XBMC Atlantis Alpha 4 released

Posted By: Team XBMC on Aug 24, 2008 in Site News

Due to the great feedback from Alpha 3 users in terms of bug reports, many of which have already been fixed, Team-XBMC have released the latest Alpha version of XBMC for Linux, Mac OS X, Windows and Xbox. This is the last in a series of alpha releases in preparation for the upcoming stable release of XBMC, code named ‘Atlantis’.

XBMC ‘Atlantis’ is still in a feature freeze and the final version is planned to be released on Linux, Mac, Windows, and Xbox in October. You may track the development progress here, with the next release scheduled to be the first Beta.

We need your help in order to make ‘Atlantis’ as stable as possible. Please download and use this latest Alpha release instead of XBMC SVN builds. We encourage all users to test it thoroughly and report all bugs to our tracking-system.

We would also appreciate any and all assistance in making sure that the XBMC Online Manual and FAQ are as up to date as possible. Both the manual and FAQ are wiki based so just register and request write access if you wish to contribute. In addition, translations and updates of XBMC language files is another area where help would be appreciated.

We expect to be inviting some official beta testers on to the team in the next few weeks, so get testing if you wish to be considered for this role – we’ll be looking for people submitting good quality bug reports for these positions.

Yours sincerely / Team-XBMC

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  • Djsnake Aug 24, 2008 

    great, good work ;-)

    XBMC best media software ever

  • Pepreal Aug 24, 2008 

    oo year

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  • Ian Aug 25, 2008 

    I love, love, love xbmc on my laptop, but I wish, wish, wish, I could use all the plugins and scripts. 90% of the crash on me, or don’t work at all. :(

  • IT @ VCU Aug 27, 2008 

    Thanx to your guyz, IM majoring in IT, I love this stuff, keep it up

  • Stella Aug 31, 2008 

    Absolutely an excellent work. XBMC was the best soft for xbox and now finally available for PC.
    A problem that i have with the pc ver is that i cant seem to be able to stop/pause an mp3 file. On the xbox the player was visible pushing the white button. On the pc no key does this so far. Dont know if its a bug or something that i dont do right, but i report it.


  • YM Sep 01, 2008 

    Awesome work! You guys rock!

  • Jeroen Sep 01, 2008 

    @Stella: What type of input do you use on the PC version? If you’re using a keyboard you can pause by pressing the spacebar or by bringing up the player controls using the M key. If you’re using a remote you may have to look into setting up a keymap.xml, see the support wiki for that.

  • DEagleson Sep 01, 2008 

    One of the best apps of Xbox1 ported to PC.
    Thanks XBMC crew. :)
    If you guys need translation to Norwegian, i would love to help you guys out.
    Just hope it not that hard.

  • Stella Sep 02, 2008 

    @Jeroen: THANX!! you’re a lifesaver! Silly me didnt know that “M” brings up the player controls. I use a keyboard for input. No remote here :-(
    Spacebar doesnt pause. It just refreshes the screen!
    Anyway the absolute best for me would be if there was a “player controls” button on the screen.
    My goal is to use XBMC on a car PC with a touchscreen. Therefore an “on screen” button would be very convinient while a keyboard inside a car isnt.
    Anyway, a 1000 thanx for your help.

  • InsaneDog Sep 02, 2008 

    I would like to thank the xbmc crew for supporting this coool application!

    I have been using this for years now and just cannot let go of it. They way I stream music / videos / pictures to my TV is just amazing and there is nothing better on earth that xbmc!!!


    Xbmc is so customizable … I can now change tracks from a wifi enabled phone…

    Keep up the good work!


  • epin Sep 03, 2008 

    xbmc is the best media center ever….


    If you’d put a pricetag of $2 on it, i’d buy it. but don’t get any ideas :P

    im cheap i know

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  • Larva Sep 10, 2008 

    I have always loved xbmc! And now I finaly can use it on my computer also! GREAT!!! It’s working fine on winxp, but I have some problems with Vistax64. Purpel/green movie playback. Any ideeas?

    GREAT WORK!!! Thanx with sugar on topp!

  • drozdak Sep 11, 2008 

    Great work! Thanks to all developers!
    It works awesome on my Ubuntu.

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  • YM Sep 14, 2008 

    Will there be a beta release this weekend?

  • Spok Nov 13, 2008 

    At last my pc works as i want it to. Cant wait for the plugins. The HD skin is fantastic. Only one gripe… my xbox is no longer good enough! I am astounded. Keep it up guys.

  • Сергей Nov 17, 2008 

    Аудио-видео, духовые шкафы, варочные поверхности, холодильники, портативная техника.

  • бaкинeц May 31, 2009 

    Увлекательно пишете, жизненно. Все-таки, для того, чтобы делать действительно интересный блог, нужно не только сообщать о чем-то, но и делать это в интересной форме:)

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