XBMC will have a booth at LinuxTag 2009 in Berlin

Posted By: Team XBMC on May 04, 2009 in Site News

Team-XBMC is proud to announce that we have gained a sponsored booth at LinuxTag 2009 in Berlin.  This is a great opportunity for the XBMC project to spread the word about XBMC Media Center throughout the open source community as a whole, and a great opportunity for our users in and around Germany to meet up with developers.

We have some work to do to prepare for LinuxTag – we need to design up some posters to decorate the booth, produce some leaflets or cards to give out to attendees and organize some equipment so as to showcase XBMC in the best way that we can.

If you think you can help out with LinuxTag preparations, whether it may be helping with ideas as to what we can do in and around our booth, helping with designs for posters, cards or leaflets, or to assist with equipment or volunteer in manning the booth, then please let us know in the forums.

LinuxTag 2009 takes place from June 24-27 at the Fairground in Berlin, Germany. See www.linuxtag.org for more information.

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