DevCon 2010

DevCon 2010

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October 29, 20102 min read

It has been quite a while since the XBMC team has gotten together as a group to discuss the project in person. The time and effort it takes to assemble a group of people from around the world is truly staggering. We are proud to announce that this year’s conference is being sponsored by at-visions. Andreas Krause, along with some of the others at at-visions, has invited us to join them in Vienna for a weekend of conferences, hacking sessions, and a few beers while we’re there. Around 20 team members will be in attendance during the long weekend of November 12-14. We have invited a few of our partners and sponsors along for the conferences on Saturday, and we would like to ask any local users to join us for a beer or two on Sunday. Watch for a follow-up post with more info on the meet-and-greet soon. If anyone with any corporate interest in XBMC wishes to attend on Saturday, please contact us for more details.

at-visions is an international provider of sophisticated in-room entertainment systems for the hotel industry.

When we started to develop our ONEvision system we weren’t satisfied with the abilities of common set-top boxes regarding the design of the User Interface. The UI provided by other Hotel TV suppliers we found on the market weren’t really examples of great design, partly also due to the restrictions of the set-top boxes.
Our vision was quite different: we wanted any easy to use, highly customizable, proven and most of all beautiful and sexy User Interface. To put it in other words, we wanted XBMC. So we developed a complete solution: Hardware specially designed for the use in Hotel environments and able to run not only XBMC but a fully functional internet browser, a CMS providing all the functionality Hotels need to create their own content in order to drive additional revenue combined with the XBMC UI as a truly engaging starting point for guests to explore the opportunities offered by the marriage of processing power, HDTV and Internet.

We really enjoy working together with the XBMC community and we are happy to show our commitment to the XBMC project via sponsoring this year’s Developer’s Conference.

We Look forward to welcoming you in Vienna!