Kodi General Terms of Service

Scope of Validity, Definition of Terms

These General Terms and Conditions apply to the use of the Kodi.tv website and all affiliated websites provided and maintained by the Kodi Foundation (hereafter called the "Foundation") and supported by the volunteers behind Kodi (hereafter called "Team Kodi"). This includes subsidiary sections such as the Kodi Forum (hereafter called the "Forum") and the Kodi Wiki (hereafter called the "Wiki").

By registering on any of the Foundation websites, the user (hereafter called "User") enters into an agreement with the Foundation and declares that he/she/they accepts the terms set out below. The agreement is applicable for an indefinite period of time.

Using Kodi, the Foundation websites or any other service provided by the Foundation is only possible in conjunction with these Terms and Conditions. Users accordingly accept that these Terms and Conditions form the basis for the use of those services.

In relation to the Forum, these Terms of Service apply as part of the wider forum rules.

Facilities Provided

The main Foundation website hosts the main download source of Kodi.

It also provides access to the latest news and blog posts from the Foundation, plus access to the Forum and the Wiki.

The Forum is provided for use by the community of Kodi users (hereafter called the "Community")and is intended for discussion of Kodi and as the primary source of help and support.

The Wiki is the main source of information for Kodi, and is maintained both by Team Kodi and also by the Community.

Registration and General Obligations

No registration is required to use the main Kodi website, or to download Kodi.

Both the Forum and the Wiki can be browsed without requiring the registration of an account.

Any User wishing to post or otherwise contribute to either must register an account. Such registration is free of charge, and the two services are to be treated as separate entities with their own individual account registration requirements.

These Terms of Service apply for all Users who have registered for the Forum and/or the Wiki. Registration will be deemed valid if a User has conducted the registration process properly and has provided accurate particulars in full before clicking on "Register".

No General Terms and Conditions on the part of the User or any other Conditions that deviate from or contradict these Terms shall be applicable.

Users may not provide any registration data (for example, but not limited to, member’s name, profile image, profile signature or associated hyperlinks) that is vulgar or offensive to others, nor are they permitted to impersonate other individuals or create a false identity (through the use of a celebrity or company name).

When registering, Users are obliged to complete all the fields on the registration form truthfully and correctly. Registration is only possible when all the compulsory fields have been filled in.

Users may not take any action that might place an unreasonable or excessive burden on the Foundation or the facilities provided by it.

Users may only register on the Forum with one user account at a time.

An email address is required on the registration form to verify and confirm the validity of the registration request via a two step process, to prove that the application is genuine. The Foundation may also use it to contact you in the case of account difficulties or reply to any contact you have made with us.

The provided email address will not be used for tracking or marketing purposes, nor will it be shared with or sold to any third party agency.

If the Foundation is unable to contact a User at the email address provided and the fault lies with the User (out-of-date address, failure to check his/her/their inbox, etc.), any disadvantages resulting thereof will be interpreted to the detriment of the User, i.e. the email will be deemed delivered.

When registering, Users have to choose a password with which to log on to the Forum or the Wiki using their account name. Users undertake to keep their password secure, to employ a password of an appropriate strength and to partake in other standard security practices such as regularly changing the password. The password may not be shared, divulged or revealed to third parties.

It is not permitted to sell or transfer the members account to any third parties. The same applies to other persons using a member’s account.


Registration of accounts on the Foundation websites are free of charge, as is downloading Kodi itself from the Foundation website.

Suspension of User Accounts, Termination of Membership

The Foundation exercises domiciliary rights over the Kodi websites. In the event of any breach of these Terms and Conditions, laws and/or any other regulations, the Foundation is entitled to exclude Users temporarily or permanently from using the Kodi website and the services provided without prior notice and to issue a house ban.

To this end, Users will allow the Foundation to block their user accounts and any information or posts that may have been made.

Rights of Use

By posting contents on the Forum or the Wiki, Users grant the Foundation a simple, temporally and spatially unlimited and royalty-free right to use the contributions within the context of Kodi. This right of use includes in particular the right to make contents publicly accessible worldwide via the Kodi website or, under certain circumstances, other media, to duplicate and distribute them or to transfer them to third parties (such as Facebook, press images, blogs).

Granting these rights does not enable the Foundation to appropriate the Users contents in the context of any liability standards but serves merely to simplify the administrative work and the implementation of the contents when operating the Foundation website or promoting Kodi.

Data Protection

The Foundation processes the personal particulars of its Users for specific purposes in accordance with the statutory provisions.

The personal data (name, email address, account data etc.) required for registration for membership are used by the Foundation to conclude the registration on the website. These data are treated as confidential and will not be forwarded to any third parties.

Users have the right to ask for details of the personal particulars the Foundation has saved in their case. This information will be provided free of charge. Users are also entitled to have any incorrect particulars rectified should the need arise.

The User may close his or her account at any time, with the option of removing personal data under GDPR rules. This includes the replacement of the User name on any Forum posts made with an anonymous alternative, but it does not include the removal of the post information itself, nor any quotes of that information made by other Forum users.

Please refer to the Foundation Privacy Policy, which forms part of these General Terms and Conditions, for further details regarding the handling of data and means of contact.

Amendments to the General Terms of Service

The Foundation is entitled to change these General Terms of Service and the data security guidelines. Amendments will only be made when there are sufficient, valid grounds and provided they do not distort the contractual balance between the Users and the Foundation. Such reasons might include legal or technical changes, experience with user behaviour or unintentional gaps in the provisions.

Users are entitled to challenge the changes. In the event of any opposition, the Foundation reserves the right to terminate its contractual relationship with the user concerned with immediate effect.

The changes shall be deemed to be acknowledged and binding if Users have not opposed them within the course of 14 days.