XBMC at SCALE 2014 (Plus Google On Air Hangout)

Posted By: Nathan Betzen on Feb 18, 2014 in Community Updates

scale_12x_dodecahedronGreetings XBMC users in the southern California region! We’d like to take this time to formally invite you to come visit us at our booth at the Southern California Linux Expo this Saturday and Sunday (Feb. 22nd-23rd) at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel. Manning the booth this year are natethomas (Nathan Betzen), Keith (Keith Herrington), nedscott (Ned Scott), and garbear (Garrett Brown). As always we’re hoping to show off some of the latest and greatest XBMC gear, gadgets, and updates. If you’d like to get an inside look into development or if you’d just like to yell at us about a critical missing feature, we’d love to see you.

In addition, on Friday at noon Pacific time (8PM UTC) we’re planning on having our second ever On Air Hangout. Last time was focused primarily on answering questions. This go around, we’re going to focus more on the various things we brought with us to SCALE, but we’ll certainly be leaving time for questions as well. If you’ve got questions or comments, feel free to ask in the comments below. To be certain you get any updates on this Hangout, you’ll probably want to +1 our Google+ page, though we’ll be certain to also send out a link to Facebook and Twitter.

Whether we see you in person or only online, we’ll love to see you soon.

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  • Stephen Oliver Feb 18, 2014 

    Will there ever be XBMC on chromecast?

    • mildenhall Feb 28, 2014 

      XBMC on Chromecast?

      The Android XBMC remote called Yatse allows you to stream to Chromecast. This ability has just been implemented and is currently in RC2. Either wait a few days for it to be fully released or join the Yaste Google+ beta group to download now.

  • Jaap Feb 19, 2014 

    +1 and Google Hangout? Whoever uses that? But enjoy yourselves there!

    • Antonio Feb 20, 2014 

      This is more of a question, and I apologize for my ignorance in this matter. What is +1 and Google Hangout. I am also interested in beaming my XBMC to my TV set using Google Chromecast, but I it seems impossible for me. Please, if you know a way of doing this could you post it or send me an email with a link. Thanks

      • mildenhall Feb 28, 2014 

        Streaming to Chromecast? Look two posts above!

      • Mike Mar 03, 2014 

        “+1″ is to Google Plus (http://plus.google.com/) what “like” is to Facebook.

        Google Hangout is Google’s video communications program. It can be used for video calls and text messaging (like Skype) and to stream live video conversations to YouTube.

    • Mike Mar 03, 2014 

      More people are on Google Plus than Twitter, and G+ allows for extremely easy video streaming to YouTube and instantly incorporates social networking, so it’s a much better system than anything else for the job.

  • Rocker Feb 19, 2014 

    Will you be showing off any DYI Ambilight with XBMC at SCALE?

    Would recommend that you do so as they are a real wow factor!

    • Ned Scott Feb 19, 2014 

      Sadly, I don’t think any of us that are going have any ambi/bob light stuff. However, I did make sure to download some videos that have been posted on the forums that show it off, so we can show people those.

  • Alexander Kamenetsky Feb 23, 2014 

    Why you guys dont charge for XBMC ?
    This is one of the best software in the world ! and i will love to pay you for your brilliant work as well everybody i know.

    • Kib Feb 24, 2014 

      XBMC is a not-for-profit organisation, but if you want to contribute you can always donate.

      Donations are used solely for purchasing hardware to improve and extend XBMC, travel for conferences, and administrative costs and fees.


    • zbuzanic Feb 24, 2014 

      Donate works just fine. I always donate to free software if it’s any good like XBMC. Keep up the good work!

  • Dmitry Feb 24, 2014 

    Nice meeting all you guys at SCALE!

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