XBMC 13 – Gotham – August Cycle

Posted By: Nathan Betzen on Sep 05, 2013 in Pre-Release
Some of the newly available 3D Options

For those keeping track, we’ve just completed alpha #7 in the August cycle, which includes two absolutely massive new features: Stereoscopic 3D support and Android Hardware video decoding. As always, the monthly alpha build is available on our Snapshots page, and the typical warning applies: this is alpha software; things are very likely to break. With that said, let’s look at what we’ve been working on.

Android Hardware Decoding

It’s been a long time coming, but we are excited to announce that hardware decoding of video has finally made its way to the XBMC for Android platform. The most important caveat is that the implemented hardware decoding does not support AmLogic or Allwinner chipsets, and it does require Android 4.0 (“Ice Cream Sandwich”) or higher to run. With that said, the more popular tablets sold in the past year, such as the Nexus 7 and 10, should work quite well with this alpha, and users are welcome to discuss their experiences in the comments below. Kudos to Koying for his work on this project.

Stereoscopic 3D Rendering

For you lovers of 3D out there, we are also pleased to say that we now support 3D movies encoded in the following formats: SBS, TAB, anaglyph, and interlaced (on supported platforms for passive TVs). Unfortunately, XBMC cannot yet support 3D blurays and cannot provide hardware acceleration for FullSBS/TAB movies (therefore limiting those videos to relatively high powered CPUs).

A useful feature that also comes with this alpha is a dedicated button to toggle 3D mode, which has two benefits: First, while XBMC should automatically recognize 3D-encoded movies, if it fails to recognize the format, users can force 3D mode. Second, users are now welcome to encode all their ripped blu-rays into 3D and skip making a second encode in 2D, because toggling off 3D mode on a 3D recognized movie will simply display the film in traditional 2D. This button requires an update to your skin of choice, so, if you are not using Confluence, feel free to point the feature out to your favorite Skilled Skinner.

Some of the newly available 3D Options

Some of the newly available 3D Options

Context Menu Clean-up

In addition to bigger features, if you’ve been following along, you know that we’ve been working for quite some time on making the entire user experience more friendly. To that end, this past month has been one of cleaning up the context menu. We’ve worked to clean it up in two ways. First, we’ve pulled items out that don’t actually make sense to be in a context menu. Second, we’ve moved some options that people rarely use into a second “Manage” dialog.

In your day-to-day experience, this means the Update Library option is now always available in the side-bar, as can be seen in the below picture. This is quite similar to how we’ve moved the different setting levels (Basic/Standard/Advanced/Expert) to the sidebar on the System Settings pages.



And the context menu has a new option to explore the Manage menu…


Manage… option


Manage... menu for TV shows

Manage… menu for TV shows

Goodbye Windows XP

We are happy to announce that we will be joining Microsoft in dropping support for Windows XP in 2014 by dropping support for XP with XBMC 13. At present, there are certain features that are being held back by our continuing support of the XP platform, and the best path forward is to halt support on the roughly 12 year old OS. Vista, 7, and 8 will all continue to be supported from this point forward.

Hasta la XP, baby.

Hasta la XP, baby.

Bug List and Other Changes

A change that certainly couldn’t be called a feature involves Weather Underground. Unfortunately, WU is currently being hit with far more XBMC traffic than even a full sponsorship could pay for. To resolve this, at least in the short term, XBMC 13 will now ship without a default weather app. Users who are upgrading will not see a change, and new users are welcome to re-download the addon if they choose.

Finally, below are some notable bugs fixed with this month’s update

  • EPG no longer crashes when there is no EPG data
  • Music Database fixes
  • font processing fixes
  • Fixed non-trivial dirty rectangle modes
  • Fix gain for MP3 files (vs FLAC and other audio files)
  • Fix file parse bugs (results in speedier file parsing)
  • Numerous Raspberry Pi fixes


Of course, as always, this is merely a very small sample of the many changes in this cycle. If you are feeling a bit brave and a bit lucky, it’s time to start downloading. Be aware though, that this is very alpha software with potentially numerous bugs. There is a  good chance that this alpha will break on you.

Should want to download and install XBMC, please visit our download page.

How to Contribute

If you use this cycle’s build, we encourage you to submit bugs in Trac, provide support in our Forums where you can, or donate to the Foundation if you like. For a current FAQ on XBMC 13, visit our Gotham FAQ.

Discussion - 182 Comments

  • JRAT Sep 05, 2013 

    too bad Weather, tvdb and moviedb couldn’t be distributed through some sort of bit torrent

    • neroes Sep 08, 2013 

      anycast is much better suited for that kind of data transfer, otherwise it would make it even slower because no collection is the same and it requires a lot of resources to keep track of that level of information
      except for weather where multicast is best

    • thanasis Sep 16, 2013 

      hello I wanted to ask how can I change the language in epg from English to Greek please help me I use NPVR thanks

  • kywildcat Sep 05, 2013 

    Works great on Nexus 7, Thanks

  • gil Sep 05, 2013 

    Thank you. Whats the problem with Amlogic?? I hope that in the final version the problem is resolved.
    Thanks again.

    • Nathan Betzen Sep 05, 2013 

      AM Logic doesn’t work with libstagefright or Media Codec, which are the decoding platforms provided by Google for Android. This means, to make AM Logic chipsets work, you have to use AMcodec, which was developed by team member Davilla. My understanding is that it’s fairly difficult (maybe impossible) to make amcodec work generically. Basically, you have to know which AM Logic chipset you are using before you can use amcodec. I could be wrong about that, but that’s my understanding.

    • Ned Scott Sep 05, 2013 

      It’s simply that for the time being, you must use an AMLogic-specific build

  • Gary Sep 05, 2013 

    Good work! appreciate the hardwork.
    but may i ask when would the full blu ray interative menu will be adopted?

    • da-anda Sep 18, 2013 

      Well, as long as libbluray (the opensource library we use for bluray handling) doesn’t support it well enough we won’t add it/enable it by default. But there are at least plans to consider updating to upcoming version 0.4.0 (which has basic bd-j support) and provide brave users with an advanced settings to enable it. No guarantees though.

  • Tim Sep 05, 2013 

    Mark as watched/unwatched are the *only* items I use from the context menu. And now they’re even harder to get to.

    • P@ Sep 05, 2013 

      I agree with Tim, I use the Mark watch/un-watched feature a lot and now it’s a harder to use. Unless there is an easier way to do it I think it should have stayed in the main context menu as a combined button.
      I’m also confused that the remove from library is there and not moved to the sub menu. I rarely use it since if you click on a video that is not longer there it prompt to remove it. I think someone may have gotten mixed up on which feature needed to be moved to the sub menu.

      • Papabare Sep 17, 2013 

        I use the delete all the time while watching movies if they were just for me. If I grabbed them for other family members then I don’t. I don’t use the mark watched all to often, and if I do I already have a key mapped on my remote (I don’t usually use my keyboard when I am sitting in front of my 60″ :D )

        Great work guys, using it on a win8 machine, two linux boxes, and an android stick. Have not changed my raspberry pi yet, the people here that use it REALLY don’t like change :D

    • Geoff Sep 05, 2013 

      Press ‘W’ on your keyboard to toggle watched status.

      • Towa Sep 05, 2013 

        I don’t have a keyboard attached to my HTPC, just a remote control.

        • Daniel Malmgren Sep 05, 2013 


        • kibje Sep 06, 2013 

          Just bind a key on your remote to toggle watched status.

    • Rudolph Terblanche Sep 05, 2013 

      Agree I only use the Watched/Unwatched from the context menu.

      I have been running nightly’s on RPI and Windows and only know realized that they move under Manage. Had to Watch/Fast Forward through movies when I wanted to mark it as watched.

      Def have to rethink that move or maybe put up a poll. Thinking stuff like update and remove might be better option to move if we want to make the context menu smaller.

      But still thanks for the good work.

      • costi Sep 09, 2013 

        Absolutely agree. “Mark watched/unwatched” (as a single button) is much more useful and frequently used than “remove from library”.

    • Nathan Betzen Sep 05, 2013 

      I just made a video on the usefulness of the W key!


      • Locri Sep 05, 2013 

        Yes, the W key is fantastic when you have a keyboard handy, but many of us like to use XBMC with only a remote.

        • Ned Scott Sep 05, 2013 

          Any remote button can be programmed to toggle watched status.

          • DedTV Sep 07, 2013 

            ‘W’ is a different function than what’s in the context menu.
            If you select a show where half the episodes have been watched and hit ‘W’ it marks them all as watched. You can’t specify that you want ‘W’ to mark everything as Unwatched which is a problem if you have “Hide Watched” enabled.

            I agree with the others, having watched/unwatched on the core Context menu was far more convenient as it’s been the most frequently used menu item for me, even as a keyboard user, since it’s the only way (AFAIK) to specifically invoke marking shows Watched or Unwatched. For those with remotes, it’s very likely even more of an annoyance.

          • Justin Sep 09, 2013 

            How do you map this on the OUYA?

    • Josh Lyon Sep 06, 2013 

      Same here. I am curious what metrics / data the team used in determining which features to move.

    • supercore Sep 16, 2013 

      I would prefer an option to “manage” the sidebar so that we could add or remove context menu options at our discretion.

  • pete Sep 05, 2013 

    old HW, old OS – but happy using rather than annual upgrading.
    Benefits both my wallet and our environment…

    I’m just the (typical ?) follower of your activities, as with xbmc 12
    I started using your very nice piece of sw on a couple of different workstations.

    Heres my rub: pity you decided dropping XP:

    As XP is the most stable, still very widespread and most useful OS
    (with plenty of useful SW around) IMO I hope XBMC will continue
    to run on my machines for some time further on.

    I plan NEVER to upgrade to a newer MS OS as most they do is
    burn resources – the only one W7 machine I own was planned to be
    downgraded but there are some missing HW drivers for XP..

    The others (5 or so) are Atom CPUs and ION/ ION2 chipset
    to run my small office requirements and some entertainment.

    I’m sure you have quite a lot of followers alike me; watching
    quietly your growing success and participating by using
    your sw on plain old hardware. with no intention to upgrade HW
    or OS if not absolutely necessary:
    video machines to play with are now en masse around, and
    who on earth shall bury all the outdated hardware somewhere
    in Africa or in any of our limited oceans?

    Having said that, I hope to be able to continue using XBMC
    for a while; I’m absolutely happy with the entertainment machine
    you produce.

    BTW I’m familiar with MS since DOS times and
    do not cry out if there are new toys around.
    My point is, that nowadays we manufacture toys
    and call them computers, tablets (and alike)
    - as if the earth we live on would grow both
    in resources AND dump areas.

    • obarthelemy Sep 05, 2013 

      I’ve upgraded from XP. Both 7 and even more 8 are faster, more stable, and in all ways better than XP.

      • kokhean Sep 05, 2013 

        Not everyone wants to upgrade to Windows 7 because some drivers aren’t available in Windows 7 but are supported in Windows XP.

    • jerre Sep 05, 2013 

      @pete: what the fuck are you talking about that win xp is most stable and most useful OS LOL! typically some noobish reaction who doesn’t know better…. tried win 8 lately? :p

      • Bernard Sep 06, 2013 

        Hi guys, I’m also using my “old hardware” to run HTPC. It gives them use. They all came with Windows XP licences (especially the laptops). So I can’t upgrade unless I want to purchase a new windows… and then I can just as well buy a Smart Box.

        I’m actually a Media Portal fan, but since they announced they are going to drop XP support I decided to try XBMC since it did not mention this for the v12 release.

        Anyways to all other people that use old hardware, we will probably have to switch to linux at some point or other. Or we should not upgrade anymore :(

        • Nathan Betzen Sep 06, 2013 

          I highly recommend at least trying out OpenELEC with your old hardware. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

        • Anon Sep 07, 2013 

          XBMC 12 didn’t stop working under XP.

        • PeterF Sep 12, 2013 

          Then either continue using 12.2 or install Linux which is free and will support XBMC13. If all those computers do then install XBMCbuntu

    • Jakke Sep 06, 2013 

      @pete if you have a dedicated HTPC try OpenELEC

      OpenELEC is hides the OS and XBMC just works!

    • Evan Richardson Sep 09, 2013 

      XP most stable? I’ve had 0 blue screens/crashes with 8. Used to get them all the time. Considering Microsoft has or will remove support for XP soon, it should be left to die. Everyone has pretty much upgraded to vista or 7 by now, and the dev’s can’t continually target old dead OS’s

    • nickr Sep 11, 2013 

      YOur ION etc machines will work well with linux. XP is unsupported and therefore dangerous – no new fixes from MS.

  • Dave Sep 05, 2013 

    Thanks Nathan for producing these, they’re really helpful for those of us that follow XBMC – But don’t run the alpha’s – to keep up with how it’s progressing.

  • Dudesno Sep 05, 2013 

    Dropping XP… hmm, always loved the slimmed down versions (with nlite) for my HTPC-Uses. Too bad…
    Unfortunately slimming down Windows 7 got way more difficult. Or has anybody some suggestions ?

    • Martijn Sep 05, 2013 

      OpenELEC is great if you only use it as a HTPC and nothing else

      • Tim Sep 05, 2013 

        Totally agree about older hardware running openelec. It’s appliance like, it’s a simple 2.5-4 minute install (I’ve installed it on some rather simple hardware) and I think it’s functionality is on par with the windows version. It crashes less than xbmc on my new windows machine too. It has a high WAF as well as there is no OS for her to muck with just an MCE remote.

    • Karl Sep 06, 2013 

      Slimming W7 is very easy – Go to Control Panels > Programs and Features and click “Turn Windows Features on or off”. You can disable large swaths of W7 features you’ll never need on an HTPC (Indexing Service, Media Features, Print Services, etc.). There are a few lists of common services to disable you can Google.

  • Joe Sep 05, 2013 

    Any word yet on a fix for the sound issues with v.13 on WIN7?

    • Nathan Betzen Sep 05, 2013 

      With luck, that should come with next month’s alpha, Joe. A lot of work is being done at present on the audio side.

  • Sean Sep 05, 2013 

    Any idea how long until the Beta is ready?

    • Martijn Sep 05, 2013 

      unknown atm

  • Scotepi Sep 05, 2013 

    Noooooooooooo to the context menu changes! It does need to be cleaned up but for the love to god please keep mark as watched on the top level!

  • Michael Sep 05, 2013 

    Please if at all possible add the “Ending Time” to the Confluence overlay when watching video. I would like it on the same overlay you have pictured above showing off the new 3D button. Maybe you cold place the “Ending Time” next to the X in the top right corner?

    Now I realize if you click the i key on the keyboard it does bring up a overlay with the “Ending Time” but this is not possible when using my remote.


    • Jimmy F Swith Sep 06, 2013 


      I would like this added also!

      Nathan any chance this small change could be done to the overlay?

    • nickr Sep 11, 2013 

      What you don’t have ‘i’ mapped on your remote? I couldn’t live without i.

  • Andrée Hansson Sep 05, 2013 

    @Tim: I agree; “Play”, “Queue”, and “Mark as (un)watched” is the most used ones when looking at myself and family members. I think some usability testing around what people are using should be in order here, it feels very weirdly categorized as it is now.

    I love the improvement though and I’m really looking forward to 13! For the 99% that doesn’t have/use 3D, will the option still be there, adding a step more to the Subtitles button or will you be able to hide it somehow?

    • da-anda Sep 18, 2013 

      it’s only there if movie is stereoscopic

  • Matthijs Sep 05, 2013 

    Any news about support for the macbook retina? Really missing xbmc on my new mac!

  • zag Sep 05, 2013 

    Epic Screenshot! :D

  • lazyboy0172 Sep 05, 2013 

    Huge step forward with official 3D support, thanks team! Also like the new manage feature, where I can much more easily set up or edit collections without jumping into nfo files.

    I do have a question regarding 3D support though. I haven’t tested the official release yet, but in the nightlies I had been testing with 3D, all it did was split the UI based on the movie. It worked out okay, and it’s a huge step from having my UI unusable when watching SBS content before, but the option does not output 3D to my TV, I still have to press the 3D button on my remote and select SBS to get it to work. Are there plans to support 3D output in the future, or is it an option in the monthly milestone? I’m on Windows 8, and there is an option in “screen resolution” settings to allow programs to send 3D content to the TV, and it works with other media players meant for 3D, so I am under the impression that this is something that is very much possible

    • Nathan Betzen Sep 05, 2013 

      I don’t understand the question. If you have 3D content, XBMC displays in in the appropriate format SBS, TAB, whatever, and then you set your TV to that format and it displays in stereoscopic 3D. What would you rather it do?

      • lazyboy0172 Sep 05, 2013 

        If I put a 3D blu ray into my PS3, turn 3D on in a game on ps3 or xbox, or play a 3D video in a different media player that supports 3D my TV automatically changes to 3D mode and says “3D content has been detected” or something along those lines. On xbmc, I have to press the 3D button on my remote to switch it manually, then press it again after the movie. I understand this is a very minor complaint in alpha software, I just wanted to see if it was considered an issue or working as intended.

        • Nathan Betzen Sep 05, 2013 

          Hm. I’m not sure if that’s a video thing or an HDMI thing. If it’s an HDMI thing, no guarantee on when it’ll get fixed, as I don’t know if any of the dedicated HDMI devs have 3D setups.

          • Scott Sep 12, 2013 

            I second the auto switch to 3D output.

            Otherwise what’s the point? I can already play 3D HSBS on v12.2, just have to press the 3D button manually on my remote. Sure being able to play a movie in 2D/3D without having to maintain 2 version of it would be nice, but having my TV recognize there is 3D content and switch to view it automatically (like any other 3D hardware source seems capable of) would be even better.

    • da-anda Sep 18, 2013 

      auto-switching to a 3D resolution is being worked on

  • Venares Sep 05, 2013 

    All good with one exception and you know what it is.
    Moving the watch/unwatch to a sub-menu is a bad bad idea.
    Atleast for me it’s pretty much used constantly so this is going to make it a royal PITA.

    If it aint broke guys, dont change it.

  • Rodalpho Sep 05, 2013 

    When will XBMC for Android be added to the Google Play store? Seems like it’s basically feature-complete now.

    • Martijn Sep 05, 2013 

      Needs to be stable first

      • Rodalpho Sep 05, 2013 

        Stability seems about the same as XBMC for Linux to me. XBMC crashes on linux every so often, and it does the same thing on Android.

        • Nathan Betzen Sep 05, 2013 

          Martijn is primarily referring to hardware decoding stability (I assume). Mostly that’s a lot of under the surface stuff at this point. Odds are, the typical user won’t notice the difference, but it’ll ultimately result in a better experience.

  • Tuxie Sep 05, 2013 

    I feel I also have to comment. First off, great work, guys! But I also must say “please, no!” to moving “mark as watched” to a submenu. It’s the only thing I ever use the context menu for. I use XMBC exclusively with a remote control.

  • Klojum Sep 05, 2013 

    Stereoscopic 3D Rendering support is very much welcome, but one obvious question for me, myself and some other people: Will subtitles be equally rendered in 3D?

  • rizzyc Sep 05, 2013 

    Any word if Hardware support is there for MK808 or other android mini boxes?

  • Longhorn Sep 05, 2013 

    Installed this latest beta on Windows. Can’t play any movie, all are playing with no sound and almost all plays at high speed. Yes, i know… it’s a beta, but a problem like this is unacceptable

    • Martijn Sep 05, 2013 

      I check your audio settings.

    • Michel Sep 05, 2013 

      I hade this problem as well, found solution on the forum. As I remember it; enable Advanced or Expert mode in the System Settings, change to WASAPI for the audio settings.

      • JohNan Sep 07, 2013 

        That did not help for me. It’s already set to WASAPI. All other movies have sound except those with 3D. Makes no difference on the sound for 3D movies what I set in the sound settings.

    • Josh Lyon Sep 06, 2013 

      Funny, I could have sworn Nate called this an *Alpha*. ;-)

      “Be aware though, that this is very alpha software with potentially numerous bugs. There is a good chance that this alpha will break on you.”

    • Nathan Betzen Sep 06, 2013 

      LOL at “unacceptable.” Let me personally apologize that this free software that came with numerous warnings about its alpha state doesn’t meet with your personal approval. What ever can we do to win your respect again?

  • Reckoner Sep 05, 2013 

    Did any of the recent Android changes fix the issue with not being able to play back DVDs with menus? That has been the biggest issue I’ve had with 12.2 on my Nexus 7.

  • John Dryen Sep 05, 2013 

    “The most important caveat is that the implemented hardware decoding does not support AmLogic or Allwinner chipsets”

    Wouldn’t it be easier to list the chipsets that are supported, instead of leave everyone guessing? So, AmLogic and Allwinner is not supported, what about Rockchip 3188′s?

    • Nathan Betzen Sep 05, 2013 

      My understanding is that there is some support for Rockchip, but the implementation is very, very buggy. I have no idea why Rockchip is so popular with Android set-top boxes, given how terrible the support is on them.

      • costi Sep 09, 2013 

        If you don’t know what it is about, it’s probably about money ;)
        Most Android STBs are “fire and forget” products.

  • Zag Sep 05, 2013 

    I have passed on your comments about the removal of the “Mark As Watched” feature on the team members discussion board.

    • Josh Lyon Sep 06, 2013 

      Good news. Thanks for the follow up.

  • Marcel Sep 05, 2013 

    Thanx for this new version Nathan

    Its great to have HW decoding

    The main reason i use xbmc at the moment is watching dvd’s and iso files
    because it’s the only program who can handle these formats
    I use the progam on windows 8 and on my minix neo 7
    The control menu is responding nervous with dvd’s and iso but maybe it’s the minix cause the firmware is not stable yet although the july version was ok
    i just wanted you to know great product thanx for al the effort you put into it

    Greetz Marcel

  • Marcel Sep 05, 2013 

    By the way on windows 8 it works perfect

  • JiSiN Sep 05, 2013 

    Finally “Android Hardware Decoding”.

    thx :)

  • RR Sep 05, 2013 

    I don’t have the dedicated 3D button. Upgraded from alpha6, using the Confluence skin. Is there an option somewhere to enable it?

    • da-anda Sep 18, 2013 

      you movie has to be detected as 3D in order for the button to show up. If your movie is 3D but not recognized as such open the video OSD and set the videos stereomode there.

  • Thomas Munk Sep 05, 2013 

    I just tested some videos on an ASUS TF300T tablet (Tegra 3) – both homevideos (1080p) and mpeg2-dvd-rips packed as mkv. Worked absolutely fantastic – very little cpu-usage reported.

    Thanks a lot for this sensational multiplatform software!

  • Ray Searls Sep 05, 2013 

    Are people still running MS OS on home devices?? I run Linux on my box (Ubuntu) and have done for the last few years after a friend introduced me to it. I do still have to use Windows on my work laptop so do use both OS often. But I much prefer Linux, especially on a home computer. So i’m a big Linux fan and would never go back to Windows on the home box. If you currently run an MS OS on your home box, I suggest you try Ubuntu sometime, you will no doubt get converted like me!

    • Nathan Betzen Sep 05, 2013 

      For XBMC, frankly, the best platform is easily linux in the form of either XBMCbuntu or OpenELEC. As far as I can tell, the only reason to go with Windows is for gaming support and the only reason to go with OSX is because you really like gestures.

      • David Roberton Sep 06, 2013 

        Unfortunately native 3d-bluray support with menus etc is still not there in Linux, so I have to use windows for my wife and kid friendly main box :(

  • neoambrose Sep 05, 2013 

    Great work guys! I’ve been messing around for days with some xaf builds that wouldn’t work on my nexus7. This alpha release just plays 1080 DTS over the network like charm without the need to use mxplayer or any other external player. Thumbs up! Viva hw acceleration.

  • Tim Sep 05, 2013 

    I have to say I love these monthly updates, thanks for putting in the effort to keep the XBMC user base updated on developments.

    I’d like to add my voice to those in support of keeping the watched/unwatched options in the main context menu. I use these frequently and it would be a shame to require users to navigate an extra level within the context menu to get at them.

    Yes if I had a keyboard attached to my HTPC I could use the w key, and yes I could remap one of the keys on my remote; but I don’t have a keyboard attached and my remote has a limited number of buttons so something else would have to go (the potential for an unhappy wife is high on this one, she likes the remote just the way it is).

    I’ve just done a bit of counting, and the 3 places I use the context menu the most are TV Shows main list, TV Shows episode list, and movies list. If each context menu is to have 7 items in it now then on my setup that’s a saving of 3 options, 0 options (TV episodes already has 7 options in context menu) and 2 options respectively.

    Is it worth it for such a small saving? I’m not sure, maybe there have been a lot of user complaints about the size of the menu, but if there haven’t then maybe it would be an idea to find out if the user base wants to have the context menu split into more than one dialog? Personally I love it the way it is. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it and all that :)

    Keep up the great work, it really is appreciated, and I hope I haven’t come across as being negative that’s not my intention.

  • eugenio Sep 06, 2013 

    reporting from my cs918, its the rk3188 set top box with external antenna and ethernet. tested an anime mkv that previously only mx player was able to play correctly. thanks to the team for the hard work!

  • Garret N Sep 06, 2013 

    Not excited about moving watched/unwatched to a sub-menu. I guess I don’t use mark as unwatched all that often, but I use mark as watched very often — I would bet anyone with a decent sized library does too.

    • Kaj Sep 07, 2013 


  • SavageThor Sep 06, 2013 

    Android Hardware decoding thank you guys. HTC one is one sweet little XMBC device. With the one’s all metal body the frodo 12.2 version would run a little jittery and had audio sync issues but it got really hot. Gotham alpha 7 is smooth as can be and relatively cool in comparison.

  • Wushi Sep 06, 2013 

    I have some crash to report.
    Running Xbmc on a MK808B Android TV. Now it can play 720P media content from streaming and it crash or stop on 1080p online streaming. I did some modifications on my MX Player and the audio is now fully synced with the video. So I guess some tweaks and everything is going to be nice for our Android community. My friends are impress about the Android TV stick, So tiny but powerful.

    Many thanks to the XBMC community for their contribution.

  • Kim Sep 06, 2013 

    Subtitles does not get merged in stereoscopic? :(

  • David Sep 06, 2013 

    does it competable with minipc? (uhost2?)

  • william arthur Sep 06, 2013 

    Works well on my Nexus 4 and 7 Windows 7 PC and Ouya only problem i’ve found is on Exit it sometimes crashes and i have to Force Stop to reopen on my Nexus 4, best skin i’ve found for the Nexus 4 is Droid

  • nivk Sep 06, 2013 

    +1 for improving usability and cleaning the UI.

    +1 for dropping XP!

    Now if this nasty “Are you sure you want to keep this screen resolution” bug could befixed to simply not ask that question at all the alphas would be starting to become very interesting.

  • kywildcat Sep 06, 2013 

    This build and Navi X do not get along very well at all, everything else is great. But Navi X is pretty much unusable, crash’s every time. No big deal though, thanks again

  • im85288 Sep 06, 2013 

    Have to agree with the questions as to why the most useful feature of the context menu was moved down a level..ie the watched and unwatched status.

    Like many others here I use xbmc exclusively with a remote control..and yes of course we can bind the w key to a button…but what will people do that want this to work out the box? I use OpenElec and never want to see a keyboard next to my HTPC.

    Please reconsider this change

  • Vu Nguyen Sep 06, 2013 

    So I updated this and so far things look good.. I can switch 3D on and off … but I notice one thing.. if I started a video and it plays okay, then I pause it… then press play again, it plays as if I was fast forwarding it… then after that, nothing plays at normal speed anymore.. until I restarted XBMC… so if I do anything while the video is playing and caused the video paused… the play speed messed up after that… anyone has any issue like that?

  • rocastar Sep 06, 2013 

    I have a 1 gen. apple tv system and i’m still cruzin 11.0v eden, I know I’m out of date. Reason i’m new at this. I need serious help to update or fix my system to frodo or Gotham, don’t know which one I could use. Somebody told me I could download one of the programs on a usb drive stick and I just hook it up in the back of my apple system and that should work, is that true? I know your very busy but your help would be very appropriate it Thank you very much.

  • Frank Sep 06, 2013 

    Does the hardware decoding support Exynos 5 Octa chipsets?

    • Nathan Betzen Sep 07, 2013 

      I’m not sure if any dev has that chipset. Odds are yes, because I believe exynos hooks into libstagefright (the decoding software we’re using), but if you have some hardware lying around and can test, we’d love to hear the results.

  • MA Sep 06, 2013 

    I tested two HD trailers with 5.1 sound and both didn’t work. They would just go fast like at 5x speed and no sound. Trailers were Pacific Rim and Man of Steel at 1080p. I hope this get fixed, I went back to 12.2 for now.

  • Marocs Sep 07, 2013 


    shame that amlogic not supported on xbmc hardware decoding.
    But i have one question about that.
    For example an android tv box called pivos ds or mygica advertise that there boxes work with full Hardware Decoding. Did they lie? Both devices work with amlogic.
    I am interested in that because they advertise with no stutter on the boxes.

  • Martin Sep 07, 2013 

    This version works great on android when streaming movies with icefilms. But on thing I can’t get to work is the XBMC subtitles. I have installed the add-on and done the setup, but when I trying to download a subtitle for a movie it starts the XBMC subs fine and it trying to connect to e.g. Opensubtitles.org, but it never finds any subs. It works fine on mine ATV2. Does anyone experience the same things and do anyone have a fix?

  • Stephen S Sep 07, 2013 

    Thanks for the new release. One problem I’ve had is that sound won’t work via Bluetooth (headphone) which I need!
    Any ideas ?
    Sound is fine via other players (in windows) and was fine in Alpha 5.
    Keep us the great work!

  • gutted user Sep 07, 2013 

    I’m so impressed with XBMC but gutted that XP is no longer being supported, I have built a hardware solution up to power the needs of our house, security, automation, electrics and now media, but it’s all running on XP & 2k server… I simply can’t upgrade it all so the media will have to stay on frodo whilst technology needs to move on. keep up the good work.

    where can I read about the XP issues please?

    • Martijn Sep 07, 2013 

      We simply don’t want to support it anymore. No team dev is using it anymore and keeping the old XP code just holds us back.

      No one is forcing you to upgrade to Gotham. Just stick with Frodo in that case

  • Fredrik Sep 07, 2013 

    Works great!
    Have you had a chance to test it on Windows 8.1 yet (preview or RTM)?

  • Danny3 Sep 07, 2013 

    I don’t know why are you happy removing support for Windows XP. In my opinion is the best Windows from Microsoft. They are removing support to force people buy their new shit (Windows 8), but why you?
    Could you give an example of things that are held back because of supporting XP?

    • Martijn Sep 07, 2013 

      Threading fixes

  • dave ballard Sep 07, 2013 

    hi is there a place to post bugs on this? i tried posting to the regular xbmc forum to be found with insulting and unhelpful responses, is there a place for this or is this normal behavior for xbmc dev?

    • Martijn Sep 07, 2013 

      Forum is the only place.

    • Ned Scott Sep 09, 2013 

      Depends on the dev.

      There’s also http://trac.xbmc.org

      • Martijn Sep 09, 2013 

        Doesn’t matter as you will deal with same devs.
        Besides trac is only for reproducible or confirmed bugs.
        Not some general help section.

  • Cho Sep 08, 2013 

    So besides mainstream tablets and phones are there any media players or smart TV boxes that will work well with the new hardware decoding? From what I can gather most or based on Allwinner, Rockchip or AMLogic chipsets.


    • Genius Sep 08, 2013 

      I know what you mean, a lot of us need XBMC to be compatible with a VCR. Get with the times Nathan Betzen!!!!

  • CP Sep 08, 2013 

    Thx for the great work.
    I really love XBMC.
    I have been waiting for the hardware decoding feature for a while now. And it is finally here.
    Most of my .mkv files now play flawlessly, but I do seem to havve stutter issues with certain .mkv files. And those files play fine with mxplayer and on my appletv 1 with crystalbuntu and crystalHD card installed.
    I hope this will be solved in the future.
    Thx again for the hard and awesome job you guys do.
    Ps. I use a Rikomagic MK802III 4.2.2 if i remember correctly.

  • Genius Sep 08, 2013 

    I’m sure this has already been discussed on github, but does the 3D feature work with VHS tapes? I’ve got a copy of Iron Man 3 in 1080p on vhs, but XBMC always acts weird when i turn on my 3d content… has the VHS issue been fixed yet?

  • Milan Sep 08, 2013 

    Great peace of software now that supports passive stereoscopic 3D!
    But I have one problem that is keep me from using XBMC, that is that 1080p video wont starch to 16:9!
    Like all previous version of XBMC when I click on 16:9 aspect ratio it happens nothing!
    I like to stretch video when watching in 3D, yes picture louse aspect ratio but 3D effect are better in my opinion.
    Can this be fixed?

  • tc Sep 08, 2013 

    Loving XBMC, but I have to agree that watched/unwatched should not be moved out of the main context menu.
    Another thing I noticed: In the sidebar it says “Update Library” and in the context menu it says “Scan for new content”. Is there a difference between the two? Because if not I would suggest using the same term in both places in order to avoid confusion.

  • Fred Sep 08, 2013 

    Hello, downloaded the Gotham August issue of xbmc and Windows 7 , is not allowing me to install it.. it tries and then stops.. any suggestions would be helpful also tried run as admin…
    nothing works

    Thank YOu you guys rock..

  • Craig Sep 08, 2013 

    Audio doesn’t work at all after installing this build on Win8.

    • Ryan Spooner Sep 10, 2013 

      I had an audio issue too. Seems that for some reason it decided to switch itself to using my S/PDIF output channel rather than the default speakers. I had to enable advanced menus and change the sound output device to fix it. (I had to switch back to confluence skin first, couldnt find out how to enable advanced menus using metropolis).

  • Nekro Sep 09, 2013 

    Nathan, how about better support for h264 10bit?

    Problem is that when I have h264 hardware acceleration enabled, 10bit video will show black screen.

    Would it be possible to add simple logic that when 10bit video is being played to switch back to software mode, and after video is done to go back to hardware.

    • Ned Scott Sep 09, 2013 

      XBMC should do that already. At least it does on all my systems. H10P is detected and decoded in software. If it’s not, then you might have come across a bug. Please post about this on the forums and we’ll be able to look into it.

    • Evan Richardson Sep 09, 2013 

      10p works just fine here… perhaps you should troubleshoot your system

  • Gazal Sep 09, 2013 


    Someone already pointed out that 3D support is now just a GUI thing. Is proper HDMI frame packing / AMD HD3D / nVidia equivalent planned for Gotham ?

  • John Dean Sep 09, 2013 

    Great work as always. Just adding my vote against the moving of the mark as watched feature. This feature and update library are the only things I use the context menu for and I don’t have a keyboard on any other the three tvs

  • Ted Sep 09, 2013 

    Unfortunately this alpha release doesn’t work on the GK802 (it uses the Vivante GC2000 GPU).

    It’s hard to explain but the sound works but the picture is impossible to make out. There’s multiple instances of it over the screen, it got all different colours, huge chunks that are just one color (like green), and nothing barely moves. Out of all the files I tested with, at only one time I was able to make out a face somewhere in all the things going on (but that was just barely).

    But thanks for all the hard work, maybe it will work when it’s stable?

  • kodi Sep 09, 2013 

    Is that mean that subtitles will show on the 3D movie correctly from now?

  • pszab Sep 09, 2013 

    What kind of arm chips support hw decoding on android if amLogic and Allwinner is not supported, rockchip is buggy?
    As I know every chip has its own vpu and these are very different. Is there a common basis to implement this or every chip has its own hw decoding methods?

  • kylo Sep 10, 2013 

    Rockchip 3066 (funtab 10.1) works great !

  • GG Sep 10, 2013 

    IMO it is time to stop new development of XP software, but NOT time to drop support.

    The XP version should continue to be supported because it is a very popular, very successful, very functional OS. Windows 8.1 is better, but XP is good enough for many millions of people. Keep fixing bugs in the version of XBMC that is for XP.

    • Martijn Sep 10, 2013 

      Not an option. It has been done. Goodbye XP

    • Ryan Spooner Sep 10, 2013 

      XP was superceded 8 years ago. It;s time you luddites moved on. Good riddance :)

      p.s. It’s not like your current XBMC installations on XP will magically stop working when 13 is release. You’ll just not be entitled to new features. Which is good, why should the dev team spend time testing on a legacy platform just for a few holdouts?

    • Jakke Sep 13, 2013 

      Microsoft doesn’t even support Windows XP any longer.

      Just upgrade to supported Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 8.1

  • Ryan Spooner Sep 10, 2013 

    I’ve fixed my sound issue where it inexplicably changes sound output devices on me (it was working, then it stopped). However I’ve now got an issue where videos seem to play at double speed despite not being on FFX2 or anything like that.

    Any ideas how I can fix/workaround this until the next Alpha?

    • Joe D Sep 12, 2013 

      To fix the fast playback with no sound.
      1) Choose only wasapi sound devices…which only works sometimes.
      2) only enable stereo sound and disable dts,ac3,etc..
      3) Go back to Alpha 4, because it hasn’t been fixed for 3+ months and no-one seems to think the ability to play video is a top priority for a htpc…lol

  • sdsnyr94 Sep 11, 2013 

    Nathan, I can’t believe that you do not have the cache control as a notable new feature. These settings have allowed my to play full bluray rips through a wireless connection (NFS share), without a single hiccup. Those same videos, without the cache settings, do not play for more than 10 seconds before buffering and crashing.

    For those interested, see http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=171684

    • Ned Scott Sep 14, 2013 

      Two of the three settings mentioned were available in the last alpha. Alpha 7 just added the “fill rate” of the cache.

  • jon welburn Sep 12, 2013 

    I have a problem with simplymovies and xbmchub maintenance. They both bring up that initial screen with that song. I’m not using the wizard, checking in other threads this was thought to be an issue. Also really glad of HW decoding i have nexus7, lg 4x hd and a gbox. The gbox always works great but now the others do too. I also have a asus rt-n66u router with a 3tb external hdd attached running as an ftp server that way my movies buffer over lan

    • Martijn Sep 12, 2013 

      We do not support anything coming from xbmchub.

  • Vampirebat Sep 12, 2013 

    in the new context menu there is still a “Queue Item” option…once its queued how do you get into your queue to play them since the now playing option is now gone from the context menu and its not in any of the sub menus?

    • Granberg Sep 14, 2013 

      Yes, i used that all the time and now it’s gone :( I hope they will fix this and it’s only a misstake it’s gone…

  • Debby Sep 12, 2013 

    Installation on Asus TF101G android 4.0.3 is possible, but XBMC doesn’t start. Could it be the device is too old/slow?

    Loving XBMC on androidstick/box.

  • Tommymsw Sep 12, 2013 

    For XP users, just stick with Frodo. Why update at all? None of the newer Gotham features will work with your xp anyway and Frodo is not going to stop working. On my xp, I still have xbmc 11 on it.

    I also agree that the watched/unwatched being removed will prevent me from being able to upgrade. I use it by FAR the most. As for making a shortcut on a remote? This is not practice, a remote is not set up with a button for that. Why not set up a button for EVERY option? It just gets silly after a while.

    Also, I installed Gotham and I have NO 3D support with it. There is no 3d/2d option on the gui as shown in the screen shot. And I can’t find an option anywhere to switch a 3d, to 2d. Maybe some instructions on how to use this option?

    • Stefan Sep 16, 2013 

      For the 3D support issue…try using the “Confluence” skin…this solved it for me.

  • jon welburn Sep 12, 2013 

    Ok i can live without that. There was a fix applied in frodo 12.2 that played incorrectly formatted videos in the right size. Is there anyway it can be applied in a nightly. A lot of my live streams are squashed up in the middle of the screen like in frodo 12. This doesnt happen in 12.2 but does in this. By the way i dont want.to come over as ungrateful. I have installed this on the phones/tabkets of everyone i work with (about 50)

  • jon welburn Sep 12, 2013 

    And they all say thanks

  • Blaxxor Sep 13, 2013 

    How does it work with SQL-library compared to Frodo? Does the database need to be updated for Gotham or will it work without any databaseupdates?

    • Tommymsw Sep 13, 2013 

      I guess I am not qualified to make an “official” answer, but I installed Gotham on ONE of my systems and I use a SQL library and it is all working fine. I didn’t do anything more than just install Gotham (I didn’t even think about the library actually lol)

    • Ned Scott Sep 14, 2013 

      Starting in Alpha 7 the database gets updated. It should be seamless for the user, if XBMC’s MyySQL user has permissions to create tables (if you followed the wiki instructions), but there may be a bug in Alpha 7 specifically in updating a MySQL DB. Always backup your library before updating.

    • Tommymsw Sep 17, 2013 

      I change my answer! It seemed to work just fine at first. My library was intact and looked exactly the same way… UNTIL… I chose “update library” from the GUI… it then re-scanned every show and removed all the “watched” status”. :( I hate when that happens. :(

  • marsovac Sep 13, 2013 

    Half SBS doesn’t work. The most common stereo format in my collection.

    • nickr Sep 17, 2013 

      half sbs does indeed work

    • da-anda Sep 18, 2013 

      it does work. It could be that your video is not detected as such which could have several reasons. In doubt, add something like .hsbs to your file names or fix the MKV headers and you should be good to go.

  • vaheeD khoshnouD Sep 13, 2013 

    Good work! appreciate the hardwork.

  • Miguel Sep 14, 2013 

    hi there, i’m using xbmc frodo on my nexus 7, installing this one will update the app right? i wont have the install all the add ons again? thanks

  • freedomil Sep 14, 2013 

    This is crashing with Windows7 Intel i7-3770 with latest drivers.
    XBMC 13 beta 6 works perfectly.
    Such a shame. was looking forward to the 3D support.

  • george Sep 15, 2013 

    I installed the gotham alpha 7 for android today. When i installed the youtube plugin, plugin.commom.cache was installed automatically and now it crashes on every boot saying: Failed to start commoncache. Check log.”
    Here is my log file: http://xbmclogs.com/show.php?id=53312
    And here is a log with debugging enabled in commoncache plugin settings: http://xbmclogs.com/show.php?id=53317
    I also had this problem with previous alphas. The last one i can remember that worked was alpha1.

    Please help me to fix this problem!

  • Laser Sep 15, 2013 

    Hello, I’ve tested and well more or less, because now we can not use file “playerfactory” I was great for heavy movies for playback on the MXPLAYER?


  • thanasis Sep 16, 2013 

    hello I wanted to ask how can I change the language in epg from English to Greek please help me I use NPVR thanks

    • nickr Sep 17, 2013 

      Ask on the forums, this isn’t a support page.

  • mike Sep 16, 2013 

    Will XMBC 13 hardware decoding work on rk3188 media players ?

  • Stefan Sep 16, 2013 

    I just updated my raspberry from Frodo to Gotham-August Cycle… My TV does not support 3D. So when I switch the steroscopic mode from 3D to 2D, nothing happens. The movie still runs with 2 images next to each other. Any idea on how to solve this. I use the confluence skin.

  • shay Sep 16, 2013 

    audio output still makes the movie fast forwarding if not using analog output. any fixes soon?

  • heyyo Sep 17, 2013 

    My tv has a resolution of 1366×768 under android 4.2.2 it’s recognized as 720p. But xbmc recognizes it as 1080p.
    My tv is connected with hdmi.
    My chipset is rk3188
    My gpu: mali400 mp4
    (My android box: k-r42)
    The video is playing well at the beginning but after it looses some frames. The frame rate announced by xbmc is just a little bit upper than 25fps.

  • pernel Sep 17, 2013 

    In which alpha version can we expect ffmpeg with gnutsl for encrypted streams according to this thread: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=166897&page=3
    Needed for more and more play-channels.

  • Ekendra Sep 17, 2013 

    Hi. This is my first go at running XBMC. I started off with the alpha knowing the risk of issues, but wanted to try the 3D decoding. So far I can’t get that working. The button doesn’t even show up in Confluence skin. I’m trying to play two types of 3D files:

    1.) rips straight off 3D blu-ray using MakeMKV as .mkv files.

    2.) rips straight off 3D blu-ray as .iso files

    Both file types just play back the 2D version.

    More problematic, though, is that any media with audio encoded as MP3 or MP2 makes the playback stutter and slow down to the point where it freezes + no sound comes. Maybe it’s a setting I’ve missed or inadvertently set wrong?

    I understand that it’s alpha and I may just have to be patient. Just thought I’d let you know.

    Where should I submit bugs?

  • ThomaC Sep 18, 2013 

    Hi, really impressive update for an Alpha release it is really solid and I think as a complete AV solution XMBC is totally amazing. My tv is connected with hdmi, my TV does both 1080i and 720p. Minix Neo X7, chipset is rk3188, gpu: mali400 mp4.

    Audio out of sync (delayed) with picture on HDMI output on analogue setting within XBMC player
    Motion juddering is still prevalent, not as pronounced as it is in 12.2

    Is there going to be any further development on this to improve the issues?

  • wpbpete Sep 18, 2013 

    Downloaded on my Galaxy S3 and what can say, the picture quality is simply amazing. Thanks for all the hard work guys.. the CPU usage is almost nill. The playback is flawless with 1080p DTS..HdAudio wasn’t quite as good but I think its more to do with my bandwidth. I wish I could get passthrough audio working but I don’t know if the device is capable. Thanks again guys. Great work.

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