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First Release of LiveXBMC - V20080123

  • Support for Intel GPUs – (XBMC requires high-end GPU)
  • DHCP on eth0 enabled
  • FTP and SSH servers automatically started, FTP needs configuring
  • lircd included, not configured.
  • ivman included (removable media auto-mounting)
  • cool XBMC usplash theme (courtesy of Duduke)

General info

  • Requires 512 MB USB flash disk
  • Default user: “xbmc” – password: “password” (no quotes)
  • Live R/W image, all changes are saved to the USB disk
  • The system falls back to read-only mode and boots directly into a plain X11-Fluxbox desktop when removing/renaming the file “ext3fs.img” on the USB disk (and fits into a 256 MB USB flash disk…)
  • This is a PROOF-OF-CONCEPT only, it is not supported by all means
  • The image was built using the Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded toolkit

Discussion thread on the forums: Link

Dowload from Sourceforge