Donate to Kodi

How Are Donations Used?

Donations are used solely for purchasing hardware to improve and extend the goals of the Kodi Foundation, travel for conferences, and administrative costs and fees. We ask that if you find the software useful and would like to support our efforts, please consider donating what you think the software is worth.

Direct Donation Options

Other Options

If you don't want to give directly to us, you can still support us in other ways.

Donor Recognition

Everyone who donates 50 USD (or 40 EUR) or more may be recognized as an official Kodi Foundation donor in the forums. We also have a wall of our most recent donors. Donations via Credit Card and PayPal automatically show up on our donor wall within a day. Other donations we have to do manually, so it may take longer for those to show up.

Recognition for Recurring Donations

Recurring Donations are intentionally smaller amounts that can be counted toward Kodi Foundation Donor+ status. They automatically renew every month unless you cancel your subscription. We are currently using Patreon for automatic recurring subscriptions, but if you do smaller donations throughout the year via some other means, once you get to $50, please send us the receipts so you can be recognized.


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