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Top Secret XBMC Developments

If you are curious about what sexy new features XBMC developers are (not sooo secretly) working on, you might find the following links to our forum enlightening:

Please note that most of these threads are development discussions and should therefore be kept at a technical level!

Some of these (sub)projects have their own branch on the XBMC subversion repository (check out trac) while being in development.

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that there is a new XBMC forum dedicated to ‘supplemental tools‘ i.e. tools developed by our users which interact in some shape or form with XBMC.
Note: Team XBMC does not officially support (and in some cases endorse)  these tools!

If you can contribute in any way to these or developments or other parts of the XBMC code base, I’d encourage you to do so. What’s more rewarding than improving the life of thousands of Media addicts?