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Ripping DVDs in XBMC

A very sought after feature for many in a media center application is the ability to banish these terrible optical disks, which every so often get scratches or never returned after lending them to friends, to your hard drive. While XBMC has been capable of ripping Audio CDs for a long time this wasn’t possible for DVDs.

In order to keep XBMC’s core lean and not clutter it with, what some might consider, unnecessary bloat, XBMC is capable to run python scripts – which gives users the ability to easily install and write addons themselves for xbmc (a bit like the Firefox addons which you might be familiar with).

One of our forum members, linuxluemmel, made use of this feature and added DVD Ripping functionality to XBMC. While development is still under way, at least the Linux version has reached the point of usability.

If you are interested in this development I’d encourage you to provide feedback and bug reports in our forum in order to help linuxluemmel make this plugin fully functional and add all ‘bells and whistles’ on Linux, Windows and OSX.


Note: Please make sure making personal backups of copyrighted DVD’s is legal in your jurisdiction before using this add-on.