XBMC 13 Gotham – on its way to Beta status

Posted By: Martijn Kaijser on Jan 18, 2014 in Dev Journal, Pre-Release

In the last blog post we already told you we are working hard towards a Beta release. There are still some things that need to be improved before we are confident on releasing a Beta. We will of course keep you posted when that time comes. Work continues by the developers to iron out the know remaining issues as much as possible. Thanks to the users who install our latest development builds, the remaining problems become known and we try to address these. Do note we may not be able to address all issues reported, as time and available developers are limited. We all try our best but we hope all of you will understand this and we need to accept that some issues will remain.
If you are a developer and you are confident enough to dive into our source code and fix it, we would appreciate it very much if you would create a so called pull-request on our github page for code review so it might be included.


Call to Gotham alpha users

As it stands now it’s highly unlikely there will be another monthly release before Beta release as there isn’t a merge window any more like we had in the previous months. The monthly builds were done at the end of the month to mark the most stable Gotham version. However now we only do bug fixing, each build we create daily should become better and better. This also means you can download and install the most recent nightly build quite safely to have the most up to date version running. Because of this we would like to ask if possible to upgrade to the last available “nightly build” (the links can be found at the end). As I just mentioned these builds should be considered more stable than any previous monthly Gotham release. There should be no reason to keep using any older monthly build. This would also help to identify any remaining issues left and helps us make the upcoming Gotham release a great one. Here’s the quite technical change log since last monthly release.

Additional note:
Especially for Android users there is a great benefit of installing the Gotham version over Frodo as it contains a vast amount of improvements which were to intrusive to be included in the Frodo 12.3 release. Also Gotham has an Android release for x86 hardware architecture which some manufacturers start using. Before downloading see if your device uses ARM or x86 hardware.

Frodo users

As we have mentioned in the Frodo 12.3 release blog it was the last release in that line. This also means there will be no more bug fixing done for Frodo. We know there are some issues left for that release but we need to move onwards. So if you are experiencing problems we would like to ask if possible to try out a Gotham nightly build to see if the issue persists and we may be able to fix it.



As already mentioned in previous blog posts like “Note to Add-on developers” and “Feature freeze” when installing a Gotham build you might face the fact that certain add-ons will report their selves no longer compatible. It takes some time for add-on developers to adjust and update their add-ons. Most of the add-ons found in the XBMC.org repository have been updated. If you have acquired additional add-ons through a third-party repository or website please contact those websites, forums or developer(s) where you downloaded them from. As almost any add-ons (except a few) are created by third-party developers we are not responsible for their maintenance or if you experiences problems with them. So again it is best to try and contact the developer and help him track down why it fails so he can try fixing it. Only for add-ons that are located in our XBMC.org repository you can browse the add-on website and see if there is already a quick link to the dedicated forum thread. If not you can find most of them here: Add-ons Help and Support. Be sure to also read the additional Forum rules before posting.

Empty repository:
If the repository list is empty or you are suspect you don’t receive any add-on updates you can try fixing it with Force refresh. Bring up the context menu when the repository is highlighted and select Force refresh. This will re-download the list from the server and hopefully the add-ons will show. This should work for the default XBMC.org repositories or any 3rd party repository installed. Updating will take some time so be patient.  If after some time you still have add-ons listed you may need to check you network connection.
Wiki link: Empty repository list

List of Gotham blogs

For people who want to read up the developments and various improvements done since Frodo here’s a quick reference list in reverse order:

XBMC 13 Gotham – November and December
XBMC 13 – Gotham: Note to Add-on developers
Making Subtitle Search Better
XBMC 13 Gotham – September and October
Gotham 13.0 Feature freeze
XBMC DevCon 2013 LiveBlog
XBMC 13 Gotham – August
XBMC 13 Gotham – June and July
XBMC 13 Gotham – April and May
XBMC 13 Gotham – March
XBMC 13 Gotham – February



Should want to download and install XBMC, please visit our download page.

* Official XBMC downloads


How to Contribute

If you use these builds, we encourage you to submit bugs in Trac (following this guide: How to submit a bug report), provide support in our Forums where you can, or donate to the Foundation if you like. For a current FAQ on XBMC 13, visit our Gotham FAQ.

Discussion - 41 Comments

  • Pop006 Jan 18, 2014 

    The only suggestion i have, is a list somewhere for the android users to make it noob friendly (for people like me), who have a Nexus4 and after 10 minutes of searching can not tell if i should install x86 or ARM. Sorry for the noob suggestion

    • Bepv Jan 18, 2014 

      Basically, if you have “Intel Inside” logo on your Android device – then you have x86, otherwise it’s ARM.

    • Martijn Jan 18, 2014 

      Too many devices out there for us to even start listing them. It’s not our job and the manufacturers should list that for you.

    • nathan Jan 19, 2014 

      To find if your Android device is ARM or x86 try http://pdadb.net/ or http://www.gsmarena.com/ both have lots of info, check the SOC or CPU.

    • tonton1728 Feb 01, 2014 

      To know its processor, just use ‘AnTuTu benchmark”, to download on Googleplay. There a button at the top right ‘Device info’ which gives you the type of cpu installed

  • meule Jan 18, 2014 

    Nexus 4 is ARM ;-)

  • Mohawk Jan 19, 2014 

    am new to xmbc. just wondered is there a feature
    in xmbc where you can hover over a video thumbnail, which will trigger a “slow moving video preview” of the content, so that you dont just rely on the “thumbnail still” as a preview?

    • oliver schmid Jan 21, 2014 

      No there is not, however if you go to movie info there is a trailer button and you can watch that.

  • JiSiN Jan 19, 2014 

    looking forward to it…. XBMC 13 (Gotham)

  • Chris Jan 19, 2014 

    Nice work, I can say that 3d does not work. A SBS movie is seen as over under and if you do use the 3d mode it screws up playback. Also noted a potential problem with updates, I added a new TV show and no matter what I did a rescan would not find it. Deleted the entire folder from the system and re-added it and all ok.

    • Gary Jan 19, 2014 


      I saw something similar when I upgraded from 12.x to 13, I was seeing a couple of issues:

      1/ Folders would toggle to in terms of content settings, this would happen frequently
      2/ Music sorted by artist didn’t work

      I trashed my 12.x install and went for a clean Gotham monthly and now its working great !

      • Chris Jan 22, 2014 

        Thanks, I did that as my 12.3 system was a network drive e.g z: but 13 does not support that so trashed it all and added drives using SMB. Added a new show in and a library update failed to find it.
        Deleted my TV shoes all together and added it again and all was ok.

  • Surf Jan 19, 2014 

    The hardware decode in droid (neon) Gotham is certainly nice – 1080p videos that had unwatchable stutter on stock Frodo run fine… Er… Except for blackouts and crashes. Had to switch back modded Frodo 12.3 :-( Too bad Gotham can’t run in parallel so I can work on it some more… Off to register on the forums…

  • Bryanwp Jan 20, 2014 

    Note: The first link “XBMC 13 Gotham – November and December” links back to the admin panel.

  • yellowman Jan 20, 2014 

    Nice work! Looking forward to test when it reaches beta.

  • Nibi Jan 20, 2014 

    Is thsere a comprehensive list of changes? Thanks!

  • ST Jan 20, 2014 

    I try latest build from ppa on linux mint petra cinnamon 32 bit, hw intel atom n270 and its almost always freeze on exit, and when i try play video always show annoying massage “Video rendering failed to init video scalers, Falling back to bilinear scaling.” Version 12.3 works OK.

  • Alfie Jan 20, 2014 

    Would love to see support for 10 bit, as currently when trying to play anything on my nexus 5 it causes it to crash. Other than I can’t wait :)

    • Ned Scott Jan 25, 2014 

      ARM anything won’t playback Hi10P without artifacts, extreme stuttering, or other issues. Hi10P has to be software decoded, and most ARM CPUs aren’t powerful enough for that.

  • kenneth booker Jan 20, 2014 

    thank you….

  • nelcruz Jan 20, 2014 

    with metadata created by latest Metabrowser 2, adding movie library using local.nfo does nothing. I have to scan using TMDB for movie library to populate.

    win 7sp1 ultimate 64-bit, latest Metabrowser 2, latest XBMC nightly

  • Jay Jan 21, 2014 

    At this stage at least, will a Gotham client connect OK to my master library which is a Frodo box using MySQL ? I’d rather move a single client over for testing before shifting my main box over. Cheers

    • Martijn Jan 21, 2014 

      No. Different database version

      • Jay Jan 22, 2014 

        Thanks Martijn

      • Aaron Jan 23, 2014 

        Is that really true? I run different client version regularly while I am trying out new versions. The new version just replicates the tables in a new versioned database, which means that both clients are pointing to different libraries. Because it copies the tables, you start with the same content but any library updates cause differences to crop up. As soon as you upgrade the older version, you instantly get the latest content. I find this works very well.

  • Jeseter Jan 22, 2014 

    And what about PVR addons? Will they are in new XBMC 13 Gotham too? I am waiting impatiently. Thanks

    • Jalle19 Jan 24, 2014 

      Of course they will.

  • xbmcer Jan 25, 2014 


    Using gotham on windows since way back, now on build 21/01/2014 and there is still a bug with SFTP source.

    Xbmc cant connect to it, but if i conect thru windows client first, than xbmc connect normal. Until i connect with win client xbmc cant connect to SFTP source, in log says auth problems, but works normaly after connect outside xbmc (flash fxp, etc..)

  • Watts Jan 25, 2014 

    The GUI runs sluggish on android, whilst frodo runs smoother (not perfect either)… Did you guys change something?

  • Ronj Jan 26, 2014 

    Hopefully it won’t be as confusing. I’m still lost with a step by step on how to get everything in. Do you start with programs add ons then videos add on

  • Gwafhila drill Jan 27, 2014 

    I want to install xbmc on my pc. How do I do that?

  • RBerliner Jan 27, 2014 

    The link
    “XBMC 13 Gotham – November and December”
    leads to WP-Admin-Panel, should be fixed.

  • Boomer79 Jan 27, 2014 

    Wird ja auch Zeit lol

  • Joshua Jan 27, 2014 

    Please remember to include the autoplay feature for those of us using Mavericks on Mac. The nightlies before and after stable release 12.3 has autoplay, but the actual 12.3 release did not. Not a big deal but dorks like myself really count on clicking a file in Finder and XBMC automatically playing the file. Thank you!

  • stephen Jan 29, 2014 

    Hi I tyed xbmc 13 Gotham on my android MX TV box and their is issue playing any video it plays the sound but no pitcher. 13 Gotham in the ealiyer bliud it worket find on MX TV box but now does not. I hope you can get it fix soon as Gotham 13 is better as xbmc 12.3 had issue with color changing at times playing movie or TV shows as Gotham 13 does not have this problem.

  • SpadaSpud Jan 30, 2014 

    Will Gotham have hardware decoding for Amlogic based Android systems built in or will this require a special build?

  • Rick Jan 31, 2014 

    Hi I just want to say that I am a home system builder ( very small 12 or so units a year high end custom-builds ) and today I discovered your work and it has really impressed and opened my eyes to the possibilities of integration in to my builds to create my own htpc/gaming rigs and I look forward to tinkering and I thank all developers etc.. for the amazing work you have done so far. I will donate once i have got to grips with all that is XBMC keep up the great work.

  • shaun Jan 31, 2014 

    ive lost all movie functions on xbmc since it asked me to upgrade to 1.40 (I think)
    can any body help

  • luis Feb 01, 2014 

    xbmc missing only that one could give to add to my library from anywhere where you see a chapter or movie that you like and exist in the main menu a way to access more easy, which become search as link your library and Favorites, some people to say that work does cost the majority do this sort of thing

  • kenny May 10, 2014 

    xbmc gotham 13 install in my phone galaxy note 3 …. it plays the movies with no problem but it want play the live tv unless im on a wifi i install arm version..do you think i should install the x86 version … what should i do plz

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