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Boing Boing interview: Team-XBMC on the Future of XBMC for Linux

Freelance writer Joel Johnson recently did and interview with representatives from Team-XBMC for Boing Boing Gadget blog about the Future of XBMC for Linux.

From the interview:
[I]“Joel: How close do you feel you are to a stable version of the XBMC for Linux port? (And by stable I mean “easy enough even a jerk like myself could install and run it.”

Team XBMC: We don’t have a date yet (it is really to early to know), our best guess today is 6-12 months or so from now but it could be longer. As we are a hobby project we depend on developers own personal interest and free time, making it impossible to set an E.T.A., more ‘outside’ developers would sure help speed things along.”[/I]

You can read the full interview in this blog post on
PS! Developers interested in contributing checkout XBMC Linux port project