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Google Summer Of Code (developers wanted)

the xbmc (xbox media center) project unfortunately missed the sign up for this years “google summer of code“, however if you have c language programming skills then you can still contribute indirectly by signing up for this years google summer of code and assisting the ffmpeg project. google is sponsoring their second summer of code which rewards students with stipends of up to us$4500 to develop open source software, and ffmpeg is one of the qualified projects this year. ffmpeg is an audio/video conversion tool which includes libavcodec the leading open source codec library. xbmc uses ffmpeg as its main audio/video decoder library, and the great thing about ffmpeg is that is supports most operating-system platforms (like windows, linux/unix and mac) so you don’t need to have microsoft visual studio or the xdk (or even an xbox) to contribute, you only need a computer and some time/willpower. the student application period closes monday, may 8, so hurry up and sign up.

google summer of code sign up/summer of code
ffmpeg’s summer of code (sponsored by google)