The Kodi Team

Who we are?

The Kodi team is an ever-changing group of volunteers from across the globe that firmly believes in open-source software. Put simply, we write the software because we enjoy doing it – the incredible home-theater experience that results doesn’t hurt though!

2018 Devcon

Kodi team at 2018 Devcon

2017 Devcon

Kodi team at 2017 Devcon in Czech Republic

2017 Devcon

Kodi team at 2017 Devcon in Portugal

2016 Devcon

Kodi team at 2016 Devcon

2015 Devcon

Kodi team at 2015 Devcon

Top: alwinus, jjd-uk, keith, razze, ksooo, zag Middle: ruuk, koying, montellese, mkortstiege, , phil65, martijn Bottom: natethomas, paxxi, garbear, anssi, wisler, negge, hitcher, bignoid, da-anda, kib

2014 Devcon

Kodi team at 2014 Devcon

2013 Devcon

Kodi team at 2013 Devcon

2012 Devcon

Kodi team at 2012 Devcon

2010 Devcon

Kodi team at 2010 Devcon

2009 Devcon

Kodi team at 2009 Devcon

2008 Devcon

Kodi team at 2008 Devcon

Join the team

As you may or may not know, Kodi is maintained completely by volunteers and we need and value any contributions to the project. If you can code, we are always on the lookout for new team members to assist with development. Even if you don't code, you can help others in the forum, assist with quality assurance testing, or contibute to language translations. If you are pressed for time but still want to give back, then you can donate or purchase some great Kodi merchandise. Visit our contribute page for all the other ways you can help.