  • israel silva Mar 19, 2014 

    lpcm multichannel still is missing =(

    • fritsch Mar 21, 2014 

      It won’t come. If you select 5.1 channels then that’s multichannel.

  • tommymsw Mar 20, 2014 

    Anybody else notice that in Beta 2 “microscopic 2D” no longer works? This the ONLY reason I went with Gotham before the Beta and it worked great. Now, with the Beta, it no longer works. No matter what, it plays in split screen.

  • Darren Barnes Mar 20, 2014 

    Is there improvment in the cover-flow continuous scrolling? At the moment on my windows 7×64 i5 its very jerky and doesnt reflect the capabilities of the processor.

  • Mike Dolan Mar 20, 2014 

    When gotham be available for xbmc on Apple TV 2?

  • yellowman Mar 20, 2014 

    Nice! Upgraded the secondary htpc to this one, haven’t run into to any major issues yet.

    Thanks for all your hard work! :) )

  • Felipe Mesquita from Brazil Mar 20, 2014 

    It hs alwayworked well however ince this afternoon my XBMC Gotham is closing own y iself after 5 seconds or so.

    how do i ix this error?

    Thnaks in advance

    • Slower Traffic Keep Right Mar 24, 2014 

      I found that it was one of the plugins, so I started fresh (renamed .xbmc folder) and added plugins one at a time. When it started to crash, I would delete the last addon from the .xbmc/addons/ folder.


  • SCooT Mar 21, 2014 

    So far, it works well on my Win7-64 machine. Interface seems much snappier. Best of all, the long delay in library scanning seems to have disappeared.Used to hit the hard drives big time at initial starup, now starts up quickly. Well done! Thanks!

  • kanaanism Mar 21, 2014 

    I just released xbmc android 13 beta 2 … Its good but lot of bugs …. Lot of addons are incompatible issues … My device name is mygica ATV1200 . IS ANYONE FACE SAME ISSUE?

    • htpcforall Mar 22, 2014 

      Addon compatibility has nothing to do with your ATV1200. Some addons havent been updated yet to work with Gotham. I compiled a build of Gotham with lower backwards compatibily requirements for testing purposes and just about every major addon worked fine but waiting for the developers to update is a better route. Your ATV should be fine.

      • AD Mar 28, 2014 

        Would you mind sharing the version you compiled. Wanted to use that as none of my favorite addons work yet on gotham.

  • Samuel Mar 21, 2014 

    When allwinner a10 devices will get a good XBMC build? :(

    • saikofan Mar 21, 2014 

      Same for allwinner A20… when…

  • Ryan Mar 21, 2014 

    I notice a lot of addons are listed as incompatible as well, on first test a 1080p movie off my hard drive stuttered like crazy.

  • juz Mar 22, 2014 

    Are you going to develop chromecast awareness in the future

  • Pelle Mar 22, 2014 

    How to install the Gotham beta version 2 on Rasperry PI???

  • Pelle Mar 22, 2014 

    How to install the Gotham beta version 2 on Raspbmc???

  • tester Mar 22, 2014 

    Why http://mpc-hc.org/ is perfect at displaying the movie but xbmc has some problems with gitters in the sound (still has some in 13 beta2) and in video i think its working ok for now.

    • fritsch Mar 23, 2014 

      Not a single idea, I don’t know “the movie” and I did not see your debug log in the relevant forum thread.

  • Mike Mar 22, 2014 

    Great release…although DTS and digital sound not being played through on my Mac Mini with Mavericks….

    It was being played through in the later January Builds. I have reinstalled that build for now and all is working fine.

  • phaze1 Mar 22, 2014 

    was wondering if XBMC can be installed on a net gear NTV300? anyone….???? & if so how???

  • Brian Mar 23, 2014 

    I just truede it. I get black screen on all movies but the sound is there. :) I tried reinstall it 3 times and all 3 times the same.
    But we’ll think you are still working on it so I’ll wait a bit for a newer one.

  • Anthony Mar 23, 2014 

    Thanks for the update!

    **Having an issue where when playing music (MP3s) in Wx64, it is playing everything faster than normal speed. Anyone else seeing this or have any ideas?


    • Joe D Mar 26, 2014 

      Same problem here. win7 64

  • Arild Mar 23, 2014 

    Really like trhat you have integrated “Episodic bookmarks”, Have actually been thinking abouth a solution like that often when I have shows that are multi-episode

  • Tucco Mar 24, 2014 

    Great work team XBMC!!

    However I am getting crashes on exit still within Windows 7 64bit.

    • BorgMan Jun 12, 2014 

      Confirmed, replicated it with W7 x64. However, here XBMC also sometimes freezes when scanning my library for new content :/

  • Guillaume Mar 24, 2014 

    Is there some documentation about the new JSON-RPC API ? couldn’t find it on the wiki ?

  • matt Mar 24, 2014 

    Why I had problem with my touch screen on xbmcbuntu?

  • René Bruins Mar 24, 2014 

    I upgraded from Frodo but the interface seems much slower, computer cant keep up. Its an intel E8400 with GF GTS9600, on Frodo XBMC was very snappy!

  • loom star Mar 24, 2014 

    I had tried the XBMC android version 12.0 on my android phone.
    XBMC is great experience that I ever try across the whole media player app in app business.

    One little thing that I found troubling to find a import files by using an OTG Cable.The OTG cable conjuncts with usb flash storage it recognized as an external usb storage.
    And XBMC ver12.0 did not recognize that usb storage by the file browser …under the external storage tag ….

    so is there any that app developer can improve a function in next enhance function ?

  • DMTG Mar 25, 2014 

    Windows in the xbmc crash when we logoff or shutdown, sometimes we have to wait about 3 minutes until the program shut down normally.

    • Sven Mar 26, 2014 

      * Crash on exit should be fixed on various platforms

      Thats the worse problem with XBMC, please fix.

  • John Westberg Mar 26, 2014 

    Any fix for subs in ts-files?

  • kinji Mar 26, 2014 

    Win7 64, Music playback faster than normal. Slow to exit and sometimes will completely freeze on exit,reboot,shutdown.

  • Chris Mar 26, 2014 

    3d mode does not work. A SBS moive is seen as OU and when you select the correct mode the image apears on the left lower and right upper.
    In the big picture not a big issue but if you are going to add it get it right. All else is going great.

  • Victor Mar 26, 2014 

    User editable movie sets. Brilliant!

  • David Mar 26, 2014 

    Excited about 3D support within XBMC. I have several files in SBS 3d format and most play except for one so far that XBMC will not recognize as a 3D file. Is there a way to force XBMC to play such files as 3D if they are not recognized? Is there some sequence of bytes that must be in the file for XBMC to see it as SBS 3d?
    Great work by the team for this great software! Many thanks for the good work.

  • KoNeko Mar 26, 2014 

    i have a mk888 k-r42 ( or how its named:) ) with a RK3188 chip in it. Android 4.2.2 run 13.0 latest beta of 26 march.

    xbmc runs good. i also have mx player on it and when i start a 1080p file it also works perfect.

    the problem is when i select the file in xbmc and choose play with MXplayer it doesnt work at all i just get a popup saying something like ” click ok when ready to play or so” and then nothing happend.
    i did use this also the file. Am i doing something wrong? it doesnt want to start in an external player.

  • BigJRM Mar 29, 2014 

    Congratulations XBMC Programmers:
    You fine folks have done it again and then went that extra step! My older Toshiba laptop with an ATI Radeon 9000 GPU hasn’t been able to run XBMC for the last two editions. Because you’ve included some older GPUs, XBMC 13 Gotham now runs on my Toshiba, My main desktop and our Media player. You PROGRAMMER folks ROCK!

  • Igor May 18, 2014 

    Still crashes on Exit. Windows 7 X64

  • BorgMan Jun 14, 2014 

    It has come to my attention that XBMX crashes ONLY when it’s trying to scrap stuff. It comes halfway, stops (very clearly illustrated by the progress bar in the right top corner) and does nothing from that point onward. I can use the program for a while (perhaps five minutes) before it crashes. Trying to tell it to stop through the menu on the left won’t work (it just won’t respond). The Crash on Exit bug is related to this as well, as exiting without XBMC going through an update process works just fine.

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