Flirc "Kodi Edition" Raspberry Pi 4B Case

Raspberry Pi 4B Flirc Case

Flirc "Kodi Edition" Raspberry Pi 4B Case


Christian Hewitt

June 24, 20191 min read

Yesterday the new Raspberry Pi 4B was unveiled with a revised spec that guarantees it will be super-popular with Kodi users. It brings 4K media support, faster CPUs, faster memory, faster Ethernet, faster USB, and now handles HEVC natively. It's a great update on the previous 3B+ model, and at $35 for the 1G model it's also a bargain, and we predict it will be a massively popular way to run Kodi via distro's like LibreELEC, OSMC and Raspbian.

The 4B's board layout is different to previous models so upgrading (and new) users will need a new case – and what better to wrap a Pi 4B in than a Kodi Edition Flirc case!

Retaining the design language that made the original case great, the Flirc case has been re-tooled to accommodate the Raspberry Pi 4B's ports and CPU placement ensuring maximum cooling efficiency. Otherwise it's the same winning formula and gorgeous design as the previous 3B/3B+ Kodi Edition case. The main body is Aluminium and designed to act as a heatsink that keeps the BCM2711 chip in your 4B cool. The top surface of the Aluminium has been mirror-polished to catch your eye, and the Kodi branded top uses soft-touch plastics so it not only looks great, it feels great too.

Flirc is well into manufacturing and are offering an early bird discount of 30%. At USD $11.20 (normal price USD $15.95) that's a steal! – and orders will ship in late July. Flirc is also offering the 3B/3B+ case at the same discounted rate to clear remaining inventory.

Team Kodi receives a royalty on each Kodi branded case sold – and alongside t-shirt sales it's one of the main sources of funding for the Kodi Foundation. Flirc also donate a percentage of the sale to Cancer research at the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, which plays a key role in personal back-story to Flirc.