XBMC 13 Gotham – September and October

Posted By: Martijn Kaijser on Nov 04, 2013 in Pre-Release

Because of our Devcon 2013 meeting we were to busy  to put up a decent monthly blog post. So let’s sum up the changes done so far after the September cyle.

September cycle

ActiveAE – A Simpler Approach to Audio

With the September month’s alpha, we are also excited to introduce ActiveAE, an engine for audio that’s based off AudioEngine but designed to be faster, simpler, and lighter on the CPU. ActiveAE relies on FFmpeg for audio conversion and is available now on Windows, Linux, BSD, and Android. Very early work exists to get it working on OSX too, though no set date exists for its incorporation.

Features of ActiveAE include its being an event-based system; CPU load is significantly reduced, allowing for implementation on weaker systems like Android; Resampler quality can be chosen; gapless playback is now working; and E-AC3 is supported. In addition, quite a lot of little, difficult to narrow down bugs have been tracked down and fixed, including code that reaches all the way into SSE. This hopefully solves the issues we had in our Frodo release that a minority of the users experienced and improves the audio experience in general.

The list of individuals responsible for all this work is quite extensive with pieces touched by nearly the entire team, including wiso’s work on Windows and Voyager’s work debugging SSE and giving feedback, not to mention input from almost everyone on the Audio Settings rewrite. Special mention should go to both FernetMenta and fritsch, who led the charge. Finally, an extra special thanks to the many users who provided testing and feedback in the ActiveAE testing thread. This work couldn’t have been done without you.

As a heads up for next month, we have also refurbished the audio settings to make them easier to configure. You’ll be able to see that work now in nightlies or in next month’s alpha.

Of course there were more changes, but those changes mostly contained code re-factoring/improvement and bugfixing.

A complete change log for the interested can be found here

October Cycle

Actually for October there isn’t much to report for new features added. This months list contains a whole list of code re-factoring/improvement and bugfixing which we don’t want to bore you with.

Android MediaCodec:
This allows native use of the Android API for video playback on Android 4.1 (and up) devices

Android x86 architecture support:
We already provided Android build that run on ARM architecture devices however from this month on we will also provide x86 architecture builds.

Ability to development on non-jailbroken devices:
This allows developers who have an Apple developer account (so not for regular users!) to be able to run and development XBMC on non-jailbroken devices. This is however without and video HW acceleration support. So again, this is NOT for normal users, only for developers.

Complete change log for the interested can be found here.

Dealing with OSX 10.9

As many of you may have experienced, 10.9 has caused a number of issues for our current releases. In addition to forcing us to prepare a 12.3 (coming soon), we’ve learned that 10.9 appears to have reset security settings. Now to install XBMC, you need to right click the application after it’s been installed and select “Open” from the list (this need only be done once).

Alternatively, you can go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> General. From there, unlock the lock at the bottom of the window and “Allow apps downloaded from: Anywhere.” This second method is the preferred method, as you will no longer be bothered for future XBMC updates.


So if you feel you are ready to try out a monthly build, it’s time to start downloading. Be aware though, that this is still alpha software which contains potentially several bugs. There is a  good chance that this alpha will break on you.

* Official XBMC downloads

Note: blog post image made by Schym Christian

How to Contribute

If you use these builds, we encourage you to submit bugs in Trac, provide support in our Forums where you can, or donate to the Foundation if you like. For a current FAQ on XBMC 13, visit our Gotham FAQ.

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  • Jeremy Nov 04, 2013 

    Is this release supposed to be the “official” release for the Ouya? Will it show in the Ouya store?

    • Nathan Betzen Nov 04, 2013 

      Nope. This is just an alpha.

      • Jeremy Nov 04, 2013 

        Sorry, should’ve been more specific… Is XBMC Gotham going to be the Ouya release. Awesome work as always you guys, love me some XBMC on all my devices.

        • Nathan Betzen Nov 04, 2013 

          Frankly, we’re not really sure. Patent licensing issues may be a problem for inclusion in things like the Ouya store.

          • discotech Nov 06, 2013 

            Could you please expand on this. Are you saying there is a chance that Gotham will not be in the ouya store at all? or will there be a modded version as is currently available? it would be nice to be able to actually get official xbmc support for the ouya given that was how it was presented before I bought the console.

          • Ned Scott Nov 07, 2013 

            In the OUYA store or not, anyone can run an official version of XBMC on the OUYA. OUYA is figuring out licensing for DTS and AC3 audio formats. Dolby’s a bitch like that. It’s a problem for Google Play Store video players and iOS App Store video players as well, but like I said, that only affects the listing in the store, not if you can install it or not.

          • discotechjam Nov 08, 2013 

            @Ned Scott
            Yeah, I understand that.

      • Dante Moten Nov 10, 2013 

        How do I install this on my Apple TV 2?

  • fritsch Nov 04, 2013 

    Thank you to all the users that tested ActiveAE in our special testing thread. A lot of bugs could be found and ruled out. Be it wasapi or the cue sheet affair.

    Have not seen a testing thread, that stayed on topic that long, really nice.

  • Brian Nov 04, 2013 

    when will a MINIX version of XBMC be released ?

    • Ned Scott Nov 07, 2013 

      With Gotham. The builds mentioned in this very blog post will work on the minix.

  • noplay Nov 04, 2013 


    The path for the X64 OS X build is broken it should be:

    Thanks for your hard work

  • ls Nov 04, 2013 

    Android-ARM link seems to be broken

  • David Nov 04, 2013 

    Hoping to solve python bug! Several addons do not work anymore since Alpha 6!

    • henryford Nov 12, 2013 

      That is not necessarily a bug – what exactly are you refering to? The vast majority of my addons works just fine.

      Of course Gotham changes quite a bit in the backend, so there is the possibility that the addon-devs have to adjust to that and update their addons where necessary.

  • John Nov 04, 2013 

    “Alternatively, you can go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> General. From there, unlock the lock at the bottom of the window and “Allow apps downloaded from: Anywhere.” This second method is the preferred method, as you will no longer be bothered for future XBMC updates.”

    Disabling a security feature so that XBMC installs take one less mouse click seems like poor advice.

    • Nathan Betzen Nov 04, 2013 

      No offense to Apple, but this can hardly be called a security feature. All it does is create a wall between people who have paid money to be recognized by Apple and people who have not. People who have paid the money can write programs that destroy your computer, since the programs themselves aren’t vetted. Meanwhile, people who generally oppose the notion of a licensing and registration process, namely many open source developers, are forced to choose between their morals and adoption.

      • bossanova808 Nov 05, 2013 

        Well said.

        The Apple walled garden is clearly for Apple’s benefit, not the consumers.

      • Maltz Nov 05, 2013 

        It’s a security measure in that any malicious app someone may create with their paid developer account is cryptographically signed by their dev key, has a paper trail leading back to a payment, and that probably leads to a person or company. Most unscrupulous developers aren’t going to put their real name on a malicious app. So yes, it is possible, but highly unlikely that a signed app would be malicious. Popping up a one-time warning that a developer could be anyone, as opposed to a known entity isn’t useless. It’s an added layer, and that’s what effective security is all about.

        Besides, a paid dev account is only $99/yr. Outside of the world of open source, that seems like a pretty good deal. Not to mention, you get access to things like OS betas which would have averted all this rush to release an update and much users’ ill will months ago.

        • Nathan Betzen Nov 05, 2013 

          If it were a one time warning, you might have a point. At present, it is not. Right now users cannot open a new application at all with the standard single click. They have to right click and open or command click and open. I’m willing to wager that an awful lot of people (myself included until recently) had no idea that simply clicking would have a different result than right clicking and hitting open.

          • Maltz Nov 05, 2013 

            But it is a one-time warning. Once you bypass it by either going to the security preferences or via right-click and “Open”, it never asks for that app again, even if you turn Gatekeeper back on.

          • Nathan Betzen Nov 05, 2013 

            It’s only a one time warning for that installation of that app. If you install the next alpha, guess what: new warning.

        • Anonymous Nov 06, 2013 


  • Naranja Nov 05, 2013 

    I think the writer forget to mention one great addition to XBMC: Radeon VDPAU.

  • josh Nov 05, 2013 

    Plugins disent work good work

  • jeff Nov 05, 2013 

    Sucks it doesnt have media player plugin

    • Nathan Betzen Nov 05, 2013 

      Absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

  • Anthony Ryan Nov 05, 2013 

    Do not advise people to disable the Gatekeeper security features on OS X 10.9, it’s there for people’s protection. People should be allow unsigned applications on a per-application basis. It’s ludicrous to suggest they should disable a security feature across their entire operating system for your unsigned application.

    • Nathan Betzen Nov 05, 2013 

      See above comment. We have a basic disagreement on whether this particular “security feature” is in any way an actual security feature.

    • Ned Scott Nov 07, 2013 

      I actually like gatekeeper, but this is BS. It’s only a security feature for people who don’t keep track of where they download things from. It’s protecting people from their own stupidity and nothing more. It’s a good thing, but it’s not the kind of thing most XBMC users ever need to worry about. Even with the security settings changed (it’s never really “turned off”), OS X still gives a first run warning on newly downloaded apps.

      • Martijn Nov 07, 2013 

        Windows has the same settings (in different levels) that could prevent you from installing software and that’s the first thing i set to completely OFF. The user should have knowledge of what he is installing to begin with.

    • Cassiel Nov 07, 2013 

      Well said. Team XBMC should buy a 99 US$ membership and sign the app. This could’ve helped to prevent that 12.2 smackdown when Mavericks was released. Testing and patching usually comes before a public release, not afterwards…

      • Nathan Betzen Nov 07, 2013 

        Have we had a public release since the perfectly working 12.2? This is news to me.

      • Nathan Betzen Nov 08, 2013 

        Also, for the record, there are two reasons not to have a signed app. The first is moral (and partly legal). A requirement of the GPL is that the software be build-able and run-able by everyone. If the only people who can build and run it the way we build it and run it are us and those licensed by Apple, then by definition we are going against the GPL. i.e. EVERYONE who uses XBMC should be able to build and run XBMC without needing anything additional, much less anything that costs money. There are certain loophole exceptions to this rule in the GPL 2.0 that we can legally take advantage of, but we generally prefer to avoid those exceptions wherever possible. And therefore, we elect not to take that exception here, since it’s no great hardship on the user.

        The second reason is more of a realistic one. To make something like a Gatekeeper license work, every machine that codes for and builds XBMC for OSX needs to be licensed. Frankly, that’s a huge pain in the butt, given how spread out our development team is (and also given that we do automated builds).

        Therefore, since it’s an irritating requirement that provides virtually no positives for the mildly educated user, goes against our morals and license, and is ultimately a massive headache to implement on the scale we are dealing with, we elect not to get a Gatekeeper license, and, in support of our fellow open source developers and against the 1984-esque control requirements of Apple, we openly advocate disabling the current version of Gatekeeper.

        • Cassiel Nov 08, 2013 

          Sorry but the part about every dev machine that needs to be licenses in order to sign an application using Apple OS X Developer Membership is wrong.

          You need the Developer Membership and you need to create a distribution certificate, almost like on iOS. The one who’s in charge of releasing the final builds just need to set the Xcode target to release & sign and you’re good to go.

          I can’t see why the GPL should prevent you from signing an app. The app will still run on everyone’s Mac and in addition you can forget about the Gatekeeper warnings.

          • wsnipex Nov 08, 2013 

            You didn’t get the part where every user has to be able to build xbmc without any non freely available tools. Even it that would be possible, its morally wrong to support the paywalled garden apple puts its users into. If you buy apples products you agree to give up the freedom to run what you want on _your_ device if apple doesn’t want you to.
            Demanding that a FOSS project BUYS a license to distribute its software is on par with saying apple should open source OSX and IOS.

          • Ned Scott Nov 09, 2013 

            It doesn’t prevent us from signing, but our Mac OS X developers don’t like the idea, and I can’t blame them. I could easily see it going either way, myself. I don’t think it’s really a “moral” issue, but I’m not bothered by those who do see it as such. Realistically, anyone who’s more than a casual Mac user will need to know how to manually install unsigned apps, and XBMC is not something most Mac users even run. It’s something that is meant to be on dedicated HTPC hardware, not as a desktop video player.

            We had a Mavericks patch months before Mavericks came out (some of our devs do have accounts with Apple). It doesn’t mean that we have a fix right away, because Apple’s release schedule doesn’t dictate our release schedule. Granted, this is the first time a Mac OS update completely disabled XBMC (rather, an audio bug in XBMC, and we all know that Frodo has been a bear with audio).

            We got test builds up when we could, verified it worked with the final release of 10.9 and that it didn’t seem to break on various hardware setups. Now it’s going to be in XBMC v12.3, and there are preview builds for v12.3 available. Additional fixes where only found after the final release of 10.9, and those were fixed by a dev who does not have developer preview access, and those are also going in. So where’s the fire?

            If you don’t like it then there’s only one option: contribute to XBMC. If you don’t like how the current devs work, then make an option for people. I’m just happy that Mac OS X is as supported as it is, considering OS X only is a small percentage of our userbase. Our devs do a damn good job and I don’t blame them one bit if they don’t feel like bending over backwards just to get a fix out a few days earlier.

  • blondeshanks Nov 05, 2013 

    Where can we download that amazing background from at the top of the post in hi-res?

  • Etharr Nov 05, 2013 

    Can we get new Gotham image in 1080, please?
    I realy like it.

    • Dave Nov 06, 2013 

      I agree. Would love to get a copy of the new Gotham image.

  • spiff Nov 05, 2013 

    i am DEEPLY offended by your pissing on the spirit of the GPL by allowing the code to run on locked down devices. Those guys chose the other side, then they don’t get to to use our software. That was a clear and obvious no-brainer back in the days when this project had any kind of ethics.

    • Edrikk Nov 05, 2013 

      I respectfully disagree spiff.
      Basically what you’re saying is “don’t allow devs to build something that will provide benefit for MANY consumers, because the builder of that device has decided [for various reasons] to lock it down”.

      I hear what you’re saying, but isn’t the spirit of GPL to be ‘for the users’, where-as this statement clearly isn’t (or at least is considering those folks as collateral damage…

      Just my 2 cents as an XBMC user on Windows, who would love to run XBMC on his not jailbroken iPad.

      • spiff Nov 05, 2013 

        yes, and it’s the developers responsibility to think about their users best, even when they don’t know it themself.

        if apple had their way, there would never be a xbmc, there would only be itunes and silly devices like the atv. users who enjoy the freedoms offered by free software will undermine these by buying devices from the worlds biggest control freaks who have only one motive; their profits. an organization that has actively worked to *lock down* computers through uefi and other means. who just introduced an appstore only software switch in their personal computer OS (guess where i think that button is heading in the future…)

        at least we can hope to open a few eyes when you have to jailbreak *your* device to run the programs you want on *your* device.

        furthermore, the team was very well aware that i was against this change. i put 9 years of effort into the project and i was just flat out ignored. and i’m very unlikely the only developer among the thousands of contributors to the code xbmc relies on that have these thoughts. these people are also flat out ignored.

        these are the actions of people without ethics, with only their own agendas and concerns in mind.

        i’m utterly ashamed of ever having being associated with this group.

        • Nathan Betzen Nov 05, 2013 

          Just to be clear, is the issue that you don’t want devs to be able to do work without jailbreaking? I’m fairly sure everyone agrees that XBMC itself shouldn’t be submitted to the store, not only because of the GPL (both the letter, which really does matter, and the spirit, whatever that is), but also because XBMC would have to be so disfigured to be accepted that it simply wouldn’t be XBMC anymore.

          If the issue is that you don’t want even XBMC team members to be able to work on XBMC for iOS without jailbreaking, then I’m honestly not sure what to say. If the issue is that you don’t want XBMC to ever enter the appstore, then I’m fairly certain no one disagrees with you.

          • spiff Nov 05, 2013 

            you say it very well yourself, right there. your only concern is that it would be stripped of features. you have no concerns for the fact that putting it on the app store is taking away every right you grant the users through the GPL and handing them over to apple.

          • spiff Nov 05, 2013 

            grm, got cut off somehow..

            yes, the developers on the team are probably the last peeps i want to do work on locked down devices. cause it shows that they simple do not get it.

            the spirit of the GPL is the users right to freely modify and distribute the software in whatever form they see fit. unfortunately there was a hole in the gplv2.1, aka tivoization, which was plugged in GPL3. that’s what i mean by the spirit of the GPL. while it is, by accident, okay by the letter to stop users modifying and distributing freely, through the means of a locked down platform, it was an accidential mishap when the GPLv2 was written. this is obvious to everybody who truely understand the principles of free software. free software. not open source software. the source is useless if you cannot compile it and run it on the device.

            finally, i leave it to you to explain to me how the comments here https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/3437 can be read as not aiming for the app store eventually. that’s 3 team devs happily talking about signed binaries, announcing efforts to make the most glaring missing feature possible and generally +1′ing themselfs.

          • eema Nov 06, 2013 

            I actually don’t get at all your ideas. You talk about people allowed to do what they want with their hardware and use the software they want and you’re against a patch of an open code that a lot of people like and agree with it, with the purpose of allowing app store devs to run the software they want (xbmc) in the devices they want?
            It seems to me that the ethic problem should be the opposite. Why can’t people that have the possibility to run xbmc on their iDevices if they want to?
            “yes, and it’s the developers responsibility to think about their users best, even when they don’t know it themself.”
            You’re against apple but this is exactly their way of handling things… And it’s actually against every idea behind GPL…

          • Ned Scott Nov 07, 2013 


            I’m going to put aside my deep hatred of the GPL v3 for a moment.

            There’s a massive, gaping hole in your logic here. The only iOS devices that official XBMC can be built for are devices that are set up in such a way that the user can install whatever version they want. The fact that other iOS devices exist that run the same OS are locked down means nothing, because the device in question can always run whatever that user wants it to run. Both in jailbreak and in developer tools access. There are zero iOS devices running XBMC where that iOS device cannot run another version that the user compiled or received.

            Your tivoization argument fails.

            Of all the things for you to be upset about, this is the most absurd and embarrassing argument that you could make.

          • Andy Nov 09, 2013 

            >If the issue is that you don’t want even XBMC team members to be able to work on XBMC for iOS without jailbreaking, then I’m honestly not sure what to say.

            Wait a second, are you trying to say you advise your users to turn off their security measures while you yourself unwilling to do so? After your diatribe against licensing it’s expected that jailbreaking would be be the first thing you do with you iOS device. (That’s if your ethics allow you to support evil Apple by purchasing their stuff in the first place.) You’re a hypocrite, sir.

  • Johev Nov 05, 2013 

    This one is for all the people working on XBMC. Thank you very much for all your hard work, I sure hope someone can make a living out of it, as I don’t see any adds or other stream of revenue apart from the donations.

    I was hoping that the next release of XBMC would already be 13, with the Android hardware acceleration support for my RK3188 device. Apparently it’s going to be 12.3, but I still hope the h/w acceleration for android will be included. Thanks once again :)

  • The Hat Nov 05, 2013 

    I dont mind trying an Alpha since half the plugins in the “stable” version are unreliable, crash or don’t work anyway even after a fresh install:)

  • duffy Nov 05, 2013 

    where is the backup function gone??

  • Rushingjs Nov 05, 2013 

    Thank you all for your effort

  • kishy Nov 05, 2013 

    Hi thanks for your good work.

    I love xbmc.
    Since LiveTv works, my children only needs to know how to turn on the TV.

    A nice thing would be if the audio settings could be handled about the json API.
    When i want to look on a beamer and listen to the 5.1 sound i need to change the audiosettings everytime.

    Would be great.

  • ZeroCruel Nov 05, 2013 


    I have a short question, will a comskip function for live tv recordings supported in the new version ?

    Thanks a lot

    • Nathan Betzen Nov 06, 2013 

      Honestly, I’m not the best person to ask, but my understanding is that comskip is entirely dependent on the PVR backend.

      • ZeroCruel Nov 06, 2013 


        thanks for your answer, I use tvheadend for live tv recording and I could let generate the jump information files f.e *.edl by the post recording script. What not works is the point that the videoplayer use this files, they will be ignored.

  • Jozzy Nov 06, 2013 

    Will there be a Windows RT version?
    Maybe in the future?

    • Nathan Betzen Nov 08, 2013 

      No one is working on one right now.

  • Reckoner Nov 06, 2013 

    Does anyone know if playback of DVD folders has been fixed in the Android version yet?

  • spiff Nov 07, 2013 

    for some reason i cannot reply directly to your posts…

    no @nedscott, that’s not the only devices it’s set up for. it *was* the only devices until now. can i run the binaries produced by some dev that shelled out the apple dev fee built on “my” device? the mere fact that these can be produced upsets me, and would upset anyone who truly cares about the values of the GPL.

    again, it’s not a breach of the GPL (GPL is a license – it only covers *distribution*),
    but the mere enabling of people being able to produce non-distributable, signed binaries putting our free code under apple’s terms is a breach of what i refer to as the spirit of the GPL. sure, you can argue it takes away users freedom, i argue it does not.
    they chose the other side. it’s simple as that. you chose the locked down walled garden. which is fine by me, stay in there and enjoy your white and shiny. but you don’t get to use free software.

    anyways, this discussion is fruitless. you are blinded by your iFoo, i’m blinded by my hatred for locked down platforms.

    i’m not citing the other reasons nedscott, cause i still respect exactly 3 people on the team and they don’t deserve inclusion in any rant.

    • Nathan Betzen Nov 08, 2013 

      I still regret the fact that you were not able to be at this past devcon, as this topic could have be discussed. The PR in question was actually discussed there, and no one had any clue that people would have GPL objections. I know I didn’t, but that could be because I sit on the distribution end of things and tend not to think about development in any terms other than how the software ultimately affects users. If something is never meant to be touched or seen by a user, then I automatically put it in a Somebody Else’s Problem field. But I have little doubt that if the submitters (Memphiz, maybe?) had been made to understand how strongly you felt on the subject, they likely never would have even bothered submitting the PR.

      I guess it’s probably all too late for any of that now though.

      • spiff Nov 08, 2013 

        you don’t even believe that bullshit yourself nate. all opinions of mine were consistently ignored for 3 years, and this would have been no different.

        • Nathan Betzen Nov 08, 2013 

          Maybe we lived in different circles? At least in the forum it certainly seemed like your word was the last word, with two pretty obvious exceptions (one very recent, the other when you were release manager). But in both those cases the majority either agreed with you or were unwilling or unable to take sides.

          Possibly it was different on github?

          • spiff Nov 08, 2013 

            people were always willing to exploit my naivity and my knowledge of the code base.
            but nobody listened on the important stuff and eventually i stopped voicing my concerns, cause it only made me look the fool. ask joethefox for an example.

    • Ned Scott Nov 09, 2013 

      It has been possible to build XBMC on locked-down hardware long before we even supported iOS (*cough* Boxee *cough*). Again, the fact that you can install XBMC on such hardware is not an endorsement on our part, nor is it something the team would ever do. We can’t stop people from doing bad things with XBMC (not without major legal resources, at least), and trying to stop them with technical limitations only hurts us.

      You can technically build XBMC for Android and then distribute it on Android devices that don’t support side-loading or have access to the Google Play Store. Right now Amazon could do that with their Kindles that are Android-based (they won’t, but the example is just that, an example).

  • Hugo Nov 07, 2013 

    Will this version support 3D for 120hz projectors time sequential or AMD HD3D?

  • Andy Nov 09, 2013 

    Three questions:

    1. Will this release support 7.1 sound? And I don’t mean passthrough that would require me to buy a $500 receiver, thank you very much, I already have a $30 7.1 sound card and a set of PC speakers.

    2. Will this release support Blu-ray playback? And again, I don’t mean “by jumping through loops,” I mean FULL playback, with menus and stuff. (Providing DRM was already removed by some other means, of course, I don’t expect THAT much from you.)

    3. If so, when all these wonderful features will be available on Mac?


  • Dino Angelov Nov 09, 2013 

    Works great on a Rokchip rk30 – Hardware video decoding is way better than in 12.0, as I can watch 1080p with no stutter or framedrops.

  • Memphiz Nov 11, 2013 

    @spiff thx for talking to me (e.x. answering my email) instead of spreading your hate in the blog comments. I really appreciate that …

  • spiff Nov 11, 2013 

    i never intended to spread any hate. i never mentioned any names. i voiced my opinion in public because i could not live with myself if i did not. then i was engaged and had to defend my opinions.

    i did not respond to your emails because i would end up saying stupid shit more hurtful than i would with a cool mind. something i made clear in my prior email so it should not have come as a surprise.

    if you still want to discuss, send me a new mail and i will respond. but honestly, i don’t see what there is to discuss. obviously our opinions are on opposite ends of the scale, and you guys won. have fun.

  • spiff Nov 11, 2013 

    @nedscott and yes, and if you had asked me we should never have ported to droid either for those very reasons.

    • whatever Nov 11, 2013 

      It was unpossible not to port to droid. Eventually it would happen. Indeed, it was easy to tell that it would be disruptive to the xbmc community. Naturally, now lots of fragmentation and golddiggers try to monetize on the xbmc codebase.

      Only proper governance can save the XBMC project in the long run. And the XBMC foundation has a lot of work to do towards securing its’ softwares future.

    • Ned Scott Nov 12, 2013 

      Even x86/LINUX can be locked down. People make locked down x86/linux machines all the time. Trying to stop that via technical limitations is pants-on-head retarded. Even by GPL v3 standards, what you say is horseshit.

      • whatever Nov 12, 2013 

        GPL v3 has limited a few loopholes in GPL v2, specifically “tivoization’. Hopefully, XBMC will be GPL v3 someday but this needs a LOT of changes, in attitude and software.

  • Temujin Nov 11, 2013 

    Looking forward to the release!
    Also, another +1 for the 1080p version of that Gotham backdrop, looks great :)

  • Jason Nov 11, 2013 

    trying to describe my issues best i can i have an apple tv 2 with xbmc with fusion added was working great until i put fresh start and add xfinity will add source wont open BUT… i can add fusion back and use some of repos on it

    i did same to my ipad and it works so im unsure what i missed any help would be great thank-you


    • Martijn Nov 11, 2013 

      Those repos are not supported on XBMC.org

  • Marius Holden Nov 12, 2013 

    When is gotham stable comming out to mac?

  • Yeeehaa Nov 14, 2013 

    Hi i am testing xbmc-13.0-Gotham_alpha9 and i like that i can watch a 3d hsbs in 2d mode so i dont need 2 copies of the same movie. But when i want to have a subtitle to the movie i get 2 of the same subtile side by side. Is there or are there going to be any solution to that problem?

  • Yeeehaa Nov 14, 2013 

    Hi again now i realized its only inbedded subtitles that has this problem and when i got an external subtitle it works great! :)

  • Paulo Nov 14, 2013 

    Who to make this version of xbmc for android as a default launcher ?????
    It’s possible ????

  • david Nov 15, 2013 

    Is there going to be the inclusion of a category for the concert / live? Please!
    (categories with movies, SériesTV, music video, + “concert”)

    The “scraper” to movie can be good for the live (for example, “The movie DataBase” is good for the live).

  • david Nov 15, 2013 

    And the support of ISO 3D is when?

    Thank you for all your works!

  • Eddie Nov 15, 2013 

    XBMC Developer should spend more time working on the GUI of XBMC.
    also, 99% of the skins looks like… well… shit!
    (instead of creating new XBMC logos for Forum posts).
    GUI is shit, all the settings menu need to be build from the start.
    even the main menu looks like a 14 yr old boy created it in his spear time.

    its true… you all know that.
    and the movies? my god! half of them are recognize as the wrong ones!
    others not even on the data base!

    • Mr Roberto Nov 16, 2013 

      Do I even want to know what “spear time” is? Because it sounds filthy,

    • H8te Nov 17, 2013 


      find the skin you like.

      name your movies; alternate scrapers?

  • Rico Nov 16, 2013 

    Hi, I have been using the old xbox with xbmc until 2 years ago.
    Now I have a windows 7 PC dedicated for the living room and I use it mostly for party.
    I have alot of video clips(music) that we and our friends enjoy when we get together.
    I’m using v11 xbmc Eden that somebody changed (continuas play) and it works ok. I can play videos random out of folders(all my video clips are now .mp4) don’t like playlists, but If somebody asks me to play a certin clip that I have in a different folder or on another pc in the house (I use android phone to control it) after the clip has played it returns to the menu, It would be perfect if it continued to play the rest of the folder where it was before the new clip was played. The original xbox was doing this. For you guys, programmers this is a piece of cake.
    Can we have a separate button in the main menu for music videos (also in android remote app)
    that behaves just like playing mp3? and it does not get mixed up with movies?
    I appreciate if someone would look into it, it may not be too complicated but you could make so
    many of us happy. Also I use a Logitech wireless F710 and would like to have the next and
    previous buttons working when playing video clips. Thanks alot. God bless.

  • david Nov 17, 2013 

    Is there going to be the inclusion of a category for the concert / live??
    (categories with movies, SériesTV, music video, + “concert”)

    The “scraper” to movie can be good for the live (for example, “The movie DataBase” is good for the live/concert).

  • misterman Nov 17, 2013 

    When will a stable version come out

About Kodi

Kodi is a free and open source media player application developed by the XBMC Foundation, a non-profit technology consortium. Kodi is available for multiple operating-systems and hardware platforms, featuring a 10-foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls. It allows users to play and view most videos, music, podcasts, and other digital media files from local and network storage media and the internet.