XBMC 13.1 – Gotham returns

Posted By: Martijn Kaijser on Jun 05, 2014 in Release Announcements

Now that more people are starting to use XBMC 13.0 codename “Gotham,” several issues have popped up which testing hadn’t previously revealed. After releasing two betas and a release candidate, it’s time for a final 13.1 release. The incorporated fixes are the ones already mentioned in the release candidate announcement, nonetheless we will list them again below. Do note that this release contains only fixes, and no new features. This 13.1 release can be safely installed on top of any previous XBMC releases. Please read the important notice at the bottom as well.  Should you find any problems, you can find how to report these at the bottom of this announcement. Very likely we will release another bug-fix release after this version, with additional fixes and small improvements. These are however to intrusive to already include in this 13.1 release, as they need careful testing.

This 13.1 release contains the fixes compared to previous 13.0

  • * Fix resume point of certain PVR items begin stale on playback.
  • * Fix weirdness when certain TVs query XBMC’s UPnP server and it
    starts running a bunch of add-ons which cause popups on the XBMC
  • * Fix crash at exit while airplay is playing
  • * Better recovery of VDPAU on errors.
  • * Fixes for cropping of interlaced content using VDPAU.
  • * Fix for FLAC tracks with large embedded images not playing.
  • * Fix for crash if librtmp wasn’t available.
  • * Fix for ffmpeg building on linux using later versions of librtmp.
  • * Fix for broken m4a, mp4 playback with paplayer.
  • * Fix for the hint text not being shown in editcontrols once unfocused.
  • * Fix minor memory leak in PlayMedia builtin function.
  • * Fix albumartist use in song smartplaylists.
  • * Use unique client broadcast UID in the PVR api.


Important notice

Linux users Ubuntu 12.10 and 13.10 have been deprecated by canonical/ubuntu. This means there will be no more XBMC builds available for those version. You will have to upgrade you Ubuntu to a newer version to receive XBMC updates again.

Backup your data Before upgrading we would recommend you create a backup of your current userdata folder which contains all your current settings and database files. In the unlikely case that something went wrong during your upgrade, a backup will ensure that you are still able to go back to the previous state. Where the userdata folder is located on your system can be found on our userdata wiki page. Do note that when first upgrading from Frodo 12.x it may take some time until you see the familiar homescreen as several internal upgrades need to be performed.

Add-ons As mentioned in previous blog posts, due to changes related to our add-on system and skin improvement, certain plugins, scripts and skins may become incompatible when upgrading from Frodo to Gotham. Sadly this is part of the continuing process of development and improvement. We hope the impact of these changes will be limited but we feel a warning would be beneficial. If there are any addons you particularly depend on, we advise that you visit the forum thread of that add-on to see if the author has ensured support in XBMC 13.
After you have updated from Frodo or any earlier alpha or beta it may be beneficial to force refresh the XBMC.org repository. This will ensure the most recent repository list is loaded and needed updates become available. Here’s a quick how-to from our wiki: Force refresh

Installing on OSX As XBMC is an unsigned application on OSX, you may need to go through a slightly different process to start it the first time. After you have copied XBMC to the Applications folder, you will need to “right click” or “two finger click” XBMC from within the Applications folder and select “Open” and then accept the warning. You should only need to do this the first time you run XBMC.

Code base Since we have branched the XBMC core code for Gotham off from our main development master branch on Github it is important that you also build from the correct Github branch: http://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/tree/Gotham


For the  downloads go to:

How to Contribute

If you use these builds, we encourage you to submit bugs in Trac with sufficient information (following this guide: How to submit a bug report), provide support in our Forums where you can, or donate to the Foundation if you like. For a current FAQ on XBMC 13, visit our Gotham FAQ.

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  • Steini Jun 05, 2014 


    • zag Jun 06, 2014 

      Rock Solid! Nice

  • JiSiN Jun 05, 2014 

    Once again… Thx guys!

  • Mou Jun 05, 2014 

    Thank’s for all your hard work! I can’t even begin to explain how much I appreciate it.

  • Erik Jun 05, 2014 

    Xbmc for president! You are the best!

  • JOe K. Jun 05, 2014 

    Thanks for all the hard work! Are the bugs listed just major bugs or is that the entire list of bugs?

    • Martijn Jun 06, 2014 

      Only things that got fixed. Of course there are more bugs. Some will be addressed in 13.2 and other in 14.0

      • Animac Jun 07, 2014 

        I have a terrible static noise on start-up. It’s not present on Frodo. Any idea what the problem is? I have an Android RK3188 box.


  • IsamuDragon Jun 06, 2014 

    The Stable PPA hasnt updated yet to have this version, still on 13.0

    • kib Jun 06, 2014 

      As noted in the post: The ubuntu PPA will be updated soon. It might take one or two days.

  • kurt Jun 06, 2014 

    Does this release fix the picture quality issue with the black being grey.

    • fritsch Jun 06, 2014 

      We cannot fix your GPU / tv output configuration.

  • s4rs Jun 06, 2014 

    Still waiting for the Ubuntu release. Just had some weirdness when a RPI with the new release and Ubuntu box with the old release were both accessing the mythtv back end.

    • Martijn Jun 06, 2014 

      That shouldn’t even matter.
      13.0 and 13.1 are compatible

  • Francis Bernard Jun 06, 2014 

    Hi, need help please.
    Tried to update the android tv box from frodo 12.0 to Gotham 13.1 the installation failed and gave me the following message
    ( X App not installed.
    an existing package by the same name with a conflicting signature is already installed.)


    • kib Jun 06, 2014 

      In that case remove the old version first.

    • Martijn Jun 06, 2014 

      You downloaded a 12.0 version which was not created by Team XBMC. Only way to upgrade then is by uninstalling your 12.0 and then installing 13.1

      • GILI Jun 09, 2014 

        Hellp…i have the same eror mas -an existing package by the same name with a conflicting signature is already installed. but i cant remove the xbmc app from my android tv xbmc box u4 that i own becouse its a core app….im going mad about it please what can i do

  • sparklyballs Jun 06, 2014 

    On the download page, the source code section still links to 12.3 where it says “Stable release sources are available here.”

    • Martijn Jun 06, 2014 

      Fixed that already

  • febox Jun 06, 2014 

    I’m getting a black screen on a 2012 Nexus 7.

  • Razel Jun 06, 2014 

    Hi I need help I update xbmc 12.3 to xbmc gotham13.1 on my android smart tv box now when iI open and click on system info and look at the network connection there’s no internet connection need help

  • Messerjocke Jun 06, 2014 

    Don’t you think it would be better to pronounce this when the version is available?
    Currently the most recent version is 13.0.

    • Martijn Jun 06, 2014 

      it is available!
      check again

    • kib Jun 06, 2014 

      As noted in the post, the only one not available was the Ubuntu ppa. You didn’t read, and didn’t post which one was missing. It will be available in the next few days, as soon as it is ready.

  • Messerjocke Jun 06, 2014 

    After doing
    add-apt-repository ppa:team-xbmc/ppa
    add-apt-repository -r ppa:team-xbmc/unstable
    apt-get update
    apt-get install xbmc

    I still get
    xbmc is already the newest version.
    0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 97 not upgraded.

    • Martijn Jun 06, 2014 

      announcement says ….

      Builds will be available in due time.

  • Nille Jun 06, 2014 

    13.1 is not Tagged on Git :(

    • kib Jun 06, 2014 

      It will be tagged as soon as all builds are available. If you need the source you can get it from github at this moment.

      • Nille Jun 06, 2014 

        I wanted only to point at it. Because the Windows Build is 84725b0b1d and the Linux Builds are f2acae7d8a (Only Language Files are Updated) with the Tag each Build get the same source and currently, i guess, most use direct the gotham head.

        • kib Jun 06, 2014 

          There are no linux builds yet. Which build are you talking about ?

          • Nille Jun 06, 2014 

            I have to look, but today i get 13.1 on my ubuntu laptop.

            Ah i see, it was from the unstable PPA.

  • Spinoza Jun 06, 2014 

    I though this was going to fix also the problem with overlapping subtitles…

    • Jeroen Jun 06, 2014 

      overlapping subtitles problem? Do you have a link to the bug report?

      • Martijn Jun 06, 2014 

        known issue. not even fixed in nightlies yet.

  • Adam Jun 06, 2014 

    Awesome, really appreciate the focus on VDPAU improvements.

  • Cleo87 Jun 06, 2014 

    The paplayer still isn’t working properly with mp3stream addon

    • fritsch Jun 06, 2014 

      Report the broken addon to its maintainer.

  • Peter4stra Jun 06, 2014 

    Thanks. Will try it very soon

  • runs Jun 06, 2014 

    Thanks the team, it works like a charm, as always. :-)

  • Ameic Jun 06, 2014 

    I didnt see a fix for the touch screen theme bug with the side menu, it expects “mouse over” to open, but because touch screen it just closes when u move your finger so you can’t press any options :) Any idea when this will be fixed?

  • rtfm_joey Jun 07, 2014 

    Is there going te be an update for Quantal?

    For trusty/saucy/precise the update is available :)

  • whocares02 Jun 07, 2014 

    EPG in the “new” PVR-feature still not fixed. The program guide does wrong highlighting and sometimes just dissapears. Very annoying. PVR was introduced in xbmc 12. EPG was never running fine.

    • John Jun 10, 2014 

      I think I read that it’s when plugins update that the guide disappears… A known issue I believe

    • zag Jun 10, 2014 

      Some Team members are working on the a rewrite of the EPG right now.

      Might be worth mentioning it on the forums.

  • Dave Jun 07, 2014 

    Awesome job, keep up the great work!

  • delina Jun 07, 2014 

    I updated to 13.1 but now streaming does not work.
    I can not use ad-ons like Ted.com NASA YouTube and also my local network media player plex does not stream any more. plex is on another pc on lan it worked before update.

  • steven jones Jun 07, 2014 

    There is a bug I have noticed and it is easy to reproduce – does it on multiple skins and multiple platforms – Shoutcast 2 / Radio / Tunein and Metalvideo – possibly more all have an issue.
    You can play back the first stream fine, but if you try to play back another, then the cursor will jump to the next track – and then the next and so on, so you cannot play any further tracks, the only way to start another track, is to restart XBMC.

    Just an observation.

  • steven jones Jun 07, 2014 

    Forgot to mention this is a Gotham only issue -

  • Rodney Jun 07, 2014 

    I cannot get this to install on my Windows 8.1 laptop.

    I receive an error message that reads.


    C:\Program Files (x86)\XBMC\XBMC.exe

    • Jeroen Jun 10, 2014 

      check task manager,xbmc is probably still running when updating

      • tommyrei Sep 22, 2014 

        Even though I uninstalled xbmc, it still runs on task manager. I tried several methods to terminate it but it still goes on. I want to get rid of it so as to reinstall it. Can you tell me how?

  • Magnus Jun 07, 2014 

    Using xbmc on my 17-inch laptop, with Windows 7. Still have the same problems with the picture. I switch to 16:9 in the video options, but, when I play a video, I’m still missing 2,5 cm of the picture on both sides, which are just black. One can get used to it, but when you do some maths 2,5 cm + 2,5 cm = 5 cm of the picture, which are missing. Downgrading to xbmc 12.3 helps and it also revealed another problem. Some of the links (most of them live TV links), that I have in my favorites, won’t play on xbmc 13, but when I downgrade to xbmc 12.3 they are playable again. Same goes for Streamcloud links, from which I just get kicked out after 1 sec. . This applies also for some other movie links. The streaming is much better though and the buffering on high quality live TV streams isn’t so often anymore. If the stretching/fitting of the picture and the non-working/supporting streams could be fixed soon there wouldn’t be anything left to complain about Gotham, at least from my perspective.

    • Toney Jun 08, 2014 

      Yes the version 12.3 work very well but version 13.1 keep on crashing and not playing some videos

  • David Jun 08, 2014 

    it’s telling me that it’s not conn to the internet what do I do?

  • Eudes Jun 08, 2014 

    XBMC Backup app is giving script error when backing up to dropbox

    • Jeroen Jun 10, 2014 

      report it to the add-on author / maintainer

  • cooledkill Jun 08, 2014 

    Hi, new here,i got a new tv box from geekbuying.com.it had the beta 3 version of gothum it worked fine.i up dated to the new 13.1 final.It don’t work on it.The name of the box is M8 android tvbox amlogic s802 with the octo gpu.It is weird for the only thing i can get to work is youtube on sd only setting.the main menu of all the adons work but video dont workk on them but audio does on video adons.But audio dont play on music radio like pandora.CLICK ON A PLAYLIST IT DOES NOTHING.I can download 12.2 frodo but would love to upgrade as soome as you can show me how to fix it.

  • WarriorSan Jun 08, 2014 

    Thanks to everyone involved with this release! XBMC rules!

  • Barry Jun 08, 2014 

    From another end-user to you all sleep deprived devs, YOU ROCK!

  • Yaniv Jun 09, 2014 

    Awesome! will update this week :)

  • Alef Jun 09, 2014 

    Are these also the instructions when you want to upgrade (from 13.0 to 13.1)?

    sudo apt-get install python-software-properties pkg-config
    sudo apt-get install software-properties-common
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:team-xbmc/ppa
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install xbmc

    Is it correct that they differ from the 12.x instructions?

  • dan Jun 09, 2014 

    when i install 13.1 keeps telling me some files are missing and wont open
    any1 else have these problems

  • dave Jun 09, 2014 

    Upgraded to the new version now all my SD tv shows magically changed to HD . Is this still beta ?

    • zag Jun 10, 2014 

      13.0 and 13.1 are Final releases.

      There may be a 13.2 in the future depending on fixes submitted.

  • Macavei Raul Jun 10, 2014 

    You are the best Guys :)

  • daloukas Jun 10, 2014 

    Hello xbmc team
    A few issues on the 13.1
    on the android box when you set on xbmc screen resolution 1920x1080p on live tv is not clear like the 12.3 frodo.Also is some movies that don’t sync with the voice..
    thanks again

  • Sigal Jun 10, 2014 

    I have xbmc frodo for more than a year working fine on mk802iiis. Now I’ve tried to install gotham. The app was installed but when I tried to start it didn’t start at all, o started after a very long time, and crashed imediatly.
    On what android hardware does the gotham work?

  • Akaliptos Jun 10, 2014 

    Doesnt work…network not connected is the status of the internet connection on xbmc…android tv is connected via ethernet and everything else is working…

  • Chris Bush Jun 10, 2014 

    Almost all of the add-ons are incompatible or broken in 13.1.

    • Martijn Jun 11, 2014 

      like many times mentioned, not our problem.

      • Sammy Jun 20, 2014 

        With respect it is your problem. Breaking compatibility has lead to the demise of many a stellar piece of software, both open and closed. Ignore your user base at your peril. Look at where Firefox was 3 years ago vs now.

  • Wulf Jun 11, 2014 

    When I installed 13.0 over 12.3, everything went fine, but when I installed 13.1 over 13.0, almost all of the add-ons were incompatible/broken. I installed 13.0 over 13.1 and they were still incompatible/broken. I installed 12.3 over 13.0 and they were working again, so I installed 13.1 again over 12.3 but the add-ons were incompatible/broken once again, so I deleted XBMC, reinstalled 12.3 and the add-ons were working again. I tried a few other combinations trying to get things to work, but all in all there’s a glitch or something in the add-ons for 13.1.

    • Martijn Jun 11, 2014 

      like many times mentioned. not our problem.
      there is absolutely no flaw or something broken on our side.

  • Mr NoComplaints Jun 11, 2014 

    Hi EveryOne

    Maybe im not typical Xbmc user. The only add:on i use is subs. No liveTV …nothing.

    I use Xbmc for watching MY movies/pictures/tv-shows. So far i have convinced 10 of my friends to use Xbmc as a mediaserver/player……. And all of them are ssooooooo greatfu and happy ……. both for the excellent gui and for its 100% uptime. These are both Apple and Win users. So all our thnx and gratitude to all of you who devote your time to making our precious freetime with popcorn and beverages such a qualitytime.

    And to all of you who comment and complain and cant even respect their ONE request “report probblems through right forum/channels” …… How much have you paid for this amazing software???

    Again thanx for all of your work.

    // A happy user of a free software

    • John Jun 11, 2014 

      Amen, nothing more to say! :-)

  • Chris Jun 11, 2014 

    Is there a different place to report bugs at?

    MCE remote and keyboard volume controls do not work. Only way to raise or lower the volume is to click on settings and then raise or lower it. This is with 13.1.

    I went back to 13.0 and it works just fine.

    Other than this, I LOVE this program and tell everyone about it. Thanks for all the hard work!

  • Adrien Jun 11, 2014 

    Is that just me or since Gotham (rc 13 and rc 13.1), xbmc completely sucks on atv2??
    Crashes all the time, awfull lag, subtitle never working?
    I really regret Froso that was perfectly fine.
    Not blaming anyone who makes a huge job behind but this is so much frustrating

    • Rob Jun 21, 2014 

      It’s pretty terrible on XBMC since 13.0 for Apple TV2. 13.1 crashes even more. Video playback and rendering file lists for any add ons is really slow and the playback crashes more than it works. Live streams also are glitchy and crash. I’ve rejailbroken for clean installs and viewed the logs and dependencies are sometimes met and sometimes not met. Using the fusion installer doesn’t even work let alone installing repos as individual zips (though they work on my mac and windows machines). All in all I will stop upgrading if it means having a system that worked and rendering it useless. There isn’t consistency even in the error logs reinstall to reinstall. Very unhappy and will make better use of my time elsewhere after a week of trying to get it to run. Love the work you guys do and all the hard work but I feel this may have been hasty? Have used XBMC for 2 plus years on many many platforms.

      • kib Jul 04, 2014 

        Please take this to the forums and make sure to include debug logs and proper explanation of what is going wrong.

  • Rick Jun 11, 2014 

    I was using Gotham 13 Beta 2, and the 3D function was working for me, and better than ever before. Then yesterday afternoon I decided to update to 13.1, and now 3D playback is back to behaving like it did in Frodo. I’m not quite sure what’s going on, and was wondering if anyone else is having similar issues. I didn’t have a lot of time to tinker around with it last night, but hopefully can experiment with it more when I get home tonight after work.

    • Martijn Jun 11, 2014 

      13.1beta2 and rc and final release are exactly the same. nothing has changed between them. Except if you actually mean 13.0beta2
      you can find help on the forum

      • Rick Jun 12, 2014 

        Thanks for the reply, Martijn. I went through things last night and discovered it was a problem with the file itself. For some reason is was playing in H-SBS, but wasn’t triggering the GUI. With the awesome new context menu, I was able to force the GUI to play it as an H-SBS file, and everything worked great!

        Thanks for all of your hard work, and the hard work of all the other developers.

  • John M Jun 11, 2014 

    Every time I try to stream a video like sports or a movie it force closes on my nexus 5

  • Edwin Jun 11, 2014 

    I looks great guys.. enjoying XBMC for a while now.
    Unfortunatly i keep having problems with my Vu+duo HD streams to my XBMC Minix NEO X5..
    Somehow HD streams runs great when i use MX Player but in XBMC the stream stutters and locks after a few seconds.
    The streaming has improved much but i hope this problem can be solved to.
    Is there a way i can troubleshout this myself? don’t know where to start..

    Keep up the good work guys!

    • kib Jul 04, 2014 

      Please take this to the forums.

  • GILI Jun 12, 2014 

    Hellp…i have the same eror mas -an existing package by the same name with a conflicting signature is already installed. but i cant remove the xbmc app from my android tv xbmc box u4 that i own becouse its a core app….im going mad about it please what can i do

  • mike Jun 12, 2014 

    hey wondering how to get picture to work on addons like tv portuguese i get audio but no picture on 13.1

  • Chris Jun 12, 2014 

    Ever since 13 on some videos i have noticed they just stop, I have the setting to play the next video on (for tv shows) and part way into a movie bang, next one starts.
    the log is showing
    19:44:30 T:9480 WARNING: DXVA – decoder problem of status 2 with 255
    19:44:31 T:11208 NOTICE: [Cinema Experience] – Retrieving Movie Details
    19:44:31 T:11208 NOTICE: [Cinema Experience] – Storing Playlist in memory
    19:44:31 T:9480 WARNING: DXVA – decoder problem of status 2 with 255
    this goes on and on and on then it stops. the movie starts again from the same position if you go back to it.

    • Chris Jun 14, 2014 

      every single movie I play at 15mins or so stops and jumps to the latest movie added to the list. This started with 13.

  • Bry Gee Jun 12, 2014 

    Its a little faster in closing now I use self contained, launched by a portable exe and incorporated directx and runtimes. Minor issue on a fresh install but till work well.
    According to log files crashes do seem to be down to skin issues.

  • BrulSmurf Jun 13, 2014 

    Thank you, all people involved in making this possible. Your work is really appreciated.

    Already looking forward to XBMC 14 – is there any decent write-up where we can learn more about the plans for that? Couldn’t find it anywhere in here or the forums. Thanks!

    • zag Jun 16, 2014 

      I don’t think there are any solid plans yet. We include features that are ready to be merged only in stable releases. I believe uPNP library sharing and Retro player are 2 big things that are being worked on currently but who knows what will happen in the coming months :)

  • Gizmo Jun 15, 2014 

    Hi! with this new version, I am getting spontaneous reboots on my Google Nexus 5…..this is way weird…it used to work fine with the Beta version……:(

    • Martijn Jun 16, 2014 

      Beta version is exactly the same as this release

  • Heather Jun 16, 2014 

    Installed using clean install. Worked for about 20 minutes, shut apple tv down. Came back about 2 hours later and all repos are saying Script error

  • Teddy Brown Jun 16, 2014 

    I really appreciate you guys for making this, but I won’t install Gotham until you got a stable version for OSX.. When I install any Gotham version I get this weird glitch and I can’t stop it.. I reinstalled 12.3 and I’m using it with no problems at all..

  • biz Jun 16, 2014 

    hello I have an android tv box. the xbmc 12 worked good.
    I installed the new 13.1 and now I have problems with delay in thr sound.
    what I can do to fix it? its very strange

  • Troy Jun 17, 2014 

    Installed on a Windows 7 laptop with the latest MS updates. The program freezes with the cursor not even moving. I have not even started a video to watch. I am just looking at he possible add-ons. When the program locks, I cannot even close the program with Task Manager.

    The only way I seem to be able to close the program is if I force shutdown. Sometimes that does not work either and I have to power the unit off.

    • joe Jun 24, 2014 

      I have the same problem with the total freezing in W7 64
      even the taskmanager gets frozen when started.
      One thing I found was in the system / audio output / setting:
      direct sound default will often cause a problem at least on my pc
      wasapi set to your proper configuration often works flawless

  • Les Black Jun 17, 2014 

    Still not fixed the bug with advancedsettings.xml program still refuses to start with this in place!!

    • Martijn Jun 17, 2014 

      there is no bug

      • XBMC Fan Jun 25, 2014 

        Martijn: Do not try and blame XBMC. That’s impossible. Instead… only try to realize the truth.

        Les: What truth?

        Martijn: There is no bug.

        Les: There is no bug?

        Martijn: Then you’ll see, that it is not the XBMC that bugs, it is only yourself.

        • kib Jul 04, 2014 

          Nice Matrix quote :)

  • Al8782 Jun 17, 2014 

    Hi, Everything is working great, but I have two problems. I’m running this version with linux Mx2 box and when I navigate through the menus the keys stick or just delay moving, especially if move to fast. I’m using a wireless keyboard logitech K400 and also the volume up works but volume down doesn’t.

    I had the same problem with 13.0 stable on my Android Mx2 also. Other then that haven’t ran into any problems with sound or video


  • Mics Jun 18, 2014 

    Finally i got everything working – I had previous written a comment in the 13.0 release blog, where I was having a lot of issues with the sound. After going back to Frodo i tried to boot Gotham 13.0 from usb pen drive once more and I found out why i was not able to get my dts-hd master or dolby true hd to work. In the settings menu, down at bottom of that page it says basic, and I thought well lets try and click on it – I now switched to advanced and then to Expert settings. Now I could see all my sound options again and they work flawless, even the older dolby digital + from my hd dvd movies are now being played correctly. For pcm 5.1 to work, you’ll need to set the speaker configuration to 5.1. So my apologies for not paying enough attention in the GUI – my conclusion is that Gotham 13.1 ROCKS!!! Thank you guys for all your hard work.

  • Alef Jun 18, 2014 

    Are the instructions below also applicable when you want to upgrade (from 13.0 to 13.1)?

    sudo apt-get install python-software-properties pkg-config
    sudo apt-get install software-properties-common
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:team-xbmc/ppa
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install xbmc

    Is it correct that they differ from the 12.x update instructions?

    • Martijn Jun 18, 2014 

      Check that you have a supported Ubuntu version.

      • Alef Jun 20, 2014 

        Is the XBMCBuntu version amongst the supported Ubuntu versions?

  • Lastcoder Jun 19, 2014 

    Congrats ! Rock solid like Frodo. I like the support for 3D movies – though I have no real 3D TV the support for anaglyph mode rockz. Hope that h.264 mvc will be supported soon, too !


  • Ewoks Jun 19, 2014 

    is there ANY way to use XBMC with Synology DiskStation. At the end Synology is running linux in background and I am a bit confuse why there is no “server” version of XBMC (like Plex) that will run on Synology and “expose” media with metadata and nice interface to the client. Thanks for answer and GothamReturns :) Cheers

    • Ridinkidonk Jun 23, 2014 

      My DS213+ works fine with XBMC as an NFS or Samba share… you need to set up your DiskStation properly.

    • zebraitis Jun 25, 2014 


      Since the NAS will share your drives, then all you need to do is do the MySQL centralized setup for XBMC.

      That will act as your “server” portion, and all the XBMC installs that you have will point to the MySQL DB for info.

      Works great (I have Win7, Android and Linux installs all synced this way.)

      Just google XBMC and MySQL.

      My understanding is that they are working on something that will share a DB in the next version… but for right now, this is rock solid.

  • tony Jun 21, 2014 

    Thanks. You guys rock.. Im using XBMC on my gbox and works good. With all these updates is going to even better. Keep up the goog work. Tks

  • linh Jun 23, 2014 

    can you guys add 1channel

    • kib Jul 04, 2014 

      No. Most definitely not. Will not happen.

  • 7keys Jun 23, 2014 

    connection spdif optical:
    xbmc 13.0 movie and music – dts play – ok (5.1)
    xbmc 13.1 play only stereo !!!
    I checked papplayer and dvdplayer…

    • kib Jul 04, 2014 

      Please take support questions to the forums.

  • Apil Jun 23, 2014 

    congregates bro…

  • nedd Jun 24, 2014 

    Great work! Can we have an install for Windows Phones (Nokia Lumia 1020) soon?

    • kib Jul 04, 2014 

      We aren’t planning this, but I believe mainly because we have no one who knows how to do this.

  • mike Jun 25, 2014 

    Many of my addons do not work as well (I know… not your problem) but some that do, like The Colbert Report, if I play one episode, no issue, if I try to play a second, I get a few errors, after a long halt, like some files failed to play, sometimes XBMC has to be force quit, or I have to exit, either way, when I reopen XBMC, the episode I chose plays seamlessly, so now I’m in the habit of exiting XBMC and relaunching between episodes.

    I only upgraded to Gotham because I got a message that said my XBMC is outdated every time I ran it. With 13 my addons still worked, but it crashed constantly. Couldn’t even force quit. Had to reboot. Upgraded to 13.1 thinking it would fix things, but now I’m limited to a few addons. I was previously running whatever was stable in January. Why can’t I use that without constant prompts of being outdated?

    OSX 10.9.3 XBMC 13.1 on a 2008 Macbook Pro 4gigs ram.

    • kib Jul 04, 2014 

      You should not get constant prompts to upgrade! This should only happen once. Please create a thread in the support forums because it sounds like something is wrong on your system and XBMC is not able to store its settings properly.

  • swapface Jun 27, 2014 

    Nice work everyone and thanks so much!!!!

  • Tony Jun 27, 2014 


  • Ivo Jun 28, 2014 

    Awesome work folks! I recently upgraded by Raspberry Pi to this version and with the new performance improvements it’s a breeze to work with.

  • pivanhoe Jun 30, 2014 

    still crashes on MK802(RK3066)-Android 4.1

  • BigJRM Jul 01, 2014 

    I was surprised to find that a new install of 13.1 has very few skins available to install. I usually upgrade to the new version and usually the installed skin (TRANSPARENCY!) still works. I hope that the skin programmers find it easy to get their skin upgraded too! I really enjoy XBMC with the TRANSPARENCY! skin. For me, navigation and setup is so much easier.
    I must congratulate all the programmers working on XBMC and SKINS and all the other fine areas that make this program the premier Media Center it is! Congrats and THANKS.

  • WizardOfZot Jul 03, 2014 

    Does anyone know the valid checksums of the XBMCbuntu releases? I am trying to install, but it fails the file check and the installer crashes. My burning software passes verification, so I’m not sure where the problem is coming from.

  • Chris Jul 07, 2014 

    12 was better. 13 sucks

    • hgn! Jul 09, 2014 

      Mario Kart on SNES was way better than (sucking) Mario Kart 64.

    • c3p Jul 09, 2014 

      Your superb reasoning influenced my opinion of the aforementioned product.

  • Jorge Jul 09, 2014 

    Hola, quiero agradecerles por su generoso trabajo, he intentado seguir todas sus instrucciones y hasta el momento no he tenido mayores problemas, pero si quiero hacerles una pregunta.
    El xbmc dharma lo monte ayer en mi appletv silver, uds. Recomendaron cambiar la configuracion de hdmi a rgb high, ahora los videos no se ven muy bien, lo que quiero decir es que los videos hd ya no se ven asi y los flv se ven horrible, que puedo hacer?

  • Magnus Jul 13, 2014 

    Well, hello there, meine lieben Freunde! Ich bin’s ma’ wieder, euer Siggi. hahaha Okay, back to the topic. I just figured out, that I’m only having this “black sidebars problem”, about which I was complaining constantly here, in the “Windowed” screen mode. Tried today the default full screen mode and everything works just fine. No black bars, the 16:9 option fits the video to the screen perfectly, etc. . Maybe you guys were using xbmc 13.X in the default mode, when trying to figure out what I’m complaining about, and thought that I had just messed up my settings. Hope that now you’ll finally know how to fix this problem, because I’m usually using my xbmc in the “Windowed” mode. Earlier it often froze and it was just easier to force it to close it this mode and I’m also often using other programs parallel to xmbc (browser). Seid die Besten! :D

  • alma Jul 13, 2014 

    there is a paid XMBC on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mk.xbmc

    are you the Ks-Soft or he had just stole the credit?

  • Fatih Jul 13, 2014 

    Doesn’t Downloaded

    Because : [IMG]http://i61.tinypic.com/1zsye0.png[/IMG]

    Do you know it.

    • Fatih Jul 13, 2014 

      and over than over same eror.

  • Phil Jul 14, 2014 

    Since the 13.1 update airplay isn’t working anymore for me .. it doesn’t even show anymore on my iphone

  • kieran Aug 09, 2014 

    Hi people, I downloaded this and used it on my tablet but it won’t let me swipe the screen so I can’t get to the settings, how do I fix this.

    My tablet is the nexus 7

    • Martijn Aug 09, 2014 

      We test this on a Nexus7 ourselves so it should definitely work

  • Kraig Aug 14, 2014 

    I have XBMC on two of my laptops, which are Toshiba (Windows 7 / XBMC 12.3) and Acer (Windows 8 / XBMC Gotham 13.1). For some reason, Acer (Windows 8 / XBMC Gotham 13.1) will not connect via airplay ios 7 ipod gen 5 or XBMC Remote App. On the other hand, both work perfectly with Toshiba (Windows 7 / XBMC 12.3). I’ve done a lot of reseach, and still no luck. PLEASE HELP !!! PLEASE HELP !!!

    • Kraig Aug 14, 2014 

      research *

  • Mami Aug 15, 2014 

    After Gotham updating PVR Simple TV is not working any more, any tips thanks.

  • dermot Aug 18, 2014 

    Using gotham 13.1 on apple tv 2. It keeps rebooting when I go to watch a movie. Doesnt matter what app im using (channel1, navi-x etc) movie starts, screen goes black and apple tv has reset and is back to reboothing itself. This happens a few times throughout the night. Anything I can do?


    Dermot from Dublin, Ireland

  • sunshine Aug 18, 2014 

    On my main screen I have no way of clearing my cashe anymore. The general maintenance tab has disappeared…..PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!

  • bruce881 Aug 22, 2014 

    I installed a copy of gotham 13.0 last night updating from Frodo. I played the first video fine but now when I select a new video to play it will only play in the background.I can hear the sound but can only see the movies select screen, that doesn’t seem to go away. Sorry if I sound a bit vague but I am a relatively new user. can anyone help ?

  • bruce881 Aug 22, 2014 

    by the way I am running it on raspberry/ p (Linux)

About Kodi

Kodi is a free and open source media player application developed by the XBMC Foundation, a non-profit technology consortium. Kodi is available for multiple operating-systems and hardware platforms, featuring a 10-foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls. It allows users to play and view most videos, music, podcasts, and other digital media files from local and network storage media and the internet.