XBMC now available on iOS 6.1 for Apple TV

Posted By: Nathan Betzen on Feb 22, 2013 in Dev Journal

appletv_2ndgenAs many of you likely have been aware, neither XBMC nor any other non-Apple media center has been available for the updated Apple TV 2 Software 5.2 (iOS 6.1).

Now, we are pleased to announce that XBMC finally supports this update, thanks to the incredible work of XBMC dev Memphiz.

To get your updates on, head over to our wiki and follow the instructions for Apple TV version 5.0 and up.

Discussion - 19 Comments

  • Apostol Apostolov Feb 22, 2013 

    How many codecs and up to what quality does aTV support with flawless playback?

  • Atomsk Feb 22, 2013 

    Awesome work as always!

  • schmoe Feb 22, 2013 

    mine is still on iOS 4 w/xbmc, is it worth the trouble to update to 6.1?

  • DC Blaze Feb 22, 2013 

    Works like a charm. Great Work!!

  • c3po Feb 22, 2013 

    fantastic work thank you!!!

  • NineT9 Feb 22, 2013 

    Yay another Apple device made worth something to me finally because of XBMC! Thanks team!

  • Matt Feb 23, 2013 

    Does this mean all IOS devices is supported on 6.1 or just the ATV? Will HW decoding work on an IPad 2 or should I stick with 5.x to be sure XBMC works?

  • Trickdawg Feb 23, 2013 

    Thanks guys….i used the nitro installer….everything is good…!…Thanks

  • JD Feb 23, 2013 

    Will be any support soon for google tv? Cant wait to see that…

  • Parker Feb 24, 2013 

    :D Thanks a lot for all the work. Only thing I have seen that doesn’t work is spacebar with a bluetooth keyboard using Apple’s native feature.

  • Chris Feb 24, 2013 

    Fast forwarding and rewinding don’t seem to work since I did the upgrade.

  • Steve Feb 24, 2013 

    Thanks, but what about airplay? It seems its now working and this was the main reason for me to upgrade.

  • fudgadeliq Mar 01, 2013 

    Is it a full installment of XBMC and will it be powerful enough to play mkvs in 720p or 1080p? If so…WOW!

  • Goodie Mar 02, 2013 

    Excellent! XBMC is the only reason why I bought ATV in the first place!

  • MEGAMANROJO Mar 03, 2013 

    aww no, another issue, this time with the audio, i cant listen for movies that are more than 1gb or is HD, however i can listen for 700mbs movies. someone knows why?

  • Anonymous Mar 05, 2013 

    I think I’m sticking with my Eden linusyang-build for the time being. Works flawlessly in every respect on the ATV2. How can Frodo be any better? Is it performance? Are menus snappier and lists populate quicker? I honestly want to know…

  • Dura Mar 05, 2013 

    i tried ios 6.1 on apple tv 2, xbmc work well. put xbmc aside device loses other feature and gains some. In this ios you can move icons on home screen but i tried turning off apple tv2 with 3rd party remote i.e my tv remote panasonic, apple tv 2 wouldnt turn off i had to use the orignal apple tv remote to turn off. I’m glad ive rolled back all the hassle for nothing.

  • Anonymous Mar 06, 2013 

    no audio in xbmc . how to fix it ?

  • Bao84 Mar 06, 2013 

    aww pas, une autre question, cette fois avec le son, je ne peux pas écouter les films qui sont plus de 1 Go ou HD, mais je peux écouter 700mbs films. quelqu’un sait pourquoi?

    me too

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