XBMC 13 -Gotham – June and July Cycles

Posted By: Nathan Betzen on Aug 05, 2013 in Pre-Release

As has been the case for a few months now, for those who just can’t wait for a write-up about the newest alpha but tend to steer clear of the bleeding edge of nightlies, the new build should typically be available on the 1st of the month at mirrors.xbmc.org/snapshots.

With that said, we’ve now completed months #5 and #6 of our monthly development cycle, and there’s much to talk about.


These past two months have primarily seen the growth and refinement of already existing system-wide features. A few more notable of those features include:

Ripped CDs are now automatically added the the music library, and ripping support has been extended to allow for encoding into AAC and WMA, in addition to the currently supported codecs.

One of the first big benefits of the settings refactor has been the inclusion of new settings descriptions. Now, when you highlight a setting that previously made next to no sense, a small description will pop up clarifying what the setting actually accomplishes, as can be seen near the bottom of the below image.


Those familiar with Github are encouraged to consider adding more settings descriptions.

Additionally, profiles can now have their settings levels locked, so if your kids have their own profile, they can’t accidentally switch to more advanced settings, causing major problems throughout XBMC.

The default Wunderground addon has been updated to work with recent builds of XBMC. This primarily results in fixes for previous alphas, but also adds support for 5 locations, and allows for more appropriate labels in certain cases. Backwards compatibility was removed with this update, so users of this addon who are still running Eden may find weather no longer works. Those users are encouraged to switch to the Yahoo weather addon or update to XBMC 12.2.

For those users who experience exceptional lag over their local network, a new Advanced Setting has been included that allows significant cacheing over the network. In most modern networks, this setting should not be necessary, but it is useful in some edge cases.

Finally, recent work has been done to speed up the pace at which XBMC loads thumbnails for videos without any attached artwork. The speed of thumbnail loading had regressed since XBMC 11. This work returned some of that speed.

OS-specific Updates

Both XBMC for Windows and OSX now support their respective copy/paste functions (either ctrl+v or CMD+v).

XBMC for Android has finally be updated to match the other platforms with Zeroconf support. In particular, this means it can act as an Airplay receiver. Additionally, XBMC can now act as a default player of video, audio, and image files when launched from an Android file browser.



Of course, as always, this is merely a very small sample of the many changes in these two cycles. Now, if you are feeling a bit brave and a bit lucky, it’s time to start downloading. Be aware though, that this is very alpha software with potentially numerous bugs. There is a  good chance that this alpha will break on you.

Should want to download and install XBMC, please visit our download page.

How to Contribute

If you use this cycle’s build, we encourage you to submit bugs in Trac, provide support in our Forums where you can, or donate to the Foundation if you like.

Discussion - 46 Comments

  • Justin Aiken Aug 05, 2013 

    Will the GSoC database changes be making it into Gotham?

    • Martijn Aug 05, 2013 

      Time will tell but unlickely

  • Andrée Hansson Aug 05, 2013 

    Also, OSX native volume buttons now controls the OSX volume again (yay!)

  • Jamie Darani Aug 05, 2013 

    Great to see the Network Cache option come in to play, this should do wonders when at the Girlfriends connecting to my Server through VPN.

  • Maxi Aug 05, 2013 

    I heard XBMC now supports playing 3D movies, and that the Android version has finally got hardware acceleration using LibStageFright in the official version.

    • Nathan Betzen Aug 06, 2013 

      I believe both libstagefright and stereoscopic mode have been added for this current cycle. So users wouldn’t actually get an alpha build with them until the end of this month at the earliest. Sometimes things get pulled in and then pulled out again depending on build and conflict issues.

      • nickolas Aug 18, 2013 

        do you know if gotham alpha 6 monthy build has libstagefright ?

  • nivk Aug 05, 2013 

    Screen Resolution message is still displayed twice:


  • wes paich Aug 05, 2013 

    hate to be the guy that says the settings tip should say “ignore” not ignoring…..i know i know….awesome job you guys! looking forward to christmas time……

  • sami Aug 05, 2013 

    please i want to help
    I have a dreambox and have downloaded the xbmc in dreambox
    but i want addons so I can watch the channels
    please send me a link so I can download for dreambox
    he that wants it is teledunet to view Arabic channels

  • ty tower Aug 06, 2013 

    I have windows 7 on my laptop
    Tried versions 9 and 12 and neither would start after download .
    Is there a work around ?
    I’m pretty sure windows is blocking it somehow

    • davey Aug 13, 2013 

      try installing it in safe mode worked for me

    • MattO Aug 19, 2013 

      Hi mate, ive had this problem with a couple of apps, try right clicking on the icon, click properties and at the bottom of the properties window you should see that windows has blocked it, just click unblock and should be fine, if you dont see it then i dont know what the problem is… Hope this helps.

  • nic-tse Aug 06, 2013 

    I wish that the ios version wil not lag when it play Asian subtitles.

  • G Aug 06, 2013 

    Where can I read more about the changes done to the thumbnail loading?

    I used to have the path substitution solution on my network and worked awesomely good and fast (all XBMC boxes connected with Gigabit). Removed it when upgraded to Frodo and have indeed experience slowness showing new thumbnails on different computers which was not the case before.

    I was wondering if the best solution wouldn’t be a hybrid one? now that we have source URL on the DB, couldn’t we have a centralized cache on the network as a middle cache? so if a box with XBMC does needs a thumbnail and it is not in it’s own cache, it should look on the central cache, and if not then grab it from the source and save it on both central and local cache.

    • Ned Scott Aug 07, 2013 

      Thumbnails are cached locally on each XBMC box. If things are slower than they were when you were using pathsubs then something is wrong. I would suggest posting about this to the forum, and we’ll try to get to the bottom of it there.

      You can still use pathsubs for thumbnails, though. It’s just not necessary for people with MySQL to use pathsubs, and normally pathsub thumbs are slower than local thumbs.

      You can make a local “middle man” cache by exporting the database as a single file, moving the folder that contains the XML file and thumbs to an SMB share, and then importing that. From that point on, any XBMC instance that needs an image will look at the exported thumbnails folder on the SMB share. However, a better solution would be to export as individual files, and then the thumbs/artwork will be saved along side the media, and it won’t matter if it’s a network share, local, or whatever. XBMC will always check for a local image file before going to the internet.

  • Lukas Aug 06, 2013 

    Where is the new local network cache setting?

    “For those users who experience exceptional lag over their local network, a new Advanced Setting has been included that allows significant cacheing over the network. In most modern networks, this setting should not be necessary, but it is useful in some edge cases.”

    Are they referring to:



    This is not a new setting, am I missing something?

  • Tommy Aug 06, 2013 

    Worth to add, xbmc for android nightlies now include libstagefreight hardware acceleration.

  • Nekro Aug 07, 2013 

    is digital audio fixed?

  • Dave Aug 08, 2013 

    I downloaded the apk for android from this page to my MK802 IIIs and it works really well except when I try to activate Airplay I get a message that it fails to start.

    Is there something else I need to do?

  • Anders Aug 08, 2013 

    Still have problem with Alpha 6 as with Alpha 5… video is going doublespeed and no audio.. so have to go back to Alpha 4 that works perfectly… what a shame..

    • Nekro Aug 08, 2013 

      Yes, digital audio is still broken :(

  • Bleomycin Aug 08, 2013 

    I’m also very curious about this new network caching feature, in fact i’ve been waiting for it to return since the original fork away from mplayer! Does anyone know how to enable this feature?

  • Craig Aug 08, 2013 

    im trying to find a link to more information about the new advanced setting for cacheing mentioned in the latest monthly cycle can some one point me in the right direction ,


  • David Aug 09, 2013 

    Please fix Dolby Digital+

  • sam Aug 09, 2013 

    whats the focking point , all the good devs are on vacation. and these noob devs that are left release other carbage! cpu a 50% gui freezes etc.

    • Ray Aug 10, 2013 

      U mad bro?

  • onfreedom Aug 10, 2013 

    where stereo to 5.1 ?

  • Carnage Aug 10, 2013 

    I also searched for the network cache setting(s).
    I found this: http://openelec.tv/forum/124-raspberry-pi/58671-my-custom-builds-openelec?start=30
    and tried it for Gotham alpha6 and it works.
    But for some reason some movies crash when enabling the cache…

  • Chris Aug 11, 2013 

    Don’t install it, video plays twice speed and no audio. too many roaches.

  • JD Aug 11, 2013 

    still no support for google tv? :(

    • nickr Aug 13, 2013 

      What exactly do you mean “support for google tv?” Do you want XBMC to run on a google TV box?

      • JD Aug 17, 2013 

        yes… like the sony internet player google tv NSZ-GS7

  • liu jie Aug 11, 2013 

    I’m from China
    I like XBMC very much.

  • Nemfasis Aug 12, 2013 

    Very happy with the local caching feature! Works like a charm, thanks!

  • sami Aug 12, 2013 

    please helppppp !!!!!!!!
    I have a dreambox and have downloaded the xbmc in dreambox
    but i want addons so I can watch the channels
    please send me a link so I can download for dreambox
    he that wants it is teledunet to view Arabic channels ??????????

    • nickr Aug 13, 2013 

      Not really the place to be asking for help buddy. Go to forum.xbmc.org.

  • Brigitte Aug 13, 2013 

    I hope someone can help me. Every time I play anything on XBMC that popup comes up that has the music that says “XBMC for all your movies & Tv..Xbmc yea yea yea” Is there a way to keep that from coming u? It stops anything on my XBMC program from playing.

    • Nathan Betzen Aug 20, 2013 

      At a guess, you are probably using software developed by somebody other than XBMC, like the XBMC Wizard. My recommendation is to stop installing stuff like the xbmc wizard, as it evidently screws up XBMC.

  • John-Rock Aug 14, 2013 

    Speaking of loading images faster, have you guys considered using googles new webp format it apparently has quite a few advantages.

  • John-Rock Aug 14, 2013 

    Have you guys though of using googles new webp image format for thumbnails or artwork and stuff. it is supposed to be smaller and more efficient and load faster.

  • Roger Lawrence Aug 17, 2013 

    Working good for me. :) Awesome job!

  • leesmc Aug 17, 2013 

    i have xbmc wizard saved as a rar file if you could email me i will send you the file so you maybe could put on main xbmc page

  • Borexino Aug 18, 2013 

    I’m trying v13 alpha 6 with success on Android minix neo 5. I’m enjoying the beautiful IPTV Simply with epg!

    Additionally i’d like to report 2 problems:

    1) with ir remote control (logitec harmony 200) I can’t move on the virtual keyboard when I need to type characters.
    2) During configuration of IPTV simple I noticed that I can’t navigate into xbmc folder; specifically I can’t see over the folder /sdcard/Android/data/org.xbmc.xbmc/files/

    Thanks for your job! My donation is mandatory!!

  • Marcel Aug 19, 2013 

    i came acros this version and it’s great ican finally play dvd’s and iso’s
    on my minix neo x5

    Thanks for the work you put in the project

    Greetings Marcel

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