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Kodi support

For regular user support, please use our community support forum. Our forum is a very active community driven forum where many fellow users and developers try to answer your questions or help solve problems you may have regarding the usage of Kodi. The forum is divided into several sections each dedicated to certain aspects regarding the usage of Kodi.

Be sure to read our forum rules and guidelines so we can be of best assistance.

Kodi Community Forum

Corporate enquiries

Kodi is free and open-source software, meaning that it is generally acceptable for any company to use and distribute it as long as our license is respected — we do not charge any licensing fees. However, in order to foster a healthy relationship with the Kodi Team, we ask that interested parties open a line of communication with us first. This is only a courtesy of course, but we appreciate knowing where our project is used. We may even be able to help you with your plan!

For examples of what our software can do please visit our about page. Continue reading our corporate enquiries page for more information.

Corporate Enquiries