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Xbox Media Center feature-freeze and bug-bash

ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. we are happy to announce that we have once again put the official xbmc cvs into a feature freeze and thus our third official public bug-bash has begun. this is the first step in the process of getting ready for another ‘stable’ point release of xbmc. the cvs feature freeze means that in order to minimize new bugs, no major features will be introduced into the cvs until after the source code for the point release has been finalised. this feature freeze will also give skinners and translators a chance to catch up as xbmc’s skin-structure has also been locked down. skinners and users alike should note that skins made for earlier versions than 2.0.0 will no longer be supported, and that out-of-date translations will not be released with the 2.0.0 point release. we should all do our best to find and fix most bugs before the release date for 2.0.0 can be set. this means that we now need your help more than ever with finding new bugs and reporting those bugs in a proper and detailed manner. we of course also extend a welcome to other developers; please help us solve these bugs and submit fixes for them. only with your help can we get an xbmc 2.0.0 point release ready in a timely fashion, but please understand that all the members of team-xbmc are non-paid volunteers, so we cannot set a definitive deadline at this stage. we will however do our best to have the first release candidate ready within a reasonable timeframe.

ps! also new since the last point release is the xbmc online-manual. what makes the manual special is the “wiki” format which means that anyone of you can help update it at any time! we appreciate all help with updating the manual to cover everything xbmc 2.0.0 has to offer.

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