XBMC 13 Gotham – November and December

Posted By: Martijn Kaijser on Jan 05, 2014 in Pre-Release

With Feature Freeze now being in effect and the team is working towards a Beta release which we still have not set a release day for, the last two months have had tons of new additions and fixes to XBMC, both major and minor. A quick look at the change log shows well over 800 new commits (commits are chunks of code additions/changes) in the month November and for December the change log shows over 500 commits. Of course we will not stop there and continue improving stability as at the moment of this writing more than 100 commits have been added.

Here are some mention worthy improvements:

- Continues improvements on the Audio Engine
- A complete overhauled and improved audio settings page
- Sensitive info is now hidden from the debug log, like password and user names for sources (not for add-ons though).
- User interface improvements in PVR section
- Library items are not cleared any more when you do “clean library” and your server is temporary off-line
- Improvements in Music library handling
- 3D playback fixes

These are just a small grasp from the total change log as it would be to much to mention every one of them.

Although XBMC Gotham is still considered alpha software which may contain several bugs it is already used by many users who are quite pleased with it as it fixes several bugs that couldn’t be fixed in Frodo. As an additional note, since we are now at feature freeze and we believe that each day the stability increases (and most of us use it every day) you could also start using the nightly builds which are created each day.
By using these you are assured of the most up-to-date version with the latest fixes and can help us track down any additional issues that remain and hopefully fix these before final release.


As already mentioned in previous blog posts like “Note to Add-on developers” and “Feature freeze” when installing a Gotham build you might face the fact that certain add-ons will report their selves no longer compatible. It takes some time for add-on developers to adjust and update their add-ons. Most of the add-ons found in the XBMC.org repository have been updated. If you have acquired additional add-ons through a third-party repository or website please contact those websites, forums or developer(s) where you downloaded them from. As almost any add-ons (except a few) are created by third-party developers we are not responsible for their maintenance or if you experiences problems with them. So again it is best to try and contact the developer and help him track down why it fails so he can try fixing it. Only for add-ons that are located in our XBMC.org repository you can browse the add-on website and see if there is already a quick link to the dedicated forum thread. If not you can find most of them here: Add-ons Help and Support. Be sure to also read the additional Forum rules before posting.

List of Gotham blogs

For people who want to read up the developments and various improvements done since Frodo here’s a quick reference list in reverse order:

XBMC 13 – Gotham: Note to Add-on developers
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XBMC 13 Gotham – September and October
Gotham 13.0 Feature freeze
XBMC DevCon 2013 LiveBlog
XBMC 13 Gotham – August
XBMC 13 Gotham – June and July
XBMC 13 Gotham – April and May
XBMC 13 Gotham – March
XBMC 13 Gotham – February



Should want to download and install XBMC, please visit our download page.

* Official XBMC downloads


How to Contribute

If you use these builds, we encourage you to submit bugs in Trac (following this guide: How to submit a bug report), provide support in our Forums where you can, or donate to the Foundation if you like. For a current FAQ on XBMC 13, visit our Gotham FAQ.

Discussion - 41 Comments

  • TRaSH Jan 05, 2014 

    Thnx for the update,
    it looks promising.
    need to find some time to start testing it.
    good work guys

  • Vrosen Jan 05, 2014 

    Are you working on a fix for Airplay on iOS 7?
    Only the audio is played when I try to stream it from my iPad 4..

  • MATPOC Jan 05, 2014 

    Internal subtitles was broken in December Ubintu monthly build. And moreover movies playback was broken in January Ubintu build. HTS Tvheadend PVR addon writes “4K” on 1080i TV channels. What’s going on?

    • Ned Scott Jan 08, 2014 

      Works fine for me on Ubuntu. Please post to the forum so we can see what the issue might be.

    • Jalle19 Jan 08, 2014 

      The 4K detection bug is being worked on, it will surely be fixed until the final release. See https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/3680

  • Humpatz Jan 05, 2014 

    “- Continues improvements on the Audio Engine
    - A complete overhauled and improved audio settings page
    - Improvements in Music library handling”


  • isamudaison Jan 06, 2014 

    With alpha 12 match refresh rate to video and down-mixing to 2 channel gives no-sound & slow (< 10fps) playback randomly. Resolved by disabling match refresh rate to video :(

  • Yallah Jan 06, 2014 

    Thx for your very nice work.

    Videolan get aacs,bd+ and new libbluray version for BDJ, is it going in gotham or for the next version ?

    • Franz Koch Jan 08, 2014 

      no, we’re in feature freeze. Also the new libbluray won’t give you satisfying BD-J menus and thus XBMC still won’t enable the BD-J support. The only benefit would BD+, but as said, we’re in feature freeze, so it has to wait.

  • ISayPotato Jan 06, 2014 

    That’s great. I can’t wait to use it. I really would like to test it and I am trying to figure out if it’s possible to have both 12.3 and 13 on the same box. The faq didn’t help. Anyone can help?

    • Ned Scott Jan 08, 2014 

      For Windows, yes with “portable mode”, but other OSes will share the same settings, and there can be issues going back and forth between v12 and v13.

  • Sam O'neal Jan 06, 2014 

    Not so bad…

  • dmn1981 Jan 06, 2014 

    Excellent news, can’t wait for v13!

    I know that XBMC have teamed up with Ouya to support this platform, will there be a specific OUYA version of Gotham, or the standard Android ARM build?

    • Ned Scott Jan 08, 2014 

      The goal is to have the standard XBMC for Android completely working in OUYA, complete with proper keymaps, video playback, etc. No need for a special version anymore.

      • Just some guy... Jan 08, 2014 

        … and Pivos Xios ?

        • Rocker Jan 08, 2014 

          Very latest nightly builds now work on Pivos Xios DS and most other Amlogic based ARM SoC’s

  • HousehertZ Jan 06, 2014 

    still not working on android

    • dmn1981 Jan 06, 2014 

      It does work on Android?!

    • da-anda Jan 07, 2014 

      Gotham requires Android 4.x, so if your Android is older you can only use some of the Frodo Android alphas (no hw acceleration)

      • Miyuru Jan 15, 2014 

        Does it work on Visio Co-Star Google TV box

    • Rocker Jan 09, 2014 

      There won’t be support for non-NEON capable ARM SoCs.

      XBMC does require NEON instruction set for SIMD on ARM

  • The_D Jan 06, 2014 

    Alpha 11 Windows pops up the search for movie title box after starting and playing a movie, and I’m not hitting any buttons at the time. Usually happens at least twice.

  • dagger555 Jan 07, 2014 

    Since i download it, have problems with it, i have messages saying that dependencies are not met, and now nothing works…

    • Jalle19 Jan 08, 2014 

      Congratulations, you managed to completely avoid the warnings in the blog post about exactly this issue.

  • Thanos Jan 07, 2014 

    Hello and Happy new Year!

    There is a bug with subtitle download since Alpha 8!!

    • Ned Scott Jan 08, 2014 

      You’ll have to be more specific than that. Please post about it to the XBMC forums: http://forums.xbmc.org

  • Troy Jan 07, 2014 

    Wow. Over 1300 commits for November / December? You guys HAVE been busy. Keep up the good work and will look forward to future developments at XBMC

  • MATT Jan 10, 2014 

    Hello, after upgrade my xbmcbuntu to latest gotham can’t see my usb dac (m2tech hiface two) which works perfectly with frodo, can sb help me with this issue ? :(

  • Olli Jan 11, 2014 

    What about a support of Windows RT – I miss it!
    thx :-)

    • brock_gonad Jan 14, 2014 

      You and about 4 other people, I’m sure.

      Sorry to say, but with the uncertain future of Windows RT, I can’t see how it’s a good use of Developer time.

  • anthony Jan 12, 2014 

    I tried the monthly build and there is a problem with playing bluray, the picture is faded and the black are pretty purple and also a large effect opera in motion!

  • pedro Jan 13, 2014 

    para cuando soporte para smart tv

  • Petey Jan 14, 2014 

    Loaded 13 alpha 11 arming Note 3.. went straight to file manager.. added a source.. put in a name hit on and unfortunately xbmc has stopped

  • Yehia Abdelwahed Jan 15, 2014 

    I noticed an issue (not sure if it is a bug or just my system) but in XBMC 13 if a series is split over more than one hard drive it will prevent update of TV shows. In 12.2 I had a few shows that spanned a couple of hard drives and they were all corrected and scraped appropriately and that carried over when upgrading to 13 alphas and nightly builds. It is only when I added a new season that I noticed that it didn’t show when previously adding episodes to shows that were on one hard drive there was no issue.

    The problem didn’t stop at just preventing that show from being identified but any other show couldn’t be updated. I ended up removing the source and adding it again, and it would not pick up ANY shows at this point. No matter how many scans and updates and shut down/restarts I did. It is only when I recalled adding that season and moving it (together with all the shows that spanned more than one hard drive and had previously been in the DB from 12.2) and relocated them with the parent show in one hard drive that everything worked fine….

    So in short, Show X on drive 1 and 2 from 12.2. Upgrade to 13 with show still in DB, and other shows that are either on HD1 or 2 only update without issues. Show X gets a new season and nothing updates for any show until all seasons from Show X are moved to either HD 1 or 2.

    • Regis Roads Jan 18, 2014 

      Uh-oh! Are you serious. If that’s the case, I am in big trouble! I do the same thing. I was so relieved in discovering that spanning multiple hard drives with a single tv series caused no issues, in Frodo. Let me know if you find a fix for this!

  • diane Jan 15, 2014 

    Trying to download xbmc on to my HP 7 slate downloads then say it as stopped working can you help

  • nelcruz Jan 16, 2014 

    Having a problem with December nightlies. Have 3d movies converted to sbs. Leave the auto refresh rate change turned off, and when I start the movie, I get the prompt to choose 3d or 2d etc, and then I click 3d on my remote and i can select sbs. turn on auto change refresh rate and when i click 3d on my remote, just says 3d is on but still displays the half screen image.

    • Regis Roads Jan 18, 2014 

      Did you try activating 3d on your TV settings? With mine, I manually have to change it. It’s a pain. But if I’m understanding you correctly, it seems like the 3d file is playing correctly in xbmc, as sbs split images. Your TV just needs to recognize that it’s a sbs output.

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