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Dharma RC1

It’s that time again. After an extremely productive DevCon where we hammered out some nasty bugs, we’re proud to announce Dharma Release Candidate 1.

Major fixes since Beta4:

  • A fix for a problem when pausing/seeking. This was known to cause static or erratic behavior on some amplifiers.
  • Beta4 introduced a regression with Linux and Live users that led to broken or choppy playback. Please note that anyone upgrading to RC1 on these platforms is highly advised to remove ~/.asoundrc, and create a new one if you had done so previously.
  • The Bootable LiveCD script is now much more reliable. What a great way to install to a flash drive!

And a few new features:

  • After adding a source, you are now prompted to set content. This should be much more logical for new users.
  • New icons for the addon browser.

We are nearing release… Download RC1 now and keep the good reports coming. Let’s get Final out the door!