XBMC Goes Back to its Roots [April Fools]

Posted By: Nathan Betzen on Apr 01, 2013 in April Fools

Sranshaft's Immersive skin is a leading candidate for new default XBMC skin

After extensive contract talks and negotiations, we at XBMC are excited to announce an early agreement to work with Microsoft to replace the now defunct Windows Media Center with XBMC for Modern UI (formerly “Metro”) using a new skin, such as Sranshaft’s Immersive.

This agreement is quite an opportunity for the Team. While we cannot yet go into full details, Microsoft is essentially performing what is called an “acqui-hire.” As the codebase is licensed under the GPL, it’s impossible to put the figurative genie back into the bottle. So instead, rather than acquiring the company that owns the code, they are electing to acquire the people who spend the most time working on the code.

The good news is that this means the entirety of Team XBMC will be working, in the very near future, full time on all that XBMC goodness you’ve grown to love. The even better news is that we will, officially, be porting XBMC to Windows 8, Windows RT, and Windows phones, along with the future Windows Blue. As a very substantial portion of our user base is Windows users, this will be awesome news indeed. Likewise, I think it can be said without fear of doubt that Windows RT has been and will continue to be a resounding success as an embedded platform, and we are excited to join in that success!

The only big downside is that, unfortunately, we must make some tough decisions about where to put our resources. To that end, all current XBMC Team members will, from this point forward, be wrapping up any current work on non-Windows platforms. With the release of XBMC 13, the official version of XBMC will revert to a single, exciting platform.

One major feature of this change will be a big upgrade in how we perform releases. From this point forward, major releases (such as XBMC 13) will continue to be free. Likewise, the codebase remains open source, so users will always be able to build their own. But we’ve determined to incorporate something very much like the Microsoft MSDN program for our monthly alpha build cycles and beta releases. Users will be charged a small monthly recurring fee and will have complete access to all our freshest and most recent builds, along with all older builds!

We are extremely excited about these developments and would love to hear your opinion in the comments below. In retrospect, given Microsoft’s history of city code-names, such as Chicago and Memphis, we think it very fitting that we selected Gotham as the code-name for XBMC 13!

For more news on these exciting developments as they occur, visit www.microsoft.com/en-us/news/.

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  • Niki Apr 01, 2013 

    April fools

  • Pat Seguin Apr 01, 2013 

    This is indeed very exciting and great for you guys! Well deserved! I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

  • Sander Apr 01, 2013 


  • Al Apr 01, 2013 

    April Fool’s? I hope so.

  • Matthew Apr 01, 2013 

    Almost believed it until you said all other platform work will cease seeing as xbmc as an appliance is often its strength. Too mean on windows rt…going to try out the immersive skin now though

  • Al Apr 01, 2013 


  • dan Apr 01, 2013 

    So no more xbmc live?

  • Lastdance Apr 01, 2013 

    yeah. Right!

  • Jack Apr 01, 2013 

    Ah, yeah right. Nice try!

  • john Apr 01, 2013 

    “Likewise, I think it can be said without fear of doubt that Windows RT has been and will continue to be a resounding success as an embedded platform, and we are excited to join in that success!”

    Although sarcasm, having used iOS and Android this is far the better platform!

  • Sherief Apr 01, 2013 

    Sure hope this is April Fools! but would not surprise me givens MS business practices. Just when something appears promising MS comes along and turns it to crap!

  • Peter Apr 01, 2013 

    Good one :) Don’t forget to click the link to microsoft’s news page!

  • Sherief Apr 01, 2013 

    Got me!

  • Kymus Apr 01, 2013 

    Dear XBMC team,

    Don’t play with my feelings like that! My HTPC is strictly Linux-only. Damn you!!!!!! *shakes angry fist*

  • Matthew Apr 01, 2013 

    And honestly windows 8/rt doesn’t need xbmc with plex having designed such a wonderful client :)

  • paavor Apr 01, 2013 

    Cool!!! Now we can stop worrying about DRM and such since this PlaysForSure!!!11

  • Suhaib Apr 01, 2013 

    Wow, I almost believed you guys. But after reading the comments….

  • Scott Apr 01, 2013 

    If this were true, you guys would be rollin in dough (since XBMC is better than anything they put out). I’d be happy for you; you guys MADE IT!
    If this were true, I’d be sad because your great support would be sucked in the Microsoft world.

    but since this is April fools day. LOL. it can’t be true.

  • Mac Apr 01, 2013 

    Blood pressure peaked around the 3rd paragraph, then realized it was April 1st. Thank God.

  • Linefinc Apr 01, 2013 

    I don’t believe, I hope that a so important project disappear.

  • April Fool Apr 01, 2013 

    April Fool

  • LennY Apr 01, 2013 

    hahahaha lmfao :P

  • mad-max Apr 01, 2013 

    Really nice idea for aprils fools Day…

  • Will Apr 01, 2013 

    LOL. Didn’t catch on until the 4th paragraph… come to think of it, sounds like the Bungie acquisition where MS decided to make Halo an XBOX exclusive! But then again, without Halo, the XBOX probably wouldn’t had the success it had and maybe XBMC wouldn’t exist as we know it..?

  • Per Qvindesland Apr 01, 2013 

    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA the best one so far this year :) actually I did not know about the immersive skin so thanks for the heads up :)

  • Francis Apr 01, 2013 

    Good Joke

  • Elisiano Apr 01, 2013 

    I really hope this is an April’s fool, otherwise it’s the beginning of the end…

  • NeonLightning Apr 01, 2013 

    man scared the hell outta me till i remembered what day it is. good job xbmc first program team that i’ve fallen for the april fools thing.

  • j1nx Apr 01, 2013 

    A bit to much / over the top, otherwise ……

  • Pharmeceutikle Apr 01, 2013 

    Jesus H. Christ! I was thinking here we go again. M$ is gonna screw everything up you sellout bastards!!! Then I followed that link and I thought -Oh, It’s April 1st! We got duped!!!!

  • sILLY Apr 01, 2013 

    For a split second, I had images of XBMC on my Xbox360 swimming through my head. That vanished the second “charging a small fee for recent alpha and beta builds” was mentioned, how unlike XBMC. Very funny April Fools!!

  • Michael Bailey Apr 01, 2013 

    I can’t believe I fell for this. I was so upset reading this article in my newsfeed, and I clicked to open the page to complain… So glad I did. I feel much relieved knowing this is an April Fool’s joke.

  • Zangai Apr 01, 2013 

    Its a nice joke, but why all the hate on Microsoft?

  • Alex Apr 01, 2013 

    Holy crap i almost got an heart attack there, damn you april !

  • Linus Apr 01, 2013 

    Phew! After reading the introduction you got me…but….well…could it really be…well… When reading the sentecne “the downside is that we’ll not support other than MS OS” I realised what day is is today. And I was just bragging to a friend that I hadn’t been fooled all day. Cheers & keep up the good work!

  • Vampirebat Apr 01, 2013 

    All joking aside if team xbmc did team u with microsoft you would have to add a few bugs and security holes so you dont make their other devs look bad.

  • Victor Apr 01, 2013 

    HAAAA haaa haaa

    April fools :)

  • hasselhof Apr 01, 2013 

    Nearly got me again like last year :)

  • David U Apr 01, 2013 

    You got me! I nearly died when you said,”all work on other platforms will cease”.

  • Luis Leon Apr 01, 2013 

    Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. ;-) )

  • aliu Apr 01, 2013 

    Would be great if it’s for reals. DRM would come to Windows XBMC and we would be able to use the Silicone Dust Homerun Prime or Ceton cablecard tuner with XBMC.

  • Kewin Apr 01, 2013 

    God damnit.. I should learn to look at the date before getting all puffy and red in the face :(

    Nice one folks.. You had me for sure :)

  • JP Apr 01, 2013 

    Aw, man. I have to admit That not only did I fall for it, but I was pissed. Nice job, guys

  • Pat A Apr 01, 2013 

    The title had me super excited I though Microsoft had finally allowed you to support XBMC on the original XBOX.

    Then when I started reading the article it became clear this was April Fools.

  • Gary13579 Apr 01, 2013 

    Don’t even joke about this. You almost spawned another open source vigilante serial killer.

  • Alex Apr 01, 2013 

    April fools!!!! RIght????? PLEASEEEEE!?!?!?!

  • Justin Apr 01, 2013 

    This better be an April Fools joke! If not, I’m done with XBMC.

  • Tim B. R Apr 01, 2013 

    LOL klick the Blue in Windows Blue :D Awsome

  • kibje Apr 01, 2013 

    Last years April fools was better. This one didn’t even make me flinch :)

  • Stefan Apr 01, 2013 

    Don’t make such jokes. I was on the way to cancel my ordered Ouya console until i did see the Date ;) hehe very funny

  • Humpatz Apr 01, 2013 

    April Fool’s jokes are so boring…

  • Pat Seguin Apr 01, 2013 

    Wel, if it’s a joke you got me! lol

  • o51r15 Apr 01, 2013 

    I was with you all the way up till you said RT was successful embedded software….noooo body believes that.

  • mike Apr 01, 2013 

    yeh well xbmc is crap anyway


  • Sgonzalezlopez Apr 01, 2013 

    What a shock!!! In Spain April fools is not on April but in December, so I could not imagine that this could be a joke. It nearly gives me a heart attack!

  • Gaudi Apr 01, 2013 

    For a moment I felt depressed.
    Luckily I can breath again.

  • RichardH Apr 01, 2013 

    I started to cry, then clicked the link for more info. After staring at the cartoons for a moment in confusion, I remembered it was April 1st. Scared the cr*p out of me, you did. Funny. Sort of.

  • Gabriele Rossetti Apr 01, 2013 

    cit. “The only big downside is that, unfortunately…” <— here I started to realize that was a joke! Nice post guys!

  • Carlos Andres Apr 01, 2013 

    You can not just forget other platforms, so yes this is a joke! PLEASE BE A JOKE! :ยด(

  • Lumi Apr 01, 2013 

    Absolutely love the Windows Blue UI. lol Thanks for the laugh guys :D

  • Lonet Apr 01, 2013 

    aprils fool anyone ?

  • AJ Apr 01, 2013 

    Nice one.

  • pg2267 Apr 01, 2013 

    If this is a joke not cool man, not cool.

  • fogbank Apr 01, 2013 

    You have been assimilated.

  • Zappo Apr 01, 2013 

    Ok, you got me, too :)

  • waldo22 Apr 01, 2013 

    Luis Leon :
    Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. ;-) )

    No, it’s “Fool me once, shame on you… fool me, can’t get fooled again…”

  • Reed Apr 01, 2013 

    I almost had an aneurysm reading that. Totally forgot about April fools.

  • Anonymous Apr 01, 2013 

    Forgot the date, was in a crappy mood anyway and with each word of this my blood pressure went up a notch. Visions of being forced back to MePo, my AppleTV’s being useless, my wife bitching MORE than she does now…ugh.

    I’m pretty sure they got me with this last year too…Anyway, I’m laughing now and it was a great reminder to donate!

  • Anonymous Apr 01, 2013 

    You think your funny, but your not! Lol

  • John Apr 01, 2013 

    Dammit… totally got me… And so late in the the day too.. i should have known

  • Eric Apr 01, 2013 

    You got me there, you just made me hate Microsoft even more, that’s the type of move they would pull…. good one

  • Jeff Apr 01, 2013 

    The funny thing is that this wouldn’t necessarily have been bad news. We would have seen a rock-solid Windows XBMC that’s still open source, so new versions would quickly find themselves ported to other platforms. Plus, if this were to actually happen, XBMC for the 360 would only be a matter of time.

  • rand Apr 02, 2013 

    ouch, you got me, raspbmc fooled me earlier today http://www.raspbmc.com/2013/04/crack-for-mpeg2-vc1-dts-hardware-decoding/

  • Giftie Apr 02, 2013 
  • Alberto Apr 02, 2013 

    Last years Aprils 1st was better :P (Get creative Nate lol)

  • natethomas Apr 02, 2013 

    Alberto :

    Last years Aprils 1st was better :P (Get creative Nate lol)

    For the record, we didn’t actually have an April Fools joke last year. I’m guessing you are thinking of two years ago.

  • Anonymous Apr 02, 2013 

    If you mean that, why the f… are you reading this?

  • Lars Apr 02, 2013 

    OMG you got me… I got really scared for a minutte :D

  • Laye Apr 02, 2013 

    I almost had heart attack… You got me…

  • BeNDK Apr 02, 2013 

    @mike what do you prefer then ??

  • JD Apr 02, 2013 

    I know it was an April joke, however you brilliant guys definitely need to get paid for your great work! And if I would be a manager @MS, I would hire you’ll! Cold became the killer – App for all MS platforms including RT and XBox successors and would boost sales for that stuff…

    Anyway, well done!

  • Ruffride Apr 02, 2013 

    You bastards!!! LOL

  • Henk Apr 02, 2013 

    Too bad, I thought it was pretty fit together it is just as buggy. A Mac user looking for a bug free media app!

  • xbmc fan Apr 02, 2013 


  • xbmc fan Apr 02, 2013 

    yes! two years ago without announce the april fool’s day in the subject was a great success!

  • Nekro Apr 02, 2013 


    windows blue (8) is a joke.

  • DJVege Apr 02, 2013 

    I can’t lie… I was fooled while reading the first half…

  • Worried Apr 02, 2013 

    You got me good. I was looking into alternatives. I like the idea of integration with Windows, but not 8 or 9.

    I’m very glad this is a joke.

  • Peter Apr 02, 2013 

    April Fool’s jokes are lame

  • Mochi Fung Apr 06, 2013 

    This is what I get for reading posts days later after April 1. Thank god M$ didn’t buy you guys out.

  • Rune Apr 06, 2013 

    Got me – the only april joke i fell for

  • Lars Apr 08, 2013 

    Man, you got me! Don’t do ever that again, my heart! I’m over 40 and can’t take much of those shocks any longer!!! Great fool… :-)

  • YoYoTek Apr 08, 2013 

    Worst joke ever!

  • suko Apr 09, 2013 

    Fu**ng bitches!! Almost suffer a heart attack!!

  • Niklas Apr 10, 2013 

    Just read it (9 days later) and got total furious. You got me. Thx guys

  • Joseph Dadey Apr 14, 2013 

    Ha ha ha… I read this on the 1st and totally bought it. I was sad about it until I read just now that it was an April fools joke. Damn I’m gullible!! I think I just need to not go online on April 1st.

  • zag Jun 24, 2013 

    Please no!!!!

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