Come see us at LinuxTag and OSCON

Come see us at LinuxTag and OSCON



May 06, 20101 min read

For the second year, XBMC will be hosting a booth at LinuxTag in Berlin, June 9-12. The list of exhibitors is quite impressive, and there will be several influential speakers.

For the Americans, we will also be attending OSCON on July 19-23 in Portland, Oregon. This is one of the bigger open-source conferences in the US and the exhibitors list is very nice there as well.

We hope to see some loyal users there, these events are great fun! If you live nearby and would like to help out, it would make our lives much easier if we had some local hardware rather than lugging our stuff around the world. If you could supply monitors/speakers/computers/etc for the duration of an event, please let us know.