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Teaser: Surface skin

First things first, Surface (A skin developed by phyek and Minimalko) is not finished and has possibly been shelved indefinitely, but I can’t resist posting this video. Some of our forum users have undoubtedly seen it already, so this is for those who might have missed it. Here’s some info from phyek:

Originally I was approached to help design Xperience, a skin that was inspired by the Xbox (NXE) interface. After designing Xperience, Minimalko and I decided to pursue our own version named “Surface.” We wanted to pay close attention to the little details which we feel are important and make the difference. Unfortunately, we received mostly negative reactions when we posted the new project in the forum. So we put Surface on hold and decided to work on my other concept instead. However, since we did a lot of cool stuff (like faking various effects such as blur which I’ve never seen in any xbmc skin), I wanted to show a quick video of Surface in action before moving on. That’s pretty much where we are right now.

Without further ado, check out this very impressive teaser video