XBMC shirts and hoodies sale, now with new colors, but less than a week left

Posted By: Nathan Betzen on Mar 12, 2014 in Community Updates

This is just a quick reminder for those of you not on the social networks that the XBMC Beta shirt and hoodie sale has less than a week to go, and after that we won’t be selling this particular design again, possibly forever.

Also, since the beta 1 announcement, we’ve added a few more shirt colors (royal blue, purple, pure black) after numerous requests. So you might check the list again if you didn’t like the first available options.

If you’ve already bought your swag, or if you are only here fore the free software, feel free to disregard this post.

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  • Just some guy... Mar 13, 2014 

    Does the hoodie come with Skittles and Iced Tea?

  • Rajoor Mar 13, 2014 

    I bought and loved your Dev Con tee, but where I live, the shipping costs equal or more than the tee itself… I prefer to donate rather…Thanks for keeping XBMC free…One nice way to give back to the society…

  • Hedda Mar 13, 2014 

    Would love to get some snarkish XBMC t-shirts that reads something like

    “My media center is so much cooler than yours”

    “My media center is better than yours, ask me why”

    “I laugh at your old school set-to box and media players”

    or similar cocky yet geeky that will make people ask you about XBMC, kind of like a conversation starter

    Will still order a hoddy with this simple print now in any case for now though

    • PatK Mar 14, 2014 

      Cord cutters prefer XBMC

  • Yonux Mar 13, 2014 

    Already purchased mine.

    “All your base are belong to XBMC”

  • James Mar 14, 2014 

    What payment methods do you guys take?

  • daryl - quotaholic Mar 14, 2014 

    Thank you so much! Even my girlfriend will be rocking with XBMC style now. Just ordered 2 tees and 1 hoodie. This is a great way to show to our favorite media center. Cheers!

  • Garreth Murdock Mar 16, 2014 

    Just wanted to ask do you deliver to the UK (Northern Ireland) love the hoodie!!
    XBMC for life!

  • AgustinSantiagoAKA Nuttypro69 Mar 19, 2014 

    I but a Hoddie and tee-shirt back on March 4 I use paypal but never got a tracking #

  • Thomas Christensen Mar 19, 2014 

    16 hours too late!!! :-(

  • Greg Martin Mar 22, 2014 

    I missed out as well.. are there any “extras” or will this be done again soon?

  • Greg Mar 24, 2014 

    You guys should totally keep selling the T-Shirts! It’s been a while since I checked out the XBMC web site, and when I saw the T-Shirt just now, I immediately tried to buy one. Only to find the “campaign is over”. Why stop selling them? You could be bringing in more money for the project right now! I would buy one, and I know several other XBMC users who were not aware of this offer who would have bought one…

  • nicole Mar 26, 2014 

    Any reason why this had to be discontinued?? I just found out about it today. If it had still been going, I would have bought a t-shirt or hoodie, maybe both. Major disappointment. I realize it has to end sometime due to budgeting and other concerns, but it seems like there’s still quite a bit of interest out there. Can you bring it back for a while?

  • Hylton May 15, 2014 

    any hoodies left please?

  • Hylton May 15, 2014 

    any t-shirts / hoodies left please?

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