DevCon 2024 - Budapest - Part III

A grand 19th century neoclassical building, with a multitude of arches and columns.

DevCon 2024 - Budapest - Part III


Prof Yaffle

March 24, 20241 min read

Time flies, and we're already at the third and final day of DevCon 2024. We'll be losing people today as they head home, which will shorten events; additionally, most of the day is scheduled for the inevitable people-sitting-together-and-hacking-code later today, which will also eat into time, so this will inevitably be a short post.

Random, spontaneous, unstructured conversations about mirrors, more about release cycles, about merging. A wild conversation about a potential third-party conference in south Asia, and how any of us would physically get there anyway, given that some of our members don't fly for climate reasons (and we can't afford it anyway). Various debates about the DVB specification, EITs and embedded EPG data in different countries/formats around the planet. Much about IPTV, metadata, scrapers, servers and cloud services, a chunk on permission cleanup and retired team members, some cosmetic website changes, debates about skins and the out-of-the-box experience when installing Kodi for the first time, and general chat about all things AV-related.

After a good chunk of reminiscing about events and team members past, we ended the conference with a bit of a reflection on DevCon itself - the format, the location, accessibility, what we've done while we're here. If we're to do this again - and we certainly want to - then we need to find ways of maximising the value and minimising the cost.

Team Kodi, DevCon 2024

Team Kodi (plus guest), DevCon 2024

So, that's it: as suitcases are already trundling into the distance, DevCon 2024 draws to a close. Thanks for following along, we hope that you've found these posts informative, and eternal thanks for continuing to support Kodi.

-- Team Kodi.