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Contest: Design a booth poster for LinuxTag

As we have already announced, XBMC is going to have a booth at LinuxTag in Berlin in 3 weeks time.

We know we have the best looking media center, and with your help, we can have the best looking booth at the show as well!

Our current thinking is to first plaster the entire booth in black to differentiate from all the other boring white/grey booths, and then have white on black posters, (with a bit of color thrown in for good measure), extolling the virtues of XBMC – perhaps with some giant blown up screenshots from your favorite skins.

We need some poster designs from you guys, by the end of this week. The prize is the glory of thousands of people seeing your designs at the show, plus we will send you copies of a couple of full size posters for your own walls. Some ideas to get you started:

  1. Incorporate the plain text version of the XBMC logo or the web URL of the project.
  2. Some short, sharp slogans with what XBMC is all about, parts of the project vision, or maybe mention a few key features, and community driven addons.
  3. A ‘cloud’ with the names of the third-party open source (library) projects we depend on, with “XBMC” in the middle, (perhaps with bigger text for bigger projects?)
  4. Incorporate screenshots from your favorite skins.

We also need some other stuff for the booth, so if you are not in the mood for poster design, how about a T-shirt design or some pamphlets that we can hand out at the show?

Pop over to the forums and post your designs!