Addon Spotlight: HDHomeRun Live TV


Addon Spotlight: HDHomeRun Live TV

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Keith Herrington

March 18, 20152 min read

Maybe you’ve heard the rumors, or seen the YouTube teaser video that hinted this was coming.

And it’s finally here!

No longer will you be required to muck around with XMLTV files or playlists in order to get your HDHomeRun running.

The best feature is the lack of configuration required. As long as you have a functioning HDHomeRun setup, just download the app inside the repo and run it. You will be presented with a beautiful channel listing and associated guide data.

For people who aren’t familiar, SiliconDust makes several hardware ethernet-based tuners. When we were at CES earlier this year we met with them and instantly felt the mutual respect for how they designed their product and willingness to work with us to better the experience for everyone.

They are quite popular in North America and our users have been using these devices with Kodi for many years and we’re excited SiliconDust has recognized this and has dedicated resources to support our user community to bring their existing user interface of their standalone app, HDHomeRun View, to Kodi.

Currently outside of North America they have DVB-C and DVB-T devices and are very close to releasing EPG guide data for UK and AU. They are also working on a DVB-T2 device and other countries.

Keep in mind this is currently only for Live TV viewing. You will still need a backend in order to do any recording.

Here’s an instructional YouTube video showcasing the add-on:

You will need to update the firmware of your device to latest to use this add-on. Additionally, the add-on has been included in the add-on repository now, so in the next 24 hours, you should be able to simply click “Get More…” from the Video Add-ons menu within Kodi and download “HDHomeRun Live TV.”

This also is a milestone for the project: the first add-on that was not developed by the community, but contracted out to one of our Team Kodi add-on developers, Rick Philips (ruuk) and will be supported by SiliconDust that is available in the repo. If you’re interested in getting a Kodi add-on built and available in our official repo, please email interest @ our domain.

You will be not be contracting through us directly, but we can point you to one of our add-on developers who can help you bring your idea to life.

Please do not send SiliconDust requests for hardware to use with Kodi unless you have a special use case and email us first at interest at domain.

Hats off to SiliconDust for making a fantastic product and bringing that experience to Kodi, Ruuk for timely delivery of a beautiful add-on and everyone else involved in helping to make this happen!

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