Introducing the new Add-on Website


Introducing the new Add-on Website



November 22, 20131 min read

XBMC is a comprehensive piece of software in its own right, but what really gives it power, is the ability to extend the features beyond the normal application through 3rd party Add-ons. In the recent times we have encouraged more users to develop these Add-ons, with over 450 currently in the official repository. Many more Add-ons are scattered in unofficial repositories around the web.

You can install an Add-on from inside XBMC by simply browsing the official repository and clicking through the XBMC GUI. What we have been missing for a long time is a way to discover these amazing extensions to XBMC through the web. So without further ado.. we introduce you to:

Some features:

  • Source Code Links
  • Forum Links
  • Download stats
  • License Details
  • Icons
  • Search box (top right)
  • Random Add-Ons
  • Recent, new and popular lists
  • Developer charts

We have grand plans for the website in the future including screenshots, a developers upload area, user ratings/reviews, development tutorials and direct donation links so people can finally be rewarded for their work. If you have any suggestions please feel free to comment below or in the dedicated thread on our forums. As with all parts of XBMC, the Add-On website is opensource and available on GitHub account to download and contribute to. We would also like to remind current Add-on developers to update their addons.xml with the relevant information to show on the website.

NOTE: This website only shows Add-ons uploaded to our official repository that have passed our submission process