XBMC DevCon 2013

Posted By: Nathan Betzen on Oct 03, 2013 in Community Updates, Dev Journal

It’s been a busy year since XBMC’s 2012 Developers’ Conference. In that time, XBMC 12.2 was released. The Raspberry Pi became one of the most used (if not the single most used) pieces of hardware to run XBMC. Hardware decoding in Android has become a real thing if only in alpha builds. PVR was added to the official XBMC release. The XBMC home page got a whole new look. Frankly, the list runs longer than any person should ever want to read.

And quite nearly all of that was sped up (or in some cases made possible) by the 2012 XBMC DevCon. The wild thing is, it’s very possible that we’ll see far more improvements and overall changes over the next 12 months than we even scratched the surface on in the past year.

DevCon: 11 – 13 October, 2013

To make that happen, we’re excited to announce that the 2013 XBMC DevCon will be the 11th through the 13th of October in Munich, Germany. That’s roughly one week away. This year, we’ll continue talking hardware decoding in Android. We’ll talk video game emulation. We’ll discuss improvements to the GUI, UPnP, and device to device communication. And, perhaps most exciting to all you users out there who are running stable XBMC, we’re going to set the path for the release of XBMC 13: Gotham.

Much like the previous two DevCons, we’d like to take a moment to thank our DevCon sponsor, at-visions. These events simply wouldn’t be possible without their generous contributions. And this year, we’d like to give all of you a new option of contributing too.

2013 DevCon T-Shirts

tshirtWe know quite a lot of you last year expressed interest in purchasing a DevCon t-shirt. This year, we took that to heart and started our first ever t-shirt sale campaign. From now until the 13th of October (the last day of the conference), you have the opportunity to support XBMC, open source software, and the developer beer fund. After that, the shirts go away forever. On the back of each shirt is stamped this year’s DevCon, so people will always know that you were a supporter in one of the most epic XBMC years in history.

The rules of this campaign are pretty well exactly like the rules of a Kickstarter campaign. Our printer requires that 100 people order a shirt, and they can ship those shirts worldwide.* If 100 shirts are ordered, the shirts get printed. Needless to say, way more than 100 can be ordered, if that many people want to buy the devs a beer (or if just one person wants 500 shirts for some reason). If not, nothing gets printed, and nobody is out any money.

*Note: There appears to be a small error on the Paypal checkout page for non-US users. The shipping costs on the Teespring checkout page are correct.

From here, we’ll leave it up to you, the users, to make this happen. Spread the news far and wide! Show your friends that you supported the development of XBMC.

T-Shirt Order and Info Page

Beers, Users, and Devs Night

Finally, we’re extremely interested in truly meeting up with our users this year. To that end, we’d like to invite all of you, and particularly those of you in Bavaria, Munich, Germany, and wherever else seems reasonably close to hang with us. We’re still working out the last minute details, but definitely leave a comment below (or in the forums) if you’re interested in visiting. We’re excited to see you and get your thoughts, opinions, and whatever else, and we’ll be sure to update the blog in the next few days with hard data.


It’s time for a guessing game. So many things have happened to XBMC since DevCon last year, it’s hard to say which was the biggest. In the comments below, we’d love to hear your feedback. What do you think the biggest change, feature, fix, or improvement is going to be in the coming year? Perhaps at next year’s DevCon, we’ll take a look at a few of the guesses and mention our favorites.

But for now, we’re excited to get planning and working. And, once again, for those of you who can make it, we’re excited to see you on Beers, Users, and Devs Night!


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  • Alfred Oct 03, 2013 

    Hi Nathan!

    I love XBMC. What are the odds of being able to run XBMC as a backend server in a Freenas jail?

    Thanks for helping in making XBMC possible

    Regards and God bless


    • Nathan Betzen Oct 04, 2013 

      I believe that would require being able to run XBMC as a headless server (unless you mean something else). Work is being done there, but there’s no ETA at the moment.

      • sam Oct 07, 2013 

        hi can u help why some tv video ask me error failed script and why some other video is slow


  • Ulrich Oct 03, 2013 

    Great News, since I’m living in Munich I will drop by and buy you a beer or so. Please let me know, in which Location this confernce takes place!
    You are great and smart guys !

  • nivk Oct 03, 2013 

    Maybe a chance to fix the Bug “Getting asked twice if I want to keep the screen resolution”. Just get rid of that question and solve it like that is there’s no better solution.


  • Ales Oct 03, 2013 

    There’s a bug in character encoding if you pay (with Paypal) and select an address with non-English characters.
    The payment isn’t executed so no beer for developers and you won’t receive a T-shirt.
    Change the characters in your address or wait xbmc team to fix this issue.

  • Michael Oct 03, 2013 

    Munich? Nice!
    Thats just an hour away from me! :-)
    I would really like to come!

  • Daniel Malmgren Oct 03, 2013 

    This is great! I can support XBMC developement AND at the same time get a nice t-shirt! I’m all in.

  • Toni Oct 03, 2013 

    First of all thank you for your great work. Been with you guys since xbox1 so thank you.
    I would LOVE to see support for allwinner a32 chips. Thats my ONLY wish. I cant think of anything else as I am VERY happy with your hard work.
    GREAT job guys.

  • ianjo Oct 03, 2013 

    Very nice :)

    May I suggest talking a bit SteamOS / Steambox? Having XBMC as an app on steam that you could just install and run from big picture mode would be awesome — or the other way around: steam big picture integration from XBMC.
    I’ve seen some addons that try to do this, but are still very hacky and limited (they assume you are not running xbmc-standalone as a session on linux, for instance).

    • Tibbs Oct 03, 2013 

      This is something that I also would be very much interested in. The thought of combining gaming, a native Netflix application and XBMC onto a custom machine is very much appealing.

  • Fernando Oct 03, 2013 

    External subtitles as a new “stream” and Confluence showing flags for it and the possibility to filter videos with specific subtitles.For example: Show only tv-shows library items with German subtitle available. Also auto-tagging subtitled tv-shows/movies

  • Jeff White Oct 03, 2013 

    Would love to be able to Rewind and FFWD on my Raspberry Pi ;)

  • gdonk Oct 03, 2013 

    only douches wear flip flops

  • Jakke Oct 03, 2013 

    Please don’t forget to post news from the GSoC 2013 projects!

    • Kibje Oct 04, 2013 

      We did not forget about them, but thanks for reminding us!

  • Hedda Oct 03, 2013 

    XBMC GUI to have integrated HTML5 Layout Engine such as WebKit embedded for full Web Addons like Netflix inside XBMC added to DevCon discussions this year please

  • Frankly xbmc Oct 03, 2013 

    Maybe a xbmc add on for all smart tvs
    That way there would be no need for any other
    Box to run the software?

    Maybe not possible but worth a ask.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Hugh Oct 03, 2013 

    Tv series link. Can it be done? Would be good for waf.

    • Kibje Oct 04, 2013 

      I am not sure what you mean by that, could you please elaborate ?

      • bossanova808 Oct 05, 2013 

        Pretty sure they mean set up a pvr recording of a whole tv series from the front end. It’s called series link on a lot of cable boxes.

        • Hugh Oct 05, 2013 

          I meant exactly that bossanova808. Apologies my post want very clear. Xbmc is great but I don’t think Iam the only one that finds this a barrier from it replacing a pvr. Is there a barrier to this being implemented? Does it need to be developed at the backend (tvheadend) first?

        • Hugh Oct 05, 2013 
  • dr88dr88 Oct 03, 2013 

    A plan to deliver binary add-ons to enable the possibilities for potential new cool features like:

    Integrated native PVR backends.
    HTML5 layout engine.
    Native Netflix plugin by Netflix.
    Other crazy stuff.

    • da-anda Oct 04, 2013 

      A lot of progress has been made in this area and final steps (hopefully) will be discussed at devcon.

  • Javelin Oct 04, 2013 

    One problem I constantly encounter when setting up for friends/family is subtitles on movies always show by default on a fresh install. Would be great to have a option to remove them completely (deep in expert settings ofcourse) then turn them on with the subtitles button when needed for a specific movie.

    Shirt order ofcourse!


    • Joe D Oct 06, 2013 

      open “audio” menu while playing any video and untick “enable subtitles” then click “set as default”

  • Javelin Oct 04, 2013 

    Oh and some coffee mugs and stickers would be great for 2014.

    Little and bigger stickers to cover every case!

  • deathbringer Oct 04, 2013 

    I’m actually in Munich on sunday October 13th, so maybe I’ll drop by. One thing I’m really missing is choosing the audio- and subtitle-track when pressing play before the movie starts. Having to fiddle around and set those during playback really takes away a huge part of the cinema-like experience.

  • Blaxxor Oct 04, 2013 

    Support for stream/transcoding from the builtin webinterface that works on bot PC’s and handheld devices (iOS/Android)

  • Chris Oct 04, 2013 

    When will I be able to come back to XBMC fully from PLEX. I love XBMC, but Plex just does more as far as cross platform media delivery in a pretty nice way. I wish I could run an XBMC server on my server, and just install the apps on the device I need it on. Then it can hit the server and find all the information it needs for the library. Yes this is exactly what Plex does, but I like the look, feel, and tweakability of XBMC over Plex anyday. Plex just makes it easy for my family to watch what they want, when they want, and on what they want. Yes I do copy the User Folder of XBMC over to any new install then I don’t have to set anything up but say particular things for that PC, but you can’t do that with any device, and it’s not easy to explain to my wife how to do that. So yeah…

  • tacoguy Oct 04, 2013 

    Awesome work guys. Really looking forward to retroplayer dev. I picked up a t-shirt. Enjoy your beers!

  • Bobby Oct 04, 2013 

    First off, thanks for the work you guys are putting in

    If it’s possible, 2 simultaneously running streaming ‘channels’ so I can leave a radio stream muted in the background and being able to switch to it while watching a movie/video stream?

  • Richsmif Oct 05, 2013 

    Xbmc looks fab. Fan of xbmcubuntu as light weight and fast. My two improvements I’d like to see is….
    1. Multiple video library’s not playlists before people jump on me.
    2. Back end server app to take the weight of scanning n artwork away from the clients.
    3. Windows based GUI app to configure xbmc fully and create some kind of config file that can be loaded on a client and fully customise.

    In the 2013 digital home I have many clients… kitchen dining living room and mutlipul bedrooms. I dread a config change or upgrade.

  • JOe K. Oct 05, 2013 

    RETROPLAYER!!! One of the most exciting features XBMC has seen since HD Audio. Cram it into Gotham friends!

  • fyngd Oct 05, 2013 

    In China How to buy?

  • Saviq Oct 06, 2013 

    Teespring says “Shipping address is invalid” for my destination in Poland – tried a few different combinations and it still fails… Can I checkout through PayPal and somehow add the missing $s for S&H?

  • The Cool Dude Oct 06, 2013 

    I love XBMC! Thanks for all the great work!

    How about being able to play Blu-Ray 3D isos and watch a 3D Blu-Ray with hi def audio?

    How about being able to play Blu-Ray discs through XBMC without having to get a 3rd party player such as DVDFab?

    How about XBMC running as it’s own OS so we don’t have to use Windows or Linux?

    Thanks again for everything guys!

    • Jakke Oct 07, 2013 

      @The Cool Dude, search the XBMC forums here at xbmc.org and you find that the problem with Blu-ray Disc 3D format is the lack of H.264 MVC (Multiview Video Coding) decoding support in FFmpeg which XBMC depends on for all software decoders, so unfortunately you will just have to wait until FFmpeg developers add MVC decoder support support upstream.

      As for XBMC running without an operating-system, that is just impossible. XBMC is not an operating-system itself, thus XBMC will never run without an underlying operating-system, but you can however almost completely hide the underlying operating-system such as OpenELEC have done, making XBMC and OpenELEC work as a appliance platform firmware, so just checkout OpenELEC

  • Rafael Eslava Oct 06, 2013 

    Big party for a big and amazing developer team!
    Thanks for your great job!
    Using XBMC lot years ;-)

  • marcus Oct 07, 2013 

    Hey xbmc is worlds best media center,i cant breath with out it.
    it has everything movies shows subtitles,nothing is missed.
    my only wish from your guys is RETROPLAYER build inn XBMC.

  • Pirate Ghost Oct 07, 2013 

    CHROMECAST support from the Android app….PLEEEEEASE…. my life would be nearly complete.

  • Harald Oct 07, 2013 

    Hi team! Found your product a few years back and I just love it! Have 2 raspberry pi’s whit xbmc installed and a third running siriproxy so I don’t need to use a remote! There are two things I miss more then everything else. SSL support (I’m from Sweden) so svtplay is an important plugin which don’t work as it needs SSL. Second is that Apple broke the airplay, not sure if that so possible but to have that back would be great!

    Have a great time at devCon!

    Your biggest fan!

  • Michael Oct 07, 2013 

    Integrated Video Game Emulation, yummy! :-)

  • David Oct 07, 2013 

    Hi from a local.
    I’m also interested to meet you guys, just tell me where!

  • Rushingjs Oct 08, 2013 

    You guys are awesome.

  • Pedro Oct 08, 2013 


    I would like to see lanczos3 implemented on the android version because it really improves upscaled video quality.

    BTW, XBMC is simply AWESOME!! ;)

  • Paul Stenius Oct 10, 2013 

    Great work with the releases this year and really enjoying the new PVR funactioanllity. One thing that I’d like to see on the roadmap this year is shared libraries/extenal db for the media library.

    Right now I am using a python plugin and a seperate db to list all my new media.

  • Steve Oct 10, 2013 

    Discuss PS4 port please!! With PS4 loving Indy Developers reach out to Sony and see if you can get some free Dev Kits. It runs a flavor of Linux!

  • Google Oct 12, 2013 

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    awesome and in fact excellent data in favor of visitors.

  • timefrenzy Oct 12, 2013 

    where is the XBMC DevCon location in Munich? I’d like to come.

  • Cody Oct 15, 2013 

    Ahhhh just my luck….i saw the posting today and went to order a shirt and the last day to order one was yesterday…come on now, no way they can sneak in 1 more order for a xbmc supporter since the days of me soldering xecuter mod chips onto the motherboard of the original xbox? :-D

  • Eric Oct 16, 2013 

    Any solution embed within Gotham to resolve rtmp/rtsp buffering.

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