Xperience Beta1 Released

Posted By: Team XBMC on Dec 28, 2009 in Site News

It’s been a busy week for skins: first Transparency!, then Xperience. As promised in their teaser video a few weeks back, team Blackbolt has unveiled Beta1 of their NXE-inspired skin. Of course, it requires the fancy new Camelot version of XBMC. You can grab the skin here, and head to the release thread for discussion.

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  • moshelog Dec 28, 2009 

    i cant get the movies libary to work , do we to scan the movies first ?
    cant we just see the all movies without scan ? i tried to add source(my movies folder) and then in set contact i choosed movies and choosed “do not scan this path folder”
    not working for me ….

    someone help :D
    anyway it look amazying !

  • kevin Dec 28, 2009 

    what is the native resolution of this skin, ot what resolution is skin intended for?

  • Broads Dec 28, 2009 

    Great release Guys.

    Moshlog, as with all xbmc skins in order to see anything in library view you need to enable your library.
    This means adding a new source, or if already added. Setting the content, and then YES! scanning the folder / sub folders. (IMDB) is a good scraper for movies. Do not scan this path folder is used to ensure that unsuitable! ;) content is not showed in your library.. So go ahead a scan your folders.. It takes a bit of setting up but once enabled its great…!

  • moshelog Dec 28, 2009 

    i have abad exprimante with those scaning , and its alot of work for me to rescan each time i need to add few more movies , i have about 500 movies
    and after scan about 5% of the movies have probs (like wrong name or not shown)
    thats why i put all the pictures inside the folders (named folder.jpg) .
    so what im asking now is in this new skin can it show the movie dirs without scan like i can in transparency? or there is only library mode ?

    thx for ur fast reply broads

  • MceBG Dec 28, 2009 

    I cant use the skin. The XBMC say “Incompatible skin. We require skins of version 2.10 or higher”

    XBMC 9.11 Camelot (24th dec)
    Win 7

  • MceBG Dec 28, 2009 

    MceBG :
    I cant use the skin. The XBMC say “Incompatible skin. We require skins of version 2.10 or higher”
    XBMC 9.11 Camelot (24th dec)
    Win 7

    Sorry. No problem now. XP
    Beautifull skin !!!!

  • ronie Dec 28, 2009 

    Settings > Customization > Home Panels > Enable Panels > Enable Video Files Panel

  • moshelog Dec 28, 2009 

    how to change to poster view ?

  • Chago Dec 28, 2009 

    Is this hosted anywhere else? Rapidshare isn’t letting me download because I’m not a premium member. Keeps complaining of to many users currently downloading.

  • moshelog Dec 28, 2009 

    xbmc stop working when u start amovie on win7 and on mac os
    checked it on other skin all work well

  • moshelog Dec 28, 2009 

    after start movie try to move the mouse it will fucked up

  • Jens Christian Rodi Hansen Dec 28, 2009 

    moshelog :
    after start movie try to move the mouse it will fucked up

    I’ve had the same problem – disabled the mouse (didn’t use it anyway) and now it works fine. Guess there’s some issue with the mouse that needs sorting out. Otherwise this Xperience just looks and feels great.

  • TFH Dec 29, 2009 

    Can’t download it: I’d need to take a premium account at rapidshare…. Anyone has another downloadlink?

  • inso999 Dec 30, 2009 

    How about playback on older?

    I’m sure many have an old AGP system lying around that would make an exellent HTPC, if it weren’t for the lack of 1080 acceleration. Will there be any relief for us as well?

    Maybe a PCI or AGP card?

  • Jakcson Dec 30, 2009 

    The FIRST post in the Release Thread has mirrors for the download!!



  • moshelog Dec 30, 2009 

    hebrew font not supported , how can i add hebrew font to this skin ?

  • _DiGiTaL_ Dec 31, 2009 

    Everything appears great just like the video my only issue is my sources of media arent showing up sometimes im using the 9.11 RC1 on Win7 x64 Ultimate ill poke around see if anyone is having the same or similar issue :)

  • Jason Dec 31, 2009 

    Excellent release guys, there are so many options to choose from. I am very please to see the different views in the tv shows and movies screen. Sometimes in other skin there just isn’t enuff but that may be down to me. Again, great work guys

  • Greg Dec 31, 2009 

    Same here

  • drewdatrip Dec 31, 2009 

    may i ask what u did to fix this?

  • Wnuck Jan 02, 2010 

    Why do these skin-news not appear in Gallery->Skin News?

  • Nessus Jan 04, 2010 

    This is very good looking skin with an EXCELLENT home screen, but…. no offense and don’t get me wrong….. i think the exciting things stop in the home screen…!!! After so many months of development my expectations were for something with more imagination and fantasy than a ordinary skin with ordinary features.

    I don’t know…. may be i am wrong…..may be is matter of taste……. i’ve just waiting something….. BIGGER…..”The Lord Of The…Skins…!!!”

    Anyway i have to say a BIG THANKS to the skinning team for they work which is FOR FREE…!!! and to the work from all skinners & dev’s in this community, for this excellent piece of jewel called…. XBMC.

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