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DevCon 2012 & User Meetup

It’s been nearly two years since Team XBMC has gotten together in person to discuss the past, present, and future of the XBMC project. The cost and complexity of getting 30+ people from nearly every corner of the world to one place is truly staggering. As such, we are pleased to announce that this year’s conference is being sponsored, once again, by at-visions. If you don’t recall, at-visions are the company who provide the XBMC experience through their ONEvision system to hotels across Europe. It’s entirely possible that they’ve put XBMC in front of more eyes than any other company worldwide! Our thanks to them, both for sponsoring this event and for spreading the XBMC word far and wide.

On the 1st and 2nd of September, we will be meeting in Vienna for a weekend of conferences, hacking sessions, and, as always, beer. A bit over 30 developers and support will be in attendance during the long weekend. A few topics proposed for the weekend include a recap of GSoC, a discussion of the upcoming Frodo release, PVR, documentation, and increased user-friendliness. We can’t guarantee that anything will come out of these talks, but we will do our best to seriously cover as many topics as possible. Feel free to suggest any additional topics you’d like us to consider in the comments below. When DevCon is over and we’ve had a chance to digest all that occurred, we will be certain to give you all a full recap of XBMC-related discussions.

In addition to internal discussion, we have invited a few of our sponsors along for the conference on Saturday. If you have any sort of corporate or business interest in XBMC and would like to come chat with the team, feel free contact us for more details.


In addition to developer sessions, we’d like to invite any XBMC users in the area to come have a drink with us Sunday night, the 2nd. While Vienna isn’t Stockholm, London, or Madrid (in terms of XBMC user density), we’d still love to see as many of you out as can make it. Feel free to say in the comments if you think you can be there, and we’ll be sure to post when we get more specifics for the Meet-Up nailed down.