Attending VDD 2018 - The 10th VideoLAN developer days

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Attending VDD 2018 - The 10th VideoLAN developer days


Martijn Kaijser

September 23, 20181 min read

Since the open source community is open as the name implies we as Team Kodi at times also attend other conferences. One of those is VDD which is hosted by the VideoLAN team which you might know from the VLC player. During the conference many developers related to their software projects are invited to attend and join in on presentation and technical discussions. The Kodi project is in that regards related, we are also in the multimedia "business" and share a similar vision. Next to that we use the same underlying open source projects like FFMpeg and libraries made by VideoLAN which you use for DVD and Bluray.

For us it started on Thursday 20 September 2018 when we arrived in Paris where their 10th conference took place. During the day we walked a bit through Paris and in the evening we enjoyed some beers and prepared for the next day which was the community bonding day.

So during Friday we gathered in the morning to be given the assignment to form small groups and start a sort of scavenger hunt throughout Paris. The goal was to find the answer which would form an URL. In the meantime you were encouraged to make awesome pictures using the VLC hats and in the end the best team received some nice price. Although it was quite an exhausting day it was for sure great fun and a good way to see Paris. Saturday there were several very interesting talks on a variety of topics.

And after that we went to have a boat tour on the Seine to have some more drinks and food and the winners of the scavenger hunt were announced. Sadly our groups didn't win :(


Sunday was day of short lightning talks in the morning and in the afternoon you were free to meet up and have small discussion on whatever topic. Although this is just a very short summary of the past days it had quite a lot of content and was great to meet up with other developers. We would like to thank the VideoLAN organisation for making this possible.

Next up is our own Kodi Devcon in the city Sofia (Bulgaria).