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Aerial icon


Apple TV Screensavers in Kodi

Ampache icon


Stream music from Ampache XML-API

Audio Profiles icon

Audio Profiles

Save audio profile and easily switch between them.

Autostop icon


Automatically gives you better control over paused and playing media.

AutoSubs icon


Auto Search for Subtitles on Play

Backup icon


Backup and restore your Kodi database and configuration files in the event of a crash...

Catch-up TV & More icon

Catch-up TV & More

Catch-Up TV & More: It's all in the title.

Channels DVR icon

Channels DVR

Live TV, everywhere

Cloud Drive Common Module icon

Cloud Drive Common Module

Cloud Drive Common Module

Common plugin cache icon

Common plugin cache

A common caching API for Kodi add-ons.

Composite icon


Browse and play video, music and photo media files managed by Plex Media Server.

Fork of...

Copacetic Helper icon

Copacetic Helper

Extend the power of Copacetic

Cron For Kodi icon

Cron For Kodi

A customizable Cron timer for Kodi.

CU LRC Lyrics icon

CU LRC Lyrics

CU LRC Lyrics

Embuary Helper icon

Embuary Helper

Embuary Helper Script

Embuary Info icon

Embuary Info

Embuary Info Script

External Kodi Videolibrary Client icon

External Kodi Videolibrary Client

Kodi External Video Library

Google Drive icon

Google Drive

Google Drive for KODI

GoPlay icon


Watch content from Play4, Play5 and Play6.

Grab Fanart icon

Grab Fanart

Exposes fanart as skin properties for slideshows, etc

HDHomerun Simple icon

HDHomerun Simple

Simple HDHomeRun Interface.

Hue Service icon

Hue Service

Automate Hue lights with Kodi playback

Hyperion Ambilight icon

Hyperion Ambilight

Capture and send your current Kodi-picture to your Hyperion Ambient Lighting system.

Hyperion Control icon

Hyperion Control

Control Hyperion Ambilight

Inputstream FFmpeg Direct icon

Inputstream FFmpeg Direct

InputStream Client for FFmpeg streams (libavformat)

IPTV Manager icon

IPTV Manager

Integrate IPTV channels from other add-ons in the Kodi TV and Radio menus

Janitor icon


Regularly deletes old movies, TV show episodes and music videos

Kodi Android Installer icon

Kodi Android Installer

Download and Install Kodi packages.

Kodi Boblight icon

Kodi Boblight

Connect Kodi output to boblight.

Kodi Check Previous Episode icon

Kodi Check Previous Episode

Kodi Check Previous Episode

Kodi Playback Resumer icon

Kodi Playback Resumer

Periodically sets the resume point of videos and can automatically resume last played video if...

Kodi Windows Installer icon

Kodi Windows Installer

Download and Install Kodi packages.

Language Preference Manager icon

Language Preference Manager

Language Preference Manager icon scrobbler

LazyTV icon



Library Auto Update icon

Library Auto Update

Update your Kodi Video and Music Libraries on a timer. Timer runs as an Kodi...

Library Data Provider icon

Library Data Provider

Browse movies and episodes in a variety of sorted playlists.

Library Watchdog icon

Library Watchdog

Instant library update on file system changes Scrobbler icon Scrobbler

Scrobble service for

ListenBrainz icon


ListenBrainz listener

LiveTV Ad-Zapper icon

LiveTV Ad-Zapper

Rezap to current channel after some time (advertisment)

Locast icon


Locast is a public service to Americans, providing local broadcast signals over the Internet in...

Log Viewer for Kodi icon

Log Viewer for Kodi

View Kodi logfile directly on Kodi

Master Lock Service icon

Master Lock Service

Simple service that engages the Master Lock (if Kodi has one) when the screensaver starts.

Metadata Editor icon

Metadata Editor

Metadata Editor Script

MiLB.TV® icon


Watch minor league baseball

MLB.TV® icon


Watch live and archived games

Mother Earth Radio icon

Mother Earth Radio

Mother Earth Radio - 192kHz/24bit streaming

MyEpisodes icon



NewsON icon


Local News Nationwide

Next Episode ( icon

Next Episode (

A service for Next Episode ( website.

NHL Scores icon

NHL Scores

Get live NHL score notifications

OneDrive icon


Microsoft OneDrive for KODI

Partymode autostart icon

Partymode autostart

PartyMode Autostart

Piped icon


Piped Addon for Kodi

Plex icon


Plex for Kodi

Pluto TV icon

Pluto TV

TV channels devoted to your favorite things, made from blockbuster movies from Paramount, ... “The...

PM4K for Plex icon

PM4K for Plex

PlexMod for Kodi icon for Kodi

Radio Paradise icon

Radio Paradise

Radio Paradise addon for Kodi

Retrospect icon


Retrospect allows you to watch re-runs/catch-ups of TV shows made available via their official broadcasters.

Scoot Media Streamer icon

Scoot Media Streamer

The official Kodi addon for Scoot Media Streamer.

Screen lock and energy control icon

Screen lock and energy control

Prevent puttting display to sleep in window mode and prevent lock screen in MS Windows

Simkl TV Tracker icon

Simkl TV Tracker

Simkl Scrobbler with AI file detection system

Stinger scene notification icon

Stinger scene notification

This add-on notifies you of stinger scenes in the current movie, popping up a notification...

Subtitles Mangler icon

Subtitles Mangler

A comprehensive subtitle companion

TheMovieDb Helper icon

TheMovieDb Helper

TheMovieDb Helper - Now With Trakt Support!

Timers icon



Trakt icon


TV and movie scrobbler for

Transmission Control Panel icon

Transmission Control Panel

A client for the popular Transmission BitTorrent application

TubeCast icon


Cast videos from the Youtube application to Kodi

Tubed icon


Watch your favorite YouTube content on Kodi

Tubed API icon

Tubed API

A module to access YouTube's Data API

TV Maze Integration icon

TV Maze Integration

Integration between Kodi and TV Maze.

TVmaze Scrobbler/Tracker icon

TVmaze Scrobbler/Tracker

TVmaze Tracker/Scrobbler for Kodi Mediacenter

Twitch icon


Twitch video plugin

Unpause Jumpback icon

Unpause Jumpback

Kodi automatic jump back on un-pausing of videos

Up Next icon

Up Next

Propose to play the next episode automatically

Version Check icon

Version Check

Kodi Version Check checks if you are running latest released version.

VRT MAX icon


Watch videos from VRT MAX

VTM GO icon


Access the VTM GO library

WatchedList icon


Save watched state of movies and TV-series episodes independent from filenames

Wellbeing icon



XBMC LCDproc icon


Kodi/XBMC LCDproc

Yelo icon


Stream live streams from Yelo Play

YouTube icon


Plugin for YouTube