XBMC 8.10 Atlantis released

Posted By: Team XBMC on Nov 14, 2008 in Release Announcements

Team-XBMC is proud to announce the cross-platform release of XBMC Media Center version 8.10 for Linux, Mac OS X (Leopard, Tiger, and Apple TV), Windows, and Xbox, code named ‘Atlantis‘.

We have reached the end of over 3-months of bug bashing, and have closed 425 tickets for this Gold version release and, while there are still some bugs outstanding, we feel that ‘Atlantis’ is reasonably stable, and thus it is time to move on and get cracking on new features.  We have branched for release, and will maintain this branch with critical bug fixes while we move on and begin working on new features in the main linuxport SVN trunk.

Thanks goes to everyone in the XBMC community who have made this possible by reporting bugs and suggesting improvements.  In particular we’d like to recognise the sterling efforts of Sigurdur Olafsson (a.k.a. Sho) who has been acting release manager for ‘Atlantis’, diligently handling the tracking system on behalf of developers.  We would also like to thank Arnova, SandmanCL and ShortySco of our new Quality Assurance Team for their help verifying bug reports and making it easier for the developers to concentrate on fixing bugs.

Go grab XBMC ‘Atlantis’ and let us know how it goes!

Yours sincerely / Team-XBMC

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  • althekiller Nov 14, 2008 

    ’bout damn time…

  • fosk Nov 14, 2008 

    Can’t wait to get this stable relase a try! Thank you team XBMC.

  • Wingman Nov 14, 2008 

    Whoa then no RC releases? Great! This means that XBMC has an incredible level of stability!

    I’ll upgrade my xbox asap, thankyou very much for the great work! :)

  • Tester Nov 14, 2008 

    err, final version? Why does the XBOX have the option to exit XBMC and to suspend? The exit option just closes to a black screen, while the suspend option does nothing.

    Clearly these aren’t dramatic bugs, but they’d have been picked up if you guys done a RC. Disappointing.

  • Tester Nov 14, 2008 

    oh, I should add, those problems I said above are seen with the PM.3 skin, not sure about the default PM3 one

  • XBMC4Ever Nov 14, 2008 


  • Tester Nov 14, 2008 

    I can confirm the suspend/exit bug inside the shutdown menu only exists on PM.3 the only other bug I found is that tetris is knackered still, completely out of frame on all skins at 720p resolution

  • YM Nov 14, 2008 

    Awesome work as always!

  • theo Nov 14, 2008 

    Thanx for the update…

  • americantabloid Nov 14, 2008 

    Big Thanks guys!

  • Countzero Nov 14, 2008 

    Thank you guys for all your time, hard work and commitment. XBMC is a great product and the continuous effort put in is much appreciated !

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  • Slice Nov 14, 2008 

    Great news, and congratulations! All the hard work that the developers have put into this is very much appreciated. this is a new day for XBMC, i still use XBMC on my XBOX but i am glad that the team is moving forward. XBOX is an obsolete platform that needed to be put to rest as it was an unnecessary burden for the developers to have to worry about cross platform compatibility with legacy hardware was really holding us back.

    Now to look forward to the future: I look forward to seeing new and innovative features added to XBMC with out the restraints of the XBOX platform, and would hope that the XBMC LIVE be further developed into a full fledged embedded Linux distribution for installation on turn-key HTPC solutions. I feel it is important for the LIVE distribution to be an important focus. Creating an embedded Linux solution with XBMC as its only UI would most certainly do wonders as fare as making an simple Linux based media center accessible to the public. embedding as apposed to the simple try it from a thumb drive looks to be promising for the LIVE version of XBMC. features such as auto update from within the XBMC interface need to be added so to enable the updating of both the Linux base platform that runs XBMC and to update XBMC itself.

  • Richard Ayotte Nov 14, 2008 

    Fantastic software! Thank you for all your work.

  • Daniel Nov 15, 2008 

    Wow. Who would have believed that Xbmc Atlantis would be released on my birthday. This is the best birthday gift ever. Thank you so much dear community!!


  • GBot Nov 15, 2008 

    A day… which will live in infamy!!!

  • Paul Armstrong Nov 15, 2008 

    Congratulations XBMC team and contributors!

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  • Lumpsack Nov 15, 2008 

    Great work guys I’ll give this a shot tomorrow :)
    BTW tester – no need to be harsh, these guys do a hell of a lot of hard work for an industry leading product which you get for free and you lay into them!! Bad form…

  • Juan234 Nov 15, 2008 

    Daniel: Best birthday gift ever? You know I bought you a Cadillac. Twice.

  • Roark Nov 15, 2008 

    You are all awesome! Thx for the hard work.

  • ALcALoIDe Nov 15, 2008 

    Hi, guys. What can I say? GREAT, GREAT, GREAT!!!! Thanks so much for your hard effort. Surely it’s being appreciated all over the world. At least, here in Brazil, it is.

    Keep up the awesome work you have been doing and let’s make it better and better.

    Best regards for you all.

  • Slice Nov 15, 2008 

    When will the updated version be up on the Ubuntu repository?

  • Slice Nov 15, 2008 

    never mind, just rechecked and sure enough there they are, thanks again to everyone who has made this possible!


  • hasselhof Nov 15, 2008 

    Thanks to all involved.

  • tommyhome Nov 15, 2008 

    Nice one, great work!
    I just wonder about the name of it 8.10, isnt november the 11:th month?

  • Jeroen Nov 15, 2008 

    Thanks for all the hard work guys, you’re the best!

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  • Mart! Nov 15, 2008 

    What is it with the people complaining over this great FREE software created by people in their SPARE TIME? Yeezz… get a live…

    You guys did a great job and I’m sure you will iron out any problems coming to the surface in no time! Keep up the good work, I am confident that XBMC will become the best mediacenter available! (for me it is already)

  • Spiderlane Nov 15, 2008 

    @Tester – I think the expression is “we look forward to your patches”.

  • Craig Nov 15, 2008 


    Im excited!

    Downloading now….

  • xbox Nov 15, 2008 

    cant find xbox release anywhere :(

  • Jeroen Nov 15, 2008 

    @xbox: google for “t3ch”

  • woot! Nov 15, 2008 

    great release , thanx!!

  • Anonymous Nov 15, 2008 

    Big Thanks to the great team-xbmc !

  • A_Villa vinner jo kampen Nov 15, 2008 

    Holy Crap!!!!
    Can’t wait to test it.
    Thanks to all involved and thanx for keeping this free :)

  • netwho Nov 15, 2008 

    XBMC Rocks!

    I’m actively promoting XBMX, just because I KNOW there’s nothing comparable our there.
    Thanks a lot – You can be proud of what you achived with Atlantis in such a short period.

    Lot’s of appreciateion, netwho

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  • Quovadis Nov 15, 2008 

    Tnx for the great release , just bought old XBOX and will install it on it.
    Hope that you will still develop for XBOX as well
    GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Scaine Nov 15, 2008 

    Everyone involved with XBMC development – thank you. This software lacks for nothing – beats FrontRow, Windows Media Centre and even Fluendo’s upcoming Elisa easily. Beautiful work. You all need a lot more exposure for this software – it’s an unsung masterpiece.


  • 4D Nov 15, 2008 

    Many thanks to all on the XBMC team!,

    I love your software soooooo much!, it has revolutionised how we use our media around my household.

    I Wouldn’t have it any other way now!. Please keep up the good work !!!



  • madsurfer Nov 15, 2008 

    Great news guys! XMBC is great software and makes it really easy for me to stay on the couch :)

  • -=Ethan_Hunt=- Nov 16, 2008 

    Hay this version supports play movie dvd rip codec x264 and h264 ? Old version its difficulties in working play dvd rip h264 ac3 sound and x264 ac3 sound please tell me why

  • SDogo Nov 16, 2008 

    wow… nice work guys… i will test the new version later on my rig…

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  • bobrooney Nov 16, 2008 

    best mediacenter ever!

    thanks a lot guys!

  • wayland Nov 16, 2008 

    is the features page upto date? and could you publish more details about what is and is not supported for mkv (ordered chapters, are ass/ssa properly supported unlike the older builds where formatting was ignored).

  • Dan Dar3 Nov 16, 2008 

    Using XBMC for years on Xbox, just to say a big THANK YOU and keep up the good job!!!

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  • K405 Nov 17, 2008 

    I came in my pants! ~_^

    I love u guys!


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  • Emmanue Nov 17, 2008 

    Thanks very much … I’ll give a try asap! You guys are really AWESOME!

  • Junta Nov 17, 2008 

    Thank you guys very much for all your work..
    this is one great piece of software.
    MS could learn a thing or thousand from you :D

  • www.kde4.de Nov 17, 2008 

    Hi will Try it and write a feedback on http://www.kde4.de in german. I have tested the last two versions and will give the release my try on ubuntu.

    Thanks alot and keep the media turning !

  • Dorma Nov 18, 2008 

    Looks great, thanks a lot

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  • jan Nov 19, 2008 

    Fantastic Software – Thank you for the good work! It is stunning.

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  • rvmfr Nov 20, 2008 


    Don’t work on Vista.

    How to run it on safemode ?


  • FidoBoy Nov 21, 2008 

    Many thanks guys!! XBMC is really the best media center software available for windows and linux, i just hope that GPU accelleration could be added in future releases, other than this, is almost perfect…

    congratulations and keep up the good work!

  • xbmcfan Nov 21, 2008 

    You guys are the best. Thanx for all your hard work.

  • IMD1 PK Nov 22, 2008 

    Thank you so much for the hard work. Long live the xbox scene!!!!

  • Bobafett77 Nov 22, 2008 

    Fantastic. Thanks for all your effort guys. Will try it out tomorrow.

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  • tdogg Nov 24, 2008 

    Thank you for all you have done. This softare is great!!!!

  • grey Nov 26, 2008 

    there is a BUG, video calibration is not saved (on apple tv).
    after exit, when entering again – you have to calibrate over and over again…

    in rest, OUTSTANDING!

  • Ghozt Nov 26, 2008 

    I Love it! I really like the HQ-movie covers! And that there are so many different to choose from for every movie!
    Apple-tv very nice!

    A few buggs, like sometimes xbmc freezez awhile when i start it and minor studd like that, overall WONDERFULL! BE-E-EAUTIFUL! ;)

    I can’t whait for the skins & themes section :D

    XBMC-guys U ROCK!!

  • Martin from holland Nov 27, 2008 

    Great stuff guys! Been enjoying XBMC for years! Thank you for all your hard work!

    Keep it up!

  • Orn Dec 02, 2008 

    I´ve been using Meedio for over two years now on my main htpc and MyHTPC before that, running MCE on my bedroom pc and I also tested MediaPortal for a while about a year ago, I decided to give the new XBMC Atlantis release a go and wow I´m impressed.

    XBMC is by far the most polished front end out there. There are still some minor bugs that I´ve ran into on the pc end but it´s still by far much better than other front ends I´ve used. KUDOS to the development team for such an outstanding job.

  • Pecinko Dec 06, 2008 

    I just tried windows version. It’s FANTASTIC…

  • Denmark Dec 07, 2008 

    Cant wait for the final version – a lot of people use XBMC Xbox ver. in Denmark – THANKS

  • CR1T1C4L Dec 11, 2008 

    Wonderful application, now all we need is a PSP Version….

  • qwertylesh Dec 13, 2008 

    I was very impressed with the beta 2 of Atlatis, use it regularly on two pcs, trying out the 8.10 release now to see differences, very happy that XBMC has came to windows, it puts other mediaplayers/centers to shame!

  • Justin Dec 25, 2008 

    Three words – You Guys Rock!

  • hans Jan 04, 2009 

    Is it just to install from my vista pc, from pc to xbox with a switch.. It is for good old xbox yes????????????

    And using Flash fxp

    Please answer…

    peace from norway

  • Jan Ole Peek Jan 09, 2009 

    Best mediacenter software I have ever used for the PC! Great stuff!

  • Gridlock Jan 09, 2009 

    Have been using XBMC since the early days on Xbox, and now on PC – amazing bit of kit, a lot of large Redmond-based software companies could learn lessons from you guys.

    Thanks to everyone who helped get XBMC this far.

  • demyo Jan 15, 2009 

    I cannnot believe my ears. I have been in love with XBMC ever since day 1…when it was XBMP wow. Just can’t thank you guys enough. I don’t think i’ll ever part with XBMC and my xbox even the hardware is incapable of supporting HD streaming. I’m eager to try it out now on my pc…last time i did, it was not stable. Hopefully, it’ll stop me from shelling out cash for that tvix hd m-7000a :D . Seriously, Team XBMC teach suckers how to create a great front end. Long live XBMC. Thanks for the 1600+ DVD+R/-Rs you’ve saved me over 5 years.

  • Carsten L Jan 16, 2009 

    I wish I’d never upgraded my TV to Atlantis (bf1). On the former version the only nuisance I suffered was having to calibrate the screen every boot. Now my AC3 encoded MKV files only work with analog audio enabled. My Receiver displays “Decode error”. Also it takes a long time for it to start buffering video and audio files.

  • azz Feb 14, 2009 

    thankyou! thankyou! thankyou! thankyou! i’ve been waiting fro this ever since i heard about it! great job guys! :D

  • it Feb 19, 2009 

    it work on ms visa need to install c ++

  • it Feb 19, 2009 

    love it on linux keep up the good work it can play eny dvd move need to give it blue ray ssss.

  • Not Impressed Feb 21, 2009 

    Been using XBMC (XBMP) on xbox since late 2003. Been using it on OSX for a year or so … had to deal with your little retarded (on both sides) slap fight with osxbmc/plex/whatever. Still waiting for something that “just works”.

    A year or more later and … just full, full, full of simple, minor, usability bugs. You have {} and [] mapped backwards on the keyboard. DVD ISO playback (an old, old, easy, easy feature – no CPU required) is just a nightmare – any kind of fastforwarding or rewinding just kills the whole thing – hangs and stutters and loses sound and regains sound, etc.

    Let’s be clear – I did nothing interesting. No h.264. No mkv. No stressful playback. All I wanted to do was watch a dvd ISO, and that was totally out of the question. I guess I’ll keep checking back – maybe one of these days one of these pre-alpha-test versions (like 8.10 Atlantis) will have working skip/FF/REW in ISOs and properly mapped keys. (US standard keyboard, BTW, so it’s not like I have some weird setup…)

  • dsyufoghyhuyuuiik Mar 24, 2009 


  • 3 Mar 31, 2009 

    I have attempted to download this newest version of XBMC, that you were kind enough to provide but I continue to get an error message during download that the version is corrupt and I need to contact the developer. Any ideas? I am on a Gateway running Vista through a dial-up connection, using Opera as a browser…

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