XBMC 13.1 Gotham – RC1

Posted By: Martijn Kaijser on May 25, 2014 in Pre-Release

Now that more people are starting to use XBMC 13.0 codename “Gotham,” several issues have popped up which thorough testing hadn’t previously revealed. We have already released two  13.1 beta versions, which had several fixes and improvements compared to the 13.0 stable release. To that end, we are announcing this 13.1 RC1 release which include these fixes. Do note that this release contain only fixes, and no new features. Although we call this a release candidate release, it should be safe to install on top of your current 13.0 install, as changes are minimal and confirmed working. Should you find any problems, you can find how to report these at the bottom of this blog post.

This release candidate contains the fixes compared to previous 13.0

  • * Fix resume point of certain PVR items begin stale on playback.
  • * Fix weirdness when certain TVs query XBMC’s UPnP server and it
    starts running a bunch of add-ons which cause popups on the XBMC
  • * Fix crash at exit while airplay is playing
  • * Better recovery of VDPAU on errors.
  • * Fixes for cropping of interlaced content using VDPAU.
  • * Fix for FLAC tracks with large embedded images not playing.
  • * Fix for crash if librtmp wasn’t available.
  • * Fix for ffmpeg building on linux using later versions of librtmp.
  • * Fix for broken m4a, mp4 playback with paplayer.
  • * Fix for the hint text not being shown in editcontrols once unfocused.
  • * Fix minor memory leak in PlayMedia builtin function.
  • * Fix albumartist use in song smartplaylists.
  • * Use unique client broadcast UID in the PVR api.


Important notice

Linux users Ubuntu 12.10 and 13.10 have been deprecated by canonical/ubuntu. This means there will be no more XBMC builds available for those version. You will have to upgrade you Ubuntu to a newer version to receive XBMC updates again.

Backup your data Before upgrading we would recommend you create a backup of your current userdata folder which contains all your current settings and database files. In the unlikely case that something went wrong during your upgrade, a backup will ensure that you are still able to go back to the previous state. Where the userdata folder is located on your system can be found on our userdata wiki page. Do note that when first upgrading from Frodo 12.x it may take some time until you see the familiar homescreen as several internal upgrades need to be performed.

Add-ons As mentioned in previous blog posts, due to changes related to our add-on system and skin improvement, certain plugins, scripts and skins may become incompatible when upgrading from Frodo to Gotham. Sadly this is part of the continuing process of development and improvement. We hope the impact of these changes will be limited but we feel a warning would be beneficial. If there are any addons you particularly depend on, we advise that you visit the forum thread of that addon to see if the author has ensured support in XBMC 13.
After you have updated from Frodo or any earlier alpha or beta it may be beneficial to force refresh the XBMC.org repository. This will ensure the most recent repository list is loaded and needed updates become available. Here’s a quick how-to from our wiki: Force refresh

Installing on OSX As XBMC is an unsigned application on OSX, you may need to go through a slightly different process to start it the first time. After you have copied XBMC to the Applications folder, you will need to “right click” or “two finger click” XBMC from within the Applications folder and select “Open” and then accept the warning. You should only need to do this the first time you run XBMC.

Code base Since we have branched the XBMC core code for Gotham off from our main development master branch on Github it is important that you also build from the correct Github branch: http://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/tree/Gotham


For the  downloads go to:

How to Contribute

If you use these builds, we encourage you to submit bugs in Trac with sufficient information (following this guide: How to submit a bug report), provide support in our Forums where you can, or donate to the Foundation if you like. For a current FAQ on XBMC 13, visit our Gotham FAQ.

Discussion - 72 Comments

  • Kyriakos May 25, 2014 

    Way to guys :D

  • oscar May 25, 2014 

    my media or android does not go pass android in other words is kind of crash for good. any idea what might have happend thanks .

    • chris May 26, 2014 

      Sorry but you really made no sense there at all.

  • Dean May 26, 2014 

    I hope the windows problem is fixed. When playing an hour long video and shutting down XBMC it didn’t release the video back to the windows screen. Wasn’t and isn’t a problem in the first 13.0 version. It’s in beta 1 and 2.

    • kib May 26, 2014 

      Please take that discussion to the relevant thread on forum and/or trac.

  • Francesco May 26, 2014 

    Ciao, io sono italiano e non parlo inglese spero che qualcuno di voi parli italiano… Bene, io avevo Frodo 12.3 e tutto funzionava bene tranne il colore dei sets per le saghe che non appariva del colore che sceglievo ma sempre e solo blu… ho aggiornato al gotham 13 e 13.1 e riscontro un problema gravissimo, impostando uscita hdmi collegata al mio ricevitore (Yamaha rx-v675) mi inverte i canali del 5.1, in pratica l’audio dei dialoghi che dovrebbe essere la centrale la sposta nel POSTERIORE SINISTRO… qualcuno è a conoscenza di questo problema? Aiutatemi sono disperato!!!!

    • Francesco May 26, 2014 

      ho un imac middle 2011 8 giga di ram maveriks

    • kib May 26, 2014 

      Sorry, English only here.

      Your channel issue is probably related to the audio settings in Mac OSX. I am 100% sure it has nothing to do with the receiver – I have the same one at home which works fine with XBMCbuntu and OpenELEC.

      • Francesco May 26, 2014 

        no, my pc is correctly configurated… and with frodo work fine!!! but with gotham no… help meeee please!!!!

        • Kib May 30, 2014 

          Use the forum for support questions.

  • JiSiN May 26, 2014 

    Thx a lot guys *thumbs up*

  • Dadi May 26, 2014 

    Is the problem with libCEC fixed in this version? libCEC on my x86_64 version 13.0 isn’t working in case nobody has reported this.

    • negge May 27, 2014 

      Report it on trac or post about in the forums, this is the place for these types of discussions.

  • pr0xZen May 26, 2014 

    OSX incorrect audio channel issue is covered and solved here: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=188083&pid=1681643#pid1681643

    You might want to go back a few pages to see the context if the solution is not clear enough.

    Keep it to the forum guys :)

  • Magnus May 26, 2014 

    Still have the same problem on my laptop. Picture won’t resize properly. When switching to 16:9, I have black bars on both sides of the playing video. I’m using xbmc on my 17-inch laptop, with Windows 7. Never had this problem with xbmc 12.+. Hope this can be fixed in one of the following updates. Thank you for your great work anyway.

    • negge May 27, 2014 

      Report it on trac or post about in the forums, this is the place for these types of discussions.

  • Vali May 27, 2014 

    when is gonna Gotham be available for Debian, without compiling?
    i’m using SteamOS and i managed to install only v11 :(
    please make it posible

    • Violent Alve May 27, 2014 

      Wrong site. Contact valve.

      • Vali May 27, 2014 

        thats have nothing with valve.
        on clean install Debian 7.4, from official repo, there is only xbmc 11.

        • Kib May 30, 2014 

          Debian doesn’t allow XBMC in their repositories because it includes FFMpeg.
          You will need to get it somewhere else.

          • plask Jun 02, 2014 

            Sure it does. 13.1 beta 2 is already in the repos.

        • onomatic Jun 02, 2014 

          XBMC 12.3 is available via wheezy-backports: https://packages.debian.org/wheezy-backports/xbmc

          you’ll need to upgrade to jessie (Debian testing) for precompiled XBMC 13.1, or compile it yourself.

  • soliter26 May 27, 2014 

    Unfortunately can not save youtube channel in youtube channels addon to my channels – script failure. But MP3streams works fine now.

    • soliter26 May 27, 2014 

      Sorry, mp3streams does not work again, I know it is not official addon, I say notthing. Just to inform the others…

  • eema May 27, 2014 

    Someone knows if the subtitles overlapping problem is fixed in this rc1?

    • Martijn May 27, 2014 

      nope. still being looked at. who knows, maybe in 13.2

      • eema May 28, 2014 

        Thanks for the answer!

  • Cooltwou May 27, 2014 

    I have a question which ones under the download section do I choose to install on the Ouya

    • Tim May 29, 2014 

      You’re looking for the ARM version ; D

  • mike May 27, 2014 

    Mines just updated i didn’t do anything and now I have rc1 (compiled April 27 2014) installed… Heh??? Just booted up android box and xbmc was giving me the first run thing.. It just updated itself?

    • Martijn May 28, 2014 

      That should not be possible on Android. We DO NOT have any android version that will auto update itself. You must installed some unofficial version or something else is messing with your system. Please find out what and let us know.

  • s4rs May 27, 2014 

    Is that fixed memory leak more noticeable on rpies? I have just been rebooting the openelec box every day and it seems to be OK. If not though it studders and becomes unusable. It is used for cymth live TV only.

  • Brian May 28, 2014 

    Thanks chaps, well done on making windows pc’s useful for years!!

  • Peter4stra May 28, 2014 

    Thanks guys.

    Running 13.0.
    There are glitches. Waiting for 13.1.

    Running XBMC for several years, beginning on the XBOX.

    • Martijn May 28, 2014 

      Just install 13.1RC1

  • tester May 28, 2014 

    I see there is no fix of the subtitle problem.
    Will there be a fix in version 13.x or just in 14.x?


  • Karl Johansson May 30, 2014 

    Found strange bug in 13.0 linux.
    Deleted a video media source(smb) and cleaned media lib.
    Added new, local, source and did a scan.
    It still finds some of the items in the old media source and can even play the files.

  • Bounty88 May 30, 2014 


    I am using Samsung Galaxy Tab PRO 8.2 (SM-T325) and xbmc 13.1 rc1 and have a bug. The menu and back key lights are always on. Even when a movie is playing the lights doesn’t go out.


  • Luka May 30, 2014 

    too many basic flaws got into this version…(UI elements, audio channels, subtitles…).
    Was it, perhaps, too early for this edition to be called “official”? Looks more like a monthly build… Honestly, 12.0 never made me any problems. (MacMini 2012)
    All I wanted from this was upgrade on picture rendering and some stability issues, but it’s gone too wide and made many new issues. I just wonder if it was necessary?

    • biGdada Jun 01, 2014 

      I couldnt disagree with you more. gotham is near perfect, while frodo was really unstable when 12.0 came out (3 fixes were released afterwards, 12.1 to 12.3). I, personally, skipped frodo all together. On the other hand, gotham is amazing functionality-wise AND stability-wise.

    • Joe D Jun 01, 2014 

      I agree, Gotham has “jumped the shark”. I tried Gotham and liked for a bit, but it didn’t take long before noticing audio,video,subtitle problems which were not an issue in 12.3. Hopefully XBMC will get back on track with 14.0.
      Running W7 64

      • Martijn Jun 01, 2014 

        Guess you didn’t use it correctly

        • biGdada Jun 05, 2014 

          You guess wrong.
          I’ve been using XBMC since the first PC version (probably long before you started participating in the development), I’ve installed hundreds of copies (literally) on all the imaginable platforms, I’ve compiled it countless times, made patches (i had volume control on atv2 before the mainstream), i knew parts of code by heart.
          Don’t tell me I didnt use it correctly, It was full of unresolved issues, even wiki mentioned it.

  • dallas May 31, 2014 

    Does anyone know how to get a netgear neo tv prime streaming device to open the xbmc android zip file to open once it is downloaded so that it can be installed on the device?

  • martin edwards May 31, 2014 

    i have a imx6 driod box which factory reset.i now have gotham but have no picture just sound can u help

  • Luk May 31, 2014 

    Great job guys!

  • Alex May 31, 2014 

    I still get crashes when using rtmp streams via plugins (works fine while it is playing, crashes after the stream ends and it tries to go back to stream menu) – XBMCBuntu 13, 13.1RC1, AMD A4 CPU/GPU

  • Cagri Ozturk Jun 01, 2014 

    Thank you so much for your efforts…But I really wonder why did you change the audio settings in a negative way. Previous versions of xbmc supported 5.1 audio via optic cable however the new versions only supports 2.0. Is there a solution for this problem or are we supposed to use the older versions?

    Thank you in advance,


    • Martijn Jun 01, 2014 

      Maybe you should first learn what optical audio entails before claiming that it’s only 2.0

      • Cagri Ozturk Jun 02, 2014 

        What I have learned is although I could use my receiver for dts sound over optic cable on previous versions, now i can not…i would appreciate your helps to solve the problem…

        • Johan Olsson Jun 02, 2014 

          DTS, Dolby Digital is working fine over s/pdif-link, (including both optic and electric), with 2.0 or 5.1 sound. BUT!!! this is done over the 2 PCM channels. And the s/pdif standard is not built for E-AC3, DTS-HD audio or TrueHD audio. Here, you need to connect through HDMI. Please read http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Audio_settings

        • Ben Jun 10, 2014 

          I have the same issue. Before Gotham version 13, my speakers (Logitech Z5500) connected via optical would pick up DTS. With Gotham, it only seems to “see” stereo. Is there some setting we need to update? Passthrough didn’t seem to do anything.

        • Ben Jun 10, 2014 

          Got it, if you go to the advanced audio settings you need to enable the “dolby digital transcoding” and DTS enabled reciever had become un checked.

          To get to the advanced settings. Settings -> System – Audio output. Then where is says “settings level – standard” click it, and it changes to advanced. You get some extra settings then.

    • Ned Scott Jun 02, 2014 

      5.1 audio is sent over 2 PCM channels. See the XBMC wiki’s audio settings page. The number of channels for a digital connection does not refer to the number of speakers.

  • Taftus Jun 02, 2014 

    I have always wondering how to do a properly upgrade? Just install over it?

  • yozh Jun 02, 2014 

    Did anyone else notice that CEC menu is missing now ?

  • atv2 Jun 02, 2014 

    Please, give the ATV2 some love and stability! :)

  • Fabio Albieri Jun 03, 2014 

    Damn, I was monitoring this page hoping for 13.1 final release as today I’ve THE (very rare) chance to go redo the PC and install the new one.

    You dovs already decided if more RCs are coming or if we can consider RC1 as the stable one already ?


    • Martijn Jun 03, 2014 

      consider RC1 as stable as it can be atm and just install it :)

  • Les Black Jun 03, 2014 

    Hi guys, does this also fix the failure to launch with advancedsettings.xml in its proper folder??

    • Martijn Jun 03, 2014 

      there’s nothing to fix as it works

  • soliter26 Jun 03, 2014 

    Is it just me who can not save channel on youtube channels? Or anybody else?
    Please let me know. Should I reinstall XBMC or complete windows and later on install xbmc again?

  • kharder Jun 05, 2014 

    Will the updated pvr addons be included when 13.1 final is released? I have some trouble compiling it.

    • kharder Jun 05, 2014 

      I solved it by copying the dvblink addon from the latest nightly build.

  • stephenitguy Jun 05, 2014 

    Thank You for the countless years of development and providing me with the greatest Home Theater solution on the market today. The look, the feel, the expandability and the multitude of platforms you’ve come to support over the years rivals anything out there.

    If you don’t agree with me, you are entitled to your own opinion however, please (everyone) show a little respect for the team as in this day where it is common for an open source project to realize their commercial potential (in XBMC’s case likely millions of $$$), the XBMC “Team” is doing what very few are doing and remaining within the Open Source Community.

    Please try to remember that they (XBMC) don’t owe us anything such as Bug Fixes, Updates or Enhancements and that they could (if they chose to) decide to go “Commercial” tomorrow and suddenly we are all paying $50 for their product. The unfortunate thing is that most of us know there isn’t much out there as an alternative and despite being upset, would give up our hard-earned money to continue using XBMC. I am NOT saying that they would do this but it is their choice and I certainly wouldn’t want to be the cause of it.

    So with that in mind,I respectfully ask anyone wanting to report a bug or request the status on a fix to please post to the proper Forum and anyone wanting to “comment in a negative way” about the product or the “Development Team”, please find a Forum as well. I would prefer not to have to sift through these posts, but that’s just my opinion.

    Just a friendly reminder to those of you who haven’t done so, the Wiki is a great source of knowledge (especially for me) and tutorials when you either don’t understand an option or don’t understand why something works one way instead of another. I have spent a lot of time trying to understand something I thought was a problem only to realize “Ahhh, so it works like this because it has to for that…” So please check it out and remember that we all deserve respect.


  • Kavya Jun 20, 2014 


    I tried to install this..!! I wasn’t able to install it for some reason..!! It says that may be bcoz of incomplete download or damaged software..!! Could you please help me in doing this?

  • Kavya Jun 20, 2014 

    this was the error…!!! Please help me in clearing out this issue..!!

    NSIS Error
    Installer integrity check has failed. Common causes include
    incomplete download and damaged media. Contact the
    installer’s author to obtain a new copy.

    More information at:

    • kib Jul 04, 2014 

      It looks like your download was corrupt. You could try to find a different mirror by looking up the file you want here: http://mirrors.xbmc.org/releases/ and then pressing the details button next to the filename to select the mirror you want.

  • Gudjon Gudjonsson Jun 25, 2014 

    I can’t get 5.1 sound from this version (13.1) OSX ,using optical out to 5.1 amp.

    • kib Jul 04, 2014 

      Please take support questions to the forums.

  • Mario B Jun 26, 2014 

    iPad Air , xbmc 13.1. Having difficulty determining where to add sources as there are no option to do so. Any help? Went thru all settings and I don’t have the option. Fresh install with Touch Skin.

    • kib Jul 04, 2014 

      Please take support questions to the forums.

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