XBMC 13.2 – Gotham final release

Posted By: Martijn Kaijser on Aug 18, 2014 in Release Announcements

Here it is. One of the last versions ever that will be using the XBMC name, as we are renaming XBMC to Kodi. All our future releases will be using the Kodi name. You can read about that here. However lets focus on this release. After three beta releases and a release candidate, we are happy to announce the final 13.2 release. This follows a couple of months after the 13.1 release, and is considered a small bug fix release. Unfortunately we cannot fix all things reported. Below you will find a list of most important fixes included in this release.

Do note that this release only contains fixes and no new features. So it should be safe to install on top of any of the current 13.x releases. Please read the important notice at the bottom as well. Should you find any problems, you can find how to report these at the bottom of this announcement.


Fixes done in 13.2

  • * Fix audio problems with pass-through on OSX
  • * Crash in Android if an app is favourite, then uninstalled from system.
  • * Fix crash in Android when entering programs menu in some skins
  • * Bitstream conversion fix for some BD mkv iso rips
  • * Fix labelcontrols with autowidth set were always marked as dirty (re-render)
  • * Update included PVR add-on
  • * Set “remote as keyboard” default to true for Android
  • * Fix FTP TLS not working
  • * Fix some disappearing characters on Mac OSX
  • * Fix onplaybackstarted event for external players
  • * Don’t show OSD menu DVD menu with mouse/touch
  • * GetText and delete sound option for add-on developers
  • * Fix wrong sample-rate selection on OSX
  • * Fix optical usb devices with > 2 channels on OSX
  • * Fix firewall popups in OSX on start-up
  • * Make the fake full-screen option only visible when running OSX snowleopard
  • * Fix overlapping subtitles
  • * Fix accented letters. Example: “VARIéS” rather than “VARIÉS”
  • * Prompt for master pin in case the add-on manager is locked
  • * Update GUI translations
  • * Update included add-ons
  • * Fixed several bugs and memory leaks


Important notice

Linux users Ubuntu 12.10 and 13.10 have been deprecated by canonical/ubuntu. This means there will be no more XBMC builds available for those version. You will have to upgrade you Ubuntu to a newer version to receive XBMC updates again.

Backup your data Before upgrading we would recommend you create a backup of your current userdata folder which contains all your current settings and database files. In the unlikely case that something went wrong during your upgrade, a backup will ensure that you are still able to go back to the previous state. Where the userdata folder is located on your system can be found on our userdata wiki page. Do note that when first upgrading from Frodo 12.x it may take some time until you see the familiar homescreen as several internal upgrades need to be performed.

Add-ons As mentioned in previous blog posts, due to changes related to our add-on system and skin improvement, certain plugins, scripts and skins may become incompatible when upgrading from Frodo to Gotham. Sadly this is part of the continuing process of development and improvement. We hope the impact of these changes will be limited but we feel a warning would be beneficial. If there are any addons you particularly depend on, we advise that you visit the forum thread of that addon to see if the author has ensured support in XBMC 13.

Installing on OSX As XBMC is an unsigned application on OSX, you may need to go through a slightly different process to start it the first time. After you have copied XBMC to the Applications folder, you will need to “right click” or “two finger click” XBMC from within the Applications folder and select “Open” and then accept the warning. You should only need to do this the first time you run XBMC.

Code base Since we have branched the XBMC core code for Gotham off from our main development master branch on Github it is important that you also build from the correct Github branch: http://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/tree/Gotham


Should want to download and install this Release Candidate, please visit our download page


The Last XBMC Shirt Ever

xbmclastshirtBecause of your generosity in t-shirt sales, straight-up donations, and word-of-mouth evangelizing, this project has lasted for 12 years and through four different names, and with your help, we all believe it can last twice that long again. So we figured we’d offer a t-shirt to commemorate the name change.

There’s only one thing. The image at the top of this article is not the final logo. We are working with doghousemedia to truly realize an awesome logo, and we aren’t quite there yet.

So instead of offering a bit of swag with the new name, we figured we’d offer the exact opposite. This is it. The last XBMC shirt or related piece of merchandise we’re ever going to sell.


How to Contribute

If you use these builds, we encourage you to submit bugs in Trac with sufficient information (following this guide: How to submit a bug report), provide support in our Forums where you can, or donate to the Foundation if you like. For a current FAQ on XBMC 13, visit our Gotham FAQ.

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  • ABGX Aug 18, 2014 

    Long live the name of XBMC!

  • NitrousXBMC Aug 18, 2014 

    The last version of XBMC ever…I may never update again… lol jk :P
    Thank your for your years of service! Long live Kodi!

  • Dirk Aug 18, 2014 

    I will never forget XBMC! Kodi will never sound in my ears like XBMC. I was one of the first users of Xbox media player. It is not just a name it is a part of life for somebody.

  • johnny Aug 18, 2014 

    love xbmc but,

    cant you guys just stick to one version, update it until all the bugs are worked out and once that is done then add extras because your adding bugs upon bugs by adding more stuff and not fixing older bugs. mesa jus sayin ^_^. Tried kodi 14 alpha, love the new video codecs resolution looks great for old tv shows especialy but lots of bugs ranging from tv and movie scraper select dialogue crashing, audio selection volume blacking out,etc. also for those programmers getting smug about not working on older computers/laptops, 80% of the planet runs windows xp still, windows 8 sucks i wont upgrade to that (im on windows 7 starter) and your limiting your audience by limiting yourself to high end pc/laptops. mesa jus double sayin.^_^ end of rant end of line.

    • Martijn Aug 18, 2014 

      Those problems are because the skins have not been updated.

    • dan Aug 18, 2014 

      you are whats wrong with this forum! why dont you just stick to the last final version release? also if you still use xp your an idiot! they dont even update for security anymore! win 8.1 can do everything xp can and much more all while being ALOT faster. get over it and dont clutter the forum with STUPID posts like this on!
      end rant.

      • auguy Aug 30, 2014 

        check your language to people!!!! you treat them: “idiot”
        Thks a lot!!!

    • Kib Aug 18, 2014 

      You are sort of missing the point here.
      The 13.x series only receives more bugfixes, no new features. This release is the second point-release with bugfixes that has come out after it became stable.

      The next version, Kodi 14, which is in ALPHA (!), will receive new features compared to 13.
      When using alpha versions, be sure to use the default skin to try out these new features – If you use an unupdated skin you might get dialog issues like you are describing.

    • Ace Love Aug 19, 2014 

      Why haven’t you even upgraded to Windows 7 yet? Just get to 8.1, it doesn’t suck, its faster and better than 7.

    • eema Aug 19, 2014 

      No offense. But win 8.1 sucks and you are using win 7 STARTER?

    • RWH Aug 23, 2014 

      I don’t know what you are talking about it not working on older computers.

      my living room media center is a vintage 2006-era Dell pavilion d4650y purchased from a computer recycler for $150 two years ago.

      granted, i’ve purchased a few upgrades from said recycler (RE-PC in Seattle) over the years (8 GB ram used, $80, core2 quad 3.2ghz, $50) but this thing is hardly a powerhouse of modern computing. the Video card is an Nvidia 8800 ultra, but it isn’t even VDPAU capable. the PCIe slot on it isn’t even PCIe 2.0.

      i only bought the 8800 ultra because it was $40 and i thought the problem i was having with the SVIDEO out to a 1991 era TV for a time might be related to the 8300LE card i had. in hindsight the 8300LE was more than capable, there just were driver bugs, bugs that were shared with almost all of the Nvidia linux SVIDEO implementations.

      that said, it works, and almost flawlessly. especially since i bought a TV that supports HDMI. granted. i stick to stable, tested releases.

      Alpha softare is, by definition, buggy. Code changes to add features often have unintended consequences in how they interact with other parts of the code base and Alpha releases are the first releases given for wider distribution so these can be found and fixed.

      • bdubu Aug 29, 2014 

        That’s cool about your running XBMC on older hardware. I’m doing the same (Dell Dimension 2400) and like your setup, mine also works great! Unfortunately, due to an upcoming reorg of our living room, I’m gonna have to swap my hardware out for something with a much smaller footprint… BTW, you might want to consider adding a post to the thread, http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=137513. Cheers!

    • Sébastien Forestier Aug 25, 2014 

      Johnny, I’m not an XBMC developer but what you’re asking clearly shows that you don’t know how software development works. It’s just the case for ALMOST EVERY software project that there are branches, with at least one branch corresponding to the STABLE version, which is regularly updated with non-invasive changes that are mostly bugfixes and minor improvements, and the UNSTABLE branch where the new features are developed.

      I could explain that with many more topics but really, please get a clue how software development works, and how MANY MILLIONS of SW developers work around the globe, in many MULTI-BILLION companies, and you’ll see there must be a reason for that.

    • Scott Wallace Sep 06, 2014 

      80% of the world needs to change then. Microsoft doesn’t support it. For a reason. The same reason you don’t offer surgery to a 20 year old dog that’s blind, missing a leg, and is deaf. Just let go. Use OpenELEC if you don’t want to worry about the operating system. But don’t lambaste the developers of incredible media software that costs you NOTHING. Say thank you. And be grateful. And stop complaining about things that, in this community, affect a tiny percentage of people. Go ahead and start a thread in the forums and ask how many XBMC users are using Windows XP as their OS. 2% would be my guess. XBMC/Kodi developers, please know that most of the rest of us are very grateful for your efforts.

  • Dave Aug 18, 2014 

    I am looking into purchasing the MyGica Android 2.3.4 TV Box / Mygiga ATV 1200, and I was wondering if anyone knew what TV channels I would get. I am looking for BBC America, SyFy, etcx. I am not concerned about HBO, CInemax, sports packages, etc.

    Thanks for reading.

  • filledk Aug 18, 2014 

    Bye xbmc, we all loved you

    • Weirdh Aug 18, 2014 

      This choked me up more than it should have….

  • sonic Aug 18, 2014 

    R.I.P XBMC

  • The Poet Stefan Aug 18, 2014 

    Thank you for the Last XBMC Version….Have looked it through and works like a charm as it usually do…….I hope Kodi will work like a charm too when time come for me to change to it….will wait until a Beta version come though…But I hope it won’t mess my XBMC add-On’s Up to much…..will back up and if it do mess it up I’ll go back to XBMC -this Final version and keep it as it have everything I need as of now…..:) -changes never frighten me to much though unless it make the MC useless awcause ;) ….again thank you very much for this release.

  • WarriorSan Aug 18, 2014 

    Goodbye XBMC… Hello Kodi!

  • violator69 Aug 18, 2014 

    Which version might work on the ASUS transformer TF101?

    • chewie Aug 19, 2014 

      None. The TF101 has a Tegra 2 processor which is not NEON compatible which is unfortunately required for XBMC to run.
      Guess it’s time to update the 3 years old tablet :(

  • XBMC.IN Aug 18, 2014 

    Nice to have the last one XBMC. Welcome Kodi!

  • fritsch Aug 19, 2014 

    Read again: One of the last versions ever – it’s not “the” last version -> see here: https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/5235

  • guyonphone Aug 19, 2014 

    Are there any windows bug fixes for this release?

  • pn2bade Aug 19, 2014 

    Just bought any-shirt to commemorate this moment. Been with XBMC since the beginning. So much fun playing with it on my modded Xbox. You can call it Kodi all you want, but it’ll always be XBMC to me. Thanks to all the developers for making such a great piece of software!

    *wipes away a tear*

  • Yrvyne Aug 19, 2014 

    I remember starting my first post ranting for a portable version, this a couple and more years ago. Not only have I forsaken its portability but have uninstalled (or removed) such software as Windows Media Center, Windows Media Player, K-Lite Codec Pack, VLC media player and Windows Live Photo Gallery.

    This media center is a killer and I really don’t mind the change in name so long as its grit stays intact.

    I used to enjoy EU TV streams from the livestreams.xml and nowadays, since my love for such broadcasts has subsided, an interest has flourished in Advanced Launcher, thus having a clean Windows 7 install with XBMC serving as a platform with the dedicated Official XBMC Android Remote for easy navigation (although nothing beats a wireless mouse :P ).

    Besides XBMC-turned-Kodi is a great way to pass time learning coding (livestreams.xml) and tinkering around its components to have a better bedroom experience (I’m sorry my set is not in the living room, OK?)

  • Ace Love Aug 19, 2014 


  • Alef Aug 19, 2014 

    Guys, could you help out a long term noob xbmc user. I am using 13.0 right now, which was updated from a XBMCBuntu 12.x install. Are these the correct update commands:

    sudo apt-get install python-software-properties pkg-config

    sudo add-apt-repository -r ppa:ppa: current_ppa

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ppa:team-xbmc/ppa

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get –only-upgrade install xbmc xbmc-bin

    • Giulio Aug 19, 2014 

      I would really like to know too.

    • Martijn Aug 19, 2014 

      I think you need to dist upgrade.

      • Alef Aug 19, 2014 

        What do you mean by dist?

        Should I insert “sudo apt-get upgrade”?

    • RWH Aug 23, 2014 

      in a command line only environment, you need to run the command “do-release-upgrade”


      i forget the gymnastics to get to the gui tool.

  • Tobbe Aug 19, 2014 

    Xbmc is dead, long live KODI

  • Noctris Aug 19, 2014 

    Don’t have any emotional ties to the name XBMC ( just need to update all the people i have been telling about it). And Kodi is as good a name as any. I’ll even love it if you call it PlaysOnEverythingSuperAweSomeEntertainmentSystemStuff .. but that logo… THE logo.. it hurts my eyes.. it burns.. It looks like someone who just discovered photo shop had a go at it ( and i say this as a print professional).. I sure hope the guys from Aeon Nox can make it somewhat pretty :s

    • Jeff Lewis Aug 25, 2014 

      could just change it to be PlaysOmnipresentlySuperlativelySomeEntertainmentSystemStuff

  • Red Leung Aug 20, 2014 

    Still can’t output 5.1 channels in OSX system

  • mrt Aug 20, 2014 

    Can anyone guide me how to update 13.2 to minix edition which had version 13.1 please?

  • jerry byrd Aug 20, 2014 

    how do I use

  • joe Aug 20, 2014 

    good riddance with eggs bi em sih

    I enjoyed the ride for the last 6 or so years mostly –
    and often tremendously.

    So I say:
    Thank you for the XBMC, the things it’s playing
    Thanks for all the joy you’re bringing
    Who can live without it, I ask in all honesty
    What would life be?
    Without XBMC to show us what collected we?
    So I say thank you for the XBMC
    For giving it to me.

    (Lyrics ABBA slightly modificated )

    and regarding the logo
    the one from Tinwarble here is my favorite so far:

  • Grimanos1 Aug 22, 2014 

    Guys in Xbmcubuntu i update to 13.2 and now when i startup it doesn’t auto open xbmc but ubuntu

  • EpicGuy Aug 22, 2014 

    Not sure anyone has noticed, But there is a typo on under latest Releases ->
    Release Date: 17th of Augsut 2014

    And thanks for this release awesome stuff

    • Martijn Aug 22, 2014 

      thx, should be fixed

  • Nick Aug 22, 2014 

    Hi, I’ve just updated Xbmc on my ATV2 and it is always crashing on loading. I’ve uninstalled it completely via aTV flash (black) and reinstalled it but no luck. Tried the same via shh but encountering same problem. Any help would be much appreciated


    • Zack Aug 23, 2014 

      Works terrific for me

    • ChevyDK Oct 15, 2014 

      I too have reboot problem on the ATV2 after upgrade to 13.2

  • CapnBry Aug 23, 2014 

    Remember when we were all building using the XDK, and targetting a machine with 64MB of RAM and a 700MHz _Celeron_? Things are always getting better, and I bid a fond farewell to the XBMC name. I guess I can finally delete my local CVS repository?

  • dave Aug 25, 2014 

    well i’ve tried several times to install this, im running 13.0 on a gbox, and it keeps failing and telling me a version with the same signature already exists?????

    • Martijn Aug 25, 2014 

      That’s because you have a version installed which is nog provided by us. Either uninstall current or ask your vendor

  • pabs Aug 25, 2014 

    Guys….just installed this from fresh ( i uninstalled previous version) running on a gbox.
    Now, i have no option to boot into xbmc…..at start up all i have is 3d launcher/launcher i have to go ito android and select the xbmc app. has something changed??

    • Malaka79 Aug 25, 2014 

      Pads, I too have a Gbox. The reason you had an option to choose XBMC at a launcher before. Because, Matricom created a “forked” (caters to the Gbox hardware capabilities/limitations) version of XBMC for their device, when they made the firmware. So anytime you upgrade, you will overwrite that “forked” version. You really want to direct this question to the Matricom forum, as you will not find device support here. I can tell you, that you can download “Startup Manager” from the Playstore and add XBMC to the startup. This is what I have done, as I have the same hardware, and have since upgraded XBMC multiple times since purchase. Hope this helps

  • Akram Aug 25, 2014 

    Hey can i get the latest version of XBMC 13.2 Gotham 32bit please? my system dose not support 64bit. I am after XBMCbuntu. Thanks

  • darren1963 Aug 27, 2014 

    HI GUYS, is it me or is there a known prob with Gotham 13.2 on android XBMC in as much as it is really poor on the fast forward function and it is regularly out of sync with the sound….surely it cant just be me….can it

  • keishyw Aug 28, 2014 

    Each time i try to launch my XBMC on my desktop i have to go through the process of installing it… how can that be fixed ?

  • fudi Aug 28, 2014 

    you need to run the shortcut not the setup file noob

    • keishyw Aug 30, 2014 

      i’ve done that….. now that i’ve downloaded this new release its like it wont run/install smh

  • SD Aug 28, 2014 

    Long live XBMC! The best media player ever, that you guys are continuing to make it better! Thanks.

  • Martin Aug 28, 2014 

    does anyone elsa have problem downloading xmbc now?

    • keishyw Aug 30, 2014 

      well i dont have a prob downloading it but i have problems installing it

      • phil Aug 31, 2014 

        sounds familiar….my “updated” system wont let me do hardly a thing!!

  • kerusso Aug 30, 2014 

    xbmc remote on iPad isn’t working with Gotham 13.2

  • Steve Atwal Aug 30, 2014 

    Is there a release date for Kodi 14.0 ? BTW, below are some interesting facts about the new name:

    - K-O-D(ee) was picked because you can spell it using a remote control where the letter “K” is to skip back, letter “O” is to stop, and letter “D” is to play.
    - according to the Urban dictionary, Kodi means: “a person that is really sweet”, e.g. Sally is such a kodi. More at: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Kodi
    - KODI is a radio station broadcasting in a News Talk Information format. Licensed to Cody, Wyoming, USA. More at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KODI
    - Kodi is an unpopular baby name.
    - Kodi is also a cartoon wolf character.


  • phil Aug 31, 2014 

    has it occurred to anyone there are some older non technical types (as I am) that need spoon fed this complicated jargon and process. Yesterday everything was diff when i turned on the xbmc box to watch a movie….i cannot use it as i did in past…cant get it to connect…flashes back to install which it doesnt allow…I really need someone to walk me thru my problem via phone while i am on screen…is there such a source?help

  • Magnumpaye Aug 31, 2014 

    App won’t install
    Runs like it opening for first time everything then crashes
    Any ideas people

  • Alexandre Govea Sep 02, 2014 


  • jeffrey Sep 13, 2014 

    Windows 7

  • Edie Sep 21, 2014 

    I just realize that since Gotham 13.1 one of my favorite feature “stream stereo audio to all channel” at system –> audio was missing, hopes this is will not permanently removed in kodi in the next release.

    • Edie Sep 24, 2014 

      oops sory, my mistake. there is switch menu to setting level, switched to advanced level and voila! hehe, found it

  • wane Oct 22, 2014 

    nice thing

  • Andrew Oct 29, 2014 

    thanks for all the pleasure you have given me with XMBC ,hope to continue with Frodi I wonder if MX Android box will auto update :)

  • Keis Oct 30, 2014 

    Xbmc 13.2 guth won’t even load for me it just says connection lost and goes off. It should be fixed

  • heather Oct 31, 2014 

    I am really bad at technology. My husband’s friend hooked up our XBMC android box. We are currently running 13.1. It needs to be updated. How do I go about getting 13.2 on the box?

  • Terry Nov 08, 2014 


    I found the following …

    On Monday, October 29, 2012, a U.S. federal trademark registration was filed for KODI by HEB Grocery Company, LP, San Antonio, TX 78204. The USPTO has given the KODI trademark serial number of 85765761. The current federal status of this trademark filing is REGISTERED.

    Here …


    So is XBMC now owned by HEB Grocery Company?


  • Rossina Nov 19, 2014 

    please i need help, i chancge my skin by mistake into touched and now i dont know how to change it back to confluence in my apple tv2, can someone help me please!!!

  • jordi Dec 04, 2014 

    I have problems with audio sync in my Mac Mini late 2009 with mkv films and series.
    Anyone else?

About Kodi

Kodi is a free and open source media player application developed by the XBMC Foundation, a non-profit technology consortium. Kodi is available for multiple operating-systems and hardware platforms, featuring a 10-foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls. It allows users to play and view most videos, music, podcasts, and other digital media files from local and network storage media and the internet.