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Posted By: Team XBMC on Dec 13, 2009 in Site News

XBMCG33K from Team Blackbolt posted this teaser for the upcoming Xperience skin today. He also revealed at the end of the video (spoiler alert!) that they plan on releasing a public beta on Christmas weekend. Thanks to team Blackbolt for the hard work. Check out the video and see the forum thread for discussion


Note: Music contains strong language

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  • seeker83 Dec 13, 2009 

    wwo, it’s looking really neat! :) I’m definitely gonna check this out when it’s released. Thanks for all your hard work Team Blackbolt, this skin oozes quality!

  • Tompalaz Dec 13, 2009 

    I’ve followed the progress of this skin since….forever!
    Sweet with a public beta, thats the best christmas gift for sure!

  • mark Dec 13, 2009 

    that looks, familiar, to say the least.. will be worth a shot.

  • Simon Skov Boisen Dec 14, 2009 

    It is the NXMCE – the new xbox media center experience!

  • Brice Dec 14, 2009 

    dude! awesome!

    Well just like many other awesome skins, we’re just getting acustomed to awesomeness with XBMC and stuff. Of course thanks to all people working on it, on any layer, on any project.

    Well you ALL just rock!

  • Yellowman Dec 14, 2009 

    Not my cup of tea, but still nice. Keep up the good work!

  • jurrabi Dec 14, 2009 

    Nice try. But I think (judging by what can be seen in the video) they are mising the shot…

    Blackbolt is creating a great skin (as always) but I think the menu structure is wrongly choosen. I mean, they just created a plain list with all the options in the XBMC menu…

    wouldn’t it be more cool if you had a row for each type of content… I mean, instead of:

    Row 1 (and only): Movies, TV Series, Pictures… etc etc…


    Row 1: Videos, Pictures, TV Series, + latests added films and tv episodes (like X360 does)
    Row 2: Pictures (and maybe latests picture folders??)
    Row 3: Music + lastest cds…
    Row 4: Weather, programs…
    Row 5: Configuration…

    Of course all of this is just an opinion, and open for discussion… But I think one great thing that can be done with this skin is jumping from the linear menu to the 2d menu making it more easy to get everywhere…

    Just an idea, anyway Blackbolt thanks again for the great work. I’ll give it a try for sure.


    PS. Please, please, please… make the subtitles button on osd standard!!

  • XBMCG33K Dec 14, 2009 

    Thank you all for such nice comments! But it is to post #7 I reply.

    The layout you are describing is very similar to that of the actual NXE, at one time it was attempted, we didn’t like how it handled and decided if anyone wanted that they could buy a 360 lol. (no rudeness intended)

    The open-subs OSD script has been skinned for xperience and will work right out of the box for everyone Christmas Weekend.

  • Fireball.pt Dec 15, 2009 

    Nice! First looks looking good, amazing scroll bar ;) , still… just short on what surface looked in the video, but it’s a matter of taste (my taste).

    Great job!

  • Scott Zsori Dec 18, 2009 

    Regarding #7, I disagree. I like my menu clean and simple, for the WAF. Love what Team Blackbolt has done with this. Between Confluence, Alaska, and now this, we’ve been pretty spoiled this fall. :D

  • jurrabi Dec 19, 2009 

    here 7 again. ;)
    I hope my comment didn’t sound hard. I admire & apreciated your work… If you tried it, you will know better than me if it works or not.
    I just thought that the idea of making the menu vertical, and leaving the space to the right for more special options like the last added stuf might work. But you are probably right, apart from movies and tv series, the rest might look empty or forced…
    I still think that, if the vertical component existed this will be the best skin for self-modification…
    I can see the games row,with the last played or added to the right… dreammy.

    Anyway, as always, thanks for existing.


  • jurrabi Dec 19, 2009 

    I forgot. Subs osd…. great!!

  • Mark Dec 23, 2009 

    May I just say that this is looking excellent and is currently the skin that I am waiting for. I am a new user to XBMC but have heard about it years ago, but always thought that it was just for modded xboxs.

    I hope that this skin is as good as it looks, I always did like the new 360 desktop, and wished that someone done something like this skin, and thankfully someone has.

    It is a simple design, but a beautiful one as well, rather than dark, or blue and overly basic.

    One idea I would like to plant, would be a skin which is touchscreen compatible, if XBMC is, that looks like a pub jukebox, either video or music jukebox.

    Similar style to this http://www.jukebox45s.co.uk/top%20of%20the%20pops%20digital%20jukebox.jpg but as you are from the UK, I’m sure that you have seen this kind of jukebox in your local.

    Keep up the good work guys, and Merry Christmas to yourselves and your families, and shall look forward to downloading the skin.

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